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Urinetown Population Resources & Human Idealism:

Al Bartlett, retired professor of physics at the University of Colorado, developed a lecture in the early 1970s that he has since delivered over 2000 times. Titled Arithmetic, Population, and Energy, the talk takes his audience along on an exploration of the meaning of steady growth (so many percent per year)—which is of course the sacred basis of all modern economies. As Bartlett makes clear, no steady rate of growth in population or resource consumption is sustainable.

During the course of the lecture, he asks, “Well, what can we do about this? What makes the population problem worse, and what reduces it?” On the screen he projects a slide with two columns of words. On the left-hand column are the principal factors leading to population growth; on the right, factors leading to a decrease of population.

Table of Options

Increase populations                               Decrease Populations
Procreation                                                           Abstention
Motherhood                                                          Contraception/Abortion
Large Families                                                     Small families
Immigration                                                         Stopping Immigration
Medicine                                                               Public Health
Sanitation                                                             Disease
Peace                                                                      War
Law and Order                                                     Murder/Violence
Scientific Agriculture                                         Famine
Accident Prevention                                           Accidents
Clean Air                                                                Pollution (Smoking)

Ignorance of the Problem

Bartlett notes that population growth will cease at some point: the mathematics assures us of that (otherwise, in just a few centuries, the entire surface of the planet would be covered with humans). Moreover, we need not do anything to solve the population problem: nature will take care of that for us. Sooner or later, from the right-hand column nature will choose some method or methods of limiting human numbers. But the options chosen may not be to our liking. The only way we can avoid having to live with (or die by) nature’s choices is to proactively choose for ourselves which options from the right-hand column we would prefer voluntarily to implement. Hesitating in our choice, or failing to implement it, leads us directly back to nature’s options.
– IGN: Population, Resources & Human Idealism, by Richard Heinberg.
— EoP Radical Honursty Factual Reality: eop-rh-fr


Licensed to Breed, by Michael Coetzee

James Bond has one that allows him to kill, drivers of cars are supposed to always have one on them, and gun owners are constantly complaining about how difficult it is to get or renew one.

While it may indeed often be an inconvenience to obtain them, licences play a very useful role in regulating the ownership and use of dangerous and potentially lethal tools such as vehicles and firearms.

Few would deny that it’s a good idea people should obtain licences before being allowed to pilot a few tons of metal down the highway at 120km/h, or that it should be ascertained whether someone has a criminal record or is mentally unstable before they are allowed to own and carry a lethal weapon.

It seems there is pretty much a consensus that when it comes to things that have the possibility to injure, kill or in any other way negatively impact the lives of people or society in general, regulation is desirable.

Considering this, there is one sort of licence that is conspicuous by its absence: a licence to breed.
— IGN: Mencken Monkey Law Licensed to Breed DieOff Monkey Law Prophets.


EoP AlAsad: Bashar Al-Assad: Ready to negotiate on presidency & constitution

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said his government is ready to negotiate on “everything” in proposed peace talks in Kazakhstan but it was not yet clear who would represent the opposition and no date had been set. “We are ready to negotiate about everything,” he said. Asked if that included his position as president, Assad said “yes but my position is linked to the constitution”. “If they want to discuss this point they must discuss the constitution,” he said. He indicated that any new constitution must be put to a referendum, and it was up to the Syrian people to elect the president. Assad said: “Who will be there from the other side? We do not yet know. Will it be a real Syrian opposition?”

“There is a book called Toward an American Revolution: Exposing the Constitution & Other Illusions, which I tell people would be the best ten dollars spent on a book. It is by Jerry Fresia, a Ph.D at UMass at Amherst. It is a story of the constitution and where it came from, about the men who were at Philadelphia, their backgrounds, and the discussion that he was able to pick up through research, and how the Constitution was crammed down the throats of the States. The point was that Rhode Island was the only state that had a referendum and of those 5% of the people who could vote, the constitution lost 13 to 1. The point was this is the document that states the rules of the game, that keeps the points of debate as narrow as possible. … We have so many crisis in America… and the rules of the game that produce these crisis, in my opinion is the Constitution.” – Philip Agee; Our Hidden History: Philip Agee: The Warfare State.

“As long as your enemy is a sub-human psychopath that is going to attack you no matter what you do, this never ends; but if your enemy is a policy, however complicated, that we can work with.” — Al Jazeera: Former undercover CIA officer talks War and Peace.
EoP AlAsad: 09 Jan: Re: EoP Int of Bashar Al-Assad: Ready to negotiate on presidency & constitution.


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EoP submission to Egyptian President: Fattah Al Sisi: eop-alsisi



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