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EoP Radical Honoursty Foxhole

Ecology of Peace Policy Re: Radical Honoursty for everyone in Foxhole:

If I was interviewed to join some military organization; which might include ending up in a military battle foxhole, my first question would be: (a) what is the military organization’s legal definition of the enemy: if not EoP scientific and cultural law’s definition of enemy: the eco/ego logically illiterate right to breed & consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits clauses of Intnl law; why not : know of any other higher – whom the military should kill – military ethics high ground?; (b) does it have an ego literacy communication policy for accomplishing its goals? If not, why not? Clear and concise information sharing policy can save a massive amount of resources. If neither, I would not take the job.

If I found such a military organization, then:

If I found myself in a military battle foxhole on behalf of such military organization, my first priority about the persons in that foxhole is (a) confirmation: do we all have the same – EoP scientific and cultural law – legal definition for who the enemy is: so that if or when that legally defined enemy is clearly identified, if the opportunity so provides, such enemy can be given the opportunity to honourably surrender, and if they so decline, be honourably eliminated from the field of battle; (b) confirmation: is everyone egoliterate: capable of being voluntarily buck stops here honest about subjective and observable factual reality, and providing any information necessary for the team to accomplish its goals, as simply and clearly as possible; (c) if the conditions of (a) and (b) are met, I don’t give a flying fuck what the race, gender, age, religion, physical appearance, mass murder rapsheet [according to Masonic War is Peace jurisprudence: see EoP v WiP Law], of the persons in that foxhole with me are.
– EoP Leg Sub: 27 Jul: White Sun of the Desert: Trump, Trannies and the Military.


WiP intl law: Befehl ist Befehl Catch 22

EoP correspondence to Sec of State Rex Tillerson and Marco Rubio; regarding Marco Rubio’s ‘war criminal’ allegations against President Vladimir Putin; is available at: EoP Leg Sub: 19 Jan: M Rubio, R Tillerson: EoP RH Factual Reality and War Criminal Questions.

EoP perspective of Masonic War is Peace Befehl ist Befehl jurisprudence is referenced in among others EoP submission to Ft Bragg, is available at EoP Leg Sub: 25 Jan: USAR Ft Bragg: Culture Change to EoP Honour Ecofootprint Shrinking Lifeboat Ethics?.
– EoP Leg Sub: 27 Jul: The American Conservative: Tillerson Mulls Closing of War Crimes Office.


Responsible Peacenik Freedom Logistics.

Excerpt: 24 Jul: McChrystal Group: One Mission: Capability to Connect & Willingness to Convert to EoP law lifestyle values:

Responsible Peacenik Freedom Logistics: Obstacle/Opportunity?: Lawyers.

“What’s wrong with these people?” – FBI Agent Alan Ward, Mississippi Burning.

The legal obstacle will have to be addressed and overcome, with individuals knowing when they sign their responsible peacenik freedom oaths, that if anyone attempts to discriminate against them, for their responsible freedom oath membership status, they shall not end up without legal representation or as happened to me, with mental disorder allegation attacks on their reputation and credibility.

Generally professionally speaking of the professional persons I have informally or formally via legal proceedings discussed or shared EoP scientific and cultural law principles:

The individuals, who have been least willing to be intellectually receptive to EoP scientific and cultural law, have been lawyers, psychologists and academics.

The individuals, who have been most willing to be intellectually receptive to EoP scientific and cultural law, have been magistrates and/or judges, and military or former military officials.

Sometimes legal obstacles can be converted to legal opportunities.


Summary of EoP v WiP New World Order Negotiations, as stated in correspondence to the oligarchs who financed Donald Trump’s Drain the Swamp Presidential campaign, copied to Rudy Giuliani: 21 Jul: DJT 2016 Oligarchs: EoP v WiP NWO Neg: EoP Cultural Law Self Rule, Farmers Crisis & Land Reform:

Someone has to set a high standard, that’s what my father told me. Winston Churchill, Bobby Kennedy. [A Democrat?] As I once was. [Why did you switch?] You know Democrats always talked about things getting better. Republicans did whatever they could to make them better. … So you Harvard? [Yale, Wharton MBA.] Me, I’m City College, NYU Law School, just an average American public school guy, well Catholic School. So, I understand you are going to tell me about these people, insider trading. [That’s right.] Thank you. I mean is this, its nothing new right? You fella’s dont get there on the stairmaster at the golfcourse on the nineteenth hole and a guy tells a story. [Its hardly the same thing.], You, Mr. Gavin and you, Mr Hitchens, you don’t share information? [Well, I will tell you what we don’t do. We don’t skim millions of dollars on the shady edge.] Maybe you don’t have to. Maybe grandpa did it for you. – The Rudy Giuliani Story.

» EoP Leg Sub: 24 Jul: Intl Comm Jurists, Bar Assoc’s: Transparency Notice: EoP App’s Re: Lack of Credibility of WiP Legal Services Cult Law.


Generals, Judges, Presidents & Publishers: EoP Win-Win vs WiP Lose-Lose:

In the short term one lawyer or general and their legal or military cannon fodder clients may win; and another side lose a particular legal case or military, political or publishing battle. In the long term, in any eco/ego-logically illiterate WiP religious or secular resource conflict dispute resolution system, (a) unless the legal system is exposed – like Martin Luther partially exposed the Catholic Church for its ‘Innocence for Sale’ Indulgences; or Sayyid Qutb partially exposed Islam for its equivalent ‘Innocence for Sale’ indulgences corruption; etc – as having no sincere concern for providing an honest, impartial juridical process for resolving resource conflict disputes for all citizens, and the system is cooperatively reformed into an eco-ego logically literate [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] win-win resource conflict resolution system; (b) everyone loses: lawyers, judges, prosecutors, police and citizens, when the state secular or religious resource conflict dispute system collapses usually as a result of the Nation State collapsing. Ecological Overshoot and internal conflict due to Economic Inequality Stratification cause Nation states to collapse [mg-nasa.tygae.org.za]. Ecological Overshoot and Economic Inequality are a direct and indirect result of eco and ego-logically illiterate citizen education from the media, their subsequent voting, legislating, lawyer-ing and juridical arbitrating.
» EoP Leg Sub: 26 Jul: EoP v US DoJSC: EoP WinWin v WiP BangBang, William Colby, Vietnam War, John F Kennedy & Oliver Stone.
» EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 31 Jul: EoP Obs: Putin 755 Diplomats to Depart Russia .. Slapped with the Truth.