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EoP Axis Foreign Policy: Nationalization of Banks, Corporations:

EoP Axis Nationalization of Banks & Corporations:

All Banks from Bank of International Settlements; Inter-American Development Bank; APRACA: Asia-Pacific Rural to the Agriculture Credit Association; to traded and privately owned corporations shall be nationalized. The Derivatives Market will go through bankruptcy proceedings and both the Derivatives Market and Stock Exchanges will be shut down.

The ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of the Masonic War is Peace social contract shall be removed and replaced with Ecology of Peace clauses that restrict all the worlds citizens of all races, religions and classes to procreating and consuming below ecological carrying capacity limits; relating with others in accordance to fully informed consenting agreements; and violaters shall be eliminated from the planetary genepool. For more info on transforming the planetary economy to a sustainable economy: see: Community Solution: Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil; Doug Tompkins: The Next Economy: Transitions from Globalization to Eco-Localization.

…. All corporate employees, including current or former pension holders; who do not own any property; who sign an Ecology of Peace Fully Informed Consenting Agreement Responsible Freedom Declaration shall be provided with an EoP allotted ecofootprint ration of nationalized property; for their use; to enable them to convert to organic family farms and/or collective farms; to sustain their most basic shelter, food and water needs; and engage with neighbours into local food production cooperatives; to begin the process of rebuilding local cooperative tribal responsible freedom communities.
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