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To secure the existence for responsible freedom people and a future for responsible freedom children; implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law as international law.

Adaptation of David Lane’s quote: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,”, sometimes referred to as Fourteen Words, 14, or 14/88. – Wikipedia: David Lane; Fourteen Words.


EoP SciCult Law Footprint:

EoP SciCult Law: eop-scicultlaw
EoP Footprint: eop-footprint.

Scientific Law refers to Procreation and Consumption below EoP Footprint carrying capacity limits. Cultural law refers to any ego-literate agreement between two or more individuals, which does not violate any EoP scientific laws; enabling greater self-rule homeland cooperation and assistance support between such individuals.
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Prisoner Pardon:

Prisoner Pardon: prisoner-pardon.tygae.org.za



Ted Kaczynski:
Theodore John Kaczynski (May 22, 1942), also known as the Unabomber, is an American domestic terrorist, former mathematics professor, and anarchist author. A mathematics prodigy, he abandoned an academic career in 1969 to pursue a primitive lifestyle. Between 1978 and 1995, he killed three people and injured 23 others in an attempt to start a revolution by conducting a nationwide bombing campaign targeting people involved with modern technology. In conjunction, he issued a social critique opposing industrialization while advocating a nature-centered form of anarchism. – Wikipedia: Ted Kaczynski.

David Lane:
David Eden Lane (November 2, 1938 – May 28, 2007) was an anti-American white separatist and convicted felon. A member of the domestic terror group The Order, he was convicted and sentenced to 190 years in prison for racketeering; conspiracy; and for violating the civil rights of Alan Berg, a Jewish radio talk show host, who was murdered by another member of the group on June 18, 1984. He died while incarcerated in the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana. Lane coined the best-known slogan of the white supremacist movement in North America, the Fourteen Words. He has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “one of the most important ideologues of contemporary white supremacy” and is regarded as a folk hero by those who subscribe to his religious, political and philosophical teachings. – – Wikipedia: David Lane; Fourteen Words.

Leonard Peltier:
Leonard Peltier (born September 12, 1944) is a Native American activist and an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa, who is also of Lakota and Dakota descent. He is a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM). In 1977, he was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment for first-degree murder in the shooting of two Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents during a 1975 shootout on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. – Wikipedia: Leonard Peltier.

Mumia Abu-Jamal:
Mumia Abu-Jamal (born Wesley Cook; April 24, 1954) is a political activist and journalist who was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 1982 for the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. He became widely known while on death row for his writings and commentary on the criminal justice system in the United States. After numerous appeals, his death penalty sentence was overturned by a Federal court. In 2011, the prosecution agreed to a sentence of life imprisonment without parole. He entered the general prison population early the following year. – Wikipedia: Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Joseph Mahmoud Dibee:
On the morning of October 19, 1998 a group of people part of the Earth Liberation Front set fires to several lifts and buildings at Vail Ski Resort. This was one of the most serious ecotage attacks in the history of the United States, causing $12 million in damages, which caught the attention of the nation. The fires were set at Two Elk Lodge, and destroyed multiple buildings on Vail Mountain, including Two Elk Restaurant. In 2006, Chelsea Dawn Gerlach and Stanislas Gregory Meyerhoff both pleaded guilty to the attacks. In August 2018, suspect Joseph Dibee, on the run for 12 years, was en route to Russia when he was apprehended in Cuba, then returned to the United States. Josephine Sunshine Overaker, believed to have fled to Europe in 2001, remains at large and is on the FBI’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists. – Wikipedia: 1998 Vail Arson AttacksOperation Backfire; The Intercept: The Green Scare: How a Movement That Never Killed Anyone Became the FBI’s No. 1 Domestic Terrorism Threat.


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