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EoP NWO SCO Option on Table Generals or Ego Mindfuck WiP Generals Verbal Diarhea?

It remains to be seen what NATO’s ‘EoP’ or ‘WiP’ New World Order rules decision shall be.

Other EoP Axis Officials can decide whether they wish to suspend EoP Axis proceedings pending (a) US citizens electing yet another WiP gutless wonder corporate cocksucking Fortune 500’s fuck honour resource thieving foreign policy President; or (b) US military officials deciding whether they would prefer to fight to implement an Ecology of Peace international law social contract; or be their WiP gutless wonder corporate cocksucking Fortune 500’s fuck honour resource thieving cannon fodder hitmen.

Our dilemma is that of defining just and unjust actions within our wars and conflicts. It is time to reexamine habits that have come to pass for ethics and ask the sort of questions that are as controversial as they are uncomfortable to the man or woman of conscience … We must reexamine our concepts of the ethical and the legal. .. The whispered warning that we do not condone “assassinations” because we do not want our own leader assassinated is a counsel of unspeakable cowardice. First, if leaders will not risk the fate they ask of their privates, they are not fit to lead their people. Second, if foreign criminals, official or private, knew that retribution would be generally swift and always sure, attacks on US leaders — or US citizens overall — would likely decrease wonderfully. And such a policy would return us once again to an objectively moral path.

These issues demand serious debate. Traditionalists who decry even the possibility of attacking these sources of human misery in such a manner generally do so from campuses or comfortable offices. They are out of contact with our citizenry and its needs, as they are phenomenally out of contact with the sheer violence of this world. They will immediately push the issue to absurd extremes, crying out that such a doctrine would amount to giving our military, .. a license to kill. But the purpose of a military is to kill, and if you cannot stomach that, you should not have a military.

The only operative question is whom the military should kill.
»» Col Ralph Peters: Revolution in Military Ethics

If General Dempsey’s original ‘all options are on the table’ bullshit the public verbal diarrhoea which morphed into ‘the only option on the table is my fragile General ego’ are to be the decision making of America’s remaining Generals to Privates; then it appears it won’t be too long before we can shut down the EoP campaign; and Mother Nature’s carrying capacity laws Army can buttfuck all the worlds armies combined on a one way ticket to their 72 virgins or Valkyrie tits and ass slut brood sows heavens.

It would also answer the question: If, during the reign of Corporate Capitalist White Supremacy on planet earth; any of the niggers, spicks, kikes or Commie crackers had chosen to support an Ecology of Peace campaign; as opposed to their Masonic War is Peace breeding war campaigns; the chances of them finding any European secret society or capitalist elite who gave a sincere fuck about honour and an Ecology of Peace future for the benefit of all the species on planet earth would have been very small.
» EoP v TPP: 05 Oct 2015: USA civilian TTIP withdrawal from EoP Axis [PDF]
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