MCR: MILINT Earth Day Collapse

Update: 19 April 2014:

NVR: Sheriff: Author Michael Ruppert dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound

CN: CollapseNet’s Founder, Michael C. Ruppert, Has Committed Suicide – UPDATE 04-16-2014: MCR’s Suicidal Tendecies and the Note He Left

HA: Sebastian Ronin: RIP Michael Ruppert

PRN: Michael Ruppert’s Last ‘Lifeboat Hour’ Radio Show

RW: CommonSism / MILINT Earth Day Clerk’s last correspondence to Michael Ruppert [EoP Copy]

BB: Brene Brown: The Power of ‘I am enough’ & CN: MCR: Time to Kick Ass and Say Names

19 April 2014: Michael Ruppert to Earth:

If Masonry cared about honesty (more than Brad Blanton’s gutless wonder Radical Honesty cult pretends to care about honesty); I imagine their Tobacco honesty advertising would have told me: The only winning move is not to join; for to join Masonry’s beyond fucked up mindfuck plausible deniable Catch 22 ratrace death cult game; you must sell your soul, give up any hope of inner peace, inner sense of ‘I am enough’; or honourable recognition. So my sincere Yossarian advice as I hitch-hike the Milky Way searching for an uninhabited planet and my own precious gorrilla is: never join whether implicitly or explicitly; or abolish that beyond fucked up mindfuck plausible deniable ratrace human sacrifice death cult; before it abolishes your planet.

PS: I was wrong, its not ‘until you change the way money works; you change nothing’; but ‘until your social contract limits human procreation and consumption to ecological carrying capacity limits; you change sweet fuck all.’ Semper Fi!

Ann Coulter: John Brown regrets: [HMTY]
Horses Brothers Don’t Bet on People: [HMTY]
CIA Masonic Human Factory Farm Expose: [HMTY]

Update: 17 April 2014: 19:47 hrs (GMT+2)

MILINT Earth Day Invitation to Mr. Ruppert:

Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 1:14 PM
Subject: Invitation to support: Prisoner of Sex & War ShibumiTF MN-737 submission to Swiss Federal Council
TO: Seed: Navdanya: Dehradun; Seed: Navdanya: Mumbai; Sus: Eco: FEASTA: David Korowicz; US: Ken Levine; US: Mike Ruppert; US: Robert Jensen; US: TedGlick; US: UTNE: Tani Ikeda; US: UTNE: Elinor Ostrom; US: UTNE: Tim Wise; US: UTNE: Bill McKibben
CC: Timothy McVeigh

MILINT Earth Day Invitations sent to Mr. McPherson:

Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 1:10 PM
Subject: Invitation to support: Prisoner of Sex & War ShibumiTF MN-737 submission to Swiss Federal Council
TO: GG: Global Greens: Secretary; EndCiv: AX-EDU: Guy McPherson; EndCiv: Guy McPherson; IL: GreenZion: Green Zionist Alliance; IL: GreenZion: Orr Karassin; M-Pop: NatPost: Diane Francis; NNR: MinConflict: Mario Cedron; NNR-S-Conflict: Global Witness; NNR-S-Conflict: David Young; NNR-S-Conflict: Oliver Courtney
CC: Timothy McVeigh

Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2014 3:24 PM
Subject: Legal Invitation: MILINT Earth Day submission to Swiss Federal Council
TO: Equal Time Radio: Frank Blair; Guests: Steve Kirby; Dr Guy McPherson; ETR Sponsors: NWPVA: Paralyzed Veterans of America: Patrick Carpenter: President; Swiss Fine Food & Ales: Jack: General Manager; NABVETS: Nat Assoc of Black Veterans; UFCW: United Food & Commercial Workers Intnl Union: Patrick J. O’Neil: Executive V.P.
CC: Timothy McVeigh; RNC Volunteer Campaign; RNC ECampaign

IU: Full Text of Legal Invitations & Legal Acknowledged Read Receipts

TE: MILINT Earth Day Sign Up


MILINT Earth Day will be [Paper/Shank/Rock] implemented:

A: Voluntary Non-violent consent in writing, by unconditional cooperators. All unconditional operator or freerider objectors are invited to submit their legal objections in writing, for the submittal to the Swiss Federal Council.

B: Voluntary Shanksville Rock violence: Conditional cooperator or freerider objectors who refuse to submit their legal objections in writing, for the submittal to the Swiss Federal Council; preferring to engage in ‘woe-is-me’ ‘War is Peace’ passive-aggressive violence; shall be so engaged.

MILINT EARTH DAY CLERK CORRESPONDENCE TO MALAYSIA DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION: MH370: RE: Possible Known Unknown or Unknown Unknown relationship between Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance and Prisoner of Sex-&-War Shibumi TF MN-737 submission to Swiss Federal Council.
PRH-SQSwans / EoP | SQSwans-PRH / WiP


Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 8:22 PM
To: Napa Co Sheriff: John Robertson; Former FTW-Ruppert Colleague: Stan Goff
Cc: Timothy Truthseeker
Subject: Napa Co Sherrif: Re: Michael Ruppert’s Masonic War-is-Peace ‘human sacrifice’ suicide

PRH-SQSwans / EoP | SQSwans-PRH / WiP

SS: Seething Energies of Lucifer (SEL) Human Sacrifice (HS)

SS: Seething Energies of Lucifer: Breeding War

Update 22 April: CS: USMC: SButler & JMattis: WiP Michael Ruppert Suicide

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