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.. “I’ve heard of poker players winning the saloon with a pair of twos. You want to take that chance?” – Checkmate War Game; Viva La Revolucion Scene 1. The Pentagon….


Twitter: EXCLUSIVE: Republican insider: Trump is creating Deep State 2.0, but it might crash the economy https://t.co/9FX2zFpeeQ — Dr Nafeez Ahmed (@NafeezAhmed) March 6, 2017 .. The Battle – deep…


  Susl Chukotka: Business Day Begins When I put on my Socks: Моя деловая часть дня начинается тогда, когда я надеваю носки. — Кирилл Карташев (@Susl_Chukotka) March 30, 2014 …..


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