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AWrld: Forests in France Sculptures

Bill Mollinson: Permaculture Designers Manual – Prom: Adam Curtis: Power of Nightmares: fundamentalist Islam and Neoconservatism: Leo Strauss and Sayyid Qutb: Greenlie high-school prom

Earth Day Founder Ira Eindhorn composted dead girlfriend

22 April: Earth Day: Lenin’s birthday

Oymyakon: coldest town on earth: Alexander Platonov dressed for quick dash to outdoor toilet; Tundra toilet

USMC Gunnery Sgt Jon Michael Dye: Thomas Jefferson 13 Nov 1787: Tree of Liberty; Patriots and Tyrants

Life and the Second Law: Surface Temperature (C) vs Transect Distances (M): Figure 3: A thermal Infrared Multichannel Scanner (TIMS) profile over a varied landscape in the Braulio Carrillo National Park in Costa Rica (done by Luvall et al, 1990). The TIMS is mounted on an aircraft measuring six thermal channels in the wave length channels of 8.2 to 12.2 um and flown over a 400 meter transect. Temperatures are canopy temperature values calculated from net reradiated thermal energy. Temperatures showed that forest fire burn was the warmest system (it did not degrade as much incoming energy) and the tree island the coldest (best degrader). The pasture degraded energy in an intermediate fasion. Airborne thermal imaging may hold great promise for rapid evaluation of terrestrial ecological integrity. — Excerpt: Life as a Manifestation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics (Schneider and Kay, 1995) [PDF]; referenced by Paul Chefurka in The Thermodynamics of Civilization. Cool Tree Island Douglas Fir Forest vs Hot Quarry: Correspondence to Paul Chefurka with reference to Communication Entropy between Cooperating Cool Forests and Competing Quarry’s. Individuals who cooperate with clear honest sincere communication, can accomplish far more with a small amount of energy/resources/time; than individuals who compete with deception and obsfucation, requiring a huge amount of resources to accomplish the same task.

Entropy and the Second Law: Interpretation and Misss Interpretationsss

Humannure Handbook:  Human Nutrient Cycle Intact and Broken.


* Israel’s Generals: Arik Ariel Sharon: Orange Grove Visits Infographics. Excerpt: EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 21 Nov 2015: Revisionists & Revisionist History: Anti-Occult-Christian Revisionist Michael Hoffman and Unashamedly Ethical.