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George Soros Philosophy Posterity

Open society is sort of a middle ground, which is neither market fundamentalism, nor communism, socialism or nationalism. It is the recognition that all our systems are flawed, all our concepts are flawed and we must aim for improvement. … I would rather be remembered as someone who contributed something to philosophy, than someone who made allot of money. – George Soros, Charlie Rose 1998.
» EoP MC: George Soros; IG: 17-04-07_wiptitaniceconomy-eopwtoption17-04-11_gsoros-altright-eopwiprulesfuture17-04-15_gsoros-eopvwipwealthtransfer17-04-15_gsoros-eopnatsecdefinition17-04-28_gsoros-butheleziresponsiblefreedom17-05-06_gsoros-zizek-hanson17-06-05_gsoros-eopaxis-forpolwipimmigban.


George Soros: WiP Economy Collapse: All Players Must be Regulated

George Soros is worried. He thinks the global economy is coming apart at the seams and that the world needs to be protected from people like George Soros. | We may now think that everything is fine, but the fact is that the system is broke, and it needs fixing. | What you are doing is asking for some form of regulation to protect the world from people like you | Well, I am a player, and I think all players should be regulated. There have to be rules of the game. … Its easier for [the Prime Minister of Malaysia] to blame an outside force, than to admit that they were mismanaging their economy and currency. The French Finance Minister talked about hanging currency speculators from lamp posts. … I am basically there to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do. | George Soros is a carnivore of the first order | Whats it like to have a statement that you make have such grievious consequences. It looks to me like in a number of different situations you can take a position against a currency, or make a statement and the whole country falls apart. | Its a tremendous sense of responsibility, actually; and its also a humbling experience because I am actually trying to do the right thing, and sometimes something that I do has an unitended negative consequence, as it did in Russia. .. | At the center of George Soros there is an inherent contradiction | Which is | On the one hand you are the capitalist who does not care about the social consequences of his act; and on the other hand you are a philanthropist who cares only about social consequences. How do you resolve the two? | Recognizing that as a competitor I have got to compete to win, as a human being I am concerned about the society in which I live. | Which George Soros am I talking to now? The amoral George Soros, or the moral George Soros? | It is one person who at one time engages in amoral activities and the rest of the time tries to be moral. … | You watched as jews had their property confiscated and were sent to concentration camps and this did not bother you with guilt? | … Well in a funny way its just like in markets, of course I wasn’t doing it, someone else was doing it, and if they weren’t doing it, somebody else would be taking it away anyhow. Whether I was there or not. I was only a spectator. Their property was being taken away. I had no role in taking away their property, so I had no sense of guilt. | President Mandela requested his advice | I told President Mandela, I wrote him a memo on how he could protect South Africa from speculative attack. | Thats the old ‘stop me before I kill again approach right’. You are telling him, this is what you can do to stop me. Whether I or somebody else does whatever is happening in the markets, it really doesn’t make any difference to the outcome. I don’t feel guilty because I am engaged in an amoral activity, which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt. | Part of the reason he is so rich is because the Soros Hedge Funds operate offshore to avoid scrutiny by the Securities Exchange Commission. So even while Soros tells Congress that Hedge Funds must be regulated to stop the global economic crisis, he’s avoiding the rules. Why is it that Americans can’t invest in the Quantum fund, its an offshore fund. | Because the fund is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. So we are not licensed to do business in the United States, because we find it more convenient to operate without it. | So in some ways its to escape regulation. | Thats right | But you have been sitting here talking about the need for regulation. | Yes, and whatever regulations are imposed we will obey. | One of our money managers really told us that George really does think he is God. | If you think that you are God and you go into the financial markets, you are bound to come out broke, so the fact that I am not broke, shows that I don’t believe that I am God. — George Soros, Jim Grant et al; 60 Minutes, 1998.
» EoP MC: George Soros; IG: 17-04-07_wiptitaniceconomy-eopwtoption17-04-11_gsoros-altright-eopwiprulesfuture; 17-04-15_gsoros-eopvwipwealthtransfer17-04-15_soros-eopntegmru-navalny-12jun17-04-15_gsoros-eopnatsecdefinition17-04-28_gsoros-butheleziresponsiblefreedom17-05-06_gsoros-zizek-hanson17-06-05_gsoros-eopaxis-forpolwipimmigban.


Battle: EoP or WiP Future

The Battle – deep state, oligarchs, citizens, media, religions etc – is between an EoP or WiP Future.


Boris Berezovsky: Oligarchs Most Profitable Investments: Politics aka Sale of [Innocence from Overconsumption] Indulgences Legislation.

“I’ve never denied that the most profitable investment for a wealthy person in Russia is an investment in politics. I’ve never tried to pass myelf off as someone who has altruistic motives. …. I understood that the best return on investment from the end of 1994 onwards would be in politics. ” – Boris Berezovsky; The Rise of and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs; ARTE GEIE Alma Films Point du Jour.

“I was sitting there. There was electricity in the air, faces were tense. Gusinsky, next to me said about Chubais. “I don’t like him, but he’s a real man!” Berezovsky said: “He’s the only one who knows how to fight the Communists.” And then, right in front of my eyes, Berezovsky and Gusinsky, who had a long history of personal animosity, got together at the side and reached some agreement. “I approahced Gusinsky, with whom I was in fierce competition at the time, and I told him that if we continued to be divided, if we kept on fighting each other, we’d lose everything.” “I don’t like losing, it annoys me, it doesn’t matter at what, especially after having invested almost nine years of my life, in the single goal of building a “home”. You understand?” “I wondered who could be the person to unite all the oligarchs, from a technical point of view. And I came to the conclusion that it was Chubais, who was available.” “They called me and asked me to get together with them, I would manage, another campaign for Yeltsin, at the same time, as the disastrous official one that was taking place with other people involved. And that’s what happened. The oligarch union was dubbed The Seven Bankers.”
– Mikhail Berger, Editer in Chief, Today.

“I was one of those who persuaded Putin to run for the presidency. It wasn’t just me, but I was certainly one of them. Putin didn’t really aspire to power. It was really difficult for him to come to this decision. He finally decided only after President Yeltsin asked him.” – Boris Berezovsky.
» Fadwa Pederson: The Rise of and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs; ARTE GEIE Alma Films Point du Jour; Human Edge.


WiP Pol/Law: Legislators Welfare-Warfare [Innocence for Overbreeding/Consumption] Bribery aka Vote for me to get your Corporate/Individual Welfare ‘right to breed/consume’ above eco-carrying capacity limits; & we will blame economic, political, military resource conflict on some other race, religion, class, or nation.

Civilized Patriarchy War-is-Peace jurisprudence is any Constitution or legislation that grants citizens the inalienable right to breed and consume without regard for ecological carrying capacity limits.

Honest Civilized Patriarchy Social Contract jurisprudence would clearly and explicitly inform its citizens that any Constitution or legislation that grants citizens the inalienable right to breed and consume without regard for ecological carrying capacity limits; is ‘War is Peace’ jurisprudence, which socio-economically and psycho-politically benefits the socio-political, corporate and media elite.

An honest Civilized Patriarchy War-is-Peace Enlistment Agreement would inform any citizen that they are Enlisting to become cannon fodder soldiers to be dispatched to plunder other nation’s resources, and lie to their fellow citizens, because their own country’s ecologically illiterate social contract jurisprudence does not require their fellow citizens to procreate and consume below their nation’s carrying capacity levels.

An honest Civilized Patriarchy War-is-Peace Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement would explicitly inform a Military or Intelligence Employee that they are expected to keep the thieving, plundering and mass murder culling consequences ‘saving face’ secrets of the American civilized patriarchy socio-political elite, endorsed by the legal matrix jurists, and an Ecologically Illiterate constitution; to themselves.

Civilized Patriarchy’s War-is-Peace Jurisprudence is a legal world, very similar to the Matrix religious world that existed before Martin Luther confronted the religious indulgence salesmen with his Ninety-Five Theses, on the Church of All Saints, on 31 October 1517, thereby initiating the Protestant Reformation.

In the Catholic Church’s religious Matrix world, only Catholic Bishops were entitled to be interpreters of the ‘word of god’. Only they could decide what God meant, about who was guilty and who was innocent, who would go to hell and who would go to heaven. God did not speak to common people, except via the Catholic Church’s bishops.

In Civilized Patriarchy’s Legal Matrix world, only those who swear blind obedience to Civilized Patriarchy’s Legal Matrix world – lawyers, prosecutors and judges – are deemed to possess the supposed superior intellectual Legal Godlike capabilities, to decipher, decode and interpret the ‘word of civilized patriarch gods’, hence capable of deciding which of us mere commons surplus vote, cannon and criminal fodder mortals acts of commission, or omission, is ‘lawful’ or ‘unlawful’.

In the Catholic Church’s religious Matrix world, the corporate and political elite could purchase – Forgiveness for Sale – Indulgences from the Catholic Church’s religious matrix Bishops; which influenced the Bishops interpretation of the ‘word of god’ in favour of the purchaser’s ‘forgiveness’ from the wrath of God, for their sins.

In Civilized Patriarchy’s Legal Matrix world, the corporate and political elite purchase – Innocence for Sale – Indulgences from the Legal Matrix Bishops to interpret the ‘word of civilized patriarch gods’; in favour of avoiding any legal interpretations that result in legislation or jurisprudence that defines the civilized patriarchy elite’s ecologically criminal acts of control of consumption and reproduction billion dollar thievery and mass murder, as ‘unlawful’.

Civilized Patriarchy Legal Matrix Flat Earth Jurisprudence ignores that Humans live on a planet with finite resources. Ecological laws dictate that any conscious species living in an ecosystem with finite resources, that wishes to avoid ecological overshoot, and the scarcity conflict consequences of overshoot, should enact legislation that limit their citizens procreation or consumption from transgressing cultural carrying capacity limits.

A nations non-renewable and renewable resources are a ‘commons’ and increased population and/or consumption of resources can only occur up to the point of ‘carrying capacity’ tipping points. Once ‘carrying capacity’ laws of nature tipping points are breached, once ecological overshoot occurs; and in NNR terms; Peak of Production, referred to as Peak Oil, or Peak NNR, Peak Water, Peak Land, Peak Population, etc; resource scarcity occurs which – in the absence of equivalent voluntary population and consumption reduction – triggers resource war violence, which exponentially increases the problems of those tasked with ‘national security’. There is a fundamental ecological, environmental security and consequent national security, difference between the resource war violence, from temporary resource scarcity that results on the upward side of the resource bell curve (when surplus resources can be imported for elsewhere), and the resource war violence on the downslope of the curve (when no surplus exists elsewhere in the absence of taking it by force).
EoP v Nobel: ICC: Notice of [Procreation/Consumption Crimes of Aggression Acts of War] Complaint ITO Rendulic Rule Military Necessity doctrine; CA, UK, US & RSA Common Law Private Prosecution doctrine; Rome Statute: Art.5, 6, 7, 8 & 15; ICC Code of Judicial Ethics: Art 4, 5(1), 7 & 11.


Starikov: Real Reason Why Russian Oligarch Kodorkovsky Was Arrested.

“Oligarchy is a means to transfer national state property into the hands of Western monopolies. What’s your name? Sergey. You’ll be our oligarch. Here’s the deal: We’ll sell you ‘Yukos’ for 3 kopecks in a security auction. Your task is to develop it a little, legalize it, then we’ll tell you who to sell it to and for how much. Thats the role of an oligarch. Suppose we designate you to be the owner of ‘Norilsk Nickel”. This will all be done “offshore” so the owner will be unknown. So you’ll be our owner of Norilsko Nickel and you’ll do what we say. Buy a football club; support the right political party, and so on. Apart from that – enjoy your life. So thats oligarchy – a means to transfer ownership. Look, if an American company busy out an oil well in a dodgy auction, it could be disputed. But here they bought it from its legal owner. As for how this legal owner himself obtained it 10 years ago … well, I mean, obviously, we don’t know your laws. Things are changing all the time in Russia. But we purchased it legitimately. So, you see, we bought Yukos, paid billions for it, and that’s all we know. Khodorkovsy was arrested one month before he intended to sell to Americans his shares and that’s the real reason for his arrest. Now he’s being dragged into politics again. Here’s the point: Ten years in jail seems to have had a remarkable effect on him. Its pure magic. He came to understand that he had been sold down the river by the Americans. Remember, he has a foot in the door everywhere, so to speak: He was backed up by George Bush, the American monopolists, and so on. He got arrested, got imprisoned. His American friends didn’t join him. Why? Because his assets were transferred to Rosneft. And the money that was supposed to go to Khodorkovsky and the owners of all this, part of it went to the budget and part into the Stability Fund. With the money in the Stability Fund, we purchased US Bonds. So in fact we gave the Americans their money back. Effectively they have nothing to complain about. And everything is hunky-dory. You know Rosneft and BP did a share-swap. What Rosneft got from Yukos is now owned by Englishmen. Any claims by Yukos against that would not be recognized in a London court.” – Nikolai Starikov: Extract from Who Orders Russian Revolutions?; Moscow 30 Jan 2014 nstarikov.ru; Poznavatelnoe.TV; The Real Reason why Khodorkovsky was arrested. History and Economics: Russian Godfather: 2. The Prisoner: Mikhail Khodorkovsky.


Princeton Study: America is an Oligarchy; not a Democracy or Republic

“When the preferences of [American oligarchs aka] economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” – [EoP Amended] Gilens & Page: Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens (2014) [PDF]
— Truth Stream Media: This Study Proves Congress Literally Doesn’t Care What You Think; New Yorker: Is America an Oligarchy?; Represent.US: Corruption is Legal in America; David Pakman Show: Princeton Study: US is No Longer an Actual Democracy; BBC: Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy; New Eastern Outlook: Princeton makes it official — USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy; Business Insider: Major Study Finds The US Is An Oligarchy.


AP: 75% of Americans Think America is an Oligarchy

Bolstering 2014 study detailing how elite interests dominate policy-making, survey shows “rare” agreement that elites run the show while workers and the poor left out

Giving new credence to a provocative 2014 study showing the United States is controlled by powerful elite interests, as opposed to the desire of its citizens, a new poll released Thursday shows that three-quarters of Americans feel voiceless and largely powerless in the nation that heralds itself as the world’s preeminent democracy.

The results of the new survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reveals that 75 percent of Americans—including “rare unanimity across political, economic, racial and geographical lines and including both those who approve and disapprove of President Donald Trump”—agree they have too little influence or say over the decisions made by the nation’s elected officials.

[..] Though neither Gilens and Page nor the new AP/NORC poll employ the term “oligarchy” in their language, many outside observers say that is exactly what the United States—with elections dominated by corporate and private wealth and a media industry dominated the economic elite—has become.

Merriam-Webster defines the word as, “government by the few.”

Though many still deny itCommon Dreams contributor John Atcheson explains on Thursday why the reality of an American oligarchy—one that bends to the will of the wealthy and powerful while denying equity and progress to the large majority—is not just the proverbial elephant in the room, but rather “a huge honking beast squatting squarely on our ottoman.”
– Common Dreams: Can You Say Oligarchy? 75% of Americans Think Wealthy Have “Too Much” Power.


US Oligarchs and US Foreign Policy.

…. Any form of capitalism [communism, nationalism, zionism, etc] that allows citizens to procreate and/or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits; cannot  – according to Tragedy of the Commons principles – do anything else but degenerate into predatory capitalism [communism, nationalism, zionism, etc] aka fascism. Of interest regarding the future impending consequences of planetary predatory capitalism: Real News: Paul Jay’s Reality Asserts Itself: Who Makes US Foreign Policy interview of Lawrence Wilkerson; particularly the predatory capitalism part; which deals with the necessity of the great powers cooperating to implement a new economic order; to address the massive impending planetary social conflict problems resulting from climate change, peak food, peak water, peak oil, including how and where to bury 6 billion people.
» EoP Ft Bragg: 25 Jan: USAR Ft Bragg: Culture Change to EoP Honour Ecofootprint Shrinking Lifeboat Ethics?.


EoP NTE GMRU: EoP Definition of Corruption

“Current [drafted EoP] legislation is strong enough to tackle the [WiP corruption] problem, Putin added, but it has not come into force yet.”
— Moscow Times: Russia Loses 6% of GDP to Ecological Problems – Putin.
» IG: 17-03-04_sergeykislyak-kiss-yisforyak17-04-12_eopntegmru-navalny-12jun; 17-04-13_eopearthfirsthonour; 17-04-15_soros-eopntegmru-navalny-12jun; 17-04-23_eoprhfr-ntegmru; 17-06-08_eoprhfr-dlanetochadith.

Ecology of Peace definition of corruption prior to the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract; would be anyone obstructing the implementation of anEcology of Peace international law social contract; that requires all the worlds citizens of all races and religions to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; enabling humane and orderly deindustrialization and depopulation return to ecological carrying capacity limits.

Subsequent to the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract; corruption would be synonymous to anyone violating any one or more of the Ecology of Peace scientific law social contract laws requiring an individual to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits and relating to others in accordance to fully informed consenting agreements; individuals found guilty of intentional violation of any of those EoP scientific law principles; would be eliminated from the genepool; negligent violators given the opportunity to make amends, as detailed at: EoP NTE GMA Potus: Crimes of Aggression.
— EoP Leg Sub: 28 Dec: Jared Wyand: EoP Info FYR: Re: Project Purge Corruption, War Economy, Israel & Jews, 1488, etc.