Thomas Sankara: Thomas Sankara: The Upright Man; Thomas Sankara.net.

Homer Lea:Homer Lea; Homer Lea Research Center: author of: Valour of Ignorance, The Day of the Saxon, The Vermilion Pencil, The Crimson Spider and unpublished possibly to be named The Swarming of the Slavs – Military Gospel According to Homer Lea.

Smarties: Smarties Candy: class, race, religious and gender ideological candy ‘ism’s all with same inner Masonic War is Peace ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ policies — to enable their ideological group to accumulate enough resources to resist the policy and resource encroachment of other groups attempts at resource accumulation; to enable them to protect their ideological group to resist the policy and resource encroachment of other groups ad infinitum — whose public relations campaigns present themselves as allegedly fundamentally different from each other. Put differently, they are all about power and resource accumulation and the only difference between them is the flavouring: Communism aka Socialism aka Marxism, Capitalism, Islam, Judaism aka Zionism, Black Power & White Power Nationalism, Anti-Racism, Apartheid South Africa Segregationism, Christianity, Science, Nato War is Peace War, Nobel War is Peace Peace, Feminism,LGBT ism, Anarchism, Fascism.

Masonic War is Peace Right/White and Left/Black etc Orobouros Coin: 15-07-31-Nazism-Communism-Posters2SidesSameCoin-IndigestionMCRuppertOrouboros [Info]; 16-08-16-CraigFuller-DrugWar-PutinEoPWiPSocialContract[Info]; 16-06-04_ExtractedSasha [Info].



* Thomas Sankara & Homer Lea Infographics. Excerpt: EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 24 Sep 2015: Gen Martin Dempsey Reflects.