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John Zerzan Same Old Cultural Imperialist Bullshit:

“Traditional, leftist anarchism wanted the factories to be self-managed by the workers. We want a world without factories.” – John Zerzan

Mandela is the opium of the cultural multinational corporate elite, their neoliberal left useful idiot pawns, and finally their brood sow and sperm donor slaves: the civilized patriarchy colonized masses.

“The key component of the left is co-opting indigenous cultures; and breaking the resistance of indigenous cultures [to the cultural imperialism onslaught of industrial civilization’s compulsive Developmentism]; and that is what the left does.” – John Zerzan: Pretensions of Modernity (at 00:38:35)

“Alas, still around to some degree, going through the motions and in some cases finding new ways to repackage the same old shit. The eternally superficial liberal-left “progressives” are as transparently averse to liberation as are the few surviving leninoids. [..] What all these left-leaners lack is a willingness to confront the basics of domination with the resolve and pointed questioning required if domination is to be erased.” – John Zerzan, The Anarchist Library: The Left Today.

“Cultural imperialism is the economic, technological and cultural hegemony of the industrialized nations, which determines the direction of both economic and social progress, defines cultural values, and standardizes the civilization and cultural environment throughout the world. [..] The ideology of the technological imperialists. To western man, culture is the antithesis of nature; it implies the subjugation of nature in order to build a technological, man-made world, in order to establish civilization, the acme of which is the metropolis. The ideology of the subjugation of nature has reached its climax in the conquest of outer space, but it has also supplied the moral justification for the white man’s voyages of discovery, for colonialism, the slave trade, the unscrupulous exploitation of natural resources and the overseas aid plans of today: the purpose of these being to yoke all nations to the world trade network of the industrialized countries.” – Matti Sarmela; Kotikone: What is Cultural Imperialism?

– EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 14 Feb: Buy Black Economics.