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Forward Observer: Former Seal Matt Bracken Talks SHTF and a Dirty Civil War: … What I saw at the Coup… Dear Mr Security Agent | What I saw at the Coup: Men hanging from bridge; Photo of Journalist in Norfolk Sniper’s crosshairs prior to being assassinated; Dennis: the single man who was bold enough to initiate decisive action; Authors Note | Small Wars Journal: Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A Vision of the Future: Tea Party militia occupy goverment of Darlington South Carolina; Difference between Mayor of Darlington’s public and private identity | Arnold Law: Michael Arnold fixes Wash Post Dylan J Darling’s car collided with a deer | Fox News: Arabic Banner mysteriously appears on Citizens Tower in Lubbock “alhab lljamie” “love all” | Trick Schneider: Lube’s label cautions | Anon: Card Against Humanity Co-Founder Mails Oregon Militia 55 Gallons of Lube | ITV: Footballer shoots dead referee after being sent off | Sammy the Bull: Witness to the Mob | Reputation based on reality; Reputation based on Ego Bullshit the Public Relations Image Management | Revolver: John Greene and Ego Issues | Weird Asia News: North Korea Floats Poop-filled Balloons into South Korea | WitnessStory of Your Enslavement: Excerpt: (i) 15-06-29 26Jun France-Lyon-StQuentin-Fallavier Kaamelott; (ii) starpaw_okc-fargogkahl-duststorm: Excerpt: A few ELF Swift-Tempel-Tuttle Guerrylla-Moon Stories | 30 Jan 2016 Mongols and Iron Order Denver Colliseum Stairways Brawl: Shooter: Derek “Kong” Duran  | Denver Masonic Airport: Blue Horse Statue; 19 March 1994 Masonic Capstone; George W Bush 19 March 2003: Declaration of War against Iraq; George W Bush: Mission Accomplished; Industrial Chickens Conspiracy Cartoon; Masonic Slaughterhouse Illusion of Left & Right choices: Excerpt: 19March DenverAirport BushObama: Excerpt:  The Ozymandias ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ Parade: Why President Obama Went to Sign Stimulus Bill in Mile High City: Denver | Salvatore Giuliani: Life Magazine Cover | Iron Order skeleton hand and dice |Alea Iacta Est/ Die is Cast/ Roll the Dice | Marc Lepine: 6 Dec: Polytech shooting against Feminists: Alea Iacta Est Suicide Letter | Dahboo77: PR Communication Expert Judge Brenner Killed crossing Pico Robertson St | Road Kill Grill: Chicken that Didn’t Quite Cross the Road Appetizer; Bag & Gag Daily Special: Anything Dead between 2 slabs of bread | Conspiracy: Wannsee Conference: Who or what is a Jew?; What to do with the Jews? | You Don’t have to be white to be Jewish | Peak Chocolate: Excerpt: 15-07-05 ShelbyNC PlatoLee ArrestDylannStormRoof SoylentGreen: Excerpt: Charleston 911: Chapmansville: Dylann Storm Roof 03 | Ranulph Fiennes: Feather Men | Sniper: Marine Corp Tom Becket, Swat Sniper Richard Miller, Mercenary Sniper: Silva | Jarhead | Richard Mack: Glendale Comm College speaking engagement 25 Feb; Palm Trees: Lebensraum Pressure Defcon Alert Warning System;15-10-21 BibiNetanyahu BinocularsUgandaEntebbeRaid-Yoni HitlerMuftiFinalSolutionPlaceUnderSun – Excerpt: Culture Change to EoP Honour Ecofootprint Shrinking Lifeboat Ethics; or Not Back to School Harney Co Judas Goat Cipher Camp Games? | 12 Feb 2016: Glendale High School Suicide Love Affair shooting: 15 year old girls found under patio; Uncle Tom’s Porch: Radical Honoursty PreKindergarden Patriot Militia Re-Education Camp | Spy Game: Spy Game: Excerpt: stanmcchrystal-spygame-buffalobill-nato-bridge-garywebb: Excerpt: Aex ELF Potato-Island-Love Story: New EoP-Gotit Rules or No-Los-Pepes Rules? | Real News: China Considers Putting Nukes under Military Control | Sam Culper: JCS: Gen Paul Selva | InfoWars: David Paul Hammer: Faked Execution of Timothy McVeigh | Patriotic Warriors: Reasons Why.


* NSA & FSB: EoP Obs & Int: Re: Richard Dawkins Stroke; SEAL Matt Bracken SHTF Dirty Civil War Infrographics. Excerpt: 18 Feb 2017 correspondence to NSA & FSB; Subject: NSA & FSB: EoP Obs & Int: Re: Richard Dawkins Stroke; SEAL Matt Bracken SHTF Dirty Civil War. Transcript copies in:  EoP Applicants: Req for Asst of Counsel: NSA & FSB [PDF]; EoP Applicants [PDF]: Ray Odierno & John Mulholland.