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EoP v WiP Neg: Cornel West:

“Because I’ve never been an advocate of psychotherapy as a path to self- understanding. . . . I’ve avoided such therapy because I worry about how it might exacerbate narcissistic tendencies. . . . I’m not sure I know myself well enough to share my whole self with others. This, in part, might explain my volatile relationships with women. One might argue that because I don’t know myself, the more time I spend with a woman, the more various parts of myself emerge—parts that are, in fact, foreign to me. In short, my whole self surfaces, and it is precisely my whole self that strikes me as a stranger. To maintain a long-term and long-lasting bond with a woman may require the kind of soul-sharing or self-sharing that’s beyond my capability.” – Cornel West.
— EoP v WiP NWO Neg: Search: Cornel West.


Demian Emile Johnson: Field Nigger Honour:

There are many reasons I married a nigger; but here are two:

White men, members of goddamn fucking secret societies, bullshitting themselves they give a fuck about ‘honour’ and ‘becoming better men’ and being ‘knights’ and such shit; some of them worth trillions have been ruling the planet: economically and militarily for at least 100 years [end of WWI]; and do you think these fucking pathetic excuses for a white skin can be bothered to stop chasing tits and ass sluts for long enough to implement an Ecology of Peace social contract of honour for the entire planet?


I informed that nigger I would not be breeding any children with him. He asked me to marry him before he had even seen what I looked like. Yet when we had an argument or when we had stuff to say to each other that hurt; we said in plain buck stops here language that both of us understood. He was willing to look me in the face and be brutally honest with me, no matter how much it hurt; even if that meant tears streaming down his cheeks and him or me sobbing in the middle of a prison visiting room; or either of us standing screaming at each other with anger while correction officers stood next to both of us afraid we might hit each other; which we never did.

Demian Johnson nigger honour!

You ever been in a maximum security prison visiting room Mr. Francisco Martin? Lived smack bang in a crips vs bloods crack infested gangland ghetto; only white face for miles?

No. Too busy reaping the ‘niche’ profits of white supremacy; which has fuck all concern about using that white supremacy power to stop chasing tits and ass sluts for long enough to implement an Ecology of Peace social contract of honour for the entire planet!
– Former EoP Applicant: Francisco Martin [PDF]: 06 Jan 2015: General Pittard & Francisco Martin.


EoP re: Masculinity, Feminity, Gender, Being True to Yourself

Re: Masculinity definition of Being True to Yourself.

The Ecology of Peace culture’s definition of masculinity and feminity and whatever you prefer your gender to be, is to provide anyone of any race, class or religion, who is willing to abide byEcology of Peace scientific and cultural law; the rights to relate to themselves and others, in accordance to whatever they consider to be ‘being true to themselves’.
— EoP comment to to Alternative Right: Nameless Podcast: Suckers for Rational Redheads: Re Reptilian humans, available at: EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 16 Mar: Jennifer Lokken .. Radical Honesty.


EoP Free or WiP Slavery Freedumb House Niggers:


Niggers, Crackers, Kikes, Wetbacks, Mudds etc.