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Wikipedia: Ku Klux Klan1968 Mexico Olympics Black Power Salute; San People aka Kalahari Bushmen, Serena Williams.


Role of Subjective Belief and Objective Reality in Racial / Cultural / Religious Supremacy

Subjective belief: an idea believed by a person, which can be objectively true or false.

SUPREMACIST: In order for a subjective belief to be ‘racial/religious/cultural’ supremacy’ (i.e. falsely supremacist: morally unethical); it must be both (a) insincerely held, and (b) objectively false.

NOT SUPREMACIST: Sincere aka ego literate: the person sincerely holds a belief about white/blacks being superior (generally) or specifically in any particular skill, and if objectively false, the person has no personal experience evidence it is untrue. [Example A KKK/BPP member, who has never had the personal experience opportunity to meet an honourable – aka ego/eco literate honest – black/white man, sincerely could believe all blacks/whites are liars, dishonest, etc.]

SUPREMACIST: Insincere: The person believes an idea about Muslims/Christians being superior (generally) or in a particular skill; even though (a) they have met a Atheist/Jew who has proven their supremacy idea to be false; yet they refuse – presumably for reasons of ego illiteracy – to amend their opinion to reflect the new information, and insist on their supremacy idea; which (b) is both subjectively and objectively false.

OBJECTIVE REALITY: impartial scientific evidence for whether any idea is true or false.

“White Men are generally speaking technolgically speaking superior to black men.” || African American men are generally speaking superior to white men in basketball.”
If objectively TRUE, such statements are NOT RACIAL SUPREMACIST.

White men are generally speaking racially superior [Objectively untrue, but may be subjectively sincere]
Black men are generally speaking racially superior [Objectively untrue, but may be subjectively sincere]
If subjectively SINCERE, such a statement is NOT RACIAL SUPREMACIST. To change the mind of someone who holds a subjective sincere belief about general racial superiority, DO NOT accuse them of RACISM/SUPREMACISM: if you wish to abolish RACISM/SUPREMACISM. Do sincerely engage them to (a) be specific about what skill they are referring to; (b) Provide them with personal evidence to the contrary.

“Serena Williams is superior to 99% of white, black, asian women at tennis.”
“Traditional bushmen culture is superior to European, Asian & African culture at living sustainably”.

“Black women are generally speaking racially superior” [Objectively untrue, but may be subjectively sincere]
“Bushmen culture is generally superior to other cultures” [Objectively untrue, by may be subjectively sincere]
For example: Bushmen culture would not be considered generally speaking superior by individuals who consider warlike cultures superior, only to individuals who consider sustainable cultural lifestyle superior.