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Extracted: Trailer; Movie

Alexander Aronowicz Sasja Pechersky Red Army Leader of 14 October 1942 Escape from Nazi Sobibor Concentration Camp

Pasha Antipov / Strelnikov: Red Army Commander: Dr Zhivago: Dr Zhivago: 1965: Trailer; Private Life is Dead; Listen Revolution; 2002:Trailer; The Zhivago Affair

11 – 12 Sept 1683 Gates of Vienna Battle: Jan III SobieskiPasha Kara Mustafa

Igor Girkin aka Strelkov Shooter: I am responsible for war in Eastern Ukraine; Strelkov the Terrible Igor Girkin

17 July 2014: shooting down of Malaysia Airlines MH 17 in Eastern Ukraine; Did GRU Colonel Igor Girkin admit to shooting down MH 17?; Was Col Strelkov’s VK post about MH 17 authentic?

Anders Breivik: Knights Templar 2083 Declaration of European Independence;Manifesto video

Look-alike of Igor Strelkov – Grandson of legendary Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov, Alexander Arkadyevich Suvorov: Strelkov the Terrible Igor Girkin

Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov at Rostov on Don

Blue Seal Vaseline

Tachanka Memorials at Rostov on Don & Kakhova Ukraine

Amazon Lady Warriors Don Plaza Hotel Lobby Rostov on Don

Vladimir Putin: But how did those problems arise in the first place?: Vladimir Putin: A Biography of Russia’s President

Igor Girkin and Nikolai Starikov Debate: Vineyard of the Saker; Russia Insider

19 March 2016 Fly Dubai crash in Rostov on Don

USS Andrew Jackson: SSBN 619: One Man with Courage is a Majority: Andrew Jackson vs Bank of the US; Andrew Jackson vs Henry Clay Bank War; King Andrew and the Bank – America: Freedom to Fascism

Heavenly Haven: Creative Touch

Footprints: Animal and Man: Consumption and Procreation Footprints

Muhammad Ali: Muhammad Ali visit to Russia meeting with Brezhnev; on Ethno-cultural preferences; discarded river medal & Grozny street name

My God Help Me to Survive this Deadly Love: Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honacher kiss Berlin Wall; Socialist fraternal kiss; Kiss of Death Gallery

Bristol: Donald Trump and Boris Johnson Brexit kiss

Maxim Gorky: Mother; Maxim Gorky and Stalin – Stalin’s White Sea Baltic Belomor Canal Arbeid Macht Frei Engineering Project

The Company01:02:03

The Vladimir Putin the West Doesn’t Care to Know: 15-05-09_04-30_RussIns_PutinMedia_ParentsBrotherViktor-SiegeLeningrad-MotherlandCallsStatue; 15-05-09_SovietStory-NaziCommunismFlyers_BeautifulMind-SchindlersList

Films for Action:Remembering Berta CaceresMother of all Rivers

Lord of War: Trailer; Life of a Bullet; Ukraine Coke; Getting around Jack Valentine’s Arms Embargoes: Mother, Children, AngelKing; Children

Dylann Storm Roof: Execution of Masonic Christians

Green Cross: Michael Gorbachev; The Earth Charter in Action

Death of Antonin Scalia while at St Hubertus Secret Society meeting in Texas Ranch: WiP #16-MJ-00006: USA v A Bundy et al: EoP Obs Re: Death of Justice Antonin Scalia | Note Caveat

Thailand: Koh Chang island: Siam Beach Resort: 4 June 2016: Hotel collapse: 1 dead; 7 trapped

27 Feb: Paarl: Murder: Shamonique Claasen, Suma 10: EoP Int Forensic Data PDF: 28 March: NSA & FSB: EoP Int Data: RU: Waterloo & Rostov-on-Don; ZA: Paarl, Khayelitsha, Tokai & Darrenwood; US: NY; TR: Istanbul; BE: Brussels

Psyops = MISO; Military Mulls New Name for Psyops: MISO: MISOC: Military Information Support Operations Command: Chess Horse Logo: Persuasion Change Influence

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World; Slavery by Consent; Dancing Shiva; The Ultimate Revolution:Taming the Oligarchy

14-09-11_GMC4643-2578_CHFC_EoPPoWGenevaFile-usmcrhcamoEoP PoW Submission to Swiss Federal Council

Rock Chip Intel Processor

Masonic Missouri Child Fingerprint RFID Chip

Road Kill Cafe Chip

Conspiracy Wannsee Conference: Chip

Dexter & Isak: Chips and Animals

Russia Insider: Listen with Charles Bausman: Nikolai Starikov;Russia’s Mission in the World

Extracted: Computer Psychotronics

Nikolay Starikov: The difficulty of being Putin; Corruption in Russia; Real Reason for Arresting the Oligarchs; Eco-Movements

Lays Couch Chip: Picking Next President

Enron: Smartest Guys in the Room: Trailer

Enemy of the State: Trailer

Beautiful Mind: Trailer; First Big Date; Nash Equilibrium: A Beautiful Madness

Extracted: Date

Shibumi: Beautiful Imperfection / Simplicity: Lebed-Dofenism: Alexander Lebed – Dofenism: Post Soviet Lessons for a Post American Century

Blue Gold: World Water Wars: Trailer; Water = Control; River = Rivals

Dove: Beautiful or Average

Alice in Wonderland & Humpty Dumpty: Who is to be Master?

Vernon Supreme: Vote Vermin Supreme.. Ride our Ponies into a Zombie powered future: Excerpt: 16-03-10_Kiril-Putin_Vote4Bob-SShetland TragedyCommons KansasLoW: Excerpt: [2/2] EoP Int: – .. Adm Rogers MIC MRE .. – Response to McChrystal Group Col: Howie Cohan: Leadership Lessons Turn Rocks Over

Power: Vladimir Putin: A Biography or Russia’s President

Its All About Power

Masonic Orobouros: Black Pope Masonic Orobouros also ref’d in: 14-04-13-MichaelRuppert-OrobourosIndigestion-SacrificeSuicide [Info];15-07-31-Nazism-Communism-Posters2SidesSameCoin-IndigestionMCRuppertOrouboros [Info]; 15-05-09-SovietStory-NaziCommunismFlyers-BeautifulMind-SchindlersList [Info]; 16-02-14_OathKeepers-ScaliaMarfaTX-QuailHuntingDeath-FTW-IYF [Info]; 16-02-27-Kiril-Grahamland-EgoPower-NTE [Info];16-08-16-CraigFuller-DrugWar-PutinEoPWiPSocialContract [Info]; 16-08-23-EttieneCloete-EchoMovsky-Updated [Info]; 16-09-10-RichardMyers-WarEconomyRecipeBook [Info].




* 08 Jun: Discover Russia & CIA Infographics. Excerpt: EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 08 Jun: Discover Russia; CIA.

* SAPS, MWeb & SA Min of Justice: FW: Police: USA: LA: Baton Rouge; MN & ID: St Anthony; TX: Dallas; ZA: Belfast: EoP Int Forensic Data Infographics. Excerpt: 14 July 2016 correspondence: Subject: SAPS, MWeb & SA Min of Justice: FW: Police: USA: LA: Baton Rouge; MN & ID: St Anthony; TX: Dallas; ZA: Belfast: EoP Int Forensic Data: Transcripts in: (i) EoP Applicants: FSB & NSA [PDF]: MWeb; (iii) EoP Axis: MWeb [PDF]; (iv) ZA Courts: WiP Only: PoS: L Johnstone v MWeb Brd of Directors [PDF];(v) EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: SA Police.

* EoP Neg: Jamie Atherton; Critical Legal Thinking; U Le Guin; Real News; Diem 25; ACLU v Clapper Infographics. Excerpt: 01 Sep 2016 correspondence: Subject: EoP Neg: Jamie Atherton; Critical Legal Thinking; U Le Guin; Real News; Diem 25; ACLU v Clapper. Transcript in: (i) EoP Admin: EoP Applicants [PDF]: Bobby Inman; EoP Axis: EoP Axis [PDF]; Diem 25 [PDF]; Ft Bragg [PDF]; (ii) EoP Legal Submissions: ACLU v Clapper Correspondence [PDF]; (iii) EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: Jamie Atherton; Critical Legal Thinking, Ursula Le Guin.