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Putin: World Order: New Rules or No Rules?

Putin: Valdai: New Rules or No Rules:
Welcome to Truth or Consequences: EoP New Rules or Masonic War is Peace No Rules: Kremlin:Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club: The World Order: New Rules or a Game Without Rules; Club Orlov: Putin to Western Elites: Play Time is Over. Valdai 22-24 October 2014: New Rules or No Rules: All speeches: Full: 02:58:34; Putin Speech: Full: 41:31; Excerpts: War & Peace: 32:03; Key Quotes: 05:39;  Russia Today.
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Ecological Corruption

“Current [drafted EoP] legislation is strong enough to tackle the [WiP corruption] problem, Putin added, but it has not come into force yet.” – Vladimir Putin, Moscow Times, 27 Dec 2016.
— Moscow Times: Russia Loses 6% of GDP to Ecological Problems – Putin.
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Sawing at Branch Sitting On / Removing Ecological Bricks

Pootin Bear: New Rules or No Rules: [Masonic World Order elite’s breeding/consumption war Game without Rules policies] are sawing at the branch they sit on.
IG: 15-07-27_putinbear-eoptruth-wipconsequences;

THE BRICK BUILDING: Daniel Quinn, The Story of B: We are like people who live in a very tall building… brick building. We live on the top floor. And every day we go out, go down to the lower floors and at random we knock bricks out, take them upstairs to the top, and build higher. Every day. Downstairs, 200 bricks. Take them upstairs. And the building is perfectly stable. But it’s not going to be stable forever. Because we are attacking the structural integrity of the building. Two hundred species a day, day after day after day, year after year… And as our population increases it’s going to turn into 400 species a day, a thousand species a day. And there’s going to come a day when the system is going to collapse. Two hundred species a day!? This is calamitous. …. Chapter 9: Population Overshoot: We may already be well above 200 bricks each day. And it looks to me like the building is not far from collapse. Everything in me wants to run out of the building before it comes crashing down around my ears. …. So this is part of what I’ve come to about how we got here: a snarl of assumptions and behaviors and beliefs and stories that form the backbone of the culture of Empire, a fusion of forces that severed us from the laws of life.
— What a Way to Go: Script, Documentary.
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Ecological Corruption: BioDiversity Species Extinctions Rivets Out of Plane Wing

“As you walk from the terminal toward your airline, you notice a man on a ladder busily prying rivets out of its wing. Somewhat concerned, you saunter over to the rivet popper and ask just what the hell he’s doing.” (Ehrlich and Ehrlich, 1981)

As you walk from the terminal toward your airline, you notice a man on a ladder busily prying rivets out of its wing. Somewhat concerned, you saunter over to the rivet popper and ask him just what the hell he’s doing.
I work for the airline – Growthmania International ,” the man informs you, “and the airline has discovered it can sell these rivets for two dollars apiece.”
“But how do you know you won’t fatally weaken the wing doing that?” you inquire.
“Don’t worry,” he assures you. “I’m certain the manufacturer made this plane much stronger than it needs to be, so no harm’s done. Besides, ‘Ive taken lots of rivets from this wing and it hasn’t fallen off yet. Growthmania Airlines needs the money; if we didn’t pop the rivets, Growthmania wouldn’t be able to continue expanding. And I need the commission they pay me – fifty cents a rivet!”
“You must be out of your mind!”
“I told you not to worry; I know what I’m doing. As a matter of fact, I’m going to fly on this flight also, so you can see there’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about.”
Any sane person would, of course, go back to the terminal, report the gibbering idiot and Growthmania Airlines to the FAA, and make reservations on another carrier.”
Rivet-popping on Spaceship Earth consists of aiding and abetting the extermination of species and population of nonhuman organisms … Some of these species supply or could supply important direct benefits to humanity, and all of them are involved in providing the public services without which society could not persist….
Ecosystems, like well-made airplanes, tend to have redundant subsystems and other “design” featuers that permit them to continue functioning after absorbing certain amount of abuse. A dozen rivets, or a dozen species, might never be missed. On the other hand, a thirteenth rivet popped from a wing flap, or the extinction of a key species involved in the cycling of nitrogen, could lead to a serious accident.
In most cases an ecologist can no more predict the consequences of the extinction of a given species than an airline passenger can assess the loss of a single rivet. But both can easily foresee the long-term results of continually forcing species to extinction or of removing rivet after rivet. NO sensible airline passenger today would accept a continuous loss of rivets from jet transports. Before much more time has passed, attitudes must be changed so that no sane passenger on Spaceship Earth will accept a continuous loss of populations or species of nonhuman organisms.
Betrayal of Science and Reason: How Anti-Environmental Rhetoric Threatens Our Future; By Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne H. Ehrlich; The Rivet Poppers [PDF].
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VHEMT: Make Earth Great Again: Thank you for Not Breeding: VHEMT: Procreation is like Renting Rooms in a Burning Building to Your Children

Considering the world we are creating for future generations, procreation today is like renting rooms in a burning building—renting them to our children no less. – VHEMT: Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: Biology and Breeding.
» IG: 17-06-23_shooter-scalisegrenfellfitzgeraldchrystal17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-lecarrettss; 17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke.


NNR Use Corruption: Chris Clugston: Peak Non Renewable Natural Resources

As [the Peak NNR: Non-renewable Natural Resources] scenario unfolds, increasingly large segments of humanity will become aware of the fact that NNRs enable our industrialized way of life, and that ever-increasing NNR scarcity is the fundamental cause underlying our continuously declining economic output (GDP) and societal wellbeing levels, both domestically (US) and, by that time, globally as well. Historically prevalent public attitudes of generosity and forbearance, which were made possible by abundant and cheap NNRs during our epoch of “continuously more and more”, will be displaced by public intolerance:

  • Childbirth will be condemned rather than celebrated;
  • All immigration will be outlawed;
  • Traditionally unquestioned resource uses—from “social entitlements” and universally accessible healthcare, to professional sports and cosmetics—will be considered “unfair” or “wasteful”, and ultimately eliminated; and
  • “Excessive wealth” will be appropriated for “the public good”.

Previously sporadic social unrest and resource wars will degenerate—seemingly instantaneously—into full fledged conflicts among nations, classes, and ultimately individuals for remaining natural resources and real wealth. It will become universally understood that the only way to “stay even” within a continuously contracting operating environment—much less to improve one’s lot—is to take from somebody else. Life will become a “negative sum game” within the “shrinking pie” of “continuously less and less”.

Social institutions will dissolve; law and order will cease to exist; and chaos will fill the void— nations will collapse.

Given that half of the 89 analyzed NNRs are either likely or almost certain to remain scarce permanently at the global level; that no extraterrestrial source NNR imports exists for the world as a whole, and that the global industrialized / industrializing population has increased nearly 5 fold since 1975… …it is highly likely that the interval between global societal wellbeing “divergence” in 2008 and global societal collapse will be 35 years or less.

To date, our distorted cornucopian worldview and limited anthropocentric perspective have rendered us incapable of understanding our predicament and its fundamental cause, which is ecological—ever-increasing NNR scarcity—not economic or political. The economic and political problems with which we concern ourselves are merely manifestations of our predicament—they are symptoms, not the disease. Because none of the economic and political expedients that we employ to solve these problems can create additional NNRs, our attempted economic and political “solutions” are irrelevant.
SQSwans: ReportsPeak NNR: Scarcity: Humanity’s Last Chapter.
» Military Gospel: ReportsVladimir Putin: NNR: Non Renewable Natural Resource Scarcity: 1996/7 St Petersburg Mining Institute PhD Theses.
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Kislyak: End Cold War… Weren’t Able Build Post Cold War Peace

“We were able to end the cold war, but most probably we weren’t able to build post-cold war peace.” – Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak; The Guardian: Who is Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador rattling Trump’s presidency?.
» IG: 17-03-04_sergeykislyak-kiss-yisforyak;  17-06-19_timkhanstratculture-natoscosteppeline17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-lecarrettss17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke;


Le Carre: Tinker Tailor: End Cold War .. Post Cold War Peace

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a (i) 1979 seven-part drama spy mini-series made by BBC TV, directed by John Irvin and produced by Jonathan Powell; which stars Alec Guinness, Ian Richardson, Michael Jayston, Anthony Bate, Ian Bannen, George Sewell, and Michael Aldridge [Trailer], (ii) 2011 Cold War espionage film directed by Tomas Alfredson, starring Gary Oldman as George Smiley, along with Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Toby Jones, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Ciarán Hinds, and featuring David Dencik [Trailer]. Both are adaptations of John le Carré’s novel Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1974); which is set in London in the early 1970s and follows the hunt for a Soviet double agent at the top of the British secret service.

Le Carre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy series deals with the socio-cultural dysfunctional consequences of Father Son [aka masculine insecurity / fatherhood parenting] relationships. In one discussion between Jim Prideaux and George Smiley; Prideaux is describing the Soviet psychological torture processes; and how initially he simply relied on plausible deniable stories as answers to the interrogators questions. Finally he didn’t psychologically break or crack, he says he just ran out of stories; and started to dig down into the stuff buried deep inside.

George Smiley to Karla: Mr. Guestman: “If you go home to Moscow you will either be shot or sent to die in one of the camps. Wouldn’t you prefer to ask us for protection. …. Arrangement with Americans invitation. I can’t see an alternative for you. If you cooperate; we can give you a new start; a new identity. Seclusion. A modest amount of money. …. Would you like a cigarette. I know you’re a chainsmoker. I know this is what you smoke. Look. I’m not offering you wealth, or smart women or your choice of fast cars. I know you haven’t any use for any of those things. I’m not going to make any claims about the moral superiority of the West. I’m sure you can see through our values; just as I can see through yours in the East. You and I have spent our lives looking for the weaknesses in each others systems. I’m sure each of us has experienced innumerable technical satisfactions in our wretched cold war. But now your own side is going to shoot you. For nothing. For misdemeanours you have not committed. Because of a power struggle within your own hierarchy. Because probably due to someone’s treachory; or sheer incompetence. I am sure both of us when we were young subscribed to great visions. But not anymore. After all you’ve seen? You can’t still be committed to that old grand design. You know it has achieved nothing except new forms of the old misery.”

Bill Haydn/Tailor’s confession why he became a British-Soviet double agent: “Do you know whats killing western democracy? Greed and constipation. Moral, political, aesthetic. I hate America very deeply. The economic depression of the masses institutionalized. Even Lenin couldn’t foresee the extent of that. Britain. Oh Dear. No viability whatever in world affairs. I suppose thats when it began. Turning my eyes to the east. When I saw how trivial we had become as a nation. .. I still believe the secret service are the nations only real expression of a nations character. Until the mid 50’s I still had hopes, lingering loyalties to what we represented. Self delusions of course. We were already America’s streetwalkers.”
– Wikispooks: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Bill Hayden justifies his betrayal.
– Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy:
» IG: 15-10-19_gijanejordan-ttss-heydn; 17-03-04_sergeykislyak-kiss-yisforyak; 17-06-19_timkhanstratculture-natoscosteppeline.; 17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-lecarrettss17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke.

“I waited at the end of the Cold War for somebody to tell us the world can now be reshaped. That endless standoff as it seemed to us; between the two great economic monoliths of the western world and the communist world was over. The excuses for exploiting the third world, for imposing dreadful little dictators on them, provided they were anti-communist. All those excuses are gone. Now something decent could be put together. A real act of global perestroika could occur. Nothing happened. We went into a kind of collective western atrophy of isolation and self indulgence. Our response was to make ourselves fatter and richer and not to take on the world at large. So I felt that a great moment in history had simply gone by default.” — John Le Carre; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – The Secret Centre.
» EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 20 Nov: Jon Rappoport … Akron Beacon Journal; 07 Mar: Gen Flynn … Ivanka Trump HQ.
» IG: 17-03-04_sergeykislyak-kiss-yisforyak; 17-06-19_timkhanstratculture-natoscosteppeline.; 17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-lecarrettss17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke.


The Company: Great Game: Good Guys or Bad Guys: Which side were we again?

So the Great Game goes on with or without us. Without us I guess. Think we made a difference Harvey? Any difference at all. God I hope so. These days people have short memories. There was a time when the Goths were at the gate and we put our warm bodies on the firing line.  You truly believe that? You bet I believe it. Something about the Cold War has to have a moral; otherwise what was it all about? It was about the good guys beating the bad guys. We sure screwed up along the way. Yeah but we screwed up allot less than they did, which is why we won. You know the Soviet Union wasn’t a country; it was a metaphor for an idea that looked good on a drawing board; but in practice it was flawed. Let me tell you something. A metaphor is allot harder to slay than a country and we clobbered them. Yeah. Well don’t look so glum about it. You got nothing to be ashamed of. You got to remember what it was all about. It was always black and white kid. Right versus wrong. There were good guys and there were bad guys. Which side were we again Harvey? We won, didn’t we?. – The Company 01.02.03.

The Company is a three-part serial about the activities of the CIA during the Cold War. It was based on the best-selling novel by Robert Littell. |  In 1950, best friends Jack McAuliffe, Leo Kritzky, and Yevgeny Tsipin graduate from Yale and prepare to go their separate ways; Jack and Leo are recruited to the CIA by Frank “The Wizard” Wisner, while Yevgeny goes home toMoscow, where he is recruited into the KGB by spymaster Starik while falling in love with Azalia Ivanova. |  In 1955, Jack has been assigned to Harvey “The Sorcerer” Torriti at a CIA station in Soviet Berlin, where East German defector Vishnevsky offers the identity of a mole in MI6 for safe passage to the West. At CIA headquarters in Washington, counterintelligence chief James Jesus “Mother” Angleton begins Vishnevsky’s exfiltration, telling his best friend and MI6 liaison Adrian Philby. The KGB and Berlin police show up to the exfiltration instead of Vishnevsky; Torriti and Jack escape, surmising the blown defection is due to the mole. | Angleton believes the fault lies with Berlin, infuriating Torriti, who aims to expose the mole by feeding him a barium meal; Torriti gives privileged information to a trusted contact in MI6, forcing the mole to protect himself by killing Torriti. Meanwhile, Jack is falling in love with his first asset, Lili, who provides information from an importantscientist. Jack and Torriti are ambushed at a meeting, proving that the barium meal worked, so Torriti prepares another. | In Washington, Leo has become Wisner’s apprentice, though Angleton dislikes him. Leo has fallen in love with Adele Sweet, whose father is friends with President Eisenhower. When Leo proposes, her father disapproves of the “mixed marriage“, but eventually relents. Yevgeny arrives in Washington and tries calling Azalia, but his handlers are unable to find her. By night he deciphers elaborate codes from Moscow Radio, and by day, his cover is liquor deliveries, including covert delivery to the mole: Philby. Torriti flies home to tell Angleton and CIA directorAllen Dulles that his MI6 source confirms Philby is the mole, but Angleton discredits Torriti. | In Berlin, discrepancies are found in Lili’s information. When confronted by Jack, she admits she was turned by the KGB, but assures Jack that she loves him. Shortly thereafter, the KGB murders the scientist and Lili commits suicide. In Washington, Yevgeny tells Philby to run before he is caught, then assures him that another mole,Sasha, has already taken his place. Jack is unsure if Torriti used Lili for his barium meal, and Angleton is devastated that his best friend was a mole. | In 1956, Jack is sent to Budapest on the eve of the Hungarian revolution, but he is abducted and tortured at anAVH prison. Torriti threatens his KGB counterpart in Berlin, demanding the KGB have the AVH release Jack, but Jack is rescued by the revolutionaries, who execute an AVH commandant as he tries to reveal Sasha’s identity. Jack asks the CIA to back the freedom fighters, but Eisenhower refuses and the revolution is crushed. Jack escapes and reconnects with Torriti, Wisner has a breakdown over his complicity in the CIA’s actions, and Starik tells Nikita Khrushchev of Kholstomer, his longterm masterstroke to cripple the United States economy. | In 1960, Jack joins Cuban rebels to help prepare them for an invasion, believing that the Kennedy administrationwill support the rebels. In Washington, Torriti devises a scheme to have the Mafia assassinate Fidel Castro; Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana suggests poisoning one of Castro’s daily milkshakes. The assassin is intercepted by the head of Castro’s secret police Manuel Piñeiro and forced to drink the milkshake. In Washington, Yevgeny is nearly arrested by the FBI and forced to relocate. As the CIA prepares the Cuban invasion, Angleton predicts Sasha will insure its failure. Bissell, the architect of the invasion and Leo’s new boss, scoffs at the notion, but the Bay of Pigs Invasion is a disaster, and Jack barely escapes with his life. Angry that the CIA and President let the rebels down, Jack nearly resigns, but Leo, who now has a son with Adele, talks him out of it. Jack is awarded a Distinguished Intelligence Medal. | In 1975, Leo is on vacation with his family, and Jack is working to exfiltrate Kukushkin, who promises information on Sasha. Angleton feels Kukushkin may be legitimate, but his obsession with Sasha has begun to cripple the Company. Using information gathered over decades, including Kukushkin’s new data and clues from the liquor store where Yevgeny was nearly caught, Angleton divines a system of masterful rhetoric to reveal the mole: Leo. | Angleton has Leo kidnapped at the airport and begins systematically interrogating him about his socialist father. Jack can’t believe his best friend may be responsible for Lili, Hungary, and the Bay of Pigs; when Jack visits him, Leo insists Kukushkin is a disinformation agent dispatched by the KGB. Mirroring Leo’s prediction, Kukushkin returns to the Soviet Union, where he is apparently shot as a traitor before turning up alive. Angleton furiously insists that Starik manipulated the Kukushkin defection so the CIA would believe Leo is innocent. Leo is freed and Angleton is forced to resign, berating his superiors that the KGB’s wilderness of mirrors has falsely convinced them they are winning the Cold War. | In 1987, Torriti has retired and Adele has committed suicide. Analysts present Jack with an old lead linking a ’50s Moscow Radio broadcast to KGB operatives, so Jack enlists the help of a dying Angleton, who surmises that the broadcast is part of Kholstomer. Following a sting, Jack comes face to face with Yevgeny, who made liquor deliveries to both Philby and Leo. Jack confronts Leo at his home and Leo shoots him, admitting that he was turned in college and that Adele killed herself when she found out. He phones an ambulance for Jack before fleeing. While Jack recovers, Kholstomer leads to the 1987 stock market crash. The CIA mitigates the damage because Starik greatly underestimated the United States’ economy. | In 1991, Jack offers Yevgeny an early release from prison if he reveals Leo’s location, telling him that Starik sent Azalia to the gulag, but he still has time to find her since the Soviet Union is collapsing. Yevgeny tracks down Leo, warning him before passing his whereabouts to Jack. Yevgeny visits with a senile Starik, then finally reconnects with Azalia. Jack travels to Moscow to kill Leo, but stops himself moments before Leo recognizes him. Back in DC, Torriti and Jack reminisce over their work in the Cold War, with Jack expressing misgivings over which side was good or bad. Torriti insists the CIA were the good guys, concluding with “we won, didn’t we?”


St Cuthberts Society Boat Club: Graffiti Assassination Threat

Police are hunting the person who sprawled a sickening graffiti message across two wooden doors which reads ‘Jo Cox deserved it, Durham next’. The horrifying note was sprayed close to the city centre of Durham – but police are assuring people it is not a serious threat. The graffiti, which was plastered across the shabby double doors of St Cuthbert’s Society’s boathouse, was painted over yesterday afternoon while people were voting.
– Daily Mail: Police investigate sickening ‘Jo Cox deserved it, Durham next’ city centre graffiti threat to MP.


Instinct: Illusions

What’s the playing card for ? | Control. | ….. | Control of you ? By whom ? | – By you– takers. | – ”Takers” ? Explain that. |  …. |  – I’m the one, Ethan. | – Are you ? | I’m the one. | – The one in control, huh ? | – Yes. | – Who’s in control ? | – [ Choking ] | [ Yelling ] | So who is in control, huh ? Are you ?  Am l ? The guards outside ? The warden in his office ? Yeah ? Who’s in control ? Testing, testing, testing. One, two, three, four. Dr Ethan Powell, interviewing Dr Theo Caulder. Now, this will be a very simple test. Pass or fail, life or death. Ready, Juha ? Now, you write on this paper what l have taken from you. What have you lost ? Write it ! Write it ! | Writes Illusions … Freedom | Wrong. You never had control. You only thought you had it. An illusion, TabibuJuha ! And what do you control for sure, huh ? The volume on your stereo, the air conditioning in your car ? What else ? What else ? All right. Another chance. You were nervous. Too much pressure. Try again. What have you lost ? What did l take ? Write it. Write it ! You’re a fool, Juha. – Ha ! | – [ Grunts, Pants ] | Did you think you were free ? Where were you going at : today ? into the gym, right ? in the morning, your wake-up call. in the middle of the night when you wake up sweating, with your heart pounding. What is it that has you all tied up, Juha, tied up in little knots ? Is it ambition ? Yeah. You’re no mystery to me, boy. l used to be you. Okay. One last chance. You think l won’t do it ? | [ Chuckles ] What’s one psychiatrist less to the world ? I’m already deep in the pit. So what can they do to me ? Last try. Get it right. What have you lost ? What did l take from you ? Write it. Yeah. Congratulations. You’re a student, after all. And you’ve lost nothing but your illusions…
» Instinct: Script; Clip: Illusions.

Instinct is a 1999 American psychological thriller film starring Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding, Jr., George Dzundza, Donald Sutherland, and Maura Tierney. It was very loosely inspired by Ishmael, a novel by Daniel Quinn. The film examines the mind of anthropologist Ethan Powell (Hopkins) who had been missing for a few years, living in the jungle with gorillas. He is convicted of killing and injuring several supposed Wilderness Park Rangers in Africa, and is sent to prison. A bright young psychiatrist (Gooding) tries to find out why he killed them, but becomes entangled in a quest to learn the true history and nature of humankind. Eventually it is revealed that during the course of Powell’s stay with the gorillas, they accepted him as part of their group; he was attempting to protect his gorilla family when the rangers arrived and started shooting them. He gets a hearing to reveal the truth, but an attack by a vicious guard on the other prisoners causes Powell to be reminded of the killed gorillas and stop talking again. At the end of the film, Powell escapes from prison using a pen to dig out the lock on a window, and heads back to Africa. Trailer. Clip: IllusionsThe Game.
» IG: 17-02-12_fbidallas-endgame17-03-19_whatawaytogo17-04-18_navalny-michaelanton;  17-06-11_mcveightapes-rydertrafficlightfuse17-05-28_zbigniewbrzezinski-eoptrcorwipimpeachment17-06-23_shooter-scalisegrenfellfitzgeraldchrystal17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke.


William Colby: OSS, CIA Director

William Egan Colby (January 4, 1920 – April 27, 1996) spent a career in intelligence for the United States, culminating in holding the post of the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from September 1973 to January 1976. During World War II Colby served with the Office of Strategic Services. After the war he joined the newly created Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Before and during the Vietnam War, Colby served as chief of station in Saigon, chief of the CIA’s Far East Division, and head of the Civil Operations and Rural Development effort, as well as overseeing the Phoenix Program. After Vietnam, Colby became director of central intelligence and during his tenure, under intense pressure from the United States Congress and the media, adopted a policy of relative openness about U.S. intelligence activities to the Senate Church Committee and House Pike Committee. Colby served as DCI under President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford and was replaced with future president George H.W. Bush on January 30, 1976. Author:Honorable Men: My Life in the CIA.

The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby is a 2011 American documentary film exploring the life and career of former CIA director William Egan Colby. His son Carl Colby narrated and directed it; David Johnson produced. Narrated by Carl Colby, son of the late Director of Central Intelligence William E. Colby, The Man Nobody Knew traces the elder Colby’s career in the U.S. intelligence community, along with and in contrast to his home life, including the secrets he kept from his family. The film begins with Colby’s service in World War II as an officer and paratrooper with the OSS, and follows his rise through the Central Intelligence Agency, where his roles included political covert action to oppose the Communist Party in Italy, later counterinsurgency actions and involvement in the 1963 coup in South Vietnam (in concert with President John F. Kennedy) during the Vietnam War, and later as Director of Central Intelligence in the 1970s. During his brief, tumultuous tenure leading the agency, Colby revealed the existence of documents describing illegal activities by the CIA, known as the “Family Jewels”, in an effort to reform the agency. The film concludes with Colby’s disappearance and death in April 1996. Trailer.
» IG: 17-07-04_williamcarlcolby.


William Colby: Not Afraid of American Public

“He was a creature of Washington. You know you look around the world these days, especially America; and they are so contentious. People are at each others throats. I still feel that Washington is a place where people talk to each other and you can have Donald Rumsfeld and Patrick Leahy maybe in the same room, once in a while. I think he wanted to live in that world, where we could have discourse and maybe disagree, but really come up with the best solutions to today’s problems. … He’s not afraid of the American public. Patrick Leahy I interviewed him, and he said ‘What are we Americans afraid of, in terms of determining policy?” – Carl Colby
– CSpan: Q & A: Carl Colby.
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Barbara Colby: Where is the Rationing Sacrifice for the War Effort?

“I think it’s my mothers indomitable spirit. She’s World War II generation. I’ll give you a little insight. I didn’t put it in the film but while I interviewed her [Barbara Colby], we were talking about Iraq and Afghanistan; and she said ‘Where is my sacrifice? What am I being asked to do, where is my part in this war. If we are at war, give me something to do, and maybe I should ration; or maybe I should go and visit the VA hospital or wrap bandages. If I am part of this, where is my sacrifice?’. – Carl Colby; CSpan: Q & A: Carl Colby.
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William Colby: Wisdom of Seeking Win Win Negotiations Problem Solving

“The new weapons are more dangerous to the possessors, much more, and that’s why I think it is essential that we stop this mad race in this thing. The race is unwinnable. You cannot win it, because whatever you do, he counters. The weapons are unusable. Unilateral restraint won’t solve anything; and the world we are headed toward is unliveable, resting on a fragile suspicion base, which must be responded to in matters of moments; if we see the wrong signals. … Our general staff decided we need small accurate [MX missiles] one’s and so we built small accurate ones. The Soviets built allot of big ones and so suddenly we say well, we need big ones, cause they have big ones. Not because we need em, but because they have them. That’s a kind of adolescent reaction: he has a bigger baseball bat, so I need a bigger baseball bat. … The Scowcroft Commission looked into the [MX missile] thing and they said it was dangerous and not very valuable, but they said we should build it to show national will and determination. I think there are lots of better ways to show national will and determination than to building useless and dangerous weapons. That doesn’t show much wisdom, it may show national will and determination; but I’d rather show some wisdom with it. [What would be actions of wisdom?] Well reaching across to the Soviets and indicating that we perceive their fears and concerns and insist that they understand our fears and our concerns, and negotiate with them, not from a point of view of one-upping them, but from a point of view of seeking out a relationship, that will be beneficial to both sides, that will save both sides useless and even dangerous activity. [How do you accomplish this? We’ve had three treaties in the past two decades signed by both presidents, but not ratified by the Senate and Congress] Well there you put your finger on how to accomplish this. Either through a particularly brilliant leader, or by pressure from the base, from the population as a whole. … At the moment we really have to have our own negotiating proposals looked at. President Raegan did not realize that his initial negotiating proposal would have required the Soviets to eliminate something like 3/4 of their landbased system; and wouldn’t have affected ours much at all. Now, if our leader does not realize what the impact of his proposal on the other side is; you don’t have a negotiation. You’ve got to think it out and work out a negotiation, that does recognize the concerns of the other side. So that’s the first thing to develop a proper negotiating procedure. They have certainly told us what they are concerned about. …. Out of that realization as to what concerns each side, one can construct negotiations which give a reasonable balance. This does not mean they will immediately accept it. They are very tough, hard bargainers; and sometimes their bargaining is very negativist; and is really not seeking a solution. But then as in any contract negotiation that we all go through, even when we buy a used car, you give a little to get him to come towards you. Thats the nature of the negotiation, there’s nothing unique or mysterious about it, you are just trying to make a deal. … The intelligence business is the country’s mechanic to investigate’s your used car and sees whether its any good or not, before you buy it. And we investigate after we’ve bought it, to make sure its stays good. [A second way that you have indicated that wisdom can be shown is about bringing about necessary social and economic change in countries that are at risk around the world.] That’s not so much a Soviet problems, that deals with the other problem of our national security. Now we receive millions of people in our country every year, as refugees as migrants and so forth. Now we’re not going to solve that by putting up barriers, at our borders. The way in which we are going to solve that, is to get the economies of those countries, particularly in the lands to the south of us, booming so that they have jobs and hope there, and don’t have to come here to seek their livelihood. Now that I think is a move toward our national security. [At one point you informed Soviet leader Brezhnev that the more we know about each other, the safer we will be, what were you hoping he would understand.] Well I was hoping that he would understand that that is the real function of intelligence today, to clarify on both sides, misunderstanding.
– [Bold EoP Amended] Quest for Peace: William Colby.
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William Colby: 27 April 1996 Death: Assassination?

Was CIA Director William Colby Murdered [on 27 April 1996] so he wouldn’t expose advanced, alien technology? – Steven Greer; Alex Exum: Why CIA Director William Colby Was Murdered.


Military Industrial Complex: 27 April: JFK Secret Societies Speech

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” – John F. Kennedy, Anti-Secret Societies speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961. – Sean Dulac: 05:14; Mattheis: 05:24; Global Sovereign Alliance: 06:03; LibertyCore: 19:12;  Twisted Politicx: 19:44.

“The why and the who is just scenery for the public, Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, the mafia, keeps them guessing like some kind of parlour game; that keeps them from asking the most important question: Why. Why was Kennedy killed, who benefited, and who has the power to cover it up?. In 1961 right after the Bay of Pigs, very few people know this I participated in drawing up National Security Action Memos 55, 56, 57.  These are documents classified top secret.  In them, Kennedy told Gen. Lemnitzer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs that from here on, the Joint Chiefs would be wholly responsible for all covert paramilitary action in peacetime. This ended the reign of the CIA. Splintered it into 1,000 pieces, as JFK promised he would. And now he was ordering the military to help him do it. Unprecedented! I can’t tell you the shock waves this sent along the corridors of power. This and the firing of Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell and Gen. Charles Cabell. All were sacred cows in Intell since World War II. They got some very upset people. Kennedy’s directives weren’t implemented because of bureaucratic resistance. But one of the results was the Cuban operation was turned over to my department as Operation Mongoose. Mongoose was pure Black Ops. It was secretly based at Miami University which has the largest domestic CIA station budgeted annually for hundreds of millions of dollars. Three hundred agents, 7,000 select Cubans. Fifty fake business fronts to launder money. They waged a non-stop war against Castro. Industrial sabotage, crop burning, etc. All under the control of General Y. He took the rules of covert warfare he’d used abroad and brought them to this country. Now he had the people, the equipment, the bases and the motivation. Don’t underestimate the budget cuts that Kennedy called for in March of 1963. Nearly 52 military installations in 25 states. Twenty-one overseas bases. Big money. You know how many helicopters have been lost in Vietnam? Nearly 3,000 so far. Who makes them? Bell Helicopter. Who owns Bell? Bell was nearly bankrupt when First National Bank of Boston asked the CIA .to use the helicopter in Indochina. How about the F-111 fighter?  General Dynamics of Fort Worth, Texas. Who owns that? Find out the defense budget since the war began. $75 going on $100 billion. Nearly $200 billion will be spent before it’s over. In 1949, it was $10 billion. No war…no money. The organizing principle of any [Masonic War is Peace] society, Mr. Garrison is for war.
– [EoP Amended] JFK: Mr Garrison and Mr X: 01.02.


Military Gospel: CIA

“Investigation [of the science of war consequences of nations living in accordance to a Masonic War is Peace international law social contract that allows for the nations citizens to procreate and/or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits] shows that whenever two nations have become engaged in warfare they have been advancing on converging lines of [resource acquisition for growing consumption or procreation] self-interest and aggrandizement. When the contact takes place, the struggle for supremacy, or even survival is at hand. This inevitable hour is approximately fixed and determined by the angles of convergence plus the sum of the relative [consumption / breeding war] speed by which the nations are moving along their respective lines. Thus it is that, when the angle of [breeding / consumption war] convergence of both or even one of the nations is acute and the speed or progress along one or both of the converging lines correspondingly great, war results in a few years or decades.” – [EoP Amended] Homer Lea, Valour of Ignorance;
» Military Gospel: CIA: mg-cia.
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The Citizen v Robert McBride: EoP TRC Amicus:

The EoP Amicus submitted to The Citizen v Robert McBride argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a fraud, denying both sides – Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid – an honest enquiry into the root — breeding & consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits — causes of racial, religious and class resource conflict; including South Africa’s Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid resource conflict.
» IG: 17-04-18_navalny-michaelanton; 17-04-22_eop-v-wip-academia; 17-05-26_derspiegel-donaldtrump; 17-05-20_joyreid-eoptrc-vs-wipimpeachment; 17-05-17_putin-objectivetruth-wwii17-06-02_eoptrc-citizenv-mcbride17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-lecarrettss17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke.


EoP Amicus NWO SCO Legal Submissions:

All EoP National and New World Order Social Contract Legal Submissions – eg: EoP v Nobel – are essentially Truth & Reconciliation submissions; which (a) clearly and simply clarify the – ‘right to breed/consume’ clauses of intnl law – root causes of all racial, religious, etc resource conflict; and (b) provide those guilty – plausibly due to ego or ecological illiteracy – of scarcity combatant crimes of aggression contributions to resource conflict; the opportunity to take responsibility for their breeding/consumption transgressions; by cooperating to implement an EoP New World Order Social Contract that shall require all citizens of all nations, races and religions to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.
» IG: 17-04-18_navalny-michaelanton; 17-04-22_eop-v-wip-academia; 17-05-26_derspiegel-donaldtrump; 17-05-20_joyreid-eoptrc-vs-wipimpeachment; 17-05-17_putin-objectivetruth-wwii17-06-02_eoptrc-citizenv-mcbride17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-lecarrettss17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke.