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Thomas Sankara: EoP Revolution Gender Liberation

“The revolution and women’s liberation go together. We do not talk of women’s emancipation as an act of charity or because of a surge of human compassion,” Sankara said. “It is a basic necessity for the triumph of the revolution. Women hold up the other half of the sky.”
– Daily Maverick: Remembering Thomas Sankara, the EFF’s muse.

Burkina Faso, 30 percent Moslem, also is probably the showpiece of women’s rights in Africa, with women allowed to own land, borrow money and choose their method of birth control. Throughout his regime, Sankara has preached absolute public incorruptibility, an end to factional politics and hard work. For example, Sankara sold off the government Mercedes fleet after he came to power and all officials, including the president, open their bank statements and a list of possessions to a public tribunal for examination.
– UPI: Burkina Faso leader Thomas Sankara was ousted Thursday in coup.


Thomas Sankara: Imperialism In Your Food

“Our country produces enough to feed us all. We can even produce more than we need. Unfortunately, for lack of [responsible freedom] organization, we still need to be for food aid. This type of assistance is counterproductive and has kept us thinking that we can only be beggers who need aid. I am asked ‘where is imperialism’? I say: Just look in your plates: you see imported corn, rice or millet, this is imperialism. Lets not look any further.” – Thomas Sankara; Thomas Sankara – The Upright Man.
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Thomas Sankara: Ego/Eco Illiterate Soldier is a War Criminal

A soldier without any ego/eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] training is a potential criminal – Thomas Sankara.
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Dana Pittard: Military Endorsing Ecological Overshoot is Criminal

Ecological Overshoot [resulting from ‘right to breed/consume above ecological carrying capacity clauses of int’l law] is criminal – [EoP Amended] Maj. Gen. Dana J.H. Pittard, as Commander at Ft. Bliss, cut ‘criminal’ energy use, increased recycling, conserved water as a matter of security. – LA Times: At one Army base, a vision for a new shade of green.
» EoP New World Order Social Contract Options: eop-nwo-sco.
» EoP NTE GMA Cabinet: eop-nte-gma-cabinet.
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Malcom X: Growling Wolf WiP Conservatives v Smiling Fox WiP Liberals.

Let us examine briefly some of the tricky strategy used by white liberals to harness and exploit the political energies of the Negro. The crooked politicians in Washington, D.C., purposely make a big noise over the proposed civil rights legislation. By blowing up the civil rights issue they skillfully add false importance to the Negro civil rights “leaders.” Once the image of these Negro civil rights “leaders” has been blown up way beyond its proper proportion, these same Negro civil rights “leaders” are then used by white liberals to influence and control the Negro voters, all for the benefit of the white politicians who pose as liberals, who pose as friends of the Negro.

The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro either, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox.

The job of the Negro civil rights leader is to make the Negro forget that the wolf and the fox both belong to the (same) family. Both are canines; and no matter which one of them the Negro places his trust in, he never ends up in the White House, but always in the dog house.

The white liberals control the Negro and the Negro vote by controlling the Negro civil rights leaders. As long as they control the Negro civil rights leaders, they can also control and contain the Negro’s struggle, and they can control the Negro’s so-called revolt. The Negro “revolution” is controlled by these foxy white liberals, by the government itself.
— ​Malcolm X: 4 Dec 1963: God’s Judgement of White America aka The Chickens Come Home to Roost.
» EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 10 Jul: Free Chelsea Manning .. Cracked.
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Martin Luther King – Overpopulation

“Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases we do not yet understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution but universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem and education of the billions who are its victims. The only way our [race, class and religious resource conflict from overpopulation and overconsumption] problems can be solved. First the white man and the black man have to be able to sit down at the same table. The white man has to be able to feel free to speak his mind without worrying about hurting the feelings of the negro. The socalled negro has to feel free to speak his mind without worrying about hurting the feelings of the white man. The soldiers have to be able to feel free to speak their minds without worrying about hurting the feelings of the civilians. The civilians have to feel free to speak their minds without hurting the feelings of the soldiers. Then they can bring the EoP v WiP issues that are under the rug out on top of the table and take an intelligent approach to get the problem solved” [EoP Amended: Martin Luther King: Margaret Sanger Human Rights Award Acceptance Speech 1966; Malcolm X: Make it Plain;]
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Responsible Freedom endorsed by Africans during Apartheid

IFP and Chief M. Buthelezi: population and carrying capacity:

In Black Viewpoint: KwaZulu Development: Chief M. Buthelezi makes the following statement clearly indicating that he is well aware of the concept of ‘carrying capacity’ and the famine, starvation, unemployment and poverty consequences of overpopulation although he – perhaps politely to his then Apartheid masters – ignores overconsumption: “My people were at first self-sufficient because there was enough to eat and no problems of population explosion.”

ANC’s Commission for Religious Affairs: “Overpopulation is Irresponsible”:

In Something New Out of Africa: The Challenge to Transform Country and Continent, the ANC Commission for Religious Affairs says: “Overpopulation is irresponsible”

IFP and FRD call for Ethics of 2 children per family as urgent population control priority:

In a 1992/93 Race Relations Survey by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), we are told that the high population growth is the cause of growth in poverty, unemployment and squatter camps, and most of the serious problems in South Africa; Population pressures are destroying the environment; the IFP and FRD call for ethics of 2 children per family as urgent population control priority; Population Growth outstrips Economic Growth for many years, and blacks avoid participation in family planning programs.
» EoP NTE GMA: 28 Apr: Updated EoP Help 4 Trump: Int of Military Gods Polite People Options / Suggestions.
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Asghar Ali Engineer: Qur’an: Islam and Family Planning

“Smallness of a family (qillat al’ayal) is a facility (yusur) and its largeness (Kathrat) results in faqr (indigence, poverty). … the best of people (Khayar al-nas) is one who has less burden of children on his back (Khafif al-zahr min al-ayal) – Imam Ghazzali, a Muslim theologian, philosopher and sufi of great eminence.

Birth control is permissible – Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Ibn Hanbal, Imam Shafi’i, Imam Ghazzali,  Small family is a bliss … excess children creates great worries – Imam Abu Hanifa & Imam Ja’afar al-Sadiq  Under certain conditions, family planning is not only morally permissible, but should be made compulsory – [paraphrased] Maulana Saeed Ahmad Akbarabadi & Imam Taymiyyah
– Asghar Ali Engineer; The Qur’an, Women and Modern Society: Islam and Family Planning-Google Books.
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