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Tall Ships and Honour:

I spent about five years working as a deckhand, able body seaman, first mate and captain on various yachts from 42 ft sloop; to a 45 meter schooner: S.Y Aiglon; at that time owned by the Bavarian Thurn and Taxis Royal Family; to 360 ft tallship S.Y. Sea Cloud. I was the first woman ever hired to work on S.Y. Aiglon; all former crew were members of German military; and one civilian American: Kenny Libby.

I was also the first person to inform Bavarian Royalty they could keep their sailing job and shove it up their ass; when they expected me to shut the fuck up about being treated like a slave, not a human being.

On S.Y. Sea Cloud; I first told them they could keep their Spokesperson job and shove it up their ass; followed by their deckhand job:

On S.Y. Sea Cloud, I worked firstly as a deckhand and later as an able bodied seaman. S.Y. SeaCloud has German and American officers on six month contracts; a full time Phillipino deck, kitchen and engineering crew, and part-time six month contract European youngsters deck and silver service crewmembers. The male and female Phillipino and Europeans deck crew all share one big communal bunkhouse. The majority of the Phillipino deck and engineering crew are married with families in the Phillipines, but pretend to be single, so as to fuck – consensually or by coercion — the dumbfuck young European white meat women. Initially they engage in ‘you are so beautiful, I love you, and want to marry you’ crap, and if that does not work, they engage in coercion. I was not sexually interested in any of them, although I was happy to just be friends and was appointed spokesperson for all the deck crew. It did not last long, because I informed the crew and the captain that I had no problem with young European women fucking anyone whom they wish to fuck, but I suggested that all sexual relations be based upon fully informed consent honesty, from both sides. That the men who were married, be honest about their family status, who are engaging in frequent fucking of white meat, be required to engage in safe sex practices, if their white meat European sluts, requested such safe sex practices. All the white male deck crew were furious with me, allegedly cause I had ‘insulted the Philipino’s’. According to their ‘Euro-occidental values’ it was more important not to insult fragile ego Phillipino males who were abusing their ‘euro-occidental’ female colleague deck crew, than it was to stand up as proud Euro-Occidental white males with a pair of balls, and demand that these sexual predatory Phillipino’s engage in honest, and honourable transparent sexual practices with Euro-Occidental women.

The captain, a Euro-Occidental German refused to implement an honest transparent sexual relation policy for crew relationships. The captain and/or the German shipping company – Sea Cloud – officials refused. It would interfere with their profiteering off of white meat. It turned out that ‘white meat’ from dumbfuck ignorant little blond and blue eyed Euro Occidental teenagers, was one of the ‘financial perks’ being given to the married, many with sexually transmitted diseases, Phillipino crew. Honesty, honour and transparent race and safe sexual relations practices were very low on their totem pole of ‘euro-occidental’ values; when such values came into conflict with using their own so-called ‘euro-occidental’ teenager children for the profit of corporate euro-occidental elite’s profits.

The only person who supported my honesty, honour and transparent race and sexual relations crew policy suggestions on that ship was the Safety Officer: Shaun Cassidy, a former United States Marine. The Phillipino’s were furious, and I received many death-threats. I resigned from my spokesperson job; and informed the Captain that if he refused to inform Sea Cloud to amend their white meat slavery practices; I would nullify my contract. He refused to amend the white meat slavery practices. I nullified my contract and left S.Y. Sea Cloud in Piraeus.

A copy of all my written references; including those from S.Y. Sea Cloud can be found in the complaint to the International Criminal Court: Lara Johnstone v Desmond Tutu et al.
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S.Y Aiglon:

S.Y. Aiglon is a two-masted 45-meter schooner with the aerodynamic lines of the graceful bird from whom she takes her name – The Eagle. Equipped with the latest navigational system, her racing hull and spacious cabin ensures a superb blend of easy sailing and elegant VIP comfort. The hidden treasures of Es Vedrá, Espalamdor and Illetas, just to mention a few of the neighboring wonders, are all within your reach. Enjoy sailing, snorkeling and sunbathing while you lose yourself in the natural beauty of the Pityuses in style. Swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy exquisite dinning and cocktails served onboard. – S.Y Aiglon in Ibiza: About Aiglon.


S.Y Sea Cloud:

S.Y. Sea Cloud is a sailing cruise ship of the Sea Cloud Cruises line. Initially built as a private yacht, it subsequently served as a weather ship for the United States Coast Guard and United States Navy during World War II. The ship served as the first racially integrated warship in the United States Armed Forces since the American Civil War. Following the war, Sea Cloud was returned to private ownership, serving as a yacht for numerous people, including as presidential yacht of the Dominican Republic. The ship currently sails in Europe and the Caribbean as part of a fleet of sail cruise ships operated by Sea Cloud Cruises GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, often under contract to the National Geographic Society.

The SEA CLOUD, our legendary windjammer, is a dream come true. This vessel is both a private home and a truly glamorous experience beneath white sails. Everything that the SEA CLOUD ever was and had can still be experienced today. Every walk around its decks will fill you with the unique charm which this great windjammer exudes. Each step is an encounter with the glamour of a bygone age. You will feel that the SEA CLOUD’s charm is an authentic one, imbued with a delightful air of nostalgia and an ever-surprising timelessness. – Sea Cloud Cruises: S.Y. Sea Cloud.


The Bridge: Steven & Eva:

Thomas M. Wright as Steven Linder: a “lone wolf” trying to survive in a near-lawless borderland. Stephanie Sigman as Eva Guerra: Hector’s girlfriend and the object of Linder’s affections. The Bridge is an American crime drama television series, developed by Meredith Stiehm and Elwood Reid, that was broadcast on the FX network, and based on the Danish-Swedish series Broen/Bron. The show stars German actress Diane Kruger and Mexican actor Demián Bichir in pivotal roles. Ted Levine, Annabeth Gish, Thomas M. Wright, Matthew Lillard and Emily Rios also co-star in supporting roles. The American version takes place on the U.S. and Mexican border where a murdered body on a bridge between El Paso and Juárez (the Bridge of the Americas) bring together El Paso detective Sonya Cross (Kruger) who is mentored by Hank Wade (Levine) and Chihuahua State police detective Marco Ruiz (Bichir). The story parallels the investigation by El Paso Times reporters Daniel Frye (Lillard) and Adriana Mendez (Rios). Trailer.