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05 Jan: Chasin Jesus .. Prince Alwaleed bin Tilal

Issues Covered:

  • House Speaker: Paul Ryan, Congress Ethics Comm: Chief Counsel: Tom Rust: EoP Info ITO 3. USC 15: for Congress & Senate: Ecology of Peace or Masonic War is Peace future decision-making.
  • Henry Kissinger: via Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein: The Final Days: “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
  • EoP ideas for Winning Hearts and Minds of Cops, Soldiers, Men or Women or whatever you consider your gender to be
  • EoP Animals capable of reasonable control over their biological reproduction urges; or WiP Wild Animal War Economy?
  • Eve’s Seed: History and ‘Control of Reproduction’ Religion of Masculine Insecurity
  • EoP NTE GMA POTUS Domestic and Foreign Policy on Cultural Law Territorial Self Rule for Groups with Subjective Racial, Religious & Gender Culture-Conflict Identities
  • Drinking Flint Michigan Milk at a Masonic War is Peace University Lunch Counter
  • Radical Honoursty: Cleaning Out Minds Bullshit Jail of Beliefs
  • EoP Obs: Re: Mad Dog Mattis Christmas Cookies.

“The highest possible value is truth. .. Free speech laws are there because we use free speech to identify problems in our society, generate solutions to the problems and then reach a consensus. So freedom of speech is protection for the mechanism by which individuals and society properly orient themselves across time. Its not even a principle, its the fundamental method by which societies manage to maintain the stability that they do maintain. … Freedom of speech is fundamentally entangled with the method by which we solve problems.” – Jordan Peterson.
— CBC News: Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto

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