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MCR: WiP Indigestion SC

“A snake eating its own tail is not nutritious.” – Michael C Ruppert

NWF: George Washington and Napoleon Bones Apart’s Declaration of Indigestion – Dry Ice Washington

CS: USMC: SButler & JMattis: WiP Michael Ruppert Suicide.


GMO Food: See: North West Front: Dry Ice Washington: Declaration of Indigestion || …. || Michael C Ruppert: A Snake eating its own tail is not nutritious: From the Wilderness: Statement of Michael Ruppert for the International Finance Congress at the BOR Presidential Hotel and Retreat Moscow, Russia, delivered 7 March 2001Russian Panel backs pipeline near Baikal. Black Pope Masonic Orobouros also ref’d in: 15-07-31-Nazism-Communism-Posters2SidesSameCoin-IndigestionMCRuppertOrouboros[Info]; 15-05-09-SovietStory-NaziCommunismFlyers-BeautifulMind-SchindlersList [Info]; 16-02-14-OathKeepers-ScaliaMarfaTX-QuailHuntingDeath-FTW-IYF [Info]; 16-02-27-Kiril-Grahamland-_EgoPower-NTE [Info]; 16-08-16-CraigFuller-DrugWar-PutinEoPWiPSocialContract [Info]; 16-06-04_ExtractedSasha [Info]; 16-08-23-EttieneCloete-EchoMovsky-Updated [Info]; 16-09-10_RichardMyers-WarEconomyRecipeBook [Info]


Excerpt: MCR: WiP Indigestion SC.