Large: 16-02-04_BibiNetanyahu-Sunset

Benjamin Netanyahu: Jerusalem Sunset

Justice for All: Audre Lorde: EoP culture communication practices: FL 4th Judicial Court: Duval Co: FL v Michael Dunn: EoPAmicus: Birth Certificate Licence Slavery & Human Factory Farming Slavery Planet

Malcolm X & MartinLuther King: PDF: USA v A Bundy et al: 04 Feb EoP Amicus Request: Honourable Civil Factual Reality Problem Solving Legal Race War

Craig Bodecker: A Conversation about Race

Latma: The Iranian Bomb: Want to buy a Rug?

Ft Pierre: Waiting for a Train that Never Comes; Disc Russ: Waiting for a Bus that Never Comes

One Man with Courage: Wayne Cryts Story

Trick Schneider: Oregon State Police: Sunset

Harney Co Sheriff:Collision on Hwy 20 near MP 166; east of Burns; Flowers & Nuts

What A Way to Go: Drive-thru Deliverance EST Landmark Transformation

Wolf of Wall Street: Trailer; Quaalude Popeye Lemons714  WASP Golf Course & Surveillance Telephone fight

Wasp Question: Social Contract Evolution: Ecology of Peace or War is Peace Maximum Power Principle?

Pentti Linkola: Can Life Prevail?: Amerika Review

Dexter Morgan: Awkward Moments; Koshka Brotherood: Viktor Baskov & Isak Sirko: What kind of Animal Are you?

FBI: OKC Bombing: McVeigh was basically the explosive equivalent of a powdered sugar donut

John F Kennedy: Ich Bin Ein Berliner; I am a Jelly Donut

Code Red: Excerpt: A few ELF Swift Tuttle Temple Guerrylla Moon Stories

Victor Mendoza: Member of Mongols who died in OK Denver Coliseum Gang dispute with Iron Order: National Western Complex Shooting; Territory & Testosterone

Olga Mendez Monsanto: Wife of  John Francis Queeny; Knights of Malta founder of Monsanto: Welcome to MonsantoLand: World According to Monsanto

El Salvador Arena: Nationalist Republican Alliance:Blowtorch Bob: The duty to remember Roberto D’Aubuisson: Searching for Steele

Zika: Rockefeller Foundation: Virus ATCC VR-84: MR 766: Uganda 1974 Rhesus Monkey: Brazil Mosquito Yellow Fever: El Salvador Bans Pregnancy till 2018

The Bridge: Harvest of Souls: Sonya discovers her sisters dead body buried under the water tank

Michigan Flint Water Crisis

The Bridge: The Beast: Fasto Galvan: What the hell is a serial killer?

NSA: Worldwide Threats: Biological Terrorism

Soylent Green: Victor Thorn and Saul Roth: Trailer; Soylent Green is People

The Bridge: Ghost of a Flea and Sorrowsworn: Eleanor Kills Her Lusty Bodyguard leaving him sitting in the Prius with stuffed Dog; going in circles. Two young boys on bicycles find her showering naked at Truck Stop to wash off the blood. Kyle offers to help fascinated by her tattoos. He take her home to get clean clothes. Eleanor kills him and dumps him in 55 gallon drum at the Monarch Butterfly reserve; The Beast: Steven Lindner is ironing in his apartment when he is attacked by Hector; a pimp looking for one of his Juarez prostitutes; whom Steven helped to escape. Hector attacks Steven; and Steven kills Hector with the iron. || Daniel John Patrick “Danny” Greene: Cleveland Celtic Club Gangster:  Waterloo Rd: Rise and Fall of the Irishman

Battle of Lexington Green, 1775: Start of American Revolution and “shot heard around the world”

Marine Corps Logo: Green Dragon Hovering Over The World Trade Centers: In the mysticism of the Chinese tongs, the Green Dragon is a death symbol. A symbol of the dragon is worn on a ring or held in the hand of a “hatchet man.” The Green Dragon is supposed to impart the notion of a “license to kill” for it signifies that the murder is an affair of “honor”. America’s  Masonic forefathers met at one of the first Masonic Lodges The Green Dragon Tavern in America located at 11 Marshall Street, Boston MA, to decide America’s future. —Masonic Symbolism: Destruction of World Trade Center: Occult Symbolism on 911

IronMike: Green Dragon Tavern: Headquarters of the Revolution

William Morgan: Anti-Mason

Anti-Masonic Party Philadelphia Convention: 11 Sept 1830

Confession of the Murder of William Morgan; abducted andmurdered AD 1826; for Revealing the Secrets of Freemasonry

Suspect Zero: Trailer; Orobouros background: It was there and we found it

WI: Milwaukee: FBI thwarts Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center Attack; Samy Hamzeh tells Judge: Not True; Hamzeh Friends: Samy is a pot smoking screw up; not a radical; FBI Arrest of Samy Hamzeh

Hubert Humphrey: Beauty and Problem Solving [PDF: 07 Feb ’16]

Disc Russia: Russian Style Chess

US Army Special Operations Recruiting Battalion: Off the Cliff Airborne Parachuting

White Character: Excerpt: Napa County Sheriff [PDF]: Re: Michael Ruppert Human Sacrifice Suicide

Lascaux: Khan Academy: Lascaux Hall of Bulls Paleolithic Art

Solutreans: First Native Americans; Blue Eyed Indian: Paleolithic Giants in America: Clovis/Solutrean

Lee Arthur Rice: Lavoy Finicum speaks to Native Americans

Pilot as Fuck: Donald Trumps plane diverted to Nashville due to Engine problems

Unrepentant Cowboy: Everybody Knows; Tell the Truth [PDF: 25 Apr ’15]

Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows

IDF: Hadar Cohen: IDF Border Police

The Bridge: Pilot: Sonja and Marco find two dead bodies; torso of a European Judge; waste and legs of a Latino prostitute; left on El Paso Bridge; after Blackout

Radio Free Northwest: 04 Feb: HAC on Lavoy Finicum Murder

Bombay Bob: Irish Rovers: Young Roddy McCorley; The Orange and the Green; The Unicorn Song

S.Y. Aiglon Schooner in Ibiza | The Bridge: The Beast: Steven Lindner Ironing

Bibi Netanyahu: Likud Leon the Professional; Leon the Professional

John “Bob” Stockwell: The Dark Side of US Foreign Policy; Lawrence Wilkerson: Who Makes US Foreign Policy?

The Bridge: Sorrowsworn: Eleanor observes from a hill how the police search for Kyle at the Monarch reserve

WND: USA v Timothy James McVeigh: Anfo Bomb Court Exhibit 55 Gallon Drum & Soup Cans: Timothy McVeigh drawing detailing placement and contents of 55 gallon drums in Elliott Ryder Truck; parked outside Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building at 09:00 hrs on 19 April 1995; Famous Trials: Lori Fortier described the day McVeigh laid about fifteen soup cans out on the floor of her trailer to illustrate the type of bombs he hoped to assemble in his truck.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

The Bridge: NikeTalk: Want to Touch Eleanor

La Reina del SurEl Chapo Speaks: Kate del Castillo 2 El Chapo: Traffic in Love

13 Nov 2015: Paris Attacks: Bataclan Cafe Attacks during Eagles of Death Metal Concert

05 Feb 2016: Crane collapses in Tribeca New York

The Company: 3-3: Leo Kritsky: Father Abram Kristky: Vilnius Pogroms Emigrated to America: Fire in Sewing Machine Factory: Lost Everything; committed suicide jumping off Brooklyn Bridge

Vanity Fair: Call Me Caitlyn; Beirut Party: Kim Philby; Excerpt: Charleston 911: Chapmansville: Dylan Storm Roof 03/04

Ya-Native Crane Service [PDF: Native Americans ]

Moscow Times: Putin Birthday Bucketlist

Bin Laden Crane collapses in Mecca; on 9/11 Anniversary; kills 107

23 April: St George’s Day: Silene Well  [PDF: 01 Feb: Freemasons for Dummies]

Stan McChrystal: Afghanistan Wells: Oct 2009: IISS: Intnl Institute for Strategic Studies Speech: London

Urinetown Well

Thai Police arrest 32 Bridge players including 12 Britains and 1 Dutchwoman

Timothy Truthseeker: 20 years after OKC Bombing;More Information from Eric Jon Phelps

11 Sept 1297: Battle Stirling Bridge

Shawshank Redemption:Rooftop Scene: Get Busy Livin or Get Busy Dying

Dimitri Khalezov:  WTC Nuclear DemolitionArms Trafficking, Stolen Granit Missiles, Soviet Submarines; Nuclear Detonations, Victor Bout & 911;Thailand Sovereign King

Michael Hall: Why I Care

24 March 2015: Andreas Lubitz: German Wings Flight 9525

Chernobyl Liquidator Medals: Only medal in the world awarded for participation in a nuclear clean up; was not awarded by Kremlin; but by Soviet Factories; Chernobyl Medal: Bell Front /Pregnant Woman Back

The Rock: FBI Agent: Stanley Goodspeed: I think anyone bringing a child into this world is involved in an act of cruelty

Jewish Telegraph/A Mother in Israel: Entebbe Raid: Benghazi: Patricia Martell Nee Hayman

Benghazi Football club: Al-Ahly SC BenghaziOmar Mukhtar


* EoP Int: – .. Adm Rogers MIC MRE .. – Response to McChrystal Group Col: Howie Cohan: Leadership Lessons Turn Rocks Over Infographics. Excerpt: 03 & 04 May 2016 correspondence:EoP Int: – .. Adm Rogers MIC MRE .. – Response to McChrystal Group Col: Howie Cohan: Leadership Lessons Turn Rocks Over. Transcripts available in: (i) EoP Applicants [PDF]: Stan McChrystal & Timothy McVeigh; (ii) FSB & NSA [PDF]: Stan McChrystal; Unashamedly Ethical; (iii) EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Psych [PDF]: McChrystal Group; (vi) INT Police: Unashamedly Ethical Fraud [PDF]: Canada & Hong Kong; (v): EoP Axis: MIC [PDF].

* NSA & FSB: EoP SF44 Obs Int WRT: US v ABundy; US v SM Hamzeh; US v IronOrder/MongolsInfographics. Excerpt: 07 Feb 2016 correspondence Subject: NSA & FSB: EoP SF44 Obs Int WRT: US v ABundy; US v SM Hamzeh; US v IronOrder/Mongols. Transcripts in: (i) EoP Axis: IL Coercion [PDF]; (ii) EoP Applicants [PDF]; (iii) EoP Applicants: Req Asst of Counsel: NSA & FSB: Oregon Harney Co [PDF]; (iv) EoP Axis: WiP Case No. 16-MJ-00006: USA v A Bundy et al [PDF]; (v) EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Comments Corr [PDF].