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EoP Eco/Ego Footprint Cultural Revolution?

Maoist Anti-Imperialist Cultural Revolution Poster

All peoples of the world, unite, to overthrow American imperialism! To overthrow Soviet revisionism! To overthrow the reactionaries of all nations!
Quan shijie renmin tuanjie qilai, dadao Meidi! Dadao Suxiu! Dadao geguo fandongpai!
Designer: Nanjing troops airforce Red Eagles; 1969, September
» Chinese Posters: Foreign ImperialistsAll People’s of the World Unite to overthrow Imperialism!.
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Eco Innocent v Ego Man Scarcity Combatant Crimes of Aggression Footprints:

Eco Innocent v Ego Man Scarcity Combatant’s and their Crime of Aggression Acts of War Footprints: Eco Innocents: Anders Breivik, Dylann Storm Roof, Aaron Alexis, Chris Harper-Mercer, Beate Zchape, Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh. Ego Scarcity Combatants: Jacob Zuma, Cliven Bundy, Brad Blanton, Dennis Banks, Martin Luther King, Julian Assange, Mark Zuckerberg, William Windsor.

An individuals Ego/Eco Footprint is determined from their:
Consumption Footprint x Procreation Factor.

Consumption Footprint: An Individuals Consumption Footprint is a measure of their consumption of renewable natural resources. The total area of productive land or sea required to produce all the crops, meat, seafood, wood and fibre the individual consumes, to sustain its energy consumption and to give space for its infrastructure. The individuals consumption habits (size of house, consumption habits, etc need to be collected) are submitted to a Footprint Quiz calculator.

Procreation Factor: The procreation factor is ’20’ for every child. For every child the citizen has procreated, their consumption footprint must be multiplied by a factor of 20; i.e. (1 child, multiply by ’20’; 2 children, multiply by 40; and so on)

These Footprint analysis and conclusions have been submitted to scientific Footprint experts for their feedback and confirmation to International Criminal Court; in the matter of EoP PoW -v- Nobel Peace Laurettes, et al.
» IGN: Eco Innocent v Ego Man Scarcity Combatant’s and their Crime of Aggression Acts of War Footprints.
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Richard Heinberg: Urinetown Population Resources & Human Idealism:

Al Bartlett, retired professor of physics at the University of Colorado, developed a lecture in the early 1970s that he has since delivered over 2000 times. Titled Arithmetic, Population, and Energy, the talk takes his audience along on an exploration of the meaning of steady growth (so many percent per year)—which is of course the sacred basis of all modern economies. As Bartlett makes clear, no steady rate of growth in population or resource consumption is sustainable.

During the course of the lecture, he asks, “Well, what can we do about this? What makes the population problem worse, and what reduces it?” On the screen he projects a slide with two columns of words. On the left-hand column are the principal factors leading to population growth; on the right, factors leading to a decrease of population.

Table of Options

Increase populations                               Decrease Populations
Procreation                                                           Abstention
Motherhood                                                          Contraception/Abortion
Large Families                                                      Small families
Immigration                                                          Stopping Immigration
Medicine                                                                Public Health
Sanitation                                                              Disease
Peace                                                                       War
Law and Order                                                      Murder/Violence
Scientific Agriculture                                          Famine
Accident Prevention                                            Accidents
Clean Air                                                                 Pollution (Smoking)

Ignorance of the Problem

Bartlett notes that population growth will cease at some point: the mathematics assures us of that (otherwise, in just a few centuries, the entire surface of the planet would be covered with humans). Moreover, we need not do anything to solve the population problem: nature will take care of that for us. Sooner or later, from the right-hand column nature will choose some method or methods of limiting human numbers. But the options chosen may not be to our liking. The only way we can avoid having to live with (or die by) nature’s choices is to proactively choose for ourselves which options from the right-hand column we would prefer voluntarily to implement. Hesitating in our choice, or failing to implement it, leads us directly back to nature’s options.
» IGN: Population, Resources & Human Idealism, by Richard Heinberg.
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Military Endorsing Ecological Overshoot is Criminal

Dana Pittard

Military Endorsing Ecological Overshoot is criminal – Maj. Gen. Dana J.H. Pittard, as Commander at Ft. Bliss, cut ‘criminal’ energy use, increased recycling, conserved water as a matter of security. – LA Times: At one Army base, a vision for a new shade of green.
» EoP New World Order Social Contract Options: eop-nwo-sco.
» EoP NTE GMA Cabinet: eop-nte-gma-cabinet.
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Stan McChrystal

The problem with direct action [anti-terror] raids is … you can kill or capture enemy leaders, set back their organization; but I those kinds of blows were never decisive. The problem is they give you the illusion of activity and the illusion of progress. They make you feel like you are doing something; and in reality terrorism, is a symptom of wider [resource conflict resulting from right to breed/consume above ecological carrying capacity limits international law clauses] problems; and so if you just go after the symptoms, over time; you’ll feel good about it. You can even point to your constituency or point to anybody, look at all we’re doing’; but the problem can actually be getting worse. If you’re just striking & you don’t go after the base problems; … you can find yourself lopsided. You learn you’ve only learnt how to wack, & we say its the wack a mole; & you can continue that indefinitely. – [EoP Amended] Stan McChrystal; Foreign Affairs: Military Strategy.
» EoP New World Order Social Contract Options: eop-nwo-sco.
» EoP Applicants: eop-applicants.
» EoP NTE GMA Cabinet: eop-nte-gma-cabinet.
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EoP NWO SCO: EoP Applicants & EoP NTE GMA Cabinet

EoP New World Order Social Contract Options: eop-nwo-sco
EoP Applicants: eop-applicants.
EoP NTE GMA Cabinet: eop-nte-gma-cabinet


EoP Eco & Egological Literacy

Put simply: Ecological Illiteracy can be summarized as an individuals intellectual failure to recognize and/or egological illiterate inability to cognitively confront one or more Ecology of Peace Factual Reality principles. Egologically Honourable discourse principles…..
EoP ADR: Ego & Ecological Literacy.
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