Large: 15-10-30_PutinMedvedevTeaGymBBQ

Vladimir Putin & Dmitry Medvedev Sochi TeaHouse: Gym & BBQ

Disc Russ: Park Ballerina – Roger Kebble Merc-Park Suicide – Brett Kebble Assisted Suicide Executioner Hitman: Getting Away with Murder

Putin Mat Stillwater lake;Putin 666 Days Goodbye: Stillwater lake jetty

Teapot still

Stillwater OSU homecoming parade resident: Adacia Avery Chambers crashes car into OSU Homecoming parade

IUD: Cattle-prod Marketing

Primal Fear: John Shaughnessy: “You know what people think? That this great city runs itself. They think it gets up, goes to work and climbs into bed at night, like we do. Unaware of what it takes to make sure it doesn’t break down. Crime, fires, riots. The water pipes bursting under the city. What a mess that was. And the Water Commissioner calls the contractor who built it?  No, he calls me. They all call me. Goddamn, this is terrific. They call me because I keep the peace. That’s my job. This city doesn’t burn because I won’t permit it. I’m the great negotiator. You think people get that? The truth is I don’t care. The dumb bastards don’t even vote. They just eat, sleep, watch TV and occasionally fuck their wives.”

Tea House used as recruitment planning house for Ankara Central Railway Station Peace rally suicide bomber attack. The peace rally was originally scheduled to be held at Sihiyye Square which is on Attaturk Blvd with a Hattian stag monument and numerous overpasses. Sihiyye is Turkish word for Health. Ankara Bombing planned in Tea House

Next 3 Days: John Brennan’s Overpass Meeting with deaf Identity document forger who tells him: Don’t be Late; Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon Cpl Jonathan Henandez Underpass training

Joaquin El Chapo Guzman sold oranges before giving up school to join the Guadalajara Cartel. El Chapo ‘Shorty’ rose to the top of the Sinaoloa Crime Cartel by killing anyone who was late for a drug deal. It is said he favored a pragmatic and serious approach when doing business; if any of his drug shipments were not on time, Guzmán would simply kill the smuggler himself by shooting him in the head. Those around him learned that cheating him or going with other competitors—even if they offered better prices—was inconvenient

El Chapo Guzman’s Escape from Antiplano Mexican Maximum Security Prison on 11 July 2015; via a tunnel from his shower

Shooter: Pt of Impact: FBI agent Nick Memphis feels the dust on the Church chimney floor where the Archbhishop’s assassin’s tripod left marks

Jana Cummins wife of Malcolm Cummins; owner of Upstairs at Harrys Café; who died on 19 June from pneumonia: Breakfast in Bed facebook cartoon: Dog brings sleeping owner a dead mouse as ‘thank you gift’; Gatekeepers Breakfast: Shinbet Generals call for Peace; Dmitry Orlov Twilight of the Antipodes speech at Green Life Eco Fest on reciprocity as a form of social-currency; particularly where other forms of currency have collapsed. Reciprocity builds stronger relationships; explains how even a cat that is taken care of by its owner will bring it a dead mouse to say thank you.

Moscow Red Square Gum Dept Store: Watermelon Fountain – Vester Lee Flanagan obsession with Watermelons: Oakland Bryce Williams Vester Lee Flanagan Watermelons Dylan Roof War Tipping Pt

Vester Lee Flanagan VA Tech Hui Cho Columbine Race War Glock 19

Spy Games Gum & Coffee: Operation Dinner Out

Soviet Story: Nationalist election ad refers to ‘red commies’ who are ‘green’ on the outside as Watermelons; who are human garbage.

Soviet Story Nationalist Prisoner prior to execution

Papillon Prisoner on ship bound for Guyana

Israel Keys 2 Dec: Oroborous Suicide Death Posture

Renaissance Vanguard Orobourus: Triskis symbolism before the oroborous was added

Papillon Solitary Confinement Prison after trying to escape from work camp with help of Butterfly Trader; in darkness forced to eat cockroaches as punishment for receiving coconuts from his Banker friend Dega – David Petraeus: Masonic Divide & Conquer cockroaches

Alton Alexander Nolen Jahkeem Y’israel facebook: OKC Factory beheading

Russ Fed: Gorky Spy Games Gum: Watermelons Sochi TeaHouse BBQ Gym.


* Israel’s Generals: Arik Ariel Sharon: Orange Grove Visits Infographics. Excerpt: EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 21 Nov 2015: Revisionists & Revisionist History: Anti-Occult-Christian Revisionist Michael Hoffman and Unashamedly Ethical.