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MCR: Ich Bin Robohead Einbone

“Captain Frederick Delaware seized the lack of written orders as the green light… Kapitänleutnant Gunter Poser was prize enough.” – The Years of Victory: 1944-45, Richard Collier (amended)

YT: Michael Meacher & Andreas von Bülow question 9/11

TD: Oil, Smoke and Mirrors

Chukchis in Russian jokes and in history [GC] [WM]

RU-N: Kamchatka Bears

Millenial Pew Sniper courtship navigation [SoH] [TT]

Shoulder to Shoulder: I will never quit on life [YT] [LZ]

U 06/05: NBC: Unicorn Earth Day co-founder killed, composted girlfriend

U 06/05: CN: From FTW to WTF!?: Fucking Compost Me, I’m Serious

U 06/05: TL: 14-04-14: 16:44: LZ: PD2NWO: People Power: Dead Swedes provide home heating for alive Swedes [LZAI]