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Crude Impact: Matthew Simmons & Thom Hartmann.

If Peak Oil happens and people don’t understand what is going on, it could very easily be a global tipping point. It is basically every bit as serious as thermo-nuclear war. We thought that was really serious. Now you could argue that was silly, we spent 50 years worrying about that, and we never had one. I would argue that maybe one of the reasons we never had one, is because we worried about it for fifty years … We’re heading for the cliff at 80 miles an hour and the breaks are out.- Matthew Simmons & Thom Hartmann, Crude Impact.


New York Magazine: Doomed Earth Catalogue: The Uninhabitable Earth.

The Uninhabitable Earth: Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think. By David Wallace-Wells.

Over the past few decades, the term“Anthropocene” has climbed out of academic discourse and into the popular imagination — a name given to the geologic era we live in now, and a way to signal that it is a new era, defined on the wall chart of deep history by human intervention. One problem with the term is that it implies a conquest of nature (and even echoes the biblical “dominion”). And however sanguine you might be about the proposition that we have already ravaged the natural world, which we surely have, it is another thing entirely to consider the possibility that we have only provoked it, engineering first in ignorance and then in denial a climate system that will now go to war with us for many centuries, perhaps until it destroys us. That is what Wallace Smith Broecker, the avuncular oceanographer who coined the term “global warming,” means when he calls the planet an “angry beast.” You could also go with “war machine.” Each day we arm it more.
– New York Magazine: Doomed Earth Catalogue: The Uninhabitable Earth.
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Crude Impact Branch: Climate Change, Food Crisis, US Deficit, Overpopulation Peak Oil

Crude Impact is a 2006 film written and directed by James Jandak Wood. It is a documentary about the effect of fossil fuels on issues such as global warming, the environmental crisis, society and the questionable practices of oil companies.

rude Impact is a powerful and timely story that explores the interconnection between human domination of the planet, and the discovery and use of oil. This documentary film exposes our global, deep-rooted dependency on fossil fuel energy and examines the future implications of peak oil – the point in time when the amount of petroleum available worldwide begins a steady, inexorable decline.

In 1956, M. King Hubbert, a geologist at Shell Research Labs, shocked the oil industry by predicting that United States oil production – the largest in the world at that time – would peak in the early 1970s, and then continuously and irreversibly diminish. His prediction was vilified and largely ignored – until it came true. In Crude Impact, modern experts predict how quickly global peak oil will become a reality and discuss its many serious implications for our way of life and our world. Impacts discussed range from the environmental to the cultural, examining how global oil dependency is impacting everything from human rights practices, world population, renewable energy technologies, political agendas, globalization, wildlife habitats, and of course global economy.
» Video Project: Crude Impact. James Jandak Wood: Crude Impact.
» Documentary: Sut Jhally.
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A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash is a 2006 documentary film about peak oil, produced and directed by Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack. A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash explores key historical events, data and predictions regarding the global peak in petroleum production through interviews with petroleum geologists, former OPEC officials, energy analysts, politicians, and political analysts. The film contains contemporary footage interspersed with news and commercial footage from the growth heyday of petroleum production. The documentary focuses on information and testimony that supports the projection of a near-term oil production peak. The documentary examines our dependence on oil, showing how oil is essential for almost every aspect of our modern lifestyle, from driving to work to clothing and clean tap water. A Crude Awakening asks the tough question, “What happens when we run out of cheap oil?” Through expert interviews and archival footage, the film spells out in startling detail the challenges we would face in dealing with the possibility of a world without cheap oil—a world in which it may ultimately take more energy to drill for oil than we can extract from the oil the wells produce.
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» Documentary: Remarkable EncountersTop Documentary Films.
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The Company: Great Game: Good Guys or Bad Guys: Which side were we again?

So the Great Game goes on with or without us. Without us I guess. Think we made a difference Harvey? Any difference at all. God I hope so. These days people have short memories. There was a time when the Goths were at the gate and we put our warm bodies on the firing line.  You truly believe that? You bet I believe it. Something about the Cold War has to have a moral; otherwise what was it all about? It was about the good guys beating the bad guys. We sure screwed up along the way. Yeah but we screwed up allot less than they did, which is why we won. You know the Soviet Union wasn’t a country; it was a metaphor for an idea that looked good on a drawing board; but in practice it was flawed. Let me tell you something. A metaphor is allot harder to slay than a country and we clobbered them. Yeah. Well don’t look so glum about it. You got nothing to be ashamed of. You got to remember what it was all about. It was always black and white kid. Right versus wrong. There were good guys and there were bad guys. Which side were we again Harvey? We won, didn’t we?. – The Company 01.02.03.

The Company is a three-part serial about the activities of the CIA during the Cold War. It was based on the best-selling novel by Robert Littell. |  In 1950, best friends Jack McAuliffe, Leo Kritzky, and Yevgeny Tsipin graduate from Yale and prepare to go their separate ways; Jack and Leo are recruited to the CIA by Frank “The Wizard” Wisner, while Yevgeny goes home toMoscow, where he is recruited into the KGB by spymaster Starik while falling in love with Azalia Ivanova. |  In 1955, Jack has been assigned to Harvey “The Sorcerer” Torriti at a CIA station in Soviet Berlin, where East German defector Vishnevsky offers the identity of a mole in MI6 for safe passage to the West. At CIA headquarters in Washington, counterintelligence chief James Jesus “Mother” Angleton begins Vishnevsky’s exfiltration, telling his best friend and MI6 liaison Adrian Philby. The KGB and Berlin police show up to the exfiltration instead of Vishnevsky; Torriti and Jack escape, surmising the blown defection is due to the mole. | Angleton believes the fault lies with Berlin, infuriating Torriti, who aims to expose the mole by feeding him a barium meal; Torriti gives privileged information to a trusted contact in MI6, forcing the mole to protect himself by killing Torriti. Meanwhile, Jack is falling in love with his first asset, Lili, who provides information from an importantscientist. Jack and Torriti are ambushed at a meeting, proving that the barium meal worked, so Torriti prepares another. | In Washington, Leo has become Wisner’s apprentice, though Angleton dislikes him. Leo has fallen in love with Adele Sweet, whose father is friends with President Eisenhower. When Leo proposes, her father disapproves of the “mixed marriage“, but eventually relents. Yevgeny arrives in Washington and tries calling Azalia, but his handlers are unable to find her. By night he deciphers elaborate codes from Moscow Radio, and by day, his cover is liquor deliveries, including covert delivery to the mole: Philby. Torriti flies home to tell Angleton and CIA directorAllen Dulles that his MI6 source confirms Philby is the mole, but Angleton discredits Torriti. | In Berlin, discrepancies are found in Lili’s information. When confronted by Jack, she admits she was turned by the KGB, but assures Jack that she loves him. Shortly thereafter, the KGB murders the scientist and Lili commits suicide. In Washington, Yevgeny tells Philby to run before he is caught, then assures him that another mole,Sasha, has already taken his place. Jack is unsure if Torriti used Lili for his barium meal, and Angleton is devastated that his best friend was a mole. | In 1956, Jack is sent to Budapest on the eve of the Hungarian revolution, but he is abducted and tortured at anAVH prison. Torriti threatens his KGB counterpart in Berlin, demanding the KGB have the AVH release Jack, but Jack is rescued by the revolutionaries, who execute an AVH commandant as he tries to reveal Sasha’s identity. Jack asks the CIA to back the freedom fighters, but Eisenhower refuses and the revolution is crushed. Jack escapes and reconnects with Torriti, Wisner has a breakdown over his complicity in the CIA’s actions, and Starik tells Nikita Khrushchev of Kholstomer, his longterm masterstroke to cripple the United States economy. | In 1960, Jack joins Cuban rebels to help prepare them for an invasion, believing that the Kennedy administrationwill support the rebels. In Washington, Torriti devises a scheme to have the Mafia assassinate Fidel Castro; Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana suggests poisoning one of Castro’s daily milkshakes. The assassin is intercepted by the head of Castro’s secret police Manuel Piñeiro and forced to drink the milkshake. In Washington, Yevgeny is nearly arrested by the FBI and forced to relocate. As the CIA prepares the Cuban invasion, Angleton predicts Sasha will insure its failure. Bissell, the architect of the invasion and Leo’s new boss, scoffs at the notion, but the Bay of Pigs Invasion is a disaster, and Jack barely escapes with his life. Angry that the CIA and President let the rebels down, Jack nearly resigns, but Leo, who now has a son with Adele, talks him out of it. Jack is awarded a Distinguished Intelligence Medal. | In 1975, Leo is on vacation with his family, and Jack is working to exfiltrate Kukushkin, who promises information on Sasha. Angleton feels Kukushkin may be legitimate, but his obsession with Sasha has begun to cripple the Company. Using information gathered over decades, including Kukushkin’s new data and clues from the liquor store where Yevgeny was nearly caught, Angleton divines a system of masterful rhetoric to reveal the mole: Leo. | Angleton has Leo kidnapped at the airport and begins systematically interrogating him about his socialist father. Jack can’t believe his best friend may be responsible for Lili, Hungary, and the Bay of Pigs; when Jack visits him, Leo insists Kukushkin is a disinformation agent dispatched by the KGB. Mirroring Leo’s prediction, Kukushkin returns to the Soviet Union, where he is apparently shot as a traitor before turning up alive. Angleton furiously insists that Starik manipulated the Kukushkin defection so the CIA would believe Leo is innocent. Leo is freed and Angleton is forced to resign, berating his superiors that the KGB’s wilderness of mirrors has falsely convinced them they are winning the Cold War. | In 1987, Torriti has retired and Adele has committed suicide. Analysts present Jack with an old lead linking a ’50s Moscow Radio broadcast to KGB operatives, so Jack enlists the help of a dying Angleton, who surmises that the broadcast is part of Kholstomer. Following a sting, Jack comes face to face with Yevgeny, who made liquor deliveries to both Philby and Leo. Jack confronts Leo at his home and Leo shoots him, admitting that he was turned in college and that Adele killed herself when she found out. He phones an ambulance for Jack before fleeing. While Jack recovers, Kholstomer leads to the 1987 stock market crash. The CIA mitigates the damage because Starik greatly underestimated the United States’ economy. | In 1991, Jack offers Yevgeny an early release from prison if he reveals Leo’s location, telling him that Starik sent Azalia to the gulag, but he still has time to find her since the Soviet Union is collapsing. Yevgeny tracks down Leo, warning him before passing his whereabouts to Jack. Yevgeny visits with a senile Starik, then finally reconnects with Azalia. Jack travels to Moscow to kill Leo, but stops himself moments before Leo recognizes him. Back in DC, Torriti and Jack reminisce over their work in the Cold War, with Jack expressing misgivings over which side was good or bad. Torriti insists the CIA were the good guys, concluding with “we won, didn’t we?”
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Trump retweets GIF of him hitting Clinton with golf ball

President Donald Trump retweeted an edited video Sunday morning that showed him swinging a golf club and appearing to hit his former presidential campaign rival Hillary Clinton with a golf ball.
The animated GIF image Trump retweeted spliced together footage of Trump taking a swing on a golf course with footage of Clinton tripping and falling as she boarded a plane in 2011 as secretary of state. The footage is edited to make it appear as though Clinton is hit in the back with a golf ball before her fall.
The tweet revealed a President still reverting to his old social media habits, namely, those likely to earn him quick criticism, less than two months after retired Gen. John Kelly took over as White House chief of staff.
While Kelly has not sought to stop Trump from tweeting, he has encouraged the President to allow him to vet the tweets before posting them — a request Trump has sometimes acquiesced to.
The White House did not respond to a request for comment Sunday about the President’s tweet and whether Kelly was aware of it.
A spokesperson for Hillary Clinton declined to comment on the tweet.
– CNN: Trump retweets GIF of him hitting Clinton with golf ball; The Hill: Biden slams Trump over golf gif hitting Clinton.


Donald Trump – Scotland Nazi Golf Balls Prank

He stage-invaded Kanye, gave Blatter a cash shower, and got cuffed for riling Trump. As Simon Brodkin gets his own TV show, he reveals why Scottish police are the best – and Swiss officers the worst
– The Guardian: Prankster in chief: why I threw swastika golfballs at Donald Trump.

The US presidential candidate was about to take to the podium at his Turnberry resort when the comedian Lee Nelson began giving out balls to the crowd
– The Mirror: Donald Trump’s fury at Brit prankster hijacking his speech with Nazi golf balls in Scotland.
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