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Sebastian Ronin: WiP Left & Right Backyard shithouse Ego/Eco Illiterate foundation

Not even a backyard shithouse will remain standing upon a poorly engineered foundation. …. The insanity of liberal-modernism has now morphed to degrees of socio-cultural dysfunction unimaginable 20 years ago, capturing all under a Marxian meta-umbrella wherein the bulk of  the “Left” is crazy and the bulk of the “Right” retarded. – Sebastian Ronin
– Hammer and Anvil: Sharpening the Blade.


EoP v Diem25: EoP Simple Root Cause Problem Solving Recommendation

Put simply: Europe, Africa, Eurasia, America: All of humans on Planet Earth’s choices are between Ecology of Peace humane, orderly and relatively non-violent deindustrialization and depopulation; and Masonic War is Peace extremely violent Mad Max race wars, religious wars, four horses of the apocalypse Armageddon deindustrialization and depopulation.

It is true that when the European Union and World economy collapses; perhaps together; perhaps subsequent to each other by a few years [Meltdown]; the socio-economic conditions shall result in the rise of either Masonic ‘left: communist’ or ‘right: Nazi national socialist’ wing War is Peace populist extremist political parties. Irrespective of whether the extremist populist party in any particular nation is ‘left’ or ‘right’; that Masonic War is Peace populist extremist party shall need to engage in culling of the populace; to reduce the nations populace to levels closer to ecological carrying capacity limits. Both left and right wing Masonic War is Peace extremist populists shall have their respective ‘racial, cultural or religious trash’ [Soviet Story] whom they shall cull from their national genepool; whether via Stalinist Ukraine like famine; or Siberian concentration camps [Soviet Story]; or Nazi-like concentration camps [US Army Nuremberg Documentary]; or American version Fema camps; or simply quickly and brutally Hutu-Tutsi style [Hutu-Tutsi]. There shall be mass culling. The decision-making about whom should and should not be culled; will not be based upon any racial, cultural, religious impartial ‘rule of culling law’ principle; but on the emotional hatred zeal of those in power; against perceived racial, religious or cultural group enemies; with no consideration whether individuals within that racial, religious or cultural group are guilty of the crimes; that some of their fellow racial, religious or cultural members are perceived to be guilty of by the respective Masonic Right/Left Extremist elite.
– 12 Feb: Diem25: EoP Simple Root Cause Problem Solving Recommendation.


EoP v WiP Military: Re: The – EoP Scarcity Combatant v WiP Degenerate – Question:

Either the current birth [& consumption] rates must come down [to below ecological carrying capacity limits, via the implementation of an EoP intl law social contract; enabling humane and orderly de-industrialization and depopulation return to living in harmony with to Carrying Capacity limits law] more quickly; or the current death rates must go up [in a WiP Financial or Military DieOff Clusterfuck]. There is no other way. – [EoP Amended] Robert McNamara
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» 30 Sep: EoP Response to Alt Right: T Loudon, S Deace & L Grathwohl & J Jorjani.

If u r right that Steve Paddock was targeting right wing conservatives; some of yr WiP white supremacist colleagues agree with Steven Paddocks motives to kill white degenerates.. EoP responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za or death is non-racial. If its ok for WiP RW Anders Breivik to kill LW degenerates, its ok 4 Steven Paddock to kill RW degenerates. EoP TRC [tc-v-rm.tygae.org.za] solution: simple definition 2 solve ‘Degenerate Q’ [eop-v-ussecstate.tygae.org.za]. – @EoPMiledClerk 05 Oct 2017.
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Homer Lea: Valour of Ignorance

“No state is destroyed except through those avertible conditions that mankind dreads to contemplate. Yet nations prefer to evade and perish rather than to master the single lesson taught by the washing away of those that have gone down before them. In their indifference and in the valor of their ignorance they depart, together with their monuments and constitutions, their vanities and gods.” – Homer Lea, Valour of Ignorance.

“High or low, the ambitions of the heterogeneous masses that now riot and revel within the confines of this Republic only regard it in a parasitical sense, as a land to batten on and grow big in, whose resources are not to be developed and conserved for the furtherance of the Republic’s greatness, but only to satisfy the larval greed of those who subsist upon its fatness. [..] What we have said, or what we will say, as regards commercialism should not be misunderstood. If, in the development of the industries and potential wealth of the land, industrialism is regarded as incidental to national progress and not the goal of national greatness, then it is in its proper sphere. Industrialism is only a means to an end and not an end in itself. As the human body is nourished by food, so is a nation nourished by its industries. Man does not live to eat, but secures food that his body may be sustained while he struggles forward to the consummation of his desires. In such relation does industrialism stand to the state. It is sustenance, a food that builds up the nation and gives it strength to preserve its ideals; to work out its career among the other nations of the world; to become superior to them or to go down before them. Never can industrialism, without national destruction, be taken from this subordinate place. When a man has no aspirations, no object to attain during life, but simply lives to eat, he excites our loathing and contempt. So when a country makes industrialism the end it becomes a glutton among nations, vulgar, swinish, arrogant, whose kingdom lasts proportionately no longer than life remains to the swine among men. It is this purposeless gluttony, the outgrowth of national industry, that is commercialism. The difference between national industry and commercialism is that while industry is the labor of a people to supply the needs of mankind, commercialism utilizes this industry for the gratification of individual avarice. Commercialism might be defined, not as an octopus vulgaris, which is selfexistent, but as a parasite of the genus terrubia, a fungoid growth that is the product of industrial degeneration. It is this commercialism that, having seized hold of the American people, overshadows and tends to destroy not only the aspirations and worldwide career open to the nation, but the Republic.” – Homer Lea, Valour of Ignorance

“A few idealists may have visions that, with advancing civilization, war and its dreadful horrors will cease. Civilization has not changed human nature. The nature of man makes war inevitable. Armed strife will not disappear from the earth until after human nature changes. Words extolling people are worthless for national defence, and a too clamorous gospel of peace may paralyze the best efforts to meet our military necessities.” The most persistent lovers of peace, since the historical period, have been the Chinese. China is now reaping the logical reward of “peace at any price.” … The most Christian nations of Europe have for several centuries, in Asia and Africa, exacted tribute as mercilessly as did the robber barrons of the Middle Ages. A Century of Dishonour shows that the United States have seized from an unwilling people nearly every foot of their soil.” – Major General J.P Story, USA Retired, Introduction to Valour of Ignorance; by Homer Lea
» Military Gospel According to Homer Lea.