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26 June 2015 Saint Quentin Fallavier Attack; Fleur de LisKaffir Lily Riddle: French Riddle of the Lily Pond; EO Wilson: 29th Day; Understanding Exponential GrowthWorld Scout Emblem; Kaamelott  | Chief Cornstalk | Be Fruitful & Multiply; Now Divide: Excerpt from A Few ELF Swift Temple Tuttle Guerrylla Moon stories | Folly Beach: Morris Island Lighthouse | Delancey Street: Foundation story | Sullivans Island: Ellis Creek Fish Camp; formerly Mimi’s Cafe: sister properties: Boathouse & SALT 22: Southern Attitude Lowcountry Taste at Station 22  | Truman Show Sirius Lamp Goodfight Ministries Theatre  | Orchids: Kim Philby Spy Who Came in from the Cold; Anthony Blunt, Kim PhilbyNicholas ElliottPhilby Master Spy: Kim Philby & Nicholas Elliott: Intimate Betrayal 0102 | Stan McChrystal: Gardening GeoInt Symposium |  Discover Russia: Blini pancakes & fruit; Romantic St Petersburg;Kindergarden; Skateboarding  | PW Botha aka Big Crocodile | 26 June 2015 Sousse Tunisia Beach attackSecrets of the Dead: Umbrella Assassin | Slavery Abolitionists: Denmark Vesey; Nat Turner; Harriet Tubman; Frederick Douglas; John BrownHarpers Ferry Raid  | 2 July 2015 Sinking of Ferry Kim Nirvana B |  DeJaVu: Trailer |  Douglas the Camel: 13 April 1863 visit to Vicksburg; assassinated 27 June | Anders Behring Breivik: Media Population Terror Vicksburg Connection: No bag limit traitor hunting licence patchEarth Day 2012: Acquittal or Firing Squad? || Importance of Telling Radical Truth | The Prisoner; Patrick McGoohan | Sousse Attacks: SS-1; SS-2; SS-3; SS-4; SS-5; SS-6; SS-7; SS-8 |Battle of Leego: SS-1 | Witness: trailer: clips | Wayne Crytz Ristine Elevator silo story; EoP v Nobel silo complaint |  Story of Our Enslavement | 25 July 2000 Air France Charles de Gaulle Concorde Crash:BBC: “L”: GMC 2578-14 Puzzle: Yashua Revelations7-14 Cryptology Lesson | 25 July 1993 St James Church Massacre: Peter Hammond: Frank Retief: Night of the Storm; Charl van Wyk: Shooting Back |George Tenet | NBC: Climate Change Just Hit Home | Good Will Hunting: Trailer: Failed Therapists:clips | White Sun of the Desert: full movie | Camel Eye of a Needle | Route 66: Primer: CA: Needles | Hi Jolly aka Hadji Ali & Greek George: Quartsite AZ | Age of Stupid: trailerfull movie: clips: contract & converge, resource wars | San Quentin Fallavier attack | ATC: SDCV-Colicom: Chassieu: SS-01; SS-02 | Pony ExpressWakhan Corridor: Roof of the World: PakistanAffairs Thread  ||  15-06-29: Israel PM: Lord of War Umbrellas: Alexander Litvinenko; Central Banks Warning; Stan McChrystal: C-Span Book TVNixon Leader Series; Maki Skosana Tyre execution: ANC Breeding War; Global Financial Meltdown;Lord of War; Golda Meir: 0102; Israel: Iran nuclear potholes; Sun Umbrellas; Love umbrellas; CPC: Rev de Payne Middleton Doctor funeral || 15-07-02: JAG: Navy Yard Lockdown: Ferry Kim Nirvana B sinks – DeJaVu: US Navy JAG Lockdown:  15:2316:3119:15; Ferry capsize: Lawrence & Mary Ann Drake; Fort Sumter Tours: 360 Concord St; Cercle K2: VADM JAG Bruce McDonald; 24/06: CDM: Emma DeJaVu – Charleston WV Watermain break.