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“I’ve heard of poker players winning the saloon with a pair of twos. You want to take that chance?” – Checkmate War Game; Viva La Revolucion

Scene 1. The Pentagon.

Aide, Joint Chiefs of Staff: “Admiral Mullen Sir! Mark Sullivan, Head of Secret Service wants to speak to you NOW! We’ve got a problem.”

Chairman JCS: “Admiral Mullen here. What’s up Mark?”

Mark Sullivan: “Some crazy has landed on the roof of the spent fuel-rod building at the Davis Besse nuclear plant in Ohio. He claims his helicopter is full of C4 and if we don’t surrender he’ll blow the water out of the storage pool.”

Admiral Michael Mullen: “My God man, there’s over a thousand Nagasaki bombs worth of plutonium in that pool. If he blows the water out of that pond it will start a zirconium fire that can’t be put out. All the plutonium/nickel-95/cesium will vaporize into the atmosphere. The entire east coast will be toast!” How would you handle this?”

Mark Sullivan: “Uh, that’s your job sir, we just protect the president. You’re the ones who left the door wide open. Just a minute, President Obama wants to talk to you.”

President Obama: “Mike, what the hell are we going to do about this? Why aren’t these buildings protected against this? Can a sniper take him out?”

Admiral Mullen: “He’s probably got the explosives wired to go off if anything happens to him. To answer your question about preventing attacks on nuclear facilities Sir, Admiral Rickover warned about this and asked the Senate to let him dismantle all the reactors – precisely because they ARE sitting ducks. Reagan fired him. We take our orders from you and congress. It’s your problem now Sir.”

President Obama: “My problem? You’re supposed to be protecting us. Your socialist organization has charged the taxpayers $15 trillion dollars since World War II for protection. Why would you leave such an obvious gap in our defenses???

Admiral Mullen: “That didn’t happen on my watch Mr. President. Can’t cry over spilt milk. Seems it’s everyone’s problem now. Mike, do you still have this guy on the phone?”

– Checkmate War Game; Viva La Revolucion [archive.is/d5oTe]


FSB Ответ / Takeout Bet?

10 Feb 2017 letter from Russia Federal Security Service: AM Kalganov: Ответ на обращение [PDF]
– IG: 17-02-17_fsb-amkalganov


American History X Rounders Check / Bet

Rounders is a 1998 American drama film about the underground world of high-stakes poker, directed by John Dahl, and starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich as Teddy KGB. The film follows two friends who need to quickly earn enough cash playing poker to pay off a large debt. The term “rounder” refers to a person travelling around from city to city seeking high-stakes cash games. Trailer. Clip: Judges Game; ‘I Flopped the Nuts’ Final Hand.

American History X:
American History X is a 1998 American crime drama film directed by Tony Kaye, written by David McKenna, and stars Edward Norton. The film tells the story of two Venice, Los Angeles brothers who become involved in the neo-Nazi movement. The older brother serves three years in prison for voluntary manslaughter, changes his beliefs and tries to prevent his brother from going down the same path. Trailer. Clip: Basketball Court Bet.
— Excerpt: 16-10-05_jcs-ksteinmharnitchek


What A Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire

What A Way To Go: Life at the End of Empire is a 2007 documentary film about the current situation facing humanity and the world. It discusses issues such as peak oil, climate change and the effects of global warming, population overshoot and species extinction, as well as how this situation has developed. The documentary features supporting data and interviews of Daniel Quinn, environmental activist Derrick Jensen and academics such as Richard Heinberg and many others. The tagline of the documentary is, “A middle-class white guy comes to grips with Peak Oil, Climate Change, Mass Extinction, Population Overshoot and the demise of the American lifestyle.”

Chapter 2: What a Way to Go
There was a time in my life when I was having this recurring daydream. I’d be sitting in my car, radio blaring, slowly making my way forward through a fast food drive thru. I’d get to the window and they’d hand me my drink and my burger and fries. And as I waited for my change… off in the distance… a bright flash… and a rising cloud. And as the full force of the nuclear blast washed over me, as the icy cold of my overturned Coke seeped into my jeans, I’d think to myself… what a way to go.


I spoke with Daniel Quinn about this mass extinction. He gave me a metaphor that has haunted me since.


Daniel Quinn, The Story of B

We are like people who live in a very tall building… brick building. We live on the top floor. And every day we go out, go down to the lower floors and at random we knock bricks out, take them upstairs to the top, and build higher. Every day. Downstairs, 200 bricks. Take them upstairs. And the building is perfectly stable. But it’s not going to be stable forever. Because we are attacking the structural integrity of the building. Two hundred species a day, day after day after day, year after year… And as our population increases it’s going to turn into 400 species a day, a thousand species a day. And there’s going to come a day when the system is going to collapse. Two hundred species a day!? This is calamitous.

Chapter 9: Population Overshoot

We may already be well above 200 bricks each day. And it looks to me like the building is not far from collapse. Everything in me wants to run out of the building before it comes crashing down around my ears. But where would I run? Empire now covers the planet. The building is everywhere. And almost all of us are inside of it. All of us. All six and a half billion of us. One of the hardest things to talk about is the human population explosion. The friends and neighbors I spoke with all seemed to agree that the enormous increase in human population would soon have to be reckoned with.

And so we haven’t seen climate change coming. And most people don’t see oil depletion coming. And there are other forces in the universe that play out over the long term. Exponential growth and population dynamics can both unfold over generations making them, for humans blinded by their own culture, difficult to see. William Catton explains another long-term process.


William Catton

C. Wright Mills of Columbia University – kind of a maverick – gave a nice sociological definition of fate. Fate is what happens when innumerable people make innumerable small decisions about other matters that have a collective, cumulative effect that nobody intended. Ok. That’s what’s happened when we overpopulated the world. Nobody intended to overpopulate the world. Nobody intended to pollute the oceans. Nobody intended to start the greenhouse effect.

So this is part of what I’ve come to about how we got here: a snarl of assumptions and behaviors and beliefs and stories that form the backbone of the culture of Empire, a fusion of forces that severed us from the laws of life.
— What a Way to Go: Script, Documentary.


Military Nude Photo Scandal Takes New Twist

Raw Story: Military Nude Photo Scandal Takes New Twist


If No EoP social contract; WiP 4 Horses buttfuck all Armies back to Stone Age.



United States of America War Office Private Dinning Room China Seal

[19/24] The official War Office seal on the china used in a private dining room at the Pentagon. Myron Davis—TIME & LIFE Pictures/Getty Images
– Colossal: LIFE at the Birth of the Pentagon.


Heart Hot Potato

“In June 1996, however, one politically connected Capetonian opined to me that population control was far too hot a potato for any Black African politician to touch.” – Outcast Capetown, by John Western.

[71] Outcast Cape Town investigates how Apartheid came to be, the roots of apartheid, traced back to Cape Town‘s establishment in the mid-seventeenth century, and the many social, geopolitical, demographic, political, racial, etc. factors which contributed to Apartheid. For Apartheid was not inevitable. Had certain demographic factors been different, it may not have occurred. Had it managed to avoid its massive problems of demographic surges and attendant unemployment, these different factors and sequences of events might have brought more similar societal results to other parts of the world, with similar factors. Even once apartheid was legislated, the ‘Nationalists with all their Sowetos could hardly keep up with the Black demographic realities of rural-urban migration and absolute population increase. At immense cost, they as it were ran as fast as they could, only to stay in the same place.‘ (p.xix)

It could be anticipated that, if a White power-holding minority were to enact segregative laws for urban areas through a motive of fear for its future security, it would first enact them against those whom it perceived to be the greatest threat. These would be the Black Africans – the swart gevaar – who are not only those who greatly outnumber the Whites in the land, but are also those who have seemed most culturally dissimilar…. (p.45)

The Strategic Motive:

There are, then, more profound reasons for groups areas than the minister of community development chose to advance. The outnumbering of Whites by Nonwhites in the country as a whole and in the cities in particular continues to grow more marked. A parallel can be drawn with the fears of the upper, ruling classes of Britain when they were confronted with that totally novel and therefore unpredictable phenomenon, the great industrial city as epitomized by Manchester. Of this city in 1842 W. Cooke Taylor wrote (p.6):

“[One] cannot contemplate those “crowded hives” without feelings of anxiety and apprehension almost amounting to dismay. The population is hourly increasing in breadth and strength. It is an aggregate of masses, our conceptions of which clothe themselves in terms that express something portentous and fearful……”

As a description of the White South African‘s widespread fear of the urban swart gevaar, this passage can hardly be bettered. Then years, earlier, another commentator viewing Manchester had warned of

“the evils of poverty and pestilence among the working classes of the close alleys, … where pauperism and disease congregate round the source of social discontent and political disorder in the centre of our large towns.”

Here is the strategic motive, which is indeed one of the two primary underpinnings of the group areas conception. (Pg 74)

Of twentieth-century South Africa, van den Berghe (1966, p 411) is firm in his agreement:

“The older non-white shanty towns with their maze of narrow, tortuous alleys were often located close to White residential or business districts; they are now systematically being razed as a major military hazard… The new ghetto‘s are typically situated several miles from the White towns, with a buffer zone inbetween.” (Pg 74)

Adam (1971, p. 123) also considered that,

“since the widespread unrest of the early sixties, white rule is efficiently prepared for internal conflicts. The design and location of African townships has been planned on the basis of strategic considerations. Within a short time such a location could be cordoned off, and in its open streets any resistance could be easily smashed.” (p.75)

Surely no more striking proof of this can be found than the expressed opinions of the government minister in charge of the security system within South Africa. Jimmy Kruger, minister of justice, when interviewed by the Financial Gazette, on the possibilities of urban guerrilla warfare, said he did not think an organized campaign would get off the ground. One of the big advantages was that the residential areas were segregated. Overseas, urban terrorism was largely sparked off by a mixture of mutually antagonistic groups within a limited geographical area, and this was often accentuated by overcrowding. “We have fortunately managed to avoid this here,” said Mr. Kruger (South African Digest, 2 September 1977).

Whether or not we agree with his analysis of the causes of urban guerrilla warfare, which predictably leans on the soc-called “friction theory” (see p.85), the strategic motive for group areas segregation has been made crystal clear.

Leo Kuper (1956) commented:

“The danger is in numerical preponderance of the non-whites. It is a threat, however, only if the non-whites are united… The Group Areas Act (1950) gives the Governor-General [now the state president] the necessary power to subdivide Coloureds and Natives but not whites…” (p77)

… A central justification for [Apartheid s racial residential segregation] viewpoint, that segregation is in the interest of all, is enshrined in the “friction theory”. The belief is simply that any contact between the races inevitably produces conflict. Thus, the minister of the interior, introducing the group areas bill to Parliament on 14 June 1950, stated:

Now this, as I say, is designed to eliminate friction between the races in the Union because we believe, and believe strongly, that points of contact – all unnecessary points of contact – between the races must be avoided. If you reduce the number of points of contact to the minimum, you reduce the possibility of friction… The result of putting people of different races together is to cause racial trouble.

… The friction theory has some measure of sense to it, as may be illustrated by once again returning to the work of Robert Sommer (1969, pp 12, 14 and 15), who wrote:

[Animal studies] show that both territoriality and dominance behaviour are ways of maintaining social order, and when one system cannot function, the other takes over… Group territories keep individual groups apart and thereby preserve the integrity of the troop, whereas dominance is the basis for intragroup relationships… Group territoriality is expressed in national and local boundaries, a segregation into defined areas that reduces conflict.


In the new South Africa one might think that managing the population surge is now delinked from political pressures. That is, we no longer deal with a White minority government fearful of demographic swamping by an ever-growing Black African majority. The whites have now been “swamped”… There‘s no more looming swart gevaar – ….. for it has already arrived… So, surely, the population surge is simply a technical problem for the well-intentioned technocrat? (p. 333)

The Double Drawbridge

In June 1996, however, one politically connected Capetonian opined to me that population control was far too hot a potato for any Black African politician to touch. At least two considerations – in addition to what many North Americans might term a generally conservative African ethos celebrating procreation – are in play here. Both point up my error in assuming there‘s no more swart gevaar. For after three weeks in Cape Town I do believe there are at least two ways in which the swart gevaar may be said to loom still, promoting unease in many a South African heart.

[..] [72] In Stalking the Wild Taboo413, Garrett Hardin deals with the concept of competition, a process that is inescapable in societies living in a finite resource world, and the competitive exclusion principle.

The meaning of this principle can be easily explained in a strictly biological setting. Suppose one introduces into the same region two different species that inhabit the same “ecological niche”. If, by hypothesis, two species occupy exactly the same ecological niche, then all that one species needs to know to predict the ultimate outcome of their competition is the rates at which they reproduce in this ecological niche. If one of them reproduces at a rate of 2 percent per year while the other reproduces at a rate of 3 percent, the ratio of the numbers of the faster reproducing species to the numbers of the slower will increase year by year. In fact, since their rates of reproduction, like compound interest, are exponential functions, a little algebra shows that the ratio of the two exponential functions is itself an exponential function. The ratio of the faster species to the slower species increases without limit. If the environment is finite – and it always is finite – the total number of organisms that can be supported by this environment is also finite. Since the size of the population of a species can never be less than one individual, this means that ultimately the slower breeding species will be completely eliminated from the environment. This will be true no matter how slight the difference in the rate of reproduction of the two species. Only a mathematically exact quality in their rates would ensure their continued coexistence, and such an exact equality is inconceivable in the real world. As a consequence, two species that occupy exactly the same ecological niche cannot coexist indefinitely in the same geographical area.

Jus Sanguinis Right of Return: Chapter 8: Nature and Causes of Apartheid: A Just War for Boer-Afrikaner Demographic Survival; Excerpt: Boer Volkstaat; or Jus Sanguinis EU Citizenship for African White Refugees Briefing Paper


McDonalds on Treadmill

Ronald McDonald on Treadmill:
– IG: 15-05-22_tt-globalizationfastfoodbrandmcdonalds


FSB Bet Hot Potato

The word – TEN, reshuffled can be NTE – which is used by individuals warning about the Near Term Extinction of life on earth, if humans don’t change direction in their procreation and consumption behaviours, as detailed in my hypothetical Mandela – Verwoerd discussion referenced above, also stated to Karen Marshall.
EoP ADR, EoP FSB, LJ v FM, LJ v CHJ: 08 Mar: Adv Grp 621, F Moe, Johnstone Family: Re: FSB: AM Kalganov 10 Feb letter received 17 Feb 2017.

If Nelson Mandela had gone to Hendrik Verwoerd and said: Please help me to educate my African brothers about Ecology of Peace facts reality; so that we can work together to implement a South African constitution based upon Ecology of Peace factual reality that requires all of South Africa’s citizens to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits and set an example for the world to follow in our footsteps: what would Verwoerd and Afrikaners response have been?

If Hendrik Verwoerd had gone to Nelson Mandela and said: Please help me to educate my Afrikaner brothers about Ecology of Peace facts reality; so that we can work together to implement a South African constitution based upon Ecology of Peace factual reality that requires all of South Africa’s citizens to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits and set an example for the world to follow in our footsteps: what would Mandela and Africans response have been?
— Req Asst Counsel: Karen Marshall [PDF]: 03 Dec: Dignity SA & Unashamedly Ethical: Karen Marshall Legal Advice Re: GMC 5048-15.


Mossad / Shin Bet Gender Pronouns Hot Potato Help:

“The highest possible value is truth. .. Free speech laws are there because we use free speech to identify problems in our society, generate solutions to the problems and then reach a consensus. So freedom of speech is protection for the mechanism by which individuals and society properly orient themselves across time. Its not even a principle, its the fundamental method by which societies manage to maintain the stability that they do maintain. … Freedom of speech is fundamentally entangled with the method by which we solve problems.” – Jordan Peterson; CBC News: Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto
— EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 05 Jan: Chasin Jesus .. Prince Alwaleed bin Tilal.

Truthseeking Network and Outreach:
Any middle east nation interested in exploring the possibility of interest of other middle east nations should appoint someone as an official ‘EoP referendum’ Truthseeker negotiator or whatever you want to call them. Such person may then visit other Middle East nations to enquire (a) their level of interest; (b) if interested: what kind of support they could need to help them through the process; (c) if not interested: what obstacles are the source of their lack of interest. If all Middle East nations are interested and/or all objections are overcome and relevant mutual support requested provided; process may be implemented.
EoP ILSC: 09 Mar: PM Netanyahu & Muslims Leaders: Re: Additional EoP Referendum Option Ideas.

EoP submission to International Criminal Court: EoP PoW v Nobel Laureates et al
Confirm PM Netanyahu & Mossad consent as EoP Axis Coercion:
Original basis for recommendation of Mossad / Shinbet as EoP Axis Coercion; which has been shared with PM Netanyahu; include among others: Israel’s Shin Bet Generals call for peace.
– EoP Leg Sub: 05 Jan: P Ryan, T Rust: EoP Info ITO 3. USC 15: for Congress & Senate: Ecology of Peace or Masonic War is Peace future decision-making.


A World Without Whites: 115 Dead in Ethiopia Rubbish Dump Landslide

Stuff NZ: 115 Dead in Ethiopia Rubbish Dump Landslide.
Alt Right: A World Without Whites: 115 Dead in Ethiopia Rubbish Dump Landslide.


Racist Snowflakes Avalanche

Returning to racism/ws:

The ‘system’ you call ‘racism/white supremacy’ is not held up by ‘God’ or some external force. It is very similar to the snow on a mountain, that is made up of millions of snowflakes. ‘Racism’ occurs, when enough of those snowflakes (of whatever race/culture) have insincere motives and intentions, and prefer bullshit the public relations, instead of facing reality and admitting to difficult truth; and sincerely engaging with other snowflakes of all races, about what is or is not ‘superior’ or inferior.

The ‘racist’ system occurs when enough snowflakes of all races, refuse to honestly and honourably engage, meritoriously about what is and is not superior conduct, and reward those who are in fact superior in any given skill for the community to benefit from such superior skill. Instead malicious snowflakes of all races, prefer to engage in bullshit the public relations to manipulate their fanclub against another malicious snowflakes fanclub, and avoid sincere discussion about what is and is not ‘superior conduct’; to establish a system based purely on merit, with total disregard for the snowflakes race, culture, etc. Many malicious snowflakes may hide on the mountain, and the difference between the snow staying on the mountain, or forming an avalanche to create a systemic system of racism/white supremacy, can be as low as the decision of one snowflake!
– Excerpt: Racism WS: Snowflake avalanche racism comment; available in full at: EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 27 Apr: Racism WS .. Truthseeker 24; quoted in: IG: 17-01-25_chuckpalahnuik-snowflake.


We Have Met the Enemy; It is Us: “Feeding the World’s Hungry Millions: How It Will Mean Billions for U.S. Business.”

Food for Peace / [Food Aid to Enable Our own Colonisation by Immigration]: Following World War II, U.S. agricultural surpluses reached alarming levels, and storage of excess grain cost the government millions of dollars per year–even as the food deteriorated and became inedible. A solution had to be found, and in 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Agricultural Trade Development Assistance Act into law.

The program, known as Public Law 480, benefited the U.S. by decreasing food surpluses and by creating new markets for its agricultural products….

Living in a Lifeboat: ….. Our experience with Public Law 480 clearly reveals the answer. This was the law that moved billions of dollars worth of U.S. grain to food-short, population-long countries during the past two decades. When P. L. 480 first came into being, a headline in the business magazine Forbes (Paddock and Paddock 1970) revealed the power behind it:“Feeding the World’s Hungry Millions: How It Will Mean Billions for U.S. Business.”

[..] Only under a strong and farsighted sovereign -which theoretically could be the people themselves, democratically organized- can a population equilibrate at some set point below the carrying capacity, thus avoiding the pains normally caused by periodic and unavoidable disasters. For this happy state to be achieved it is necessary that those in power be able to contemplate with equanimity the “waste” of surplus food in times of bountiful harvests. It is essential that those in power resist the temptation to convert extra food into extra babies. On the public relations level it is necessary that the phrase “surplus food” be replaced by “safety factor.”

But wise sovereigns seem not to exist in the poor world today.

The most anguishing problems are created by poor countries that are governed by rulers insufficiently wise and powerful. If such countries can draw on a world food bank in times of “emergency,” the population cycle of Figure 1 will be replaced by the population escalator of Figure 2. The input of food from a food bank acts as the pawl of a ratchet, preventing the population from retracing its steps to a lower level. Reproduction pushes the population upward, inputs from the World Bank prevent its moving downward. Population size escalates, as does the absolute magnitude of “accidents” and “emergencies.” The process is brought to an end only by the total collapse of the whole system, producing a catastrophe of scarcely imaginable proportions.

Figure 2: The population escalator. Note that input from a world food bank acts like the pawl of a ratchet, preserving the normal population cycle shown in Figure 1 from being completed. Pn+1 is greater than Pn, and the absolute magnitude of the “emergencies” escalates. Ultimately the entire system crashes. The crash is not shown, and few can imagine it.

Such are the implications of the well-meant sharing of food in a world of irresponsible reproduction.

— IGN: We Have Met the Enemy; It is Us; Garret Hardin Society: Living on a Lifeboat.


Ponzi Cards Tower

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: A Ponzi scheme is a financial scam that involves paying abnormally high returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. The entire financial system is equivalent to a gigantic Ponzi scheme; which include many interlinked subsiduary Ponzi schemes, such as the sub-prime crisis, the sovereign debt crisis, the derivatives crisis, etc. … …And, So It Begins: The Public-Sector Ponzi Scheme is Collapsing Public-sector unions’ house of cards is about to come tumbling down.
– IGN: Exponential Economic & Population Growth World Economy Runaway Train Ponzi Scheme; heading for Cliff of Finite Resources!; via Why We Are White Refugees.

‘I’m just hoping we can keep this whole [ponzi war economy] thing under control after the police find out we’re stealing thier pensions. – Cartoon in IG: 17-03-11_eopntegma-shutdownponzieconomy.


The Wasp Question

Some years ago, I read of a species of tiny woodland wasp that lives on mushrooms. It seems that when a wandering female wasp chances upon the right kind of mushroom in the forest, she deposits her eggs within it. Almost immediately, the eggs hatch and the tiny grubs begin literally to eat themselves out of house and home. The little maggots grow rapidly, but soon something very odd happens. The eggs in the larvaes’ own ovaries hatch while still inside their immature mothers. This second generation of parthenogenic grubs quickly consumes its parents from within, then breaks out of the empty shells to continue feeding on the mushroom. This seemingly gruesome process may repeat itself for another generation. It doesn’t take long before the entire mushroom is over-filled by squirming maggots and fouled by their bodily wastes. The exploding population of juvenile wasps consumes virtually its entire habitat which is the signal for the largest and most mature of the larvae to pupate. The few individuals that manage to emerge as mature adults then abandon their mouldering birthplace, flying off to begin the whole process over again.

We wrote this book in the belief that the bizarre life-cycle of the mushroom wasps may offer a lesson to humankind. The tiny wasps’ weird reproductive strategy has apparently evolved under extreme competitive pressure. Good mushrooms—like good planets—are hard to find. Natural selection therefore favored those individual wasps and reproductive traits that were most successful in appropriating the available supply of essential resources (the mushroom) before the competition had arrived or became established.

No doubt human beings also have a competitive side and both natural and sociocultural selection have historically favored those individuals and cultures that have been most successful in commandeering resources and exploiting the bounty of nature. There is also plenty of archeological and historic evidence that, like the over-crowded mushroom, many whole cultures have collapsed from the weight of their own success. Human societies as temporally and spatially far-flung as the Mesopotamians, Mayans, and Easter Islanders likely came to ruin by expanding beyond the capacity of their environments to sustain them. Like the forest wasps, they depleted their local habitats. Humanity as a whole survived, however, because there were always other figurative “mushrooms” elsewhere on Earth capable of supporting people.

Today, of course, humankind has become a global culture, one increasingly driven by a philosophy of competitive expansionism, one which is subduing and consuming the Earth. The problem is that, unlike the wasp, even the fattest and richest among us have no means to abandon the withered hulk of our habitat once consumed and there is no evidence yet of other Earth-like “mushrooms” in our galactic forest.

The good news is that—also unlike the wasp—humans are gifted by the potential for self-awareness and intelligent choice, and knowing our circumstances is an invitation to change.

The first step toward reducing our ecological impact is to recognize that the environmental crisis” is less an environmental and technical problem than it is a behavioral and social one. It can therefore be resolved only with the help of behavioral and social solutions. On a finite planet, at human carrying capacity, a society driven mainly by selfish individualism has all the potential for sustainability of a collection of angry scorpions in a bottle. Certainly human beings are competitive organisms but they are also cooperative social beings. Indeed, it is no small irony (but one that seems to have escaped many policy advisors today) that some of the most economically and competitively successful societies have been the most internally cooperative—those with the greatest stocks of cultural and social capital.

Our primary objective with this book is to make the case that we humans have no choice but to reduce our “Ecological Footprint.” We hope that it also conveys our essential confidence in the resourcefulness of the human spirit. People have great untapped potential to meet this greatest of challenges to our collective security. As William Catton stated in his 1980 classic, Overshoot: “If, having overshot carrying capacity, we cannot avoid crash, perhaps with ecological understanding of its real causes we can remain human in circumstances that could otherwise tempt us to turn beastly.” Indeed, we believe that confronting together the reality of ecological overshoot will force us to discover and exercise those special qualities that distinguish humans from other sentient species, to become truly human. In this sense, global ecological change may well represent our last great opportunity to prove that there really is intelligent life on Earth.
– William Rees, Gabriola Island, Summer 1995; DieOff
— IGN: Social Contract Evolution: Ecology of Peace or War is Peace Maximum Power Principle social contract evolution?


5 Terrifying Nuke Videos That were Kept Secret for Decades – With Good Reason

This week, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory released a batch of unclassified films of above-ground nuclear tests conducted by the United States between 1945 and 1962. So far, it’s posted more than 60 clips on YouTube. More are coming: The federal lab has scanned more than 4,000 of these aging high-speed films and declassified 750. The footage is mesmerizing and terrifying. National security may not have been the only reason they were kept secret.
– Mother Jones: 5 Terrifying Nuke Videos That were Kept Secret for Decades – With Good Reason.


The Conservative Question: Family Planning or Welfare babies

Which would conservatives rather pay for: The Pill or Future Welfare Recipients
– IG: 16-07-11_crudeimpact-popcontrol-nuclearoption


We will not be a nuclear waste dump: 

Senn. Dean Heller (R-NV) got a nasty surprise this week when he discovered that President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would revive the Yucca Mountain storage facility for nuclear power plant waste in his home state.
– Raw Story: We will not be a nuclear waste dump‘: We will not be a nuclear waste dump’: Vulnerable GOP senator slams Trump’s Nevada nuke waste plan; Nuclear News: Republican Senator slams Trumps nuclear waste dump plan.


“Mattis told the White House either Mira goes, or he walks. They blinked.” 

Sources from the Pentagon say that the move comes after a major clash with Mattis, with one source familiar with the discussions going so far as to say that “Mattis told the White House either Mira goes, or he walks. They blinked.” – Defense News via Newsbud; Raw Story: They blinked: Defense Secretary threatens to ‘walk’ unless Trump axes fanatic loyalist, source says.


Falling Man’s Nothing Bad has happened yet Illusion.

In 20 seconds I fell 90 stories and nothing bad has happened yet .. In 200 years I have used up over half of earths resources, and nothing bad has happened yet. — Jack Alpert.
— IG: 12-11-26_fallingman


McDonalds Employee Jumps Out Drive-Through Window to Save unconscious police officer having trouble breathing

A McDonald’s employee jumped through a drive-thru window in Doral, Fla., to assist an unconscious customer earlier this week, according to local reports. Surveillance footage provided to WPLG-TV shows McDonald’s employee Pedro Viloria speaking with a woman in the drive-thru and watching as her car begins to slowly roll away from the window. In the video, Viloria jumps out of the window and runs after the vehicle. Viloria told WPLG that the customer was an off-duty police officer, who had her two children in the back seat when she started to have trouble breathing.
— Fox: McDonald’s drive-thru worker jumps through window to save off-duty officer; USA Today, Breitbart.

We shall run out of air to breathe, before we run out of fossil fuel to burn – Richard Manning: What A Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire; IG: 17-02-28_rmanning-ffairtobreathe


McDonalds official Twitter account mocks Trump’s tiny hands

McDonald’s seemed to challenge President Donald Trump to a Twitter war on Thursday morning before quickly walking it back, saying its account had been “compromised.”

“@realDonaldTrump You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands,” the McDonald’s Twitter account posted at 9:16 a.m.
– McDonalds official Twitter account mocks Trump’s tiny hands – Politico; AV Club.


Al Gore: Every night on the news we’re seeing ‘a nature hike through the book of revelation’. PBS News Hour: But again, at some point, a false belief collides with physical reality.

Former Vice President Al Gore slammed new EPA chief Scott Pruitt on Monday for his claim last week that carbon emissions aren’t the primary cause of global warming. “It’s an obviously false assertion,” Gore told PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff.

“We are seeing every night on the television news now a nature hike through the Book of Revelation,” the former VP said. “These climate-related extreme weather events have convinced the vast majority of people that the scientists have been right for a long time. We have to address this.”

He added: “Putting someone in the EPA who denies even the most basic scientific truth about this, you know, it’s — the old cliches are, you can say the Earth is flat, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to fall off the edge.”
– Al Gore: Living In Trump Era Is A “Nature Hike Through The Book Of Revelation” – Real Clear Politics; Breitbart.


Are you Wasting Your Time Here? … Hezbollah Propaganda Clip Warns of Strikes on Nine Israeli Nuclear Chemical sites

* 05 Mar: Thought Crime: Am I Wasting My Time Here?., via Down with Jug Ears: Harold is Yelling at His Own People Again. Breitbart: Hezbollah Propaganda Clip Warns Of Strikes On Nine Israeli Nuclear, Chemical Sites. Alex Jones: Dr John Hall: Gov Mindcontrol.
» 06 Mar: 00:45: Possible EoP v WiP NWO Neg psychotronic manipulated Observation
* IG: 17-03-04_sergeykislyak-kiss-yisforyak.

[..] If you want a North West white homeland where your men and women can fornicate like rabbits on viagra, and consume like bling niggers on crack; then pretending to be in support of an EoP social contract; is not going to be good for your Race Warrior credibility and, I imagine, is going to be a waste of your time.

If so: its best for me to remove you from the EoP NTE GMA Potus cabinet, and for you – like the Pentagon and other militaries: DHS to purchase 62 million rounds of AR-15 ammo – to make your preparations for the coming War is Peace race, class and religious war clusterfuck.
– EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 05 Mar: Harold Covington.


Freemasonry Most Expensive Energy Return on Investment culture on earth

If Masonry cared about honesty (more than Brad Blanton’s gutless wonder Radical Honesty cult pretends to care about honesty); I imagine their Tobacco honesty advertising would have told me:

If you are looking for a cheap Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI) social contract system on planet earth: find a culture that values not only in word, but deed: brutal honesty. The more honest any culture’s social contract system is, the cheaper it is: no lawyers or courts, just your word is your honour and however the culture concludes their agreements.

Alternatively if you are looking for the most expensive EROEI social contract system on planet earth: try the breeding and consumption warfare Occult system. Liars, cheaters, backstabbers and anyone who cares nothing about fully informed consenting agreements welcome. Largest parasite slavery governments on the planet, cause all its members are competing with each other to avoid practicing personal and social responsibility, who demand a big nanny goverment to take care of them with corporate or individual welfare slavery handouts.

PS: I was wrong, its not ‘until you change the way money works; you change nothing’; but ‘until your social contract limits human procreation and consumption to ecological carrying capacity limits; you change sweet fuck all.’ Semper Fi!
MCR: UJMC Interpretation
– IG: EoP Radical Honoursty Information Quality Operations.


Israel Pulse: Al Monitor: New Mossad Chief brings touch of Bond, lots of reality to the job

At the end of December, a senior Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officer told me the following on condition of anonymity. Exemplifying how dramatically things have changed, he said, “Until two years ago, the map you used to see here, opposite me, was the map of enemy countries surrounding Israel in two concentric circles, the first and second. Now look at the map you see. It is a map of splotches — large, medium and small spots. Each splotch is a separate terror organization, another tribe, another clan with a different ideology and different loyalties. Borders were erased and lines were crossed, creating a convoluted, chaotic, blurred battleground.”

The officer is a general in the IDF, which is supposed to provide a military response for the dozens of splotches scattered on the map. When trying to translate this into the reality Mossad faces, the picture worsens: Once upon a time, knowing what Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and King Hussein of Jordan were thinking was enough for Israel’s prime minister to sleep peacefully at night. By contrast, today’s Mossad must supply tremendous amounts of intelligence from dozens of arenas and circles intertwined in a bizarre thicket of intersecting interests. The general noted, “Countries and nonstate entities viewed as your enemy from one perspective can simultaneously be your allies.”

[..]  In Cohen’s swearing-in ceremony, held behind doors and without media present, Netanyahu lauded the extensive network of contacts developed by Mossad with countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. In recent years under Netanyahu, the agency has left the Foreign Ministry in the cold, with the Mossad chief operating like a “shadow” foreign minister. Mossad’s Tevel department coordinates these contacts and networks, and in recent years, has been as active (if not more so) than the Foreign Ministry.

Iran’s pursuit of the bomb led a large number of countries — most of them Arab or Muslim — to gravitate toward Israel, because they were even more worried about Iran going nuclear than Israel. Mossad’s legendary capabilities and Israel’s threat to take action to set back Iran’s nuclear ambitions generated widespread, intensive and secret diplomatic activities between Israel, numerous capitals in the Middle East and beyond. Mossad conducted all of this under the prime minister’s guidance. Cohen’s two years as head of the National Security Command and as Netanyahu’s national security adviser are the best preparation one could have to lead Mossad.
– Al Monitor: Israel Pulse: New Mossad chief brings touch of Bond, lots of reality to the job.


Ecological Necessity World Nuclear Power Reactor Coup d’etat

Imagine there are 40 odd Generals/Admirals extremely concerned about the ecological collapse reality we face.

Imagine they are willing to consider the possibility about implementing an ‘ecological necessity’ coup, for the purpose of implementing de-industrialization. They are not certain that it could be mitigated. Would it make a difference? Can ecological collapse be mitigated, or is that delusional?

[..]  To-do De-Industrialization list: Decommission of Nuclear Power plants:

The to-do list would depend on the whether your Generals/Admirals and their soldiers are (a) sincerely cooperating problem solving types; or (b) parasite leeching fragile ego Mindfuck types.

If you have any Generals/Admirals who are sincere cooperating problem solving types; how many are there; and how many similarly motivated sincere soldiers they have access to?

If they are 40 sincere Generals/Admirals whose priority is problem solving cooperation; with a few hundred or thousand similarly sincere soldiers, they could implement deindustrialization and humane and orderly depopulation of over 6 billion of the planets parasites within less than 2-5 years; if they really wanted to.

There are various options; it would depend on (a) what mass-killing technology the Generals/Admirals have direct ‘finger on the button’ access to; or what killing technology their soldiers are willing to strategically occupy for strategic killing or negotiating purposes[10]; (b) their ability to quickly target and eliminate those whom they have agreed upon to be the combatants; with legal authority – police, prosecutors, judges – support.

[..] There are many options; which depend on among other issues (a) the level of sincere problem solving of decision-makers –vs– ego Mindfuck bullshit image management; (b) military decision-makers access to killing technology and legal support for the implementation of such killing technology; (c) whether their depopulation goals and ‘combatant’ legal definitions are based upon merit irrespective of race, class or religion [Humans: An Endangered Species, by Magistrate Jason Brent]; or Masonic elite human factory farming parasitism; (d) whether their goals are justice or parasitic profiteering; they will use different levels of white – gray – black information quality operations; to recruit fellow sincere problem solving peers or human factory farming sperm donor / brood sow cannon fodder; etc.
EoP AlSisi: 01 Nov: Stephen Filipiak: Aloha Gambia Natural Farming & Knock Knock Uganda PC Mortal Kombat; Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen.


Erik Prince: Ethics Coup d’etat:

I imagine the ‘middle people’ as you call them would go along with whichever side they thought appeared to be the winning side; although considering Ecology of Peace’s scientific based – as opposed to racial, religious or class based – principles that are and have been clearly and simply clarified; as per Attaturk’s suggestions; individuals whom may be ‘middle people’ but are also fairness minded, would tilt towards the Ecology of Peace option.

“In any kind of effort like that its kind of a broad special operations mission where you have multiple targets at the same time and you have to coordinate your assault and focus your objective. The first minutes to hours of an effort like that are crucial; and if you don’t achieve initial success in achieving those phase one goals you lose momentum very quickly and thats exactly what happened. Because all the middle people, the elements in the middle that could tip either way; will tend to tip towards the winning side. So if you don’t with shock and speed and surprise achieve those initial goals, the momentum tips against you very quickly.

“The plate tectonics of all of these forces crushing against each other spinning off all kinds of radical cancer cells which are popping up in Orlando and San Bernadino and Paris and Brusselsand nobody’s done anything to the primary tumour sites; and until we do that, the metastisis of problems are going to grow worse and worse. [Why haven’t we done anything] Ultimately warfare is a battle of wills; and it is not just what happens kinetically on the battlefield; it is what happens in the communications and propaganda and belief space and … moral leadership first, backed up by kinetic capability on the battlefield, we also have a very bureaucratized military; we have allowed lawyers to really become what political officers were in the Soviet Union, that are constantly undermine, second guessing and limiting the freedom of maneuver and decision-making by our battlefield commanders; so its made for a very risk averse military thats entirely too expensive. So a combination of a lack of will and a lack of effective tools in the toolbox. So there is definitely some cleanup work to do. I don’t think its that hard to do, if you have a leader that will make clear decisions and make things happen. … Well I talked to you earlier about the Caliphate having ended when Attaturk took over and the secularization of Turkey occurred.” — Erik Prince; Breitbart:Blackwater Founder Erik Prince: Obama ‘Tilting Toward Islamist or Muslim Brotherhood Approach to Foreign Policy’.

Moral leadership First? Indeed? What is your clear decision definition of ethics? Where have you practiced it?

Do you want to cooperate to do something to the primary tumour ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ Masonic War is Peace clauses of intenational law tumour sites or not?
EoP NWO SCO: EoP Applicants: 13 Oct: Erik Prince: Adult Decision-making: Pro EoP Applicant or Pro WiP American?.


Peak Everything

Upon first encountering Peak Oil, most people tend to assume it is merely a single isolated problem to which there is a simple solution – whether of an eco-friendly nature (more renewable energy) or otherwise (more coal). But prolonged reflection and study tend to eat away at the viability of such “solutions”; meanwhile, as one contemplates how we humans have so quickly become so deeply dependent on the cheap, concentrated energy of oil and other fossil fuels, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that we have caught ourselves on the horns of the Universal Ecological Dilemma, consisting of the interlinked elements of population pressure, resource depletion, and habitat destruction – and on a scale unprecedented in history.

Petroleum is not the only important resource quickly depleting. Readers already acquainted with the Peak Oil literature know that regional production peaks for natural gas have already occurred, and that, over the short term, the economic consequences of gas shortages are likely to be even worse for Europeans and North Americans than those for oil. And while coal is often referred to as being an abundant fossil fuel, with reserves capable of supplying the world at current rates of usage for two hundred years into the future, a recent study updating global reserves and production forecasts concludes that global coal production will peak and begin to decline in ten to twenty years.4 Because fossil fuels supply about 85 percent of the world’s total energy, peaks in these fuels virtually ensure that the world’s energy supply will begin to shrink within a few years regardless of any efforts that are made to develop other energy sources.

Nor does the matter end with natural gas and coal. Once one lifts one’s eyes from the narrow path of daily survival activities and starts scanning the horizon, a frightening array of peaks comes into view.

…The (Rude) Awakening

The subtitle of this book, “Waking Up to the Century of Declines,” reflects my impression that even those of us who have been thinking about resource depletion for many years are still just beginning to awaken to its full implications. And if we are all in various stages of waking up to the problem, we are also waking up from the cultural trance of denial in which we are all embedded.

This awakening is multi-dimensional. It is not just a matter of becoming intellectually and dispassionately convinced of the reality and seriousness of climate change, peak oil, or any other specific problem. Rather, it entails an emotional, cultural, and political catharsis. The biblical metaphor of scales falling from one’s eyes is as apt as the pop-culture meme of taking the red pill and seeing the world beyond the Matrix: in either case, waking up implies coming to the realization that the very fabric of modern life is woven from illusion – thousands of illusions, in fact.
– Resilience: Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines.


Two of Hearts ROE Card

Archeology Awareness Playing Cards:
* Two of Hearts: Ninety-nine percent of humankind’s history can only be understood through archeology – Ancient ruins at Samarra Iraq
*  Five of Diamonds: Looters leave destructive holes and tunnels throughout archaeological sites. Report all observed war damage and looting.

The archaeology awareness playing cards are a set of playing cards developed by the United States Department of Defense designed to educate members of the United States military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan about the importance of respecting ancient monuments, to try to preserve the Iraqi and Afghan national cultural heritage. The goal of the publication of the cards was two-fold according to Fort Drum archaeologist Laurie Rush – to prevent unnecessary damage to ancient sites and to stem the illegal trade of artifacts in Iraq. The military has long recognized that educational playing cards are a good way to capitalize on the time soldiers spend waiting for orders. They were devised following the success of the most-wanted Iraqi playing cards (officially called “personality identification playing cards”) that were used in the 2003 invasion of Iraq to help members of the U.S. military identify wanted personnel from the Baathist regime. Approximately 40,000 sets of the cards were issued to U.S. forces. In the archaeology deck, each suit has a theme: diamonds for artifacts, spades for digs, hearts for “winning hearts and minds,” and clubs for heritage preservation.


Petraeus Samarra Ritter Coconut Revolution Medal/Coin Challenge.

After taking command of MNF-I on February 10, 2007, Petraeus inspected U.S. and Iraqi units all over Iraq, visiting outposts in greater Baghdad, Tikrit, Baquba, Ramadi, Mosul, Kirkuk, Bayji, Samarra, Basrah and as far west as al-Hit and Al Qaim. In April 2007, Petraeus made his first visit to Washington as MNF-I Commander, reporting to President Bush and Congress on the progress of the “surge” and the overall situation in Iraq. During this visit he met privately with members of Congress and reportedly argued against setting a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq.

Petraeus photo in uniform in Scott Ritter pose/posture [IG: 16-04-23_ukrchernobylsimpsontillritterwank]
– “See item photos and description — what you see is what you’ll get” by just_aint_easy
EBay: Commanding General David Petraeus Multi-National Force Iraq MNF-I Challenge Coin.

Petraeus EPA Seagul War Game relevant & irrelevant weapons Operator 

EPA Seagul  [16-10-05_jcs-ksteinmharnitchek] Operator: Buzz Feed: Sins of General David Petraeus by Michael Hastings. Rolling Stone: The Runaway General by Michael Hastings.
Michael Hastings car remote controlled [Dead Pool] to crash into tree [WSWS: WikiLeaks revelations raise new questions about the death of journalist Michael Hastings; Heavy: WikiLeaks Vault 7 Conspiracy: Michael Hastings Assassinated by CIA Remote Car Hack?]: Kings County Sheriff’s Office 9-1-1: Questions? – EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 31 Jan: Samuel Culper .. Kings County Sheriffs Office 911.

PROMIS & ETHNO-SPECIFIC BIO-WARFARE WEAPONS: The Last Circle describes in detail how Promis software was modified by Riconosciuto to allegedly include the back door “eavesdropping” capability but also enhanced with one form of AI and subsequently applied to the development of new weapons systems including “ethnospecific” biowarfare compounds capable of attacking specific races.A weapon is only good if someone knows what its capability is. Prior to using the atomic bomb it was irrelevant.” He continued, “They refer to it as the Nagasaki Syndrome.” — From the Wilderness: FromisBin Laden’s Magic Carpet – Secret U.S. PROMIS Software: FBI/Justice Claims of Discontinued Use Leave Questions Unanswered. Britain and Germany in the Lurch? Did bin Laden Use It To Break White House Codes And Threaten Air Force One? [archive.is/kj84b] ; Promis [archive.is/kUKwR] and Crossing the Rubicon, by Michael C. Ruppert. Also referenced in: EoP Axis Military Necessity Evacuation: Notice of 26 September 2015 Military Necessity Evacuation Lotto Pool [PDF]. Copy filed in State v L Johnstone: H4 PDF.

EoP v WiP Medals:

“All men are enamored of decorations . . . they positively hunger for them.” – Napoleon.

Militarily information operations refers to the — white, grey or black — process of message communication, as opposed to the content of the message (which could be a different quality of information (IQ): again from white, grey to black). See for example: USA IO. So someone can engage you with white IO: they officially and publicly recognize you; yet provide you with black IQ (the content of their message is a lie); and so on.

For example: They can publicly award you with some war or peace medal (white IO); but secretly believe you are just some stupid idiot worthy only of being military cannon or peacenik War is Peace PR fodder (black IQ); and so on.

If you received some warrior medal, and your initial military contract informed you that you were signing up to be military cannon fodder, then there is no need to deceive you or anyone else that your medal is the cheap propaganda equivalent of the money paid to mercenaries or assassination hitmen. On your sign up sheet it could have asked you: do you want to be paid with a medal and socio-political social warrior status, or do you want money or loot for your warrior service?

Similarly if you are informed you are to be awarded some peace prize medal; and you agree to accept it. If they are honest that it is a War is Peace Whore prize; then there is no need to deceive you or anyone else that you are being rewarded for being a War is Peace Whore. Your ‘War is Peace’ medal is the cheap ‘War is Peace’ propaganda equivalent of the money paid to mercenaries or assassination hitmen. By accepting the War is Peace medal you are being socio-culturally paid to deceive and pacify all your followers into believing that the worlds social contracts are based upon some rule of law principle; whereas the truth is they are based upon rule of force. You open the Trojan horse gates, for the corporate, academic, political and military mercenaries and soldiers to exploit, dominate and colonize the lives and minds of anyone who now believes you to be motivated towards rule of law ‘peace’. An honest ‘War is Peace’ medal acceptance sheet could have asked you: Do you accept being paid a 30 pieces of silver ‘Peace medal’ to betray yourself, your values and lie to every single person who has ever believed any sentence you said, that included the word ‘peace’?
— IG: EoP Radical Honoursty Information Quality Operations [archive.is/ul4uj]; Ratical: War is a Racket by Smedley Butler [archive.is/GHYH3].

Global Story: Jacob David George Returns Medals at NATO Summit. The Alyona Show: Veterans reject NATO Wars. Jacob David George: Support the Troops End the Wars. Flux Rostrum: Jacob David George brothers ride to end Wars, Afghanistan Special Ops Report. Tarot1984: Vietnam Veterans Return Medals to Washington, Mark Santow: Vietnam Veterans Against War Dewey Canyon III. Years of Living Dangerously: Why I Care – Michael Hall. Daily Mail: Andreas Lubitz German Wings Kamikaze Pilot.


Igor Girkin Stalin Looting Trial Convictions Executions vs Erik Prince Project Phoenix No Trials Executions:



Restoring a Responsible Conservatism

As much as “liberal” has become a dirty word in U.S. politics, the word “conservative” has been ripped from all its honorable traditions and redefined as a dangerous form of radicalism, says ex-CIA official Graham E. Fuller.
– Consortium News: Restoring Responsible Conservatism.


Instinct: Illusions

Instinct is a 1999 American psychological thriller film starring Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding, Jr., George Dzundza, Donald Sutherland, and Maura Tierney. It was very loosely inspired by Ishmael, a novel by Daniel Quinn. In the United States, the film had the working title Ishmael. The film examines the mind of anthropologist Ethan Powell (Hopkins) who had been missing for a few years, living in the jungle with gorillas. He is convicted of killing and injuring several supposed Wilderness Park Rangers in Africa, and is sent to prison. A bright young psychiatrist (Gooding) tries to find out why he killed them, but becomes entangled in a quest to learn the true history and nature of humankind. Eventually it is revealed that during the course of Powell’s stay with the gorillas, they accepted him as part of their group; he was attempting to protect his gorilla family when the rangers arrived and started shooting them. He gets a hearing to reveal the truth, but an attack by a vicious guard on the other prisoners causes Powell to be reminded of the killed gorillas and stop talking again. At the end of the film, Powell escapes from prison using a pen to dig out the lock on a window, and heads back to Africa. Instinct: Trailer. Clip: Illusion of Control.

What’s the playing card for? Control. Control of you ? By whom ? By you– takers. ”Takers” ? Explain that I lived as a man living with animals. I lived as humans lived 10,000 years ago. Humans knew how to live in the world then, before takers.                     I’m the one, Ethan Are you ? I’m the one. The one in control, huh ? Yes. Who’s in control ? [Choking ] So who is in control, huh ? Are you ? Am l ? The guards outside ? The warden in his office ? Yeah ? Who’s in control ? Testing, testing, testing. One, two, three, four. Dr Ethan Powell, interviewing Dr Theo Caulder. Now, this will be a very simple test. Pass or fail, life or death. Ready, Juha ? Now, you write on this paper what l have taken from you. What have you lost ? Write it ! Write it ! [Writes] ‘Control’ Wrong. You never had control. You only thought you had it. An illusion, TabibuJuha ! And what do you control for sure, huh ? The volume on your stereo, the air conditioning in your car ? What else ? What else ? All right. Another chance. You were nervous. Too much pressure. Try again. What have you lost ? What did l take ? Write it. Write it! [Writes] ‘My Freedom’ You’re a fool, Juha. – Ha ! [ Grunts, Pants ] Did you think you were free ? Where were you going at : today ? into the gym, right ? in the morning, your wake-up call. in the middle of the night when you wake up sweating, with your heart pounding. What is it that has you all tied up, Juha, tied up in little knots ? Is it ambition ? Yeah. You’re no mystery to me, boy. l used to be you. Okay. One last chance. You think l won’t do it ? [Chuckles ] What’s one psychiatrist less to the world ? I’m already deep in the pit. So what can they do to me ? Last try. Get it right. What have you lost ? What did l take from you ? Write it. [Writes] ‘My Illusions’ Yeah. Congratulations. You’re a student, after all. And you’ve lost nothing but your illusions and a little bit of skin…
» Instinct: Script; Clip: Illusions.