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Potential EoP Voters: Saperstein Citizens: Religious Fanatics with a small degree of — cooperate with the State to implement EoP intnl law — Rationality

You realize I am a religious fanatic; but there is small degree of rationality in me. If someone had come to me & said [voting to support EoP intnl law] to give up [overbreeding / consumption], would benefit the safety of Israel. … We will [cooperate & ration; or] pack our bags & go. – [EoP Amended] Moshe Saperstein; Highway 51: unSettled / Withdrawal from Gaza.

Gen Hacohen, Ordered by PM Sharon to be Commander of Disengagement from Gaza:

BG: PM Arik Sharon, Attaturk & Fanatics with a small degree of rationality:

“He was a senior commander who went with his units from house to house, from bunker to bunker, from orange grove to orange grove; to explain what he meant. And three months later, Gaza was quiet. Terrorism was crushed with an iron fist, with a cruel hand. He cast fear into Gaza. …. They were afraid of him, really scared. He explained to me once in a very simple manner; that he went to put an end to terrorism in Gaza. He was head of Southern Command. His method was simple. Every Arab caught holding a weapon; was shot on the spot.” — Eli Landau & Uri Avnery; Anna Bens: Israels Generals: Ariel Sharon.

“Attaturk knew that for his movement to succeed and be permanent. He had to create a struggle that was initiated and supported by the people. Everything had to be legitimate and ideologically well-founded. A revolutionary ideal at the time it was announced to the whole country from the city of Amasia.” – Mark Campbell: Mustafa Kemal Attuturk: Attaturk the Feminist Warrior.

“We wanted our approach and modus operandi to be clearly understood and that we would not need to explain what we were doing. I would compare this to a statue set up in a town, such as Rodin’s “Burghers of Calais”, for example. If you have to explain the meaning or the idea, the artist has failed in his intention. We all in fact knew that the entire operation would so to speak take place on stage, with us as the actors, watched by 8,000 journalists from around the world. These had come to show the world how Jews treat their brothers during a sort of civil war. Without wishing to blow my own trumpet, I can say that we created a unique, historic situation. We were involved in a real confrontation and conflict that was extremely painful for all concerned. Despite everything, we succeeded, in part because we had clearly delineated boundaries within which to contain events, so that no blood would be shed. This was the spirit in which we worked, striking the balance between essentially Jewish behavior and the necessities of a military operation.” – Maj Gen Gershon Hacohen; Shalom Magazine: Sensitivity and Determination.

On Superbowl Sunday, Israeli PM Netanyahu released his shalom conditional peace promise to be a good prime minister babysitter ad. – Now This News: Netanyahu Promises Israelis He’d Be A Good Babysitter.

As Army Chief of Staff, I was in no position to say if I was for or against the evacuation. It was my duty to analyze the possible pros and cons. When asked whether Gaza is a strategic military asset to the State of Israel, I said no. On the other hand, leaving Gaza without controls in place, could turn the Gaza strip into a strategic threat. I thought that if we do leave Gaza, it be contingent on the Palestinians paying a heavy price. That didn’t happen. .. How did we get to this situation that it is legitimate to evacuate Jews from Palestinian State land, but not Palestinians from Jewish State land? .. If there was good will then these things could be settled.. coexistence. Why does it have to end up in war? … These days there is talk within Israel about a unilateral withdrawal. But what moves can you make when the other side doesn’t even accept your very existence, and any border you draw, will be the border from which they’ll continue to fight you. … It’s easy to label people. He’s right wing, don’t talk to him. She’s left wing, don’t listen to her. – Moshe Bogi Ya’alon, Former: Israel Defence Forces: Chief of Staff; Highway 51:unSettled / Withdrawal from Gaza.

It’s your right as a citizen to consider the government corrupt, and go to a more enlightened place. However once the government decides; not to obey, is destructive. You can now kiss the entire State of Israel goodbye. Why? Because democracy is important. That’s what gives us the tools to deal with all our external enemies, and internal problems, and we have plenty of both. … Trying to understand a person who is logical, but his logic is based on faith, is very difficult to understand. … Honestly my words were meant to calm, and to ease the swallowing of the pill. But this pill was bitter and it remained bitter. I was never able to convince anyone to leave their home, without them resisting in some way.. – Dudi Chaloni, IDF Soldier; Highway 51: unSettled / Withdrawal from Gaza.

Its clear when you want to survive in the Middle East, where power dictates, and every time you make a good-will gesture; it is interpreted as a sign of weakness or fear, then you need to prove your might all over again. That’s the Middle East, power is the driving force. Don’t fool yourself, give up all the territories, and even if you’re left standing on one leg, on one floor tile, in the middle of Tel Aviv, they’ll probably make demands on that floor tile as well. ….. Every person who lives in the State of Israel expands the borders of Israel. You live on the land, you determine the border. Like its done all over the world, from antiquity to modern times. And today’s debate over issues like ’48 borders or ’67 borders, in my opinion, seems insignificant, in relation to the history of the people of Israel, in the State of Israel.- Meir Shimoni; Highway 51: unSettled / Withdrawal from Gaza.

The borders of the State of Israel are what God gave us in the Bible. Political circumstances may be such that we cannot occupy those borders at a particular time, but it is according to the Bible simply forbidden, to give up what you possess. You realize of course that I am a religious fanatic; but there is some small degree of rationality in me. If someone had come to me and said that giving up Gaza and Northern Samaria, would actually benefit the safety of the rest of Israel. Even though I believe it’s a mistake, I can understand it. We will pack our bags and we can go. But nobody, not the government, not the United Nations, not the United States, you name it. Nobody has explained what the benefit is to Israel for pulling out of here. And all I ever hear is Give Peace a Chance. Leaving here is a bold move for peace. What bold move for peace? It’s absolutely senseless. …. Everyone out here is so laid back, they are practically laid out. I would have preferred an old age home. Its true, I’ve been ready for an old age home since my Bar Mitzvah, but since she calls the shots, and wanted to go out and have an adventure, before they send us to the glue factory.. We came out here. –  [EoP Bold Emphasis] Moshe Saperstein; Highway 51: unSettled / Withdrawal from Gaza.
» 17 Jul: EoP Axis, Wikileaks, B Blanton: EoP TRC Draft Statements; CC: Gen Hacohen & Al Sisi.
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J Woolsey: Resilience to Climate Change & Terrorism

“I was testifying before a House Committee a few months ago and one of the members was very sceptical of climate change and was arguing with me, because I presented some of the reasons why I thought climate change was a serious problem, and I finally said “Congressman look, set aside climate change, do you realize that seven of the nine things that I’ve suggested will help us be allot more resilient against terrorism or oil cut-offs.” And he said, “Oh if you are doing them for that reason, then its fine.”” — James Woolsey, Former CIA Director; Climate Change and National Security.
» SS DEFCON 2: Scarcity – Conflict: Consequences of Civilized Patriarchy’s Control of Reproduction and Consumption: Walking the National Security – Scarcity & Conflict — Talk to Support the Troops: Procreate and Consume below carrying capacity, to enable the avoidance of resource war conflict [PDF]
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J Woolsey: How your Gas Money Funds Middle Eastern Terrorism

“The author of the fine book The Looming Tower, about Al’Qaeda and 9/11, Laurence Wright, writes for the New Yorker, has a fascinating sentence in the Looming Tower. He says that with a little over 1% of the worlds Muslims, Saudi’s control about 90% of the worlds Islamic Institutions. Now what does that mean to the rest of us? Wahaabi Islam, the religion of Saudi Arabia, if you read the Imam’s Fatwa’s, rather than what they say to us, the Fatwa’s are somewhere between murderous and genocidal with respect to their discussion of Shiite Muslims, Jews, homosexuals and apostates. They are massively oppressive of women in many, many ways. They are focussed on the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate, a theocratic dictatorship. That is essentially Al’Qaeda’s doctrine. There is no substantive difference between Al’Qaeda and the Wahaabi’s of Saudi Arabia want to take us. The question is ‘Who’s in charge’? So its somewhat like the feud between the Trotskyites and the Stalinists in the 1920’s and 30’s. Because the reach of Wahaabi Madrassas is so great, you have all over Pakistan, as well as the West Bank and in allot of other parts of the world, little boys being taught hatred essentially. Now that produces a situation in which by shelling out essentially a billion dollars a day at seventy dollars a barrel of oil, for imported oil, and since allot of that money goes to the Middle East, you and I shouldn’t have any question about who is paying for the other side of this long war that we are in. If you want to know who is paying for those Madrassas in Pakistan or the West Bank to teach those little boys to hate, just next time you go to a filling station, before you get out to charge your gasoline and credit card, turn the rear-view mirror just a few inches, so you are looking into your own eyes. Now you know who is paying for those little boys to be taught to hate. The situation we have with the Wahaabi’s of Saudi Arabia is not too far from what would be the case if Ferdinand and Isabella and Torquemada running the Spanish Inquisition were still around in Spain and Spain drilled down and found 25% of the worlds oil under Spain. Ferdinand and Isabella turn to Torquemada and they say “We know that you like to pick the pope and pick the head of the Lutherans and the Evangelicals and the President of Notre Dame and that’s all fine with us, here’s six, seven, eight billion dollars a year, just go to it. That’s the kind of problem the world, would hypothetically have if Torquemada and the Inquisition were still around and that’s the kind of problem we’ve got with the Wahaabi’s of Saudi Arabia.” — James Woolsey (19 October 2009): How your Gas Money Funds Terrorism, American Jewish Committee, Washington DC.
» SS DEFCON 2: Scarcity – Conflict: Consequences of Civilized Patriarchy’s Control of Reproduction and Consumption: Walking the National Security – Scarcity & Conflict — Talk to Support the Troops: Procreate and Consume below carrying capacity, to enable the avoidance of resource war conflict [PDF]
» EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 02 Mar: Underground World News … VDare.
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