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MCR: MISO Pig Lipstick

“Sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or a wooden iron.” – Uncatcheable Uncle Joe

“It may well be that political correctness – to whatever degree it is observed – will be the sword on which we impale ourselves.” – Michael C Ruppert


CS: Michael Ruppert’s Masonic War-is-Peace ‘human sacrifice’ suicide:

NR: Flying Scotsman

TT: Sade E! Extreme Close-Up

TT: Robert Newman: The Mozart Myth

TG: British Sniper Kills Six Taliban with one suicide bomber bullet

WK: MISO: Gen Mulholland ‘Own the Night’ Q&A EoP Builder

CS: Military Gospel According to Homer Lea

U: 06/05: RUN: MotherLand CaLLs & Babushka Morning Stretching

U: 06/05: GV: Fargo Maestro Solitaire Harpers Ferry Meaning of Timothy McVeigh