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MCR: “Vasya, Pls desist in pouring molten tin over my head.”

“Cops or Criminals, When Facing a Loaded Gun: What’s the Difference?” – The Departed

Assuming the premise is right that only a fundamental change in human character can save individuals and humanity from psychological, economic and ecological catastrophe — the question arises: Is large scale characterological change possible, and if so, how can it be brought about? Erich Fromm postulates that any individual, group, family or community’s human character can change and heal if the following four conditions exist in the individual, group, family or community’s awareness and actions:

• I recognize that I am (We are) suffering and I am (we are) aware of my (our) suffering;
• I (We) recognize the origin of my (our) ill-being;
• I (We) recognize that there is a way of overcoming my (our) ill-being;
• I (We) accept that in order to overcome my (our) ill-being I (we) must follow certain norms for living and change my (our) present practice of life.

The essence of the problem solving (as opposed to parasite leech) psychoanalytic process is to help make individuals aware of the root external (socio-ecological) and internal (self delusion) causes of their ill-being. As a consequence of such knowledge, individuals can arrive at the next step: the insight that their ill-being can be cured, provided its causes are done away with. Nothing lasting can be achieved by persons, or communities who suffer from a general ill-being and for whom a change of character is necessary, unless they change their lifestyle in accordance with the change of character they want to achieve. Insight, separated from practice remains ineffective, and is futile.
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