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MCR: Casper Pt Impact

‘.. not sure of my existence; .. sure of my intentions’ – S~Impact, W~Casper Pt:

“I really believe that anyone who is even thinking of having a child in this world is coldly considering an act of cruelty.” — The Rock

DoD: RQ-4 Global Hawk Maintenance Squadron

CS: SMA Raymond Charles: Ft Gordon STEM Signal Corps

TT: On Masonry

Masonic Pics of the Month [TT] [RUN]

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TT: Occult Meanings of Death: Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y

CS: USMC: SButler & JMattis: WiP Michael Ruppert Suicide

U: 06/05: USMC: Marine Stuntman: Circus to Corps

U: 06/05: TT: Occult Symbolism 113: Nazi’s 5 of 5