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07 Jul: EoP Re: Patching it Up with Putin; Liberal Jews to Israel: Do It Our Way or Else.

Ron Jager (medconf@netvision.net.il)
Former Field Mental Health Officer and Commander
Central Psychiatric Military Clinic for Reserve Soldiers

Pat Buchanan: @PatrickBuchanan

CC: Martin van Creveld (mvc.dvc@gmail.com); Maj Gen Gershon Hacohen (gershon218@gmail.com)


If American, European and South African white supremacists sincerely believe they prefer (a) nonviolent honourable problem solving; (b) think that they are biologically sexually superior to non-europeans; why are they not supporting the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract; that would – according to their beliefs about black sexual inferiority [I personally know poor non-european women who grew up in South African ghetto’s; who were quite capable of sexual impulse control to be virgins by the age of 26, when they got married]; — result in the humane and orderly elimination of more than 90% of non-europeans from the planet?

So when you hand South African, American and European white supremacists; the opportunity to honourably, ethically, legally and humanely rid the world of 90% of non-europeans [according to their white supremacist beliefs about blacks ‘chimping out’, lacking sexual impulse control, etc]; and their response is: Thanks, but no thanks, what is going on?

Do white supremacists secretly think their own white supremacists friends and followers lack sexual impulse control; to practice responsible freedom breeding and consumption; and/or do they prefer to masochistically and maliciously profiteer of non-european resource conflict misery and cheap labour; closet slavery supremacists; but Jews are the parasites; that need to be sent to concentration camp ovens? Or what is going on?
– Lara Johnstone; paraphrased statement made to friend, during a discussion about whether Afriforum do good work on behalf of South African farmers.

– EoP Leg Sub: 07 Jul: EoP Re: Patching it Up with Putin; Liberal Jews to Israel: Do It Our Way or Else.