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MH 17: Malaysia Airlines crash17 July 2014 shooting down of Malaysia Airlines MH17 near Torez in Dontesk Oblast Ukraine, during Battle in Shakhtarsk Raion, part of ongoing war in Donbass; RT: The Untold Story

Marysville Pilchuck Jaylen Fryberg: 24 October 2014 Jaylen Fryberg shot five other students in the cafetaria a Marysville Pilchuck High School after inviting the students to meet him for lunch via a text messageMy new 17MHR

Yerevan Armenia  Police HQ seized: 17 July 2016 armed men seize Police HQ in Yerevan; hold hostages; demand storming of police station demanding release from prison of Armenian opposition figure Jirair Sefilyan, detained on June 20 after authorities allegedly uncovered a coup plot to seize several buildings and telecommunication facilities in Yerevan – Armenia National Security AgencyRussia Today; Sputnik; Jirair Sefilian:Lebanese born Armenian military commander at Battle of Shusha; co-founder New Armenia Public Salvation Front; Freedom to Jiro.

Storm clouds Gathering: TWA Flight 80017 July 1996 implosion of TWA 800: Transworld Airlines flight 800 near East Moriches, Long Island,New York; after take-off from JFK airport on a flight to Rome via Paris; Storm Clouds Gathering: What You are Not Being Told; Global Research.

Christine Le Gard Seven: The Magic Seven; If you can’t measure something; you can’t improve things; because you have no basis for evaluation – Global Financial Meltdown.

Seven: Sadam’s Demon Seed: Iraq Military Forum; Sons of Saddam; Uday Saddah Hussein

Red Army Katyn Massacre Medal: The Soviet Story: Soviet Soldiers decorated for Katyn Massacre: killing rabbit breeders

Meat Grinder Soldiers to St George Ribbons: St George Ribbons have become a symbol of Victory Day in Russia. The Meat Grinder: A Mince Meat Grinder is fed with soldiers being grinded into St. George Ribbons. The Meat Grinder was part of the WE WON art exhibition on 8 May in Moscow S-Art galleries, by art group Blue Rider; focusing on the pobedobesiya (pseudo-patriotic victory mania) phenomena. The exhibition was shut down by Major Alexei Okopni, of the Center for Counteraction to Extremism (E-Center) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. – Medium, Crossing Genres, Planet Putin. St George is ref’d in: 15-07-31-PolishBolshevikWar-Trotsky-StGeorge-DragonSnake-TopHat-DayofStGeorge [Info]. St George Meat Grinder ref’d in: 16-09-10_rmyerswareconrecipebook15-07-31-BlueRider-StGeorgeVictoryDayMeatGrinder-HustlerLarryFlynt [Info]

Battle of Stalingrad: Pocket negotiations; cannibalism – Battle of Stalingrad

Traffic: Traffic – Hindi filmTrailer; Traffic – ar on Drugs movie – Trailer

Ecological Overshoot Footprint Barrell: Excerpt: 16-03-20_EoPvWiPCC-MalkovichProblemSolving-CooperPopPuzzleTap [Info]

Haaretz: 2016 Geopolitical Tensions drive Defense Companies growthHaaretz

Pawn:  Trailer

Baton Rouge shooting: 17 July 2016 Black Secessionist Gavin Eugene Long killed two police officers and one sheriff on Hammond Aire Plaza, shopping complex on Airline Highway  a few days after police foil a plot by Anthonio Thomas, Trashone Coats; Malik Bridgewater; to kill police using stolen gun from Cash America Pawn shop – New York Daily News; CNN

Bridgewater: EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 19 Feb: Business Insider; Bridgewater.

Pawn Mirror Chess: Pawn Sacrifice: Trailer; Bobby Fischer: Anything to Win16-07-24_Pawn_Ukraine-CharlesBarkley-JackKervokian-Revolver-McChrystal-AmaryllaFoxListen; Russ Insider: Putin 5 hour meeting with Kerry

India Muslim Breeding War Preacher: Zakir Abdul Karim Niak; Seething Energies of Lucifer Human Factory Farming Human SacrificeBreeding War

Ta Nehitsi Coates:

Inside Man: Clive Owen Who Why What; Armenian Traffic Tickets Interpreter – Trailer

Enemy of the State: Disk with evidence of Congressman’s assassination on; placed in Attorney’s shopping bag; NSA were following STO Standard Training Orders; NSA & Mafia shootout – Trailer

Star Trek Online:

Turkey Coup: 15 July 2016 attempted coup in Turkey: Soldiers following STO: Standard Training Order procedures; did not know it was a coup –Turkey Coup

STO buckets:

Water Buckets on Ice: Wakhan corridor: Roof of the World:Pakistan Affairs Thread

WA: Olympic Peninsula Neah Bay Israel Keys:Israel Keyes: American serial murderer, arsonist, burglar and bank robber; Keyes stashed his guns and equipment in buckets buried in isolated places; July 2000 Israel Keyes polishing the floor while at Ft Lewis –DailyMail

Comrade Lenin cleanses the Earth of Filth by Viktor Deni: Excerpt: 16-02-19_TJMcVeigh-FMC_LeaSankaraCIADoD [Info]

Bataclan Theater Massacre13 November 2015 coordinated attacks on Bataclan theater, cafe’s & restaurants and Stade de France in St Dennis killing 130 people, including 89 at Bataclan theatre: dead tortured by testicles being removed and shoved into mouths, etc – Heat St; Bataclan butterfly logo; Eagles of Death Metal logo; pregnant woman hanging out of window in Rue Saint Pierre

Brussels Airport Attacks22 March 2016 coordinated suicide bombings at Brussels airport in Zaventem; and Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels; killing 32:  Airport logo

1984 Newspeak: Ingsoc logo: Dictionary of Newspeak

Pram: Point: Veliky Novgorod Birds Eye View; Preakness Derby Pramedya

Nord Ost Moscow Theater Hostage Siege: 23 – 26 October 2002 Moscow Nord Ost Theater Hostage siege led by Movsar Barayev: Movsar Barayev interview; Man with yellow shopping bag looking for his son Roma – Tragic Nord Ost

Pulse Orlando shooter: Omar Mateen: Omar Mir Seddique Matteen 12 June 2016 shooting in Pulse gay nightclub Orlando Florida killing 49: BP Oil Spill documentaryLos Angeles Times

Camilo MoraWilson Center: Environmental Change & Security Program; WorldWatch Institute: Family Planning and Environmental Sustainability Assessment: Convince them to Say It’: Environmental Researchers and the Touchy Topics of Family Planning and Population: Camilo Mora; Ndola Prata; Jim Nicell & Usman Khan. Excerpt: 16-06-19_JoCox_FPESA-ECSP_FP-Pop [Info]; 16-01-20_DiscRuss-PoleofColdYakutia-PetraeusIraqCondaleezaRiceTug-ConvinceThemtoSayIt [Info]

TridentZ: ASRock: Motherboard installed on EoP Acting Clerk computer after 10 May Motherboard hack: EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 25 Jun: Bill Gates Fnd & Juvinon Systems ISM; Excerpt: 16-06-19_JoCox_FPESA-ECSP_FP-Pop: [Info]; 16-07-26_tridentz-sashalitvinenko

Navajo Nation: Pregnant: Windtalkers: Trailer

Chernobyl Medal: Pregnant woman radiation: IG: 16-04-23_ukrainechernobyl-medalpool_iud-tinkertailor.

Sabra Shatila Massacre16-18 September 1982 killing of 762-3,500 Palestinians and Lebanese Refugees by Kataeb Party aka Phalange militia in Sabra neighbourhood and Shatila Refugee Camp, Beirut, Lebanon; dead tortured by testicles cut off and shoved in mouths

Waltz with Bashir: Sabra Shatila Massacre documentary: Trailer

Volgodansk Moscow apartment bombing; 16 October 1999 bombing; Vladimir Putin: Astan: 24 September: Finding Terrorists in toilets1999 Apartment Bombings; Assassination of Russia

Nice Truck Massacre14 July 2016 Bastille Day 19 ton refrigerator truck attack by Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel on Promenade de Anglais in Nice killing 84:  Cote d’Azur Handball and Monsieur Parking on Henri Matisse Ave; I Smile Mathis Ferry Dentistry – Charleston SC; Gen Mad Dog Mattis; Bagwell Mathis Tire Pros. Ref’d in: 16-10-05_jcs-ksteinmharnitchek.

The Unsaid: Andy Garcia / Michael Hunter: Trailer

Timothy McVeigh: My Head is Bloody but unbowed Last Meal: Excerpt: 16-02-16_TimMcVeigh_Terrehaute_11June2001_0714 [Info]


* EoP Neg: Julian Knight Assoc, SSA, NKP, Asant, EAI, Mission Readiness Infographics. Excerpt: 07 Sep 2016 correspondence: Subject: EoP Neg: Julian Knight Assoc, SSA, NKP, Asant, EAI, Mission Readiness. Transcripts in: (i) EoP Applicants: Request Assistance of Counsel: FSB-NSA: End EoP: Eugene de Kock [PDF]; (ii) EoP Axis: City Lotto Notices [PDF]: Philippines; (iii) EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: SA State Security Agency, Nationale Konserwatiewe Party SA. Asant Institute for Policy Studies; East Asia Institute; Mission Readiness: Military Leaders for Kids.