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US v A Bundy: Psychotronic Surveillance:

I don’t know what the Oregon State Police’s legal definition is for ‘wildlife’ or ‘human life’; or what their bodycams policy is or was; generally speaking or on 26 Jan 2016 in Harney and Grant Co.

I do know that if or when any American or foreign military intelligence agency – FSB, MI6 or Mossad – were monitoring or psychotronically manipulating any particular event; they have psychotronic bodycam footage of the event. Highly advanced psychotronic technology works similar; but far more advanced; than what is referred to as remote viewing [Remote Viewing Info:Suspect Zero; Christine Hart: News of the World & Feathermen; David Morehouse: Psychic Warrior].

Put simply; its very similar to an individual in charge of manipulating a drone; except that the drone is a human. So they are like a bodycam on the individual; but not only can they hear, see and record everything the person sees and hears; they can also know what the person is thinking about what they see and hear. They can record other bodily senses: heart rate, etc.


If the NSA, FSB, MI6 and/or Mossad were observing or manipulating the Ammon Bundy’s Malheur occupation and subsequent 26 January 2016 decision by Ammon Bundy and the occupiers to leave the Malheur refuge to go and do some political campaigning in Grant Co; whereupon they ran into the FBI road block and all were nonviolently arrested; except for Lavoy Finicum; who refused to be nonviolently arrested along with Ammon Bundy and drove off as if he was OJ Simpson on crack [See: Mark McConnell statement; Patriotic Warriors: Reasons Why re: Mark McConnell statement]; possibly because he would rather have committed suicide by Sheriff/Cop than spend a day in a jail concrete box; as he had repeatedly stated he would rather die than be arrested [NNN: Gary Franchi: Lavoy Finicum to FBI: I’d rather die than spend time in a concrete box]; then they would have psychotronic ‘sight/sound/thoughts/body senses: heart rate, etc’ bodycam footage of the event.

This would obviously be very frightening for individuals who have a different private identity than their public identity. Put differently for individuals engaging in bullshit the public ‘public relations’ image management bullshit. If however your private identity is your public identity; then you wouldn’t give a fuck about anyone observing your thoughts; cause you ain’t got a problem saying what you really think.
» US v A Bundy: 13 Feb: EoP Amicus Req; RE: WiP #16-MJ-00006: USA v A Bundy et al: Lavoy Finicum Bodycam Surveillance.


First Unitarian Church v NSA

A credible honourable court should find that the constitutional and legislative Social Contract entered into between any Civilized Patriarchy Government, and its citizens, particularly its military and national security employees, is a civilized patriarchy legal matrix contract, based upon deception and fraud, which does not meet the requirements of a fully informed consenting agreement.

Civilized Patriarchy War-is-Peace jurisprudence is any Constitution or legislation that grants citizens the inalienable right to breed and consume without regard for ecological carrying capacity limits.

Honest Civilized Patriarchy Social Contract jurisprudence would clearly and explicitly inform its citizens that any Constitution or legislation that grants citizens the inalienable right to breed and consume without regard for ecological carrying capacity limits; is ‘War is Peace’ jurisprudence, which socio-economically and psycho-politically benefits the socio-political, corporate and media elite.

An honest Civilized Patriarchy War-is-Peace Enlistment Agreement would inform any citizen that they are Enlisting to become a cannon fodder soldier to be dispatched to plunder other nation’s resources, and lie to their fellow citizens, because their own country’s ecologically illiterate social contract jurisprudence does not require their fellow citizens to procreate and consume below their nation’s carrying capacity levels.

An honest Civilized Patriarchy War-is-Peace Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement would explicitly inform a Military or Intelligence Employee that they are expected to keep the thieving, plundering and mass murder culling consequences secrets of the American civilized patriarchy socio-political elite, endorsed by the legal matrix jurists, and an Ecologically Illiterate constitution; to themselves.


The court should act to free Military and National Security leaders from their duty to protect Ecologically Illiterate Flat Earth unsustainable constitutions that legally, politically and procedurally denies them the opportunity of addressing the root causes of scarcity-conflict threats to national security; by holding legislators and citizens who legislatively or practically endorse unsustainable right to breed and consume legislation, accountable as ‘breeding war’ or ‘consumption war’ scarcity combatants; and rewarding citizens and legislators who endorse sustainable Ecology of Peace procreation and consumption lifestyle’s or legislation.

The proceedings against Defendants should be:

  • Suspended; until America’s legislators and/or jurists demonstrate their credible cause-effect-ecologically-literate-conscious capacity for legislating an honest transparent social contract between the American Government and its citizens, by regulating the relations between humans, nature and other animals species and the relations between humans amongst themselves, in terms of their gender, culture, ethnic, religious and ideological conflicts; by
    1. granting automatic equal legal personhood and rights to women, non-patriarchal – matriarchal or gender balanced – cultures’, nature and animal and plant species; and
    2. legislating fully informed consenting military and intelligence enlistment agreements which accurately fully disclose to any prospective signer of such agreement that in the absence of legislation amending the Constitution’s rights to procreate and consume to ecological carrying capacity limits; any individual signing any American military enlistment form is signing up to be cannon fodder resource thieves and mass murderers for the American civilized patriarchy human factory farming profiteering elite, based upon the legal authority of ecologically illiterate social contract jurisprudence; or
    3. implementing and enforcing legislation which requires all American citizens to limit their rights to procreation and consumption to below carrying capacity levels.
  • Alternatively, suspended until Plaintiffs’ prove their sincere National Security Ecology of Peace (Eco-Innocent Leaver) ‘Walk Your Footprint Talk to Support the Troops’ credibility to the court, by singing the MILINT Earth Day Ecology of Peace Whistleblower/Activist Oath, and submitting it to the Walk Your Footprint Talk to Support the Troops Military Advisory Board (11 retired Generals and Admirals concerned with ecological overshoot and scarcity induced resource war conflict[1]); or to a Walk Your Footprint Talk to Support the Troops Military Advisory Board of retired Generals and Admirals concerned with ecological overshoot and scarcity induced resource war conflict, of their own choosing, as approved by the Respondents.
  • Alternatively to issue an Order that:
    • As a result of devastating current SS-DEFCON-2 Scarcity-conflict and refugees, and impending threat multiplier SS-DEFCON-1 Scarcity-Conflict Death Spiral consequences of ecological overshoot of carrying capacity limits by between 700 to 400,000 percent; and the crossing of urgent Planetary Boundary Tipping Points[2]: (i) Loss of Biodiversity and Species Extinctions[3]; (ii) Climate Change[4]; (iii) Nitrogen Cycle[5]; (iv) Ocean Acidification[6]; (v) Changes in Land Use[7]; (vi) Global Freshwater Use[8]; (vii) State Shift in the Earth’s Biosphere[9]; (viii) Peak Non-Renewable Natural Resources: Scarcity[10]; resulting from civilized patriarchy’s legislative failure to restrict humanity’s procreation and consumption to cultural carrying capacity limits, and Legal Matrix Indulgences to Corporations: Socialized Corporate Externality Costs: Trillion Dollar Thefts from Global Natural Capital Commons[11], it is imperative for the court to:
      • Declare that the Program as alleged herein violates any Eco-Innocent Plaintiffs’ rights under the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution; and their statutory rights; who have proved their Ecology of Peace / Eco-Innocent Leaver ‘Walk Your Footprint Talk to Support the Troops’ citizenship status to the court (or any appropriately appointed body by the court).
      • Declare that the Program as alleged herein does not violate any Ecologically Illiterate Breeding/Consumption War Scarcity Combatant Plaintiffs’ rights under the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution; and/or their statutory rights.
      • Award Eco-Innocent Plaintiffs equitable relief, including without limitation, a preliminary permanent injunction pursuant to the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution prohibiting Defendants continued use of the Program and a preliminary and permanent injunction pursuant to the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments requiring Defendants to provide to Plaintiffs and inventory of their communications, records, or other information that was seized in violation of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments, and further requiring the destruction of all copies of those communications, records, or other information within the possession, custody, or control of Defendants.
      • Order the return and destruction of any Eco-Innocent Plaintiff’s telephone communications information in the possession, custody, or control of Defendants, their agents, successors, and assigns, and all those in active concert and participation with them.
      • Authorize the full rights of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, as only applicable to registered Eco-Innocent Leaver citizens, with reduced First Amendment rights for Scarcity Combatant citizens, in direct proportion to their Scarcity Combatant status.

FUC v NSA: 22 Jul 2013: Brief In Propria Persona by Amici Curiae, Andrea Muhrrteyn, an Alien on Pale Blue Dot: Æquilibriæx Sustainable Security Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Civilized Patriarchy’s AnthroCorpocentric Indulgences: ‘Innocence for Sale’ Jurisprudence. [PDF]