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SEAC: Bruce Pearce Tribute to Robert E Lee;  EoP Honour or WiP Death

EoP comment to SEAC: 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz liberation by Red Army:

Sgt Maj Bryan Battaglia:

If you are an Aryan Honour or Death soldier type [ NWF: Bruce Carrol Pierce ]; who — ‘fuck this War is a Masonic Breeding Slaves and Cannon Fodder Fertility Religion for Human Sacrifice and Profit Racket [ SEL Human Sacrifice ] of Vatican Roman Empire Canon Law slavery [ FL v Michael Dunn para 20-50 ] irresponsible breed like rabbits parenting [ Pope Francis Rabbit Breeding  D Rumsfeld GWOT metrics ] — honourably supports my advice to JCS Gen Dempsey [ NATO Jan 2015 ] to implement an Ecology of Peace international law social contract.

My Ms Rates [ Pt Impact Shooter ] advice:

In my opinion; the chances that civilian pathetic excuses for a white skin — Worlds Fortune 500, Stock Exchange, Banking Mobster Cartel; et al corporate welfare whore CEO’s and Boards of Directors; Nobel Peace Committee and Nobel Peace whorettes; Worlds Professional Sports and Secular and Religious Misery Parasite Poverty Pimping Entertainment Associations; Legal Corporate Whores: Judges or Magistrates, Bar Associations [ UJMC EoP v WiP connection ]; members of secret societies, bullshitting themselves they give a fuck about ‘honour’ and ‘becoming better men’ and being ‘knights’ and such shit — shall Buck Stops Here act to demonstrate their sincere committment to implementing an Ecology of Peace and Honour Rule of Law social contract are zero %. They simply do not have the physical or philosophical courage [ Francisco Martin 26 Jan 2015 ]. Their ego shadow goverments are in control [ Revolver Ego Enemy clip ].

When the totalitarian agriculture [ Daniel Quinn Garret Hardin ] human factory farming [Enslavement Story ] economy crashes [ Collapse ] and a martial law system of FEMA death camps [Freedom to Fascism ] are set up in the United States of the sort seen in Nazi Germany and Poland [ Auschwitz Liberation  Auschwitz Liberation   Auschwitz Liberation Anniversary politics  ] one would find sufficient personnel for those camps in any medium-sized American town [ Stanley Milgram ].

So its up to the military and militia — Michigan Militia | Central-Kentucky Militia | Militia Inc Us| Historic Florida Militia, Inc. | Washington State Militia | Illinois Militia | Arkansas Militia |American Militia | Citizens Militia Of Mississippi | Southeast Missouri CitizensMilitia | Kansas City Area Citizens Militia | Northwest Front | Radio Free Northwest | Citizen Militia | Oath Keepers of America | Oath Keepers of America | Oath Keepers of Pennsylvania | Oath Keepers – NY | American Preppers Network | Veterans United Network | Veterans United Foundation | Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW | Veterans for Liberty | Veterans for Convention of States | U.S Army W.T.F! moments |U.S Army W.T.F! moments | US Army Military Police WTF Moments | U.S. Navy SEAL & SWCC Page |U.S. Navy Region Northwest | US Navy Reserve | Fort Leavenworth | 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) | U.S. Army etc

If there is to be a civil war let it be a verbal In Your Face — “The only way the problems can be solved. First the white man and the black man have to be able to sit down at the same table. The white man has to be able to feel free to speak his mind without worrying about hurting the feelings of the negro. The socalled negro has to feel free to speak his mind without worrying about hurting the feelings of the white man. The soldiers have to be able to feel free to speak their minds without worrying about hurting the feelings of the civilians. The civilians have to feel free to speak their minds without hurting the feelings of the soldiers. Then they can bring the EoP v WiP issues that are under the rug out on top of the table and take an intelligent approach to get the problem solved.” [ amended Malcolm X Make it Plain  EoP v WiP  ] — honourable one:

GMC 4643-13 Applicants: VADM Nanette Derenzi [ via US Navy JAG Corps ] , ADM Dennis McGinn, Timothy McVeigh [ via NSA – National Security Agency ], Erik Prince, Pres Vladimir Putin [ via Kremlin МИД России or KGB Discover Russia ], General David Petraeus; General Ray Odierno; General Stan McChrystal [ via McChrystal Group ] and General John Mulholland [ via U.S. Army Special Operations Command ] are looking for unconditional and conditional Ecology of Peace cooperator Honour or Death soldiers; to provide them with their unconditional or conditional EoP cooperator military necessity coercive Peacemaker Abolitionist [ Tim 2 Jennifer  Flying Scotsman  Honour  Gambino Peacemaker Neil de La Croce death 2 Dec  John Brown death 2 Dec Lethal Weapon  ] backup; to enable them to support General Martin E. Dempsey; Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert; to adopt a — speak the Factual truth, the whole factual truth and nothing but the goddamn factual Ecology of Peace facts truth [ EoP supporters Military Gospel  EoP Options  ]; Buck Stops Here attitude to the issue of American and Planetary Sustainable Security.

GMC 4643-13 Applicants request every current and retired Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine to confront your ego shadow goverments and make and publicly declare your Honour or Death — What do I want? [ MCR: What do you want? ] and ‘Who is the Enemy’? [ END:CIV enemy  Crimson Tide Enemy  Ego Enemy  Nuclear Enemy  Sequestration Enemy   Energy Consumption Enemy Masonic Complexity Enemy  Psych Enemy  Beliefs Enemy  ] military nuclear [ ToC Killing Times Linkola EcoFascism  Linkola Button  ] lifeboat [ Garrett Hardin ] — warrior choices:

* Ecology of Peace Responsible Freedom Root Cause Problem Solving: Find your physical and philosophical courage spine and take control of your ego shadow goverment and Buck Stops Here declare yourself as an unconditional or conditional EoP cooperator [ EoP supporters ] to ‘Honour or Death’ support the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract that requires all the worlds citizens to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; to thereby eliminate the root overpopulation / consumption causes of resource wars.


* War is Peace Slavery Freedumb Parasite Leech Welfare Whore Cannibal: Fight to uphold the Masonic ‘Fuck Honour’ War is Peace Duhmockery ‘right to be brood sow/sperm donor’ economic and military cannon fodder slaves; to breed like cockroaches on viagra; and consume like Bling niggers on crack cocaine; to fight and die to defend the Duhmockery Masonic War is Peace cannibal bloodlust elite’s international law social contract and its biological [ Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola Iatrogenic Origins ]; chemical [ Gulf War Syndrome Iatrogenic Origins  Psychiatric Fraud PsyChemical Warfare SEL Human sacrifice ]; resource thieving [ Age of Stupid  ] consequences; then wonder why they need healing [ Jacob David George  Men’s Conference  ].

Acting MILED Clerk

CC: Worlds Fortune 500, Stock Exchange, Banking Mobster Cartel; et al corporate welfare whore CEO’s and Boards of Directors via: U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Nobel Peace Committee and Nobel Peace whorettes via Nobelprize.org; Worlds Professional Sports via The Olympic Games; Masonic Secular and Religious Misery Parasite Poverty Pimping Entertainment Associations via evacuation definition negotiations [See MILED Clerk link]; Legal Corporate Whores: Judges or Magistrates, Bar Associations via International Bar Association.

CC: Donald Rumsfeld; Office of the Director of National Intelligence; Phil Breedlove.
CC: President Vladimir Putin via Посольство России в Финляндии – Embassy of Russia in Finland.
– EoP v WiP Neg: 27 Jan: Sgt Maj. Bryan Battaglia: Senior Enlisted Advisor to Chairman JCS: 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz liberation by Red Army.


Talked to Death – Alan Berg – Radio DJ Digger of People’s Secrets

Alan Harrison Berg (January 1, 1934 – June 18, 1984) was an American attorney and talk radio show host in Denver, Colorado. Berg was known for his largely liberal, outspoken viewpoints and confrontational interview style. On the evening of June 18, 1984, Berg was fatally shot in the driveway of his Denver home by members of the white nationalist group The Order. His provocative talk show sought to flush out “the anti-Semitism latent in the area’s conservative population”. He succeeded in provoking members of The Order to engage him in conversations on this talk show and his “often-abrasive on-air persona” ignited the anger of The Order. Subsequently, members of The Order involved in the killing were identified as being part of a group planning to kill prominent Jews.[3] Ultimately, two members of The Order, David Lane and Bruce Pierce, were convicted on charges of civil rights violations for their involvement in the case, though neither were ever charged or convicted of homicide. Lane and Pierce were sentenced to 190 years and 252 years in prison, respectively. Lane died in prison in 2007, and Pierce died in prison in 2010. Alan Berg’s life and death were chronicled in the book, Talked to Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg by Stephen Singular. The book was an inspiration for the films Betrayed and Talk Radio.

September 1981: My first month in Denver, I flip the radio dial to KOA, the largest station in the Rocky Mountain region. A radio junkie for 25 years–in New York and Chicago, in Kansas and Texas–I think I have heard everything the medium has to offer, until today. It is Yom Kippur: for Jews, the holiest of days, a day set aside for prayer and fasting and the atonement of sins.
“I know there are anti-Semitic people out there among you gentiles,” the man on the radio is saying, his voice like sandpaper. “I know that you’re listening. I want you to call me and tell me why you don’t like Jews. Let’s not pretend this doesn’t exist. Let’s stir it up. You’re anti-Semitic, and you know it, and you’ve got real feelings about this, and I want to find out what they are.”
I am certain the man on the radio isn’t sitting at a desk but standing over a microphone and pointing at the studio walls, flailing his arms like a psychotic. At any moment, I think, the microphone will go dead, and he will be jerked off the air.
I have never heard anything like it, on radio or on television. His words bother me, because I know what he is saying, however provocative, is true. He says his name is Alan Berg.
Fall 1982: I catch one or two snatches of Berg’s program, and I am struck by his sense of humor. Berg is a clown, yet he has grasped how everything–everything from buying lettuce to making love–has become politicized.
And this is funny, too: people aren’t as good, they aren’t as enlightened, as they thought they were a decade or two ago, and they are worried and frustrated by the discovery. He makes terrible fun of our confusion and limitations. He appears to be one of the few public figures I have come across who is living now, in this decade, not in the past, not in the Sixties or Seventies.
One afternoon Berg launches into a black man who has called to tell him that there are certain things he will never experience or understand because he isn’t black. Berg is fed up and tells the man to quit jiving him. The caller sounds stunned. Apparently, no one, least of all a white man on the radio, has taken his ideas to task before. The exchange between black and white is brusque. And honest.
[..] Berg has taken the idea of talk radio as the last neighborhood to its outer limits: he holds group-therapy sessions on the air, putting on four callers at once and encouraging them to pick one another apart. “Some people are laughing, some are hating,” he tells me. “All the emotions of the earth are there…They go back and forth with each other, and it’s a gas.”
Berg urges people to call him up, right now, and to argue with him. He jumps into the confusion and conflict just beneath the surface of the body politic. You can write your newspaper – or Sixty Minutes – a letter, which they may or may not print or read on television. Berg is always accessible, on the air or off. Unlike many celebrities, even those in Denver, his home telephone number and address are listed in the book.
Only one exchange on the Sixty Minutes program is really memorable.
Sixty Minutes: “You say, yourself, you often go on there, you don’t know quite what you’re going to say.” Berg: “Hopefully, my legal training will prevent me from saying the one thing that will kill me. [Laughing] And I’ve come awfully close.”
[..] My thoughts are also a small tribute to Berg: he was always rummaging around inside of evil, trying to figure it out, to pin it down and hold it up for public scrutiny. He was intensely aware that it emerges from behind a thousand smiles, and he was always telling us that the thing is right there inside of us, each of us, and we need to ferret it out for ourselves.
Somewhere near Trinidad, Colorado, just north of the New Mexico line, it occurs to me that evil might be nothing more than the choking off of that process: the death of communication.
The courses of the bullets through Berg’s torso were hard to estimate, the [autopsy] report said, because of the probable twisting of Berg’s body at the time he was shot. The report said two slugs struck Berg in the head near the left eye and exited on the right side of the neck, and two more hit on the left side of the head and exited downward on the right side of the neck. Another struck the left side of the head and exited at the back of the head. —-Denver Post
He was murdered in front of his apartment building, and it is believed that a .45-caliber MAC 10 machine pistol and a silencer were used. Twelve rounds passed through Berg’s torso, arms and face before splintering his garage door. It was an excellent hit.
The Denver Police Department immediately undertook the largest murder investigation in its recent history, assigning 47 officers to the case full-time, and radio-station KOA offered a $10,000 reward for information.
On October 18th, four months to the day after Berg was killed, FBI agents were shot at while maintaining surveillance at the house of Gary Lee Yarbrough in Sandpoint, Idaho. They were looking for his brother, Steve.
Gary Lee Yarbrough, 29, later fled when FBI agents entered the house. In an upstairs room, they found a three-foot-high portrait of Adolf Hitler surrounded by black crepe paper and candles.
They also found two 12-gauge shotguns, five semiautomatic rifles, a bolt-action rifle, a .45-caliber Colt pistol, a Winchester .22-caliber rifle, a .45-caliber MAC-10 machine pistol and a .308-caliber MAC-10 machine pistol with a silencer, 100 sticks of dynamite, one and a half pounds of C-4 plastic explosives, fragmentation grenades, night-vision scopes, more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition, bandoleers loaded with .308-caliber ammunition, 110 blasting caps, four loaded crossbows, police scanners, booby traps and Aryan Nations uniforms.
Yarbrough was at large until November 24th, when he was captured in a Portland, Oregon, motel after a shootout with the FBI. His partner at the motel, Robert Mathews, escaped and fled to a house on Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound, near Seattle.
On November 30th, one of the guns recovered in the Yarbrough house was positively identified by the FBI as the Berg murder weapon. On December 7th, the FBI located Mathews and surrounded the house. After a 30-hour siege, the FBI fired illumination flares into the house. The house burst into flames, and Mathews died in the blaze. (The cause of the fire is still unknown.)
There is another reason, I believe, that he made such an impact. He knew instinctively where people live – down in the crevices holding those secret desires and needs and contradictions – and he knew how to get down there in a hurry and then dig in. He may have skated over the surface of many social issues, as his critics always charged, but not over the emotions they aroused.
If you think people are essentially creatures of logic, then you might have considered Berg a sham. If you think we’re fighting a constant battle against irrationality, and sometimes losing, then he might have crawled under your skin as well. In a way, he was just a guy who liked to talk too much. Yet in another way he was much more than that.
I once asked him why he felt that he had to call himself ugly and whip himself verbally on the air. “I must be punished,” he said. “But why?” “I could take the most beautiful relationship in the world and find a way to destroy it. I’m a wrongdoer.” He started to laugh, a full, deep, mature laugh. “I secretly want to be a Christian and don’t recognize it,” he said.
At the time, his answer struck me as bizarre. It was obvious that my question had bothered him and that he had tried to dismiss it by coming up with a glibly funny answer.
A year and a half later, after his death, his words don’t seem so odd. In fact, they have begun to make a kind of sense. Berg absorbed a lot of the anger that is out there floating in the air, a lot of the anger that is now generated by the media. He became a martyr in the Christian sense of the word – a media martyr, a martyr for those who distort and destroy the meaning of the truth. He died for our sins.
– Rolling Stone: Talked to Death.


Falling Man – Thelma Louise Oven Planet Car

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End Civ Thelma and Louise

Coin: Overconsumption of Resources & Population Growth.
Climate Change Grenade:
Tomato Grenade:
Thelma & Louise Climate Change: Thelma Louise Climate Change Forward Suicide. Thelma & Louise: Trailer, Ending Scene.
End Civ: Youtube: Trailer, Full documentary. SubMedia TV. Top Documentary Films.
» IG: 13-05-02_end-civ-thelmalouise.


Falling Man

Falling ManThe Falling Man.
Kenneth Deffeyes: Kenneth Deffeyes; quoted in Crude Impact
Resources Collision: Human Predicament: Better Common Sense Required, by Jack Alpert. Jack Alpert … Jack Alpert Skil: Rapid Population Decline or Bust: Human Predicament: Better Common Sense Required Series: Overpopulation Means MurderToo Many People; Non-linearity of Overpopulation: 01.02; How Much Degrowth is Enough?.  Losing Our Energy Slaves.
Climate Change Hand Grenade: Near Term Extinction: Antarctica: Secrets of the Ice.
IG: 12-11-26_fallingman17-06-24_gaiagravitylaws-reidentitypolitics.


Jason Kessler – former Obama Occupy Activist turned – Pro White Charleston Robert E Lee Statue Press Conference Silenced, shortly before James Fields crashed his car into Heather Heyer.

Soon after the press conference dissolved into chaos, Kessler took to Twitter to decry the incident as a violation of free speech. Kessler, one of the organizers behind the weekend’s protest in Charlottesville attended by Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and white nationalists, released a statement earlier on Sunday blaming police officers and the Charlottesville government for Saturday’s mayhem. The violence peaked when a man attending the rally drove his car into an anti-racist group, killing 32-year-old counter-protester Heather Heyer.
– Huffington Post: ‘Unite The Right’ Organizer Flees His Press Conference In Charlottesville.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reports that Jason Kessler, the organizer of last Saturday’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is rumored to be a former Occupy Wall Street activist and supporter of Barack Obama. – Breitbart: Charlottesville Racist Leader Was Former Occupy Activist, Obama Supporter.

Relying on familiar tropes of “white genocide” and “demographic displacement,” white nationalist blogger Jason Kessler seeks notoriety with his “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, Virginia. – SPLC: Jason Kessler.


The Corporation

The Corporation is a 2003 Canadian documentary film written by University of British Columbia law professor Joel Bakan, and directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. The documentary examines the modern-day corporation. Bakan wrote the book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, during the filming of the documentary. The documentary shows the development of the contemporary business corporation, from a legal entity that originated as a government-chartered institution meant to affect specific public functions to the rise of the modern commercial institution entitled to most of the legal rights of a person. The documentary concentrates mostly upon North American corporations, especially those in the United States. One theme is its assessment of corporations as persons, as a result of an 1886 case in the United States Supreme Court in which a statement by Chief Justice Morrison R. Waite led to corporations as “persons” having the same rights as human beings, based on the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Topics addressed include the Business Plot, wherein in 1933, General Smedley Butler exposed an alleged corporate plot against then U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; the tragedy of the commons; Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning people to beware of the rising military-industrial complex; economic externalities; suppression of an investigative news story about Bovine Growth Hormone on a Fox News Channel affiliate television station at the behest of Monsanto; the invention of the soft drink Fanta by The Coca-Cola Company due to the trade embargo on Nazi Germany; the alleged role of IBM in the Nazi holocaust (see IBM and the Holocaust); the Cochabamba protests of 2000 brought on by the privatization of a municipal water supply in Bolivia; and in general themes of corporate social responsibility, the notion of limited liability, the corporation as a psychopath, and the corporate personhood debate. The Corporation: Trailer.


Harold Covington on [No Usury] Aryan Banking

Charlottesville Robert E Lee Statue

Charlottesville City Council is proceeding with the removal of the controversial Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park, the question is how. Monday the city manager is bringing the legal and logistically possible options to council. – WSLS: Charlottesville City Council to Hear Options for Robert E. Lee Statue.


Baked Alaska – Partially Blind from Bear Mace or Acid Attack

Baked Alaska, one of the men scheduled to speak in Charlottesville yesterday, was sprayed with what might have been some kind of acid yesterday, and is still in the hospital now, according to a statement from his guy Matthew. We’ve not heard any further details about that, but I thought it was important to give an update here, since the media is not reporting on it at all. If he’s still in the hospital today, it was definitely something other than mace.
Matthew said that Baked Alaska may be suffering permanent eye damage because he can only see about 3 feet in front of him. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean he will have permanent damage. Hopefully he’s okay. He got attacked with some unknown chemical agent manually made by Antifa or Black Lives Matter who are now turning into terrorists mimicking Muslim acid attacks. Baked Alaska has also received thousands of death threats.
– EU Times: Baked Alaska Hospitalized, Partially Blind After Suffering Antifa Acid Attack.


Alexei Navalny Green Dye Zelyonka Attack

Vladimir Putin’s principal opponent Alexei Navalny has accused the Kremlin of being involved in a green dye attack which he said damaged his cornea. Russian network REN-TV published a video of Thursday’s attack on the opposition leader in which the face of the assailant is blurred. The video, first broadcast on Friday, starts as Mr Navalny bends down and raises a hand to the right side of his face covered by the green substance believed to be the Soviet-era topical antiseptic known as “zelyonka.”.  The attacker is filmed as he runs away from Mr Navalny and towards the camera, however in the broadcast video it’s impossible to discern his face as it is heavily pixellated. On Sunday, Mr Navalny suggested on Twitter that the video was leaked to the Kremlin-friendly private broadcaster by authorities and accused Russia’s FSB (Russia’s Federal Security Service) of involvement.
– The Telegraph: Alexei Navalny accuses Kremlin of involvement in green dye attack.


Unite the Right Charlottesville Protest – Robert E Lee – They Won’t Replace Us Demographic Displacement Poster – Nameless Field – James Field – Adolf Hitler – Heather Hayer.

The Unite the Right rally (also known as the Charlottesville rally) was a gathering of far-right groups in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, on August 11–12, 2017. Those assembled at the rally included members of white supremacist, white nationalist, neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, and militia movements. The participants were protesting against the removal of Confederate monuments and memorials from public spaces, specifically the Robert E. Lee statue in Emancipation Park. The scheduled rally was officially canceled due to a state of emergency declared by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe as well as readying the National Guard due to police inability to control the situation. Later that afternoon, a car plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters, during which a woman died and 19 other people were injured (five critically). Attorney General Jeff Sessions called it domestic terrorism, and has started a civil rights investigation to determine if it will be tried in court as a hate crime. At least 19 people were injured in street brawls, and other violence at the rally. Separately, a police helicopter monitoring the scene crashed 7 miles (11 km) southwest of Charlottesville, killing the two Virginia State Police troopers on board. ….. The white nationalists marched from Nameless Field to The Lawn. …… During the rally, at about 1:45 p.m. on August 12, a man drove his car into a crowd of people who were protesting against the rally, killing 32-year-old Heather D. Heyer and injuring 19 others. The ramming occurred at a pedestrian mall at Water and Fourth streets (38°01′46.17″N 78°28′46.29″W). Video footage recorded at the scene showed a gray 2010 Dodge Challenger accelerating into crowds on a pedestrian mall, sending bodies flying, then reversing at high speed, hitting more people. The moment when the car was driven into the crowd was also captured in aerial video footage taken by a drone. A photographer present at the scene said the car “plowed into a sedan and then into a minivan. Bodies flew.  ……. Shortly after the collision, James Fields, a 20-year-old male, was arrested. He was charged with second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding, and failure to stop following an accident resulting in death, and he is being held without bail at the Albermarle-Charlottesville County Regional Jail. …. Separate GoFundMe pages were set up for the Heyer family and for those injured in the crash; the latter was organized by the Anchorage co-chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America. Heyer’s mother said she wanted her daughter’s name to become “a rallying cry for justice and equality and fairness and compassion.” …… On the afternoon of August 12, a Bell 407 helicopter owned by the Virginia State Police crashed 7 miles (11 km) west of Charlottesville, killing two Virginia state troopers who were on board. Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen, 48, of Midlothian, Virginia, and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates, 40, of Quinton, Virginia, were on the way to assist with security and public safety in the city.


Bill Maher – House Nigger WiP Supremacist’s – Don’t want to work in fields.

Bill Maher: I got to get to Nebraska more. Ben Sasse: we’d love to have you work in the Nebraska fields with us. Maher: Work in the fields? No, I’m a house nigger – Maher Real Time: 03 June 2017

Bill Maher: I got to get to Nebraska more. Ben Sasse: You’re welcome, we’d love to have you work in the fields with us. Maher: Work in the fields? Sasse: Thats part of the. [interrupted] Maher: You’ve said it, I’m a house nigger. No. You still working in the fields out there huh? Sasse: Yeah.
– Bill Maher: Maher Real Time: 03 June 2017 Ben Sasse Interview -James Burgos: 0.19; Complex News: 01:51; Black & Blonde Media: 05:04.
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EoP Axis Intnl Law Property Ration – Sustainability Self Sufficiency – for Responsible Freedom Citizens

EoP Axis Domestic Policy to Provide Responsible Freedom citizens with their Property Ration; shall be legally nationally and internationally implemented, once Intnl Court of Justice has ruled on legal certainty ofEcology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality Principles, and confirmed Ecology of Peace scientific and cultural law, as international law. Citizens and Landowners who wish to volutarily begin to implement cooperative property ration process to deindustrialize to low tech agrarian sustainable future may follow suggestions as suggested in EoP Truth and Reconciliation Draft Statements. Citizens who wish to support their military, racial, political, religious, business etc leaders to begin EoP Truth and Reconciliation Legal Certainty Enquiry official public negotiations in their Nation, can show their support by signing their Responsible Freedom Oaths.


Father Son: Pete & Pearce Tefft – Demographic Displacement – Nazi Ovens

Business Insider: Father of white-nationalist Charlottesville marcher: He ‘is not welcome at our family gatherings any longer’. Inforum: Pearce Tefft Letter: Family denounces Tefft’s racist rhetoric and actions. Inforum: Peter Tefft: Letter: It’s time to United the Right.
– EoP v WiP Neg: 16 Aug: EoP Re: Pearce Tefft denounces Peter Tefft’s racist rhetoric & actions.


Le Carre: Tinker Tailor: End Cold War .. Post Cold War Peace .. Dysfunctional Father Son Relationships .. Soviet Psychological Torture Practices.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a (i) 1979 seven-part drama spy mini-series made by BBC TV, directed by John Irvin and produced by Jonathan Powell; which stars Alec Guinness, Ian Richardson, Michael Jayston, Anthony Bate, Ian Bannen, George Sewell, and Michael Aldridge [Trailer], (ii) 2011 Cold War espionage film directed by Tomas Alfredson, starring Gary Oldman as George Smiley, along with Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Toby Jones, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Ciarán Hinds, and featuring David Dencik [Trailer]. Both are adaptations of John le Carré’s novel Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1974); which is set in London in the early 1970s and follows the hunt for a Soviet double agent at the top of the British secret service.

Le Carre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy series deals with the socio-cultural dysfunctional consequences of Father Son [aka masculine insecurity / fatherhood parenting] relationships. In one discussion between Jim Prideaux and George Smiley; Prideaux is describing the Soviet psychological torture processes; and how initially he simply relied on plausible deniable stories as answers to the interrogators questions. Finally he didn’t psychologically break or crack, he says he just ran out of stories; and started to dig down into the stuff buried deep inside.

George Smiley to Karla: Mr. Guestman: “If you go home to Moscow you will either be shot or sent to die in one of the camps. Wouldn’t you prefer to ask us for protection. …. Arrangement with Americans invitation. I can’t see an alternative for you. If you cooperate; we can give you a new start; a new identity. Seclusion. A modest amount of money. …. Would you like a cigarette. I know you’re a chainsmoker. I know this is what you smoke. Look. I’m not offering you wealth, or smart women or your choice of fast cars. I know you haven’t any use for any of those things. I’m not going to make any claims about the moral superiority of the West. I’m sure you can see through our values; just as I can see through yours in the East. You and I have spent our lives looking for the weaknesses in each others systems. I’m sure each of us has experienced innumerable technical satisfactions in our wretched cold war. But now your own side is going to shoot you. For nothing. For misdemeanours you have not committed. Because of a power struggle within your own hierarchy. Because probably due to someone’s treachory; or sheer incompetence. I am sure both of us when we were young subscribed to great visions. But not anymore. After all you’ve seen? You can’t still be committed to that old grand design. You know it has achieved nothing except new forms of the old misery.”

Bill Haydn/Tailor’s confession why he became a British-Soviet double agent: “Do you know whats killing western democracy? Greed and constipation. Moral, political, aesthetic. I hate America very deeply. The economic depression of the masses institutionalized. Even Lenin couldn’t foresee the extent of that. Britain. Oh Dear. No viability whatever in world affairs. I suppose thats when it began. Turning my eyes to the east. When I saw how trivial we had become as a nation. .. I still believe the secret service are the nations only real expression of a nations character. Until the mid 50’s I still had hopes, lingering loyalties to what we represented. Self delusions of course. We were already America’s streetwalkers.”
– Wikispooks: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Bill Hayden justifies his betrayal.
– Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy:
» IG: 15-10-19_gijanejordan-ttss-heydn; 17-03-04_sergeykislyak-kiss-yisforyak17-06-19_timkhanstratculture-natoscosteppeline.

“I waited at the end of the Cold War for somebody to tell us the world can now be reshaped. That endless standoff as it seemed to us; between the two great economic monoliths of the western world and the communist world was over. The excuses for exploiting the third world, for imposing dreadful little dictators on them, provided they were anti-communist. All those excuses are gone. Now something decent could be put together. A real act of global perestroika could occur. Nothing happened. We went into a kind of collective western atrophy of isolation and self indulgence. Our response was to make ourselves fatter and richer and not to take on the world at large. So I felt that a great moment in history had simply gone by default.” — John Le Carre; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – The Secret Centre.
» EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 20 Nov: Jon Rappoport … Akron Beacon Journal; 07 Mar: Gen Flynn … Ivanka Trump HQ.
» IG: 17-03-04_sergeykislyak-kiss-yisforyak17-06-19_timkhanstratculture-natoscosteppeline17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-lecarrettss.


Durham Statue: Gwinnett Co Magistrate Judge James Hinkle Suspended

A Georgia judge has been suspended after he criticized protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, and across the country for trying to erase history by removing Confederate-era monuments from public grounds. Gwinnett County Judge Jim Hinkle, a former longtime mayor of Grayson, on Saturday called Charlottesville protesters seeking the removal of a 1924 statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee “snowflakes” who have “no concept of history,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. “It is what it is. Get over it and move on,” Judge Hinkle wrote on Facebook, in part. “Leave history alone – those who ignore history are deemed [sic] to repeat the mistake of the past.” His comments reportedly came less than a hour before clashes between white nationalist groups and counter-protesters in Charlottesville turned deadly. A 32-year-old woman was killed and more than a dozen injured after a reported Nazi sympathizer rammed his car into a crowd of demonstrators. Two Virginia State Police troopers were also killed in a helicopter crash near the protests. On Monday, a crowd of protesters toppled a Confederate statue outside the old Durham County courthouse in North Carolina — an act Judge Hinkle compared to the Islamic State’s destruction of historic artifacts in the Middle East, The Journal-Constitution.
– Washington Times: Georgia judge suspended after criticizing anti-Confederate protesters: ‘Leave history alone’.


Kim Jongun on Grey Horse – Army Earth Day

Kim Jong-un (born 8 January 1982–84 or 5 July 1984) is the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly referred to as North Korea. Kim is the second child of Kim Jong-il (1941–2011) and his consort Ko Yong-hui. Little is known for certain about Kim Jong-un. Before taking power, he had barely been seen in public, and many of the activities of both Kim and his government remain shrouded in secrecy. Even details such as what year he was born, and whether he did indeed attend a Western school under a pseudonym, are difficult to confirm with certainty.
Kim was officially declared the supreme leader following the state funeral of his father on 28 December 2011. Kim holds the titles of Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, and presidium member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Kim was promoted to the rank of Marshal of North Korea in the Korean People’s Army on 18 July 2012, consolidating his position as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and is often referred to as Marshal Kim Jong-un or “the Marshal” by state media. Kim obtained two degrees, one in physics at Kim Il-sung University, and another as an Army officer at the Kim Il-sung Military University.
On 12 December 2013 official North Korean news outlets released reports that due to alleged “treachery,” he had ordered the execution of his uncle Jang Song-thaek. On 9 March 2014, Kim Jong-un was elected unopposed to the Supreme People’s Assembly. He is the first North Korean leader born after the country’s founding. Kim Jong-un is widely believed to have ordered the assassination of his brother, Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia in February 2017.
» IG: 17-08-08_eop-kimjongun.


US Army Environmental Command Earth Day:

U.S. Army Environmental Command (USAEC): Purpose
The USAEC’s mission is to lead and execute Army cleanup and environmental quality programs, providing technical expertise to enable Soldier readiness and sustainable military communities. This includes the Military Munitions Response Program. – EPA.
» IG: 17-08-08_eop-kimjongun.


St Cuthberts Society Boat Club: Durham Next Graffiti Assassination Threat

Police are hunting the person who sprawled a sickening graffiti message across two wooden doors which reads ‘Jo Cox deserved it, Durham next’. The horrifying note was sprayed close to the city centre of Durham – but police are assuring people it is not a serious threat. The graffiti, which was plastered across the shabby double doors of St Cuthbert’s Society’s boathouse, was painted over yesterday afternoon while people were voting.
– Daily Mail: Police investigate sickening ‘Jo Cox deserved it, Durham next’ city centre graffiti threat to MP.
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Instinct: Illusions

What’s the playing card for? Control. Control of you ? By whom ? By you– takers. ”Takers” ? Explain that I lived as a man living with animals. I lived as humans lived 10,000 years ago. Humans knew how to live in the world then, before takers.                     I’m the one, Ethan Are you ? I’m the one. The one in control, huh ? Yes. Who’s in control ? [Choking ] So who is in control, huh ? Are you ? Am l ? The guards outside ? The warden in his office ? Yeah ? Who’s in control ? Testing, testing, testing. One, two, three, four. Dr Ethan Powell, interviewing Dr Theo Caulder. Now, this will be a very simple test. Pass or fail, life or death. Ready, Juha ? Now, you write on this paper what l have taken from you. What have you lost ? Write it ! Write it ! [Writes] ‘Control’ Wrong. You never had control. You only thought you had it. An illusion, TabibuJuha ! And what do you control for sure, huh ? The volume on your stereo, the air conditioning in your car ? What else ? What else ? All right. Another chance. You were nervous. Too much pressure. Try again. What have you lost ? What did l take ? Write it. Write it! [Writes] ‘My Freedom’ You’re a fool, Juha. – Ha ! [ Grunts, Pants ] Did you think you were free ? Where were you going at : today ? into the gym, right ? in the morning, your wake-up call. in the middle of the night when you wake up sweating, with your heart pounding. What is it that has you all tied up, Juha, tied up in little knots ? Is it ambition ? Yeah. You’re no mystery to me, boy. l used to be you. Okay. One last chance. You think l won’t do it ? [Chuckles ] What’s one psychiatrist less to the world ? I’m already deep in the pit. So what can they do to me ? Last try. Get it right. What have you lost ? What did l take from you ? Write it. [Writes] ‘My Illusions’ Yeah. Congratulations. You’re a student, after all. And you’ve lost nothing but your illusions and a little bit of skin…
» Instinct: Script; Clip: Illusions.

Instinct is a 1999 American psychological thriller film starring Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding, Jr., George Dzundza, Donald Sutherland, and Maura Tierney. It was very loosely inspired by Ishmael, a novel by Daniel Quinn. The film examines the mind of anthropologist Ethan Powell (Hopkins) who had been missing for a few years, living in the jungle with gorillas. He is convicted of killing and injuring several supposed Wilderness Park Rangers in Africa, and is sent to prison. A bright young psychiatrist (Gooding) tries to find out why he killed them, but becomes entangled in a quest to learn the true history and nature of humankind. Eventually it is revealed that during the course of Powell’s stay with the gorillas, they accepted him as part of their group; he was attempting to protect his gorilla family when the rangers arrived and started shooting them. He gets a hearing to reveal the truth, but an attack by a vicious guard on the other prisoners causes Powell to be reminded of the killed gorillas and stop talking again. At the end of the film, Powell escapes from prison using a pen to dig out the lock on a window, and heads back to Africa. Trailer. Clip: IllusionsThe Game.
» IG: 17-02-12_fbidallas-endgame17-03-19_whatawaytogo17-04-18_navalny-michaelanton;  17-06-11_mcveightapes-rydertrafficlightfuse17-05-28_zbigniewbrzezinski-eoptrcorwipimpeachment17-06-23_shooter-scalisegrenfellfitzgeraldchrystal17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-thecompany.


William Colby: OSS, CIA Director

William Egan Colby (January 4, 1920 – April 27, 1996) spent a career in intelligence for the United States, culminating in holding the post of the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from September 1973 to January 1976. During World War II Colby served with the Office of Strategic Services. After the war he joined the newly created Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Before and during the Vietnam War, Colby served as chief of station in Saigon, chief of the CIA’s Far East Division, and head of the Civil Operations and Rural Development effort, as well as overseeing the Phoenix Program. After Vietnam, Colby became director of central intelligence and during his tenure, under intense pressure from the United States Congress and the media, adopted a policy of relative openness about U.S. intelligence activities to the Senate Church Committee and House Pike Committee. Colby served as DCI under President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford and was replaced with future president George H.W. Bush on January 30, 1976. Author:Honorable Men: My Life in the CIA.

The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby is a 2011 American documentary film exploring the life and career of former CIA director William Egan Colby. His son Carl Colby narrated and directed it; David Johnson produced. Narrated by Carl Colby, son of the late Director of Central Intelligence William E. Colby, The Man Nobody Knew traces the elder Colby’s career in the U.S. intelligence community, along with and in contrast to his home life, including the secrets he kept from his family. The film begins with Colby’s service in World War II as an officer and paratrooper with the OSS, and follows his rise through the Central Intelligence Agency, where his roles included political covert action to oppose the Communist Party in Italy, later counterinsurgency actions and involvement in the 1963 coup in South Vietnam (in concert with President John F. Kennedy) during the Vietnam War, and later as Director of Central Intelligence in the 1970s. During his brief, tumultuous tenure leading the agency, Colby revealed the existence of documents describing illegal activities by the CIA, known as the “Family Jewels”, in an effort to reform the agency. The film concludes with Colby’s disappearance and death in April 1996. Trailer.
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Hinkletown Farmers Lodge 168 – Union Horse Co No Rules Wild West Justice – Civil war in Keokuk Co – Wagon Pulls Away.

It was June, 1869. Cattle rustlers, horse thieves and other criminals were becoming common in the countryside. A group of men from the area around Hinkletown, including Green Valley, southeast Iowa County, northeast Keokuk County and Wassonville, Nira and Fairview of northwest Washington County, Iowa, decided “enough was enough.” Thirty men, many from Hinkletown and a several-mile perimeter, mustered together to fight the outlaws. – Hinkletown: 2 for 3 Bibs; Old West Justice: Hinkletown’s Early Law Enforcement Union Horse Company.

Newspapers of the day called it “Civil War in Keokuk County!”. …… The men of South English line the porch of the hotel as Talley’s delegation moves through the Main Street. With an anti-war rally and pro-war rally going on in close proximity, the air was ripe for a fight to brew. Right: Accounts of the day say that Talley was standing in his wagon, brandishing a gun and a knife while taunting back at the Abolitionists, daring one to remove his “Butternut Badge.” ….. As the wagon pulls away, Talley lay dying in the back, having been shot multiple times. … Two women of Hinkletown fight over their beliefs! – Hinkletown: Filming at Ushers Ferry: September 8 & 9, 2007 – “Civil War Enlistments,” “The Copperhead Lodge,” “Anti-war Rally at Noffsinger Grove,” “Purchasing Weapons at Iowa City,” “Talley War at South English.”.


Platoon – Elias: US Kicking Ass Foreign Policy – Barnes: I am Reality.

We’ve been kicking other people’s asses for so long, I figured it was about time we got ours kicked. What happened today was just the beginning….. – Elias.

Platoon is a 1986 American anti-war film written and directed by Oliver Stone, starring Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, and Charlie Sheen. It is the first film of a trilogy of Vietnam War films directed by Stone, followed by Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and Heaven & Earth (1993). Stone wrote the screenplay based upon his experiences as a U.S. infantryman in Vietnam, to counter the vision of the war portrayed in John Wayne’s The Green Berets. Platoon was the first Hollywood film to be written and directed by a veteran of the Vietnam War.  Platoon: Trailer. Clip: I am Reality.

Platoon Leader Bullet: Michael Dudikoff ‘Welcome to the Vietnam War Country Club’ Movie.
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Brat – Brother – All the Kremlin’s Underdog Goodguy Gangsters – Watermelon Assassination Escape on Tram – DiY Cannonball Gunpowder.

Brat/Brother: Brat/Brother (Russian: Брат, translit. Brat) is a 1997 Russian crime film directed by Aleksei Balabanov. The film stars Sergei Bodrov Jr. as Danila Bagrov, a young Russian ex-conscript. The character of Danila is considered by many in Russia to be an icon of the early post-Soviet period. Brother unexpectedly became one of the most commercially successful Russian films released in the 1990s and quickly became a cult film throughout Russia. Due to the film’s popularity and fan demand, a sequel, Brother 2, was released in 2000. Brother 2 is notable for having a significantly higher budget, more emphasis on action sequences, and taking place in Moscow and Chicago.
In the autumn of 1997, Danila Bagrov (Sergei Bodrov Jr.) returns to his small hometown of Priozersk following his demobilization from the Russian Army after the First Chechen War. Before he reaches home, he ends up in a fight with security guards, after he accidentally walks onto the set of a music video for the band Nautilus Pompilius. After Danila rejects a job offer from the chief of the local militsiya, who was a classmate of Danila’s deceased father, he is released, on the condition that he will find work within the week. His mother insists that he travels to St. Petersburg to seek out his successful older brother Viktor, whom his mother is confident will help him make a living.
Danila travels to the city, but his attempts to make contact with Viktor are unsuccessful. Instead, he travels around the city and befriends several people from a very wide urban spectrum: Kat (Mariya Zhukova), an energetic drug addict and party-girl, and “German” Hoffman (Yury Kuznetsov), a homeless street vendor whom Danila helps after a thug attempts to extort him. Danila knocks the thug unconscious and takes a revolver from his pocket.
Unbeknown to their mother, Viktor (Viktor Sukhorukov) is an accomplished hitman who goes by the street name “Tatar” but is growing too independent and is starting to irritate his mob boss “Roundhead” (Sergei Murzin). His latest target is “Chechen”, a Chechen mafia boss who was recently released from prison and runs an open-air market. Roundhead, who is unhappy with the amount of money that Viktor demanded for the hit, orders his thugs to secretly watch him.
When Danila finally finds Viktor’s apartment, he is welcomed by Viktor. To avoid exposure, Viktor passes his assignment to his brother, gives him money to settle into the city, and then lies to him that the Chechen has been extorting from him, and asks Danila to perform the hit. Although Danila claims that his army service was spent at the headquarters as a clerk, he carries out the task professionally. First, he asks German to find him a room in a communal flat in the city center (much to the dismay of the old alcoholic landlord who threatens to shoot German with his vintage hunting rifle, as revenge for World War II). He then constructs a makeshift silencer out of a plastic soda bottle and an oil filter, as well as a decoy firecracker out of a matchbox. Finally, he follows Chechen and, despite the latter’s security, takes him out without being spotted. As Danila makes his exit, Roundhead’s thugs spot him and chase him. Making his escape, Danila jumps into a freight tram and, despite being wounded in the abdomen, manages to kill one of the pursuing thugs.
The tram driver, a woman named Sveta (Svetlana Pismichenko), helps Danila escape. Later, despite her marriage to an abusive husband, the two begin an affair. Danila later recovers, with German’s help. With the money given to him by Viktor after the hit, he begins to enjoy St. Petersburg, gives his provincial image a makeover, goes to a concert with Sveta to see his favorite band, Nautilus Pompilius, and manages to scare away her husband. He meets up with Kat to go to a nightclub and then smokes cannabis in an afterparty, where he taunts a French tourist whom he mistakes for an American. The night ends with him sleeping with Kat.
Roundhead’s loss of a thug and the fact that Viktor employed Danila to carry out the hit aggravates him even more. He decides to draw him into a combined raid. Once again Viktor, suspecting a trap, passes the job to Danila. The two thugs raid the apartment, but their main target is away. While they wait, in an apartment on the floor above, a party is taking place with several well-known Russian rock stars. A young radio director, Stepan (Andrey Fedortsov) mistakes the raided flat for the party flat and is almost killed by the thugs, who take him as a hostage. Vyacheslav Butusov, the lead singer of Nautilus Pompilius, makes the same mistake, but Danila instead follows Butusov above and relaxes in the friendly musical atmosphere. Realizing the balance between right and wrong, he comes downstairs and finds that the thugs have just killed their main target, and are about to do the same with Stepan. Instead, Danila kills both thugs. Danila and Stepan drag the corpses to the Smolensky Lutheran Cemetery, where German and his friends dwell. Once again, German helps Danila by disposing of the bodies.
Roundhead is furious upon finding out what happened. Instead of going after Tatar, he decides to track Danila and intercepts Sveta’s tram. They later raid her apartment, where his men beat and rape her, and learn his phone number, as well as his address. A henchman nicknamed “Mole” ambushes Danila near his apartment building, but the bullet hits Danila’s music player, giving him a chance to fire back and kill Mole. Realizing that staying home is unsafe, he travels to Sveta’s house and is shocked at her state. Initially thinking it was her husband, he then learns who was responsible and realizes that the only way they could have tracked Sveta was when he returned a phone call from her home telephone to his brother.
At the same time, Roundhead raids Viktor’s apartment and forces him to call Danila at gunpoint, so that he comes to pick up his payment. Realizing the depth of the situation, Danila decides to end it all at once. He goes back to the communal room that he was renting, buys the rifle from the old man, converts it into a sawed-off shotgun, and replaces the duck-hunting pellets with nailheads. At Viktor’s apartment, he makes easy work of Roundhead and two of his henchmen and tells the surviving thug to warn the rest of the gang that anyone who hurts his brother will be killed. In reply, the thug tells him that it was Viktor who turned him in.
Danila forgives his brother, gives him some of the money from Roundhead’s suitcase (keeping the rest for himself) and then tells him to return home and to work for the militsiya. Danila decides to go to Moscow, as St. Petersburg, according to Viktor, “is a pretty town, but provincial nonetheless”. Once again he visits Sveta, intending to take her with him, but her husband has returned and is beating her. Seeing Danila, he challenges him to a fight, but before he can come closer, Danila fires a shot into his leg. Sveta rushes to her husband and begins to treat his wound. Danila urges her to come with him, but she tells him to get out and never come back. He leaves her a Nautilus Pompilius CD. He then meets up with German, converses with him about the influence of the city on its residents, saying that everyone is weak here, to which German replies that the city is an evil that drains the strength from those who enter it. Danila offers him money, but German declines, saying “What’s good for the Russian is death for the German”. Before he leaves the city, he finds Kat to say goodbye. She is indifferent to his departure, but he gives her money nonetheless.
The last scene of the film shows Danila walking out of a snow-covered forest. He hitches a ride to Moscow on a passing Kamaz truck. As he chats up with the driver, the final shot is of the winter road stretching far into the wilderness.

Brat means Brother in English: Movie.
One of the most popular Russian films of the 2000s was Brat-2, a sequel to the equally popular Brat, about small-time gangsters trying to eke out a living among the economic chaos and corruption at the end of the Yeltsin era. Both movies spawned a number of popular phrases and were quoted regularly. In the second movie, much of which is set in the U.S. and which came out just three days after Putin’s 2000 inauguration, one of the Russian heroes turns to his American counterpart and says: “So tell me, American, what is power? Is it really money? That’s what my brother says, money is power. You have a lot of money, but so what? I think the truth is power. Whoever has truth on their side is the more powerful.” For Putin and many of Russia’s citizens, this image of the tough, street-hardened, wily underdog getting the better of its slicker, richer but weaker opponent is one they nurture and cherish.
– Russia Direct: All the Kremlin’s Men: Inside Russia’s Political System.
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Moscow Red Square Gum Dept Store Watermelon Fountain – Vester Lee Flanagon’s Obsessions with Watermelon’s

Moscow Red Square Gum Dept Store: Watermelon Fountain – Vester Lee Flanagan obsession with Watermelons: Oakland Bryce Williams Vester Lee Flanagan Watermelons Dylan Roof War Tipping Pt.
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Spy Game: Bishop Recruitment: Gum.

“Most of the time all you need is a stick of gum, a pocketknife and smart. … Always carry cigarettes and a lighter too, great icebreaker.” – Spy Game: Bishop’s Recruitment.

Spy Game is a 2001 American spy film directed by Tony Scott and starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. In 1991, the governments of the U.S. and China are on the verge of a major trade agreement, with the President due to visit China to seal the deal. The CIA learns that its asset Tom Bishop has been captured trying to free a Briton, Elizabeth Hadley, from a People’s Liberation Army prison in Suzhou near Shanghai. Bishop is being questioned under torture and will be executed in 24 hours unless the U.S. government claims him. If the CIA claims Bishop as an agent, they risk jeopardizing the trade agreement. Exacerbating Bishop’s situation is the fact that he was operating without permission from the Agency. Attempting to deal quickly with the situation, CIA executives call in Nathan Muir, an aging mid-level case officer on his last day before retirement and the man who recruited Bishop. Although they tell Muir they simply need him to act as a “stop gap” to fill in some holes in their background files, the officials are hoping he will give them the pretext they need to justify letting Bishop die. … Bishop, who is rescued 15 minutes before his scheduled execution, realizes Muir was behind his rescue when he recognizes the name of the plan to rescue him, Operation Dinner Out: a reference to a birthday gift that Bishop gave Muir while they were in Lebanon. When the CIA officials are belatedly informed of the rescue, Muir has already left the building and is seen driving off into the countryside. Trailer. Clip: Bishop’s Recruitment: Gum.
– 17-03-22_waterloo-westminsterbridge-valentinescard.

Operation Dinner Out: a reference to a birthday gift that Bishop gave Muir while they were in Lebanon. – Spy Game:
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KGB Bubble Gum: Konon Trofimovich Molody

Konon Trofimovich Molody (Russian: Ко́нон Трофи́мович Моло́дый, 17 January 1922 – 9 September 1970) was a Soviet intelligence officer, better known in the West as Gordon Arnold Lonsdale. He was an illegal resident spy during the Cold War and the mastermind of the Portland Spy Ring; with the cover of a businessman, selling and renting jukeboxes, bubble-gum and gambling machines to pubs, clubs and cafes. In London, on 7 January 1961, Special Branch officers, led by Detective Superintendent George Gordon Smith, arrested five people, all of whom were part of the Portland Spy Ring. One of the five was Gordon Lonsdale, who was caught by Scotland Yard taking secrets from a British spy Harry Houghton on Waterloo Bridge. Taken to Scotland Yard, Lonsdale told Smith he would not disclose any information, including his name or address. Western intelligence services, including MI5, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), had to resort to extensive enquiries to learn anything about him. All they could determine was that he was Russian, had a naval background, and was not the man his papers made him out to be. By the time he and his associates came to trial at the Old Bailey on 13 March 1961, no one knew his true identity. The “Lonsdale” who was put on trial in London in 1961 was charged with spying, along with associates Harry Houghton, Ethel Gee and Morris and Lona Cohen (who were using the aliases Peter and Helen Kroger). Still refusing to reveal his real identity, “Gordon Lonsdale” was sentenced to 25 years in jail in March 1961. He was taken to Winson Green Prison, Birmingham, to start his sentence. Although he was in a single cell, he fraternised with some of the Great Train Robbers. On 22 April 1964, he was exchanged for Greville Wynne, a British businessman apprehended and convicted in Moscow for his contacts with Oleg Penkovsky. As part of the process, the Soviets admitted he was a spy and gave the British his real name, Konon Molody. The prisoners were swapped at the Heerstraße Checkpoint in Berlin.
— IG: 17-03-22_waterloo-westminsterbridge-valentinescard17-04-03_vagabondtapes-pentagonpathtowar.


Grapes of Wrath: Brother Who Do We Shoot?

MULEY: Tommy?
TOM (entering) Muley! Where’s my folks, Muley?
MULEY (dully) They gone.
TOM (irritated) I know that! But *where* they gone?
Muley does not reply. He is looking up at Casy as he enters.
TOM (to Casy) This is Muley Graves. (To Muley) You remember the preacher, don’t  you?CASY I ain’t no preacher anymore.
TOM (impatiently) All right, you remember the *man*  then.
MULEY AND CASY Glad to see you again. Glad to see  you.
TOM (angrily) Now where is my folks?
MULEY Gone– (hastily) –over to your Uncle John’s. The  whole crowd of ’em, two weeks ago.
But they can’t stay there either,  because John’s got *his* notice to  get off.
TOM (bewildered) But what’s happened? How come they  got to get off? We been here fifty  years–same place.
MULEY Ever’body got to get off. Ever’body  leavin’, goin’ to California. My  folks, your folks, ever’body’s folks. (After a pause) Ever’body but me. I ain’t gettin’  off.
TOM But who done it?
MULEY Listen! (Impatiently Tom  listens to the storm) That’s some of what done it–the
dusters. Started it, anyway. Blowin’ like this, year after year–blowin’ the land away, blowin’ the crops away, blowin’ us away now.
TOM (angrily) Are you crazy?
MULEY (simply) Some say I am. (After a pause) You want to hear what happened?
TOM That’s what I asked you, ain’t it?
MULEY is seen at close range. Not actually crazy, Muley is a  little touched. His eyes rove upward as he listens to the sound of the storm, the sough of the wind and the soft hiss
of the sand. Then…
MULEY The way it happens–the way it  happened to me–the man come one  day…
The scene dissolves to MULEY’S DOORYARD. It is a soft spring  day, with the peaceful sounds of the country. Seated in a three-year-old touring car is THE MAN, a city man with a collar and tie. He hates to do what he is doing and this makes him gruff and curt, to hide his misgivings. Squatted beside the car are Muley, his son-in-law, and a half-grown son. At a respectful distance stand Muley’s wife, his daughter, with a baby in her arms, and a small barefooted girl, watching worriedly. The men soberly trace marks on the ground with small sticks. A hound dog sniffs at the automobile wheels.
THE MAN Fact of the matter, Muley, after what them dusters done to the land, the tenant system don’t work no more. It don’t even break even, much less show a profit. One man on a tractor can handle twelve or fourteen of these places. You just pay him a wage and take *all* the crop.
MULEY But we couldn’t *do* on any less’n what our share is now. (Looking around) The chillun ain’t gettin’ enough to eat as it is, and they’re so ragged we’d be shamed if ever’body else’s chillun wasn’t the same way.
THE MAN (irritably) I can’t help that. All I know is I got my orders. They told me to tell you you got to get off, and that’s what I’m telling you.
Muley stands in anger. The two younger men pattern after  him.
MULEY You mean get off my own land?
THE MAN Now don’t go blaming me. It ain’t *my* fault.
SON Whose fault is it?
THE MAN You know who owns the land–the  Shawnee Land and Cattle Company.
MULEY Who’s the Shawnee Land and Cattle Comp’ny?
THE MAN It ain’t nobody. It’s a company.
SON They got a pres’dent, ain’t they? They got somebody that knows what a shotgun’s for, ain’t they?
THE MAN But it ain’t *his* fault, because the *bank* tells him what to do.
SON (angrily) All right. Where’s the bank?
THE MAN (fretfully) Tulsa. But what’s the use of picking on him? He ain’t anything but the
manager, and half crazy hisself, trying to keep up with his orders from the east!
MULEY (bewildered) Then who *do* we shoot?
THE MAN (stepping on the starter) Brother, I don’t know. If I did I’d  tell you. But I just don’t know  *who’s* to blame!
MULEY (angrily) Well, I’m right here to tell you,  mister, ain’t *nobody* going to push  me off *my* land! Grampa took up this land seventy years ago. My pa  was born here. We was *all* born on it, and some of us got killed on it,  and some died on it. And that’s what makes it ourn–bein’ born on it, and workin’ it, and dyin’ on it–and not  no piece of paper with writin’ on it! So just come on and try to push me off!
– New York Times: Critics Picks: Grapes of Wrath; Daily Script: Grapes of Wrath.


Birthday: George Soros

George Soros (born August 12, 1930) is a Hungarian-American[a] investor, business magnate, philanthropist, and author. Soros is considered by some to be one of the most successful investors in the world. As of May 2017, Soros has a net worth of $25.2 billion, making him one of the 30 richest people in the world. Born in Budapest, he survived Nazi Germany-occupied Hungary and emigrated to England in 1947. He attended the London School of Economics graduating with a bachelor’s and eventually a master’s in philosophy. He began his business career by taking various jobs at merchant banks before starting his first hedge fund, Double Eagle, in 1969. Profits from his first fund furnished the seed money to start Soros Fund Management, his second hedge fund, in 1970. Double Eagle was renamed the Quantum Fund and was the principal firm Soros advised. At its founding, the Quantum Fund had $12 million in assets under management, and as of 2011 it had $25 billion, the majority of his overall net worth. He is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of Pound sterling, making him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. His early studies of philosophy led him to develop and apply Karl Popper’s General Theory of Reflexivity to capital markets, which he claims renders him a clear picture of asset bubbles and fundamental/market value of securities, as well as value discrepancies used for shorting and swapping stocks. He is a well-known supporter of American progressive and American liberal political causes and dispenses his donations through his foundation, the Open Society Foundations. Between 1979 and 2011, Soros donated more than $11 billion to various philanthropic causes; by 2017, his donations “on civil initiatives to reduce poverty and increase transparency, and on scholarships and universities around the world” totaled $12 billion. He played a significant role in the peaceful transition from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and provided one of Europe’s largest higher education endowments to the Central European University in his hometown. His political philanthropy has made him a “bugaboo of European nationalists.”.


Keinholz: Birthdays, Guilt & Innocence: Donald Trump: 14 June; Vladimir Putin: 07 October.

Edward Keinholz: The Birthday – 1964:
The Birthday by Edward Keinholz; depicting War is Peace conception and consequences thereof. A woman is in a Masonic doctors floor (tiled floor); covered in dirt (dirt represent the furrow / earth of a woman’s vagina; where the seed is planted). She is tied down (not consenting) while, screaming into a bubble (her voice is censored), and giving birth to missiles, implying Masonic use of women as raped human cattle brood sows; to breed Human Factory Farming War Economy cannon fodder. Giving birth to missiles or birth control? The Rockefellers and other prominent globalists that control the media, including this artists benefactor, media mobul Henry Luce, promote both depopulation options. The woman screams into a bubble so as not to be heard.  – LA Times: Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, by Leonard Horowitz.
» IG: 16-03-23_ekeinholz-birthdayafterthought17-04-09_eoppowsub-earthfirst-biochemwarfare;  17-06-14_14june2017.

Operation Dinner Out: a reference to a birthday gift that Bishop gave Muir while they were in Lebanon. – Spy Game: » IG: 17-04-03_vagabondtapes-pentagonpathtowar17-03-22_waterloo-westminsterbridge-valentinescard;  17-06-14_14june2017.

Westminster Bridge Terror Attack Romanian Architect Andrea Cristea thrown off Bridge: the 29-year-old had been on holiday in London with her boyfriend, Andrei Burnaz, to celebrate his birthday at the time. He said Mr Burnaz, an engineer, had planned to propose to her that same day. – Independent: Westminster Bridge Terror Attack: Women fell of Westminster Bridge. » IG: 17-03-29_mcchrystal-deutschebanktrafalgar;  17-06-14_14june2017.


Keinholz: Room 323 Guilt and Innocence: All have sinned in Room 323 – 1992: “All Have Sinned in Rm. 323” shows a female mannequin masturbating in front of a TV set full of Barbie dolls themselves having something of an orgy. On top of the set rests more Jesus kitsch and an enlarged photo of Tammy Bakker. The choice of this evangelist shows malice aforethought. She looks just like a decadent Barbie doll. – LA Times: Ed Keinholz. Tammy Faye Bakker’s portrait hangs behind a cross and more prominent television set as Kienholz muses abut the public’s “obsession with the dirty laundry of public figures, envisioned here as an act of masturbation, a way of ‘getting off’ on the apparent sins of others. ‘Which is the greater sin?’” we are asked. – LA Times: Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, by Leonard Horowitz.
» IG: 16-03-23_ekeinholz-birthdayafterthought17-04-22_eop-v-wip-academia17-05-18_trumpwiplawyers-michaelcohen17-06-14_14june2017.


George Soros Philosophy Posterity

Open society is sort of a middle ground, which is neither market fundamentalism, nor communism, socialism or nationalism. It is the recognition that all our systems are flawed, all our concepts are flawed and we must aim for improvement. … I would rather be remembered as someone who contributed something to philosophy, than someone who made allot of money. – George Soros, Charlie Rose 1998.
» EoP MC: George Soros; IG: 17-04-07_wiptitaniceconomy-eopwtoption17-04-11_gsoros-altright-eopwiprulesfuture17-04-15_gsoros-eopvwipwealthtransfer17-04-15_gsoros-eopnatsecdefinition17-04-28_gsoros-butheleziresponsiblefreedom17-05-06_gsoros-zizek-hanson17-06-05_gsoros-eopaxis-forpolwipimmigban17-06-22_gsoros-eopntegm-sdwipponziecon17-08-05_gsoros-drainswampponziecon.


George Soros: WiP Economy Collapse: All Players Must be Regulated

George Soros is worried. He thinks the global economy is coming apart at the seams and that the world needs to be protected from people like George Soros. | We may now think that everything is fine, but the fact is that the system is broke, and it needs fixing. | What you are doing is asking for some form of regulation to protect the world from people like you | Well, I am a player, and I think all players should be regulated. There have to be rules of the game. … Its easier for [the Prime Minister of Malaysia] to blame an outside force, than to admit that they were mismanaging their economy and currency. The French Finance Minister talked about hanging currency speculators from lamp posts. … I am basically there to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do. | George Soros is a carnivore of the first order | Whats it like to have a statement that you make have such grievious consequences. It looks to me like in a number of different situations you can take a position against a currency, or make a statement and the whole country falls apart. | Its a tremendous sense of responsibility, actually; and its also a humbling experience because I am actually trying to do the right thing, and sometimes something that I do has an unitended negative consequence, as it did in Russia. .. | At the center of George Soros there is an inherent contradiction | Which is | On the one hand you are the capitalist who does not care about the social consequences of his act; and on the other hand you are a philanthropist who cares only about social consequences. How do you resolve the two? | Recognizing that as a competitor I have got to compete to win, as a human being I am concerned about the society in which I live. | Which George Soros am I talking to now? The amoral George Soros, or the moral George Soros? | It is one person who at one time engages in amoral activities and the rest of the time tries to be moral. … | You watched as jews had their property confiscated and were sent to concentration camps and this did not bother you with guilt? | … Well in a funny way its just like in markets, of course I wasn’t doing it, someone else was doing it, and if they weren’t doing it, somebody else would be taking it away anyhow. Whether I was there or not. I was only a spectator. Their property was being taken away. I had no role in taking away their property, so I had no sense of guilt. | President Mandela requested his advice | I told President Mandela, I wrote him a memo on how he could protect South Africa from speculative attack. | Thats the old ‘stop me before I kill again approach right’. You are telling him, this is what you can do to stop me. Whether I or somebody else does whatever is happening in the markets, it really doesn’t make any difference to the outcome. I don’t feel guilty because I am engaged in an amoral activity, which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt. | Part of the reason he is so rich is because the Soros Hedge Funds operate offshore to avoid scrutiny by the Securities Exchange Commission. So even while Soros tells Congress that Hedge Funds must be regulated to stop the global economic crisis, he’s avoiding the rules. Why is it that Americans can’t invest in the Quantum fund, its an offshore fund. | Because the fund is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. So we are not licensed to do business in the United States, because we find it more convenient to operate without it. | So in some ways its to escape regulation. | Thats right | But you have been sitting here talking about the need for regulation. | Yes, and whatever regulations are imposed we will obey. | One of our money managers really told us that George really does think he is God. | If you think that you are God and you go into the financial markets, you are bound to come out broke, so the fact that I am not broke, shows that I don’t believe that I am God. — George Soros, Jim Grant et al; 60 Minutes, 1998.
» EoP MC: George Soros; IG: 17-04-07_wiptitaniceconomy-eopwtoption17-04-11_gsoros-altright-eopwiprulesfuture; 17-04-15_gsoros-eopvwipwealthtransfer17-04-15_soros-eopntegmru-navalny-12jun17-04-15_gsoros-eopnatsecdefinition17-04-28_gsoros-butheleziresponsiblefreedom17-05-06_gsoros-zizek-hanson17-06-05_gsoros-eopaxis-forpolwipimmigban17-06-22_gsoros-eopntegm-sdwipponziecon17-08-05_gsoros-drainswampponziecon.