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William Hartung: Ignoring the Costs of War

Wilbur Ross put the matter… well, mouth-wateringly. At a Milken Institute Global Conference in California, the commerce secretary recalled how President Trump was hosting a dinner for China’s president, Xi Jinping, at his Mar-a-Lago club at the moment when a bevy of Tomahawk missiles were being dispatched against an airfield in Syria. Ross described the moment this way: “Just as dessert was being served, the president explained to Mr. Xi he had something he wanted to tell him, which was the launching of 59 missiles into Syria. It was in lieu of after-dinner entertainment.” To laughter from the crowd, he then added, “The thing was, it didn’t cost the president anything to have that entertainment.”

The president himself recalled the same moment in an interview with Fox Business: “I was sitting at the table. We had finished dinner. We’re now having dessert. And we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen, and President Xi was enjoying it.” (Of course, Donald Trump is hardly the first person to, in essence,say, “Let them eat cake.”)

…. We’re talking chocolate cake all the way to the bank when it comes to the Pentagon and the major weapons contractors it regularly offers its tastiest desserts. Admittedly, that $15 billion wasn’t quite what President Trump wanted, but call it an mouth-watering appetizer when it comes to a meal about which, unlike almost everything else on the table in Washington, Democrats and Republicans always see more or less eye to eye. And expect one thing: a lot more chocolate cake in President Trump’s future. After all, the generals are in charge.

….. So before Congress and the public acquiesce in another military intervention or a sharp escalation of one of the U.S. wars already under way, perhaps it’s time to finally consider the true costs of war, American-style — in lives lost, dollars spent, and opportunities squandered. It’s a reasonable bet that never in history has a society spent more on war and gotten less bang for its copious bucks.
» UNZ Review: William Hartung Ignoring the Costs of WarThe American Way of War Is a Budget-Breaker Never Has a Society Spent More for Less.


Lifting RU Sanctions?: Some in Russia Consider Sanctions Good Food Security and Self Sufficiency Lessons for Impending Peak Oil / NNR Scarcity Future.

» EoP MC: Lifting RU Sanctions is Red Herring.
» IG: 17-05-08_sanctions-selfsufficiencylessonspeakoil.


EoP 2 WiP Culture Change Tall Ships and Honour.

» EoP MC: EoP 2 WiP Culture Change Tall Ships and Honour.
» IG: 17-03-03_culturechange-tallshipshonour.


Vagabond Tapes Pentagon Path to War

Oreo Cookies: Buck Stops Here; American History X Rounders Check / Bet

Rounders is a 1998 American drama film about the underground world of high-stakes poker, directed by John Dahl, and starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich as Teddy KGB. The film follows two friends who need to quickly earn enough cash playing poker to pay off a large debt. The term “rounder” refers to a person travelling around from city to city seeking high-stakes cash games. Trailer. Clip: Judges Game; ‘I Flopped the Nuts’ Final Hand.

American History X:
American History X is a 1998 American crime drama film directed by Tony Kaye, written by David McKenna, and stars Edward Norton. The film tells the story of two Venice, Los Angeles brothers who become involved in the neo-Nazi movement. The older brother serves three years in prison for voluntary manslaughter, changes his beliefs and tries to prevent his brother from going down the same path. Trailer. Clip: Basketball Court Bet.
» IG: 16-10-05_jcs-ksteinmharnitchek17-03-19_whatawaytogo.

Buck Stops Here: USMC Sgt Jon Michael Dye story:
……. Example of a Buck Stops Here Person who holds themselves accountable to the same rules they apply to others: Teddy KGB in Rounders: Trailer & Trailer.
» EoP ADR: EoP RH Culture Info.

Jo Cox: Its a Cake Thing
Jo Cox was slaughtered in Market Street; between Birstall Library, Priestly Residential Care Home; Armitage Watch Repairs on the West; and Its a Cake Thing; Princess and The Venue Dancing hall ballrooms; Sandwich Co and Tesco Express on the Eastern side [PNG]. Similarly; the alleged evidence against Saddam Hussein and Iraq used to justify the 2003 Iraq war; was ‘yellowcake’ uranium. Unlike Marie Antoinette; these fuck honour Black Nobility don’t have the goddamn balls to inform their humans slavery cattle subjects; on the front pages of their newspapers to wake up their kaffir human factor farmed cattle. “Don’t have bread, Eat cake; you kaffirs breeding like cockroaches on Viagra and consuming like bling niggers on crack. Don’t have organic clean water; organic clean oxygen; organic food; organic relationships based upon buck stops here honesty, honour. Eat Masonic Cake you kaffirs.”
UK v Thomas Mair: 25 Jun: Juvinon Systems ISM; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: FYR: ISM: Marius; UK V Thomas Mair: Re: 10 May 2016 EoP Acting Clerk Computer Hack: Obsolescence, Bill Gates & Assassination of WiP breeders/consumers.

Let them Eat Cake:
“Let them eat cake” is the traditional translation of the French phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, supposedly spoken by “a great princess” upon learning that the peasants had no bread. Since brioche was a luxury bread enriched with butter and eggs, the quote would reflect the princess’s disregard for the peasants, or at least a complete lack of understanding that the absence of basic food staples was due to poverty rather than a lack of supply.

Its a Cake Thing Concord Oreo Cookies:
UK: 14 Market St Birstall: Its a Cake Thing; Concord Sydney AU: Its a Cake Thing Rainbow Oreo’s.
» IG: 17-04-03_vagabondtapes-pentagonpathtowar.


Juvinon Systems … Assassination of WiP Breeders / Consumers.

My parents and siblings know that I am the Acting EoP Clerk; in fact it is an aspect of the Lara Johnstone v Clive Johnstone court proceedings. See: Lara Reply Affidavit: ‘Get a job or prove your EoP Clerk job is worth it’. Unfortunately many people – such as Dr. Brad Blanton –  informed my parents and siblings that allegedly I have a ‘mental disorder’; and so my parents and siblings do not believe me. My parents and siblings are aware of the fraud charges I filed against Dr. Brad Blanton and Radical Hypocrisy trainers with the FBI.
» EoP Leg Sub: UK v TM: 25 Jun: Juvinon Systems ISM; Bill & Melinda Gates Fnd: UK v Thomas Mair: 10 May 2016 EoP Acting Clerk Computer Hack: Obsolescence, Bill Gates & Assassination of WiP breeders/consumers.


LJ Apology to McVeigh: Re Radical Honesty Fraud

My current working hypothesis conclusion is that all that is absolutely necessary is for such an alternative venue would be (a) The ‘Justice Quartus de Wet & Jury Percy Yutar mercy’ guarantee prior to the start of proceedings; that if the Judge or Jury finds us guilty; the Judge shall agree to our EoP cultural mercy preference not to waste taxpayers funds as prisoners; but the opportunity for us to be granted a two year exile to live together somewhere quietly in a village in the Siberian or similar wilderness; before the Red Army execute us by firing squad and bury us together in unmarked graves in the Siberian wilderness; (b) The judge and jury’s commitment to the evidence; the whole evidence and nothing but the evidence; so that both Ecology of Peace and Masonic War is Peace parties could submit their evidence; for the Judge and/or Jury’s consideration; (c) Once the Judge or Jury have considered all the Ecology of Peace and Masonic War is Peace evidence; if they determine that your Ecology of Peace actions were objectively and/or subjectively legally (i) justified, to acquit you; or (ii) unjustified: to convict you and sentence you and me – as your EoP Bram Fischer expert witness to the subjective reasonableness of your military necessity actions — to death in Siberia; as per ‘Justice Quartus de Wet & Jury Percy Yutar mercy’ guarantee.
» US v TJ McVeigh: 06 Nov: Formal Apology: Re: Radical Honesty Fraud.
» IG: 17-04-27_usvtjmcveigh-eoporwipfuture.

Notification to Brad Blanton: Apology ref’d in IG: 17-04-27 usvtjmcveigh-eoporwipfuture.

» EoP MC: LJ Apology to TJ McVeigh: Re Radical Honesty Fraud.


Air France Concord Flight 4590 25 July 2000 crash in Gonesse France

Air France Flight 4590 was a scheduled international flight from Paris, France, to New York City, on the Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde. On 25 July 2000, at time 16:43 CET, the aircraft serving the flight, registration F-BTSC, ran over debris on the runway during takeoff, blowing a tyre and puncturing a fuel tank, leading to fire and engine failure. All 100 passengers and nine crew members aboard the Concorde died when it crashed into a hotel in nearby Gonesse; on the ground, four people were killed and one was critically injured. The flight was chartered by German company Peter Deilmann Cruises; the passengers were on their way to board the cruise ship MS Deutschland in New York City for a 16-day cruise to Manta, Ecuador. This was the only fatal Concorde accident during its 27-year operational history.
» Wikipedia: Air France Concord Flight 4590 25 July 2000 crash.


25 July: FBI to File Motion clarifying whether it has Ongoing Investigation of Donald Trump for Trump’s 27 July 2016 statement inviting Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

President Trump’s May 9, 2017 letter firing now-former FBI Director James Comey in part reads, “I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation[.]”

However, a recent court filing by the Department of Justice on behalf of the FBI in an ongoing FOIA lawsuit plainly indicates the FBI has an active investigation pertaining to Donald Trump’s actions related to actual or potential election-related hacking and espionage by Russia.

The lawsuit is filed by Ryan Shapiro, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) PhD candidate/Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University research affiliate, and Jason Leopold, Senior Investigative Journalist at BuzzFeed News.

On August 18, 2016, Shapiro and Leopold submitted a FOIA request to the FBI seeking “disclosure of any and all records, including investigative records, mentioning or referring to Donald J. Trump’s statement on 27 July, 2016 [regarding Secretary Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails], ‘Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,’ and ‘I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.’”

…… On April 7, 2017, the Court set a deadline of July 25, 2017 for the FBI to file a motion explaining the basis for its claim that release of documents responsive to “the Russia Request” would interfere with an ongoing law enforcement operation.

The lawsuit is Case 1:16-cv-01827-KBJ. It is being heard in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.
» Sparrowmedia: Court Filing Indicates FBI Has Active Investigation Pertaining to Donald Trump’s Call for Russian Hacking and Espionage.


Obama PonyExpress v Trump Flight 9525 Titanic Suicide

» EoP MC: Barack Obama Ivanka Trump Donald Trump Ponyexpress v Flight9525 Titanic Suicide.
» IG: 17-02-28_eop-rcpss-cop21-cpac17.


EoP v WiP Religion

“A [EoP] Muslim eats [breeds & consumes] in one intestine; while a [WiP] Kafir eats [breeds & consumes] in seven intestines.” – [EoP Amended] al-Bukhari, al-Sahih, Hadith 5396

» EoP MC: EoP v WiP Religion: EoP Muslim v WiP Muslim Kafir.
» IG: 17-05-08_eop-v-wip-religion.


Pd Lille, Kaffir Crimen Injuria Charges, 25 July 1993 St James Church Massacre

16 July – Patricia de Lille v L Johnstone – Alleged Crimen Injuria SMS:
16 July: Alleged ‘crimen injuria’ SMS to MP Patricia de Lille in State v L Johnstone: CAS 1340-07: State v L Johnstone. Appeal: LJ v State-09.

……. See also: EoP MC to among others: Patricia de Lille’s Anti-Apartheid Political Party: Pan Africanist Congress of Azania re EoP Truth & Reconciliation Commission submission to 2 SA Concourt tc-v-rm.tygae.org.za25 July 1993 St James Church Massacre17 June 2015 Charleston AME Church Massacre: 05 May 2017: 16:53 hrs16:59 hrs & 17:12 hrs.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 May: Fr Police: Re: EMLeaks; Balch Springs: Re: Jordan Edwards; Moscow Police: Re: Alexei Navalny.


Mother Jones: Let Them Eat Est

IN 1977, EST GURU Werner Erhard had a vision: He was going to end worldhunger by 1997. To that end, he started the Hunger Project, a nonprofit that quickly picked up celebrity sponsors including John Denver, Valerie Harper, and Jimmy Carter‘s son Chip. But, as Mother Jones reported in December 1978, the group had no intention of actually feeding the starving, just raising “awareness” of hunger—and est. The article also exposed Erhard’s complicated web of offshore tax shelters. In response, est threatened to sue. It didn’t, but participants in one seminar were instructed to “focus all your negative energy on the people responsible for this terrible slander.” Twelve years after it was supposed to become obsolete, the Hunger Project now has only one former Erhard associate on its board and notes it has “no ties to Mr. Erhard or his interests.”


What, precisely, does the Hunger Project plan to do to end famine and starvation? The Hunger Project does not, you see, do anything about ending hunger. That’s why, Erhard tells anyone who asks, it is a difficult idea to grasp. The Hunger Project does not advocate any particular solution to hunger—like land reform, food self-sufficiency or the wresting of power from landowners by peasants. Nor does it ask its enrollees to make “dehumanizing gestures”—like sending nioney to anti-hunger organizations. Above all, the Project does not want its members to feel guilty about the deplorable situation that causes, each year, the death of some 15 million people all over the world. Rather, it asks them to view hunger and starvation as a “wonderful opportunity,” an opportunity to “make a difference in the world.”

… What forces caused hunger in the first place? Erhard is vague about this. “Call them political forces, if you like,” he advises generously. “Study the political forces and you will see that hunger and starvation on the planet are the inevitable result of those forces. . . . If you don’t like the politics, do it with economic forces. If you don’t like the economics, do it with sociological forces. Psychological forces. Philosophical forces. Or if you prefer, a combination of them.”

….. new departure for Erhard, but merely an application of the familiar est approach. Consciousness is everything; distribution of wealth and power, nothing. The Hunger Project takes one of the most potent political issues of the day and totally depoliticizes it. The persistence of hunger, Erhard says, is not primarily due to an economic system in which rich get richer and poor get poorer (of which Erhard is a part, as est money finds its way to offshore tax havens). Rather, it is due to the lack of will, to attitudes, to bad intentions.

The emphasis is on the positive. Don’t think about the depressing facts of hunger or the causes of starvation, think of the hunger issue as the chance of a lifetime—a way to have an impact on the world. All this talk of impact neatly brackets the starving and the dying. They appear in beautiful color pictures in Hunger Project brochures—but the needs of middle-class Americans eclipse their reality. The people who flock to est, the Hunger Project and the other consciousness movements have just escaped a decade of disillusionment where political action promised social transformation. This promise was not fulfilled. Similarly, the ’60s and early ’70s were an era of journalistic exposés that revealed widespread corruption: Watergate, the CIA, FBI provocateurs, the list is endless. But again, information has not led to
» Mother Jones: Let Them Eat Est [PDF].


James Comey Bridgewater Ego Literacy Transparency

FBI Director James Comey is about to discover whether Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the 49-year-old Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, can be scarier than a 25-year-old employee of the world’s largest hedge fund. Comey, who hasn’t spoken publicly since his political bombshell on Tuesday that the FBI wouldn’t recommend an indictment of Hillary Clinton, would probably argue no.

…. After he left government, Comey spent three years being grilled, or “probed,” as an executive at Bridgewater Associates, the $150 billion hedge fund founded by Ray Dalio that the New Yorker has labeled “the world’s richest and strangest hedge fund.” Dalio, who regularly ranks among the 50 or 60 wealthiest people on the Forbes 400 list, has built the highly successful fund since the 1970s on a platform of “radical transparency,” a principle that encourages—actually forces—deep questioning from the ranks of all leadership decisions.

It was just weeks after he joined Bridgewater—whose corporate culture of high-achieving intellectuals resembles a moneyed management cult that shares more in common with the 1970s personal-improvement fad est than it does with a typical Wall Street firm—that Comey was cornered by a similarly new 25-year-old employee. The junior associate interrogated the former Justice Department official on a seemingly illogical stance that Comey had taken in an earlier meeting. “My initial reaction was ‘What? You, kid, are asking me that question?’ … I was deputy attorney general of the United States; I was general counsel of a huge, huge company. No 25-year-old is going to ask me about my logic,” he recalled. “Then I realized ‘I’m at Bridgewater.’”

Comey said that, even though he was excited to embrace the new way of thinking, it took him at least three months to settle in with Bridgewater’s culture. “I finally relaxed and untied the knot in my stomach that would instantly appear when someone questioned me,” he recalled. “Bridgewater’s a hard place. … It’s a place filled with really smart people who are always going to tell you the truth, and that’s hard.”

Inside Bridgewater, the culture of questioning is known as “probing,” a chance to understand the deeper “whys” inherent in an individual’s thinking or a corporate process. It’s a chance for everyone, from junior associates right up to Dalio himself, to force people past easy answers or glib statements into tight, rigorous thinking. “At Bridgewater, every day is a kind of after-action review, although the process goes much deeper than a typical postmortem,” business writers Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey concluded in their book. Inside Bridgewater, where the “Culture of the Probe” reigns, meetings are even recorded, to force accountability for people’s statements and commitments.

According to Comey, who prosecuted targets ranging from Mafia boss John James Gambino to Martha Stewart to the bombers of the Khobar Towers, the decision-making environment for the firm’s 1,300 employees is tougher than anything he ever endured during decades rising through the ranks of the Justice Department, from a junior prosecutor to U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York—the department’s highest-profile posting—to the No. 2 job under Attorney General John Ashcroft.

In a corporate video still on Bridgewater’s website, a cashmere sweater-clad Comey discusses the hedge fund’s emphasis on transparency and accountability: “I’ve been ‘probed’ in this strange field trip through life that I’ve had a lot of different places. I’ve testified in court, I have briefed the president of the United States repeatedly, I’ve argued in front of the United States Supreme Court, and I’ve been probed at Bridgewater. And Bridgewater is by far the hardest,” Comey says. “You combine that intelligence, the depth and the almost 360 [degree] vector of the questioning, there is no more demanding, probing, questioning environment in the world than Bridgewater.”

“Sometimes I felt my head spinning when people were questioning me, but it’s uniquely demanding,” he said in the video. “If you say something stupid to the president of the United States, he may backhand you and say that’s a dumb answer, but he doesn’t want to know why you said that and what does that tell me about the way that you’re approaching your work, and what does it tell me about you. He’s never going to ask that.”

The deeply philosophical Comey, a religion major from William & Mary who wrote his college thesis on exegesis, the close study of texts, found himself comfortably at home inside Bridgewater once he got over the initial shock of transferring from the insular bureaucracy of the defense contractor Lockheed Martin, which he’d served as general counsel. “The mind control is working. I’ve come to believe that all the probing actually reduces inefficiencies over the long run, because it prevents bad decisions from being made,” Comey told the New Yorker in 2011 a year after he joined Bridgewater and two years before he was considered for the FBI director’s role. About Dalio, he added: “He’s tough and he’s demanding and sometimes he talks too much, but, God, is he a smart bastard.”

Comey explicitly carried many of the lessons from Bridgewater, where he made millions of dollars a year, into his new role as FBI director, which pays significantly less but is for him a dream position. “I went to Bridgewater in part because of that culture of transparency,” he told Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley during his confirmation hearing in 2013. “It’s something that’s long been part of me. I think it’s incumbent upon every leader to foster an atmosphere where people will speak truth to power. Bridgewater and the FBI are two different institutions, but I promise I will carry those values with me and try to spread them as far as I can within the institution.” Grassley, for his part, might not agree that Comey’s gone far enough in that direction: He was one of the skeptical GOP lawmakers who chimed Wednesday, calling the FBI’s decision on Clinton “suspect.”

Today, three years after assuming office as FBI director—and with seven more years left on his 10-year term—the straight-talking Comey has forcefully inserted himself into public controversies on government surveillance, picking a high-profile fight with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and demonstrated that he’s not afraid to break from the White House line on criminal justice issues.

And now, as he heads to the Hill on Thursday, it seems likely that he—perhaps more than anyone in Washington—is prepared to face the toughest questions about Clinton’s emails that the Republicans can muster.

One common Washington joke about officials who mostly dread testifying on Capitol Hill is that they all immediately commit perjury by proclaiming that they’re “pleased to be here before the committee.”

James Comey may be the exception. In fact, he may welcome the chance to engage in verbal judo with inquisitors.
» Politico: The Weird Hedge Fund that Prepared James Comey for His Capital Hill Hot Seat.