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WSWS: Washington Post and New York Times urge pullback on calls for Trump impeachment

In editorials published simultaneously for their Sunday editions, the New York Times and the Washington Post called for caution in the anti-Trump campaign they have been spearheading with claims of nefarious connections between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government.

The Times editorial, headlined “Watergate? We’re Not There Yet,” cites comparisons between the crisis of the Trump administration and the scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon 43 years ago, only to suggest that impeachment or forced resignation is not yet the order of the day.

After repeatedly slamming Trump as a stooge of Russian President Vladimir Putin and a threat to US national security, including the publication last week of an editorial with comparisons to Watergate, the Times now counsels the Democrats to proceed cautiously and avoid “distraction.” It advises leveraging the official investigations into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, along with the continuing decline in Trump’s poll numbers, to “win back a majority next year in at least one house of Congress” in the 2018 mid-term elections.

The Washington Post editorial similarly suggests that the anti-Trump campaign “will require time,” both for newly appointed special counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director, and for the various House and Senate committees investigating alleged Russian intervention into the 2016 election.

The Post editorial, under the headline “It’s time to focus—finally—on running the country,” demands that the Democrats “talk about something other than impeachment in the coming weeks,” and that Republicans “face the task at which they have so far failed: governing responsibly.”

The Post is more explicit about the social and class policies underlying the campaign over alleged Trump-Russia connections. It demands action on health care to reduce “uncertainty among the insurers upon which the system relies.” In other words, the two big-business parties must contain their mutual mudslinging and get on with the pro-corporate austerity measures demanded by the financial elite.

……… Neither newspaper attempts to square the intensity of their onslaught against the Trump administration, particularly over the past two weeks, with their current declarations in favor of caution and biding one’s time.

The situation could shift quickly, but the editorials from the Times and thePost reflect a broader pullback from immediate calls for impeachment and references to Watergate from within the media and political establishment. In recent days, prominent congressional Democrats such as Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, and Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, have called talk of impeachment premature.

These developments underscore the fact that there is no democratic or progressive content to the opposition to Trump from within the political establishment and the capitalist state. The Democratic Party and the media are not concerned with having a fascistic-minded president and an administration packed with corporate CEOs and generals dedicated to waging war, tearing up social programs and organizing a further redistribution of wealth to the rich. On such matters, there is far more that unites the ruling class than divides it.

What are the considerations driving the warnings about proceeding too rashly on the question of impeachment?

………… Third, there are fears that a full-scale constitutional crisis and fratricidal struggle within the ruling class can create an opening for an independent intervention by the working class. Under conditions of mass disaffection from both political parties, rising social anger and a general discrediting of all official institutions of power, the destabilization of the political system has potentially revolutionary implications.
» WSWS: Washington Post and New York Times urge pullback on calls for Trump impeachment.


Politico: John Podesta Unloads on Donald Trump

Inevitably, much of the conversation with Podesta returns to the 2016 campaign, and the stunning events of last fall and even to one day in particular, Friday, October 7.

At one point that day, the main news looked to be a statement from senior officials in the Obama administration confirming that the Russians were indeed responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee’s emails in an effort to affect the U.S. presidential election. Then, just after 4 p.m. the Washington Post broke the news of the “Access Hollywood” tape in which Donald Trump could be heard bragging about sexually assaulting women. That revelation seemed so politically damaging to the Republican presidential nominee that an event just minutes later was almost lost in comparison: the release by WikiLeaks of the first of what would eventually be thousands of hacked emails from Podesta’s email account.
» Politico: John Podesta unloads on Donald Trump.


Assassination of Anna Politkovskaya

The assassination of Anna Politkovskaya (born 1958), a Russian journalist, writer and human rights activist, took place on 7 October 2006. She was known for her opposition to the Chechen conflict and for criticism of Vladimir Putin. She authored several books about the Chechen wars, as well as Putin’s Russia, and received numerous international awards for her work. Her murder, believed to be a contract killing, sparked a strong international reaction.


A Bitter Taste of Freedom

In her quest to uncover the wrongdoings of the Russian authorities, Anna Politkovskaya inspired awe in some and fear in countless others. An investigative journalist for Moscow’s liberal Novaya Gazeta, she was often the only spokesperson for victims of the Chechen War. Hers was a lonely voice, yet loud enough for the entire country to hear. It was too loud. At age 48 she was assassinated for simply doing her job. This documentary is based on Anna’s conversations with filmmaker Marina Goldovskaya, Anna’s former university professor and personal friend. Shot over a period of 20 years, this exclusive footage creates an incredible story of a woman who consciously gave her life for her convictions. Trailer.


Anne Sullivan and Hellen Keller

Johanna Mansfield Sullivan Macy (April 14, 1866 – October 20, 1936), better known as Anne Sullivan, was an American teacher, best known for being the instructor and lifelong companion of Helen Keller. At the age of five, she contracted trachoma, a highly contagious eye disease, which left her blind and without reading or writing skills. She received her education as a student of the Perkins School for the Blind where upon graduation she became a teacher to Keller when she was 20.
» TransformingArt: Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan.


Putin Sullivan Keller: ‘My dad was breathing via a reed in a swamp while the Nazis passed by, just a few steps away’ 

‘My dad was breathing via a reed in a swamp while the Nazis passed by, just a few steps away’ Putin’s father, Vladimir, joined a small sabotage group under the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD), whose mission was to blow up bridges and rail lines near St Petersburg (then Leningrad), the Russian president recalled in his column in the “Russian Pioneer” journal. Of the 28 members in the group, 24 died in battles with the Nazis near St Petersburg. One day, German soldiers were chasing them in the woods. Putin’s father survived because he hid in a swamp for several hours. “And he [Putin’s father] said that, when submerged in the swamp and breathing through a reed, he heard German soldiers passing by, just a few steps away from him and he heard dogs barking.” His father recalled how he sustained an injury, which invalided him for the rest of his life because he had to live with parts of a grenade in his leg.
» Russia Today: ‘My breathing mom was among corpses’: Putin recalls his parents’ WWII ordeal; RBTH: Vladimir Putin reveals family’s WWII ordeals in magazine article; Russia Insider: The Vladimir Putin the West Doesn’t Care to Know; NY Times: First Person” An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin .
» IG: 17-05-20_joyreid-eoptrc-vs-wipimpeachment.


Very much alive vs very dead – Russian or Not – Putin Dissidents.

For the Record: While I am not a Russian citizen, I have been criticial of President Vladimir Putin and his governments policies, when I sincerely disagreed with his policies based upon constructive criticism as to an error of logic or fact. As Mr Putin knows, because the FSB like the NSA were granted permission to psychotronically monitor my thoughts, to confirm for them my motives; I have fuck all interest in approval ratings from Masonic War is Peace presidents, popes, generals, or their left or right, white or black, secular or religious Masonic War is Peace wing sperm donors and brood sows two-legged tax farm cattle, pretending to be ‘citizens’. I am happy to provide my buck stops here, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth opinion and/or analysis or constructive criticism, sometimes in buck stops here extremely brutal language, on any issue, to support individuals, whether they are janitors or presidents to engage in root cause problem solving; which according to EoP Radical Honoursty Factual Reality principles, mean cooperating in terms of allocation of resources and advocacy towards the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract.

I am very much alive, even though I have requested President Putin and the Russian Government’s help with my assisted suicide plans; resulting from the American Goverments refusal to answer a simple question: Does Timothy McVeigh’s faked execution pardon allow for him to spend time with me, somewhere in the Siberian wilderness, before we depart this Masonic infested planet predominantly ruled by fuck honour fuck ecological carrying capacity European and Jewish men; planet together.
» EoP Leg Sub: 19 Jan: Marco Rubio .. Stan McChrystal.


EoP TRC or WiP Impeachment

» IG: 17-05-20_joyreid-eoptrc-vs-wipimpeachment.


Putin Objective Truth about WWII: WiP ism intn’l law is direct and indirect cause of all War & Genocides

» IG: 17-04-21_eop-v-wip-ipatftptimpact.


Occ Obs: Justin Murphy’s “The psychology of prohibiting outside thinkers”

Here is Justin Murphy describing his background, research, and activism: “Why is there not more rebellion against status quo institutions? How have economic and political processes pacified our capacity for radical collective action? As a political scientist, I am interested in the roles played by information, communication, and ideology in the pacification of political resistance and conflict. Before joining the faculty of Politics and IR at the University of Southampton in the UK, I did my PhD at Temple University in the US. There I was active in Occupy Wall Street, some civil disobedienceand shutting down of things, some longer-term campaigns against the big U.S. banks, and sundry other works and deeds, including a radical warehouse project where I lived for nearly three years.”

So Murphy is an academic on the left. He is therefore part of the establishment, a card-carrying member of the institutional structure that dominates intellectual discourse in the West. But, unlike the vast majority of his academic brethren, he is quite aware that the left is now the status quo and that it is doing everything it can to preserve its elite status — and that its self-preserving tactics are at base nothing more than irrational assertions of power and privilege. Murphy makes these claims in a blogpost: “The psychology of prohibiting outside thinkers.” Part of the subtitle says it all: “The real motivation of respectable progressivism is managing guilty conscience and conserving bourgeois privileges.”

…………….. Murphy: “To convince status-quo cultural money dispensers to you a grant, for instance, any currently “successful” academic or artist has to so extensively pepper their proposal with patently stupid words and notions that knowingly make the final result a sad, contorted piece of work 80% of which is bent to the flattery of our overlords. But we falsely rationalize this contortion as “mature discipline” which we then rationalize to be the warrant for our privileged status as legitimate intellectuals.”

And then, twisting the knife: “Because we know deep down inside that our life’s work is only half of what it could have been had we the courage to not ask for permission, if there ever arise people who are doing high-level intellectual work on the outside, exactly as they wish to without anyone’s permission or money, then not only are we naturally resentful, but we secretly know that at least some of these outsiders are likely doing more interesting, more valuable, more radically incisive work than we are, because we secretly know that we earn our salary by agreeing to only say half of what we could.”
» Occidental Observer:  Justin Murphy’s “The psychology of prohibiting outside thinkers”.


Resource Thieving Guilty Consciences

This racist card is being used everywhere. Now in central Europe they are trying to use it. In some way it is working, but we [in Eastern Europe] don’t have a chip on our shoulders. We haven’t gone outside of our countries, we didn’t invade, and rob and kill people. We didn’t rob them off their natural resources. So if someone is a bad person or anything else; I don’t care if he is blue back or whatever: Go. If you are a prick; you are a prick. That’s it. So here [in Eastern Europe] the ‘racist card’ doesn’t really fly; but in Western Europe it is a very often used and actually it works really well on people. Why would it work on them? – Norbert Lichtner
» David Icke: Divide and Rule, Immigration and Manipulation.

“Once again Israel made the gentiles feel guilty; particularly the Germans, and once again it worked. And its in many ways working to this day. It works. I cannot say personally that I feel very comfortable with it. It is a humiliating position to be in, but then I’m not responsible for my country’s policies.”  – Martin van Creveld; Israel’s Bomb: A Radioactive Taboo.


Reds: What credentials? Everyone has Credentials Here

Go ahead, tell them about your American workers. No, I can’t speak here. I don’t have any credentials to speak here. Credentials, what credentials? Everyone has credentials, here.
– Moscow Meeting to decide whether workers should strike against the War. – Rebeldemule.

Reds is a 1981 American epic drama film co-written, produced and directed by Warren Beatty. The picture centers on the life and career of John Reed, the journalist and writer who chronicled the Russian Revolution in his book Ten Days That Shook the World. Beatty stars in the lead role alongside Diane Keaton as Louise Bryant and Jack Nicholson as Eugene O’Neill.  Trailer.
» IG: 17-05-20_joyreid-eoptrc-vs-wipimpeachment17-05-20_anavalny-couragemother;


Untested Bradley Tank Theory/Hypothesis – from ego illiterate thinking — that crumble when fired upon

Until you find a group of men or women, who are (a) brutally honest with themselves; and (b) know what they want; you will not get honest answers about what that group of men or women want. If you are not getting honest answers about what individuals you classify as ‘men’ or ‘women’ based upon their genitals want; then your entire theory about what ‘men’ or ‘women’ want is not based on factual reality; but pretend reality.

Put differently: You got yourself an untested Bradley Tank theory/hypothesis; that shall crumble as soon as it is fired upon.

I suspect you will find that given the opportunity to be totally and sincerely honest about what they want; without some racial, religious or class bullshit moralistic crap shoved down their throats; individuals will have hugely different preferences in terms of what they want to existentially experience themselves and/or with others; from their time spent on earth.
» EoP Leg Sub: 14 May: Had Enough Therapy .. West’s Darkest Hour.


EoP twitter correspondence to New York Times

» IG: 16-10-05_jcs-ksteinmharnitchek17-05-20_eopv-wipacademia-tedkaczynski-01oct101.


EoP MC 2 PAC, John Podesta Re: EoP SC Property Ration.

» IG: 17-03-21_eopntegmapotus-cabinet.

» IG: 17-04-30_eoporwipnwo-nnrscarcity.


Bill Clinton, William Sessions & Vince Foster, Marcy Park – Donald Trump, James Comey & Chandra Levy, Rock Creek Park, McVeigh Execution.

» IG: 17-04-27_usvtjmcveigh-eoporwipfuture17-05-15_chuckyblack22-watergatechandralevy.
» Daily Mail: Illegal immigrant and MS-13 gang member cleared of killing Chandra Levy being deported a year after murder charges were dropped: Ingmar Guandique has been deported back to his native El Salvador. Washington Post: FBI Gives Documents to McVeigh Lawyers, censored during McVeigh trial. Chandra Levy was the Bureau of Prisons employee in charge of Public Relations for McVeigh execution, who lived in the Watergate building, at the time of her death while jogging in Rock Creek Park.
» IG: 17-05-20_anavalny-couragemother.
» EoP MC: US Mil: STRATINT: EoP or WiP?.


Chechnya: Kadyrov & Lev Leviev: Alleged Electric Cattle Prod Genital Torture Practices.

Alleged Genital torture with electric cattle prodder
Kadyrov Electric Shock Concentration Camps – Benghazi Rice – WiP 4 Horses Lube – EoP TRC or WiP AL Scorpion Wars
» IG: 17-04-23_rkadyrov-altrightpeaceruvoters

Donald Trump’s Russian Jewish Mafia Partner’s alleged use of Electric Genital Torture practices.
» Zembla: The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump.


EoP MC: Re: TRC discussion or WiP Firing Squad Execution / Assassinations: 

» IG: 17-05-17_eopftbragg-bblanton-eopftptculturechange.


» IG: 17-04-21_eop-v-wip-ipatftptimpact.


ODNI James Clapper: Curious Pattern of Russian Deaths


ODNI: NatSec Military Necessity EoP intl law social contract

I would imagine – of course I could be wrong – that the most effective means of implementing an EoP social contract; is for various intelligence agencies to collectively agree and support the Director of National Intelligence or the Minister of Defence or someone to that effect; to effectively inform the President of the United States of the national security military necessity of embarking on domestic and foreign policy education and negotiations as to the necessity.

In a country where citizens are educated at home, church, business, school and universities about the importance of resource conservation; this would obviously be a no-brainer; and the entire country would welcome such visionary and responsible resource conservation leadership; and the ability to patriotically make procreation and consumption sacrifices – particularly if impartially and fairly prosecuted – to cooperatively conserve resources for future generations.

In a country where not enough citizens are educated at home, church, business, school and universities about the importance of resource conservation; military officials concerned about the flaws in their national security strategy’s failure to consider resource conservation as a; if not the fundamental principles of their national security strategy; obviously need to chart their strategic path towards the goal of being a country where citizens are educated at home, church, business, school and universities about the importance of resource conservation.

I imagine that is possibly part of the background process that brought us this far.

The EoP Applicants – ‘strategic path’ as such – as I interpret it – is to do what we can to provide impartial and bipartisan support to all political parties, religions, corporations, etc; their leaders and their followers enabling preferably not one but a few nation’s Minister of Defence – or courts – to collectively  inform their President/s of the national security military necessity of embarking on domestic and foreign policy education and negotiations to implement an Ecology of Peace international law social contract.
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Oct: Belfer Center, Conversations with Bill Kristol, National Review: EoP Applicant strategic path foundation of Pro-EoP Applicant or Pro WiP American.


EoP Responsible Freedom or WiP Resource Theft Assassination Collapse

In Robert Ardrey’s The Social Contract: A Personal Inquiry into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder, he provides numerous examples of a significant number of animals who are capable of ecologically literate procreation; i.e. animal-cultural-consciously or genetic-unconsciously choosing to practice family planning: control or restrict their breeding with regard to abundance or scarcity of their resource environment; such as Norway rats, red grouse; Australian magpie; Uganda kob antelope; wildebeest, waterbuck, Grant’s & Thomson’s gazelle; southern springbok, hartebeest, topi, puku, oribi, dik-dick, steenbok, lion, kittiwake; etc.

‘If Wilson was right that competition occurs only when overcrowded numbers struggle for a scarce resources, then Malthus is confirmed; and humanity has little to look forward to but that chaotic day when in unlimited number we assassinate one another in our pursuit of inadequate resources. But if Wynne-Edwards is right, any population, human or non-human, has within its power the limitation of numbers through conventional rules and regulations and the capacity to abide by them.” – Ardrey quoted in EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations infographic: 16-08-16_vputineopwipsocialcontract.
» EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 09 Mar: Truthseeker 24 .. Darwinian Conservatism.
» EoP v WiP NWO Neg: EoP v WiP Academia.
» IG: 17-04-22_eop-v-wip-academia.; 16-08-16_vputineopwipsocialcontract.