Large: 15-10-25_ArielSharon-GrapesWrath

Israel’s Generals: Arik Ariel Sharon: Orange Grove Visits

Grapes of Wrath: Shoving & Shooting Bankers; Sharon feeding breast milk to grown man

Soylent Green: Euthenasia Suicide Questions: Favourite Color: Orange

What A Way to Go: Orange Frankenfood

Dimitri Khalezov: Ground Zero: Nuclear Demolition of World Trade Center nuclear dust oranges

Idi Amin: Saudi Arabia Exile: Eating Oranges to lose weight

John Boehner Orange – Sympathy for the Devil by Kent Anderson: Special Forces Hanson compares Agent Orange exponential growth chemical warfare scorching the earth and cities and civilization exponential growth killing the earth

Clementa Pickney: Pastor of Charleston SC AME Church shot by Dylann Storm Roof on 17 June 2015

Cercle K2: Clement de Maillard: Criminal Intelligence Officer: Interpol; K2 offices between Rue Saint Honore, Le Opera, Pyramides & Argentine Oil – Op Opera: name for Israel bombing of Iraq nuclear reactor – Argentine Lube

Last Tango in Paris: director used orange hue in filming

Dexter: Michael Hall: Why I Care

Germanwings Pilot: Andreas Lubitz Golden Gate Bridge

Orange Co – SC: OrangeBurg Holly Hill Trees murder – CA: Judge fires 250 corrupt prosecutors – TX: Militia – CIA Culture Art Cold War Weapon; Forbidden Orange Fruit Owl Art; Aeroflot Red-Orange fashion

Putin & Dmitri Medvedev Pump Iron in Sochi

Mystery of Stalin’s Death: Little girl feeding lamb portrait in Stalin Dacha – Warm Grave in a Cold War: East German Nuclear Bunker Lake Poster, Jean Effel Portrait & ProjectorOperation Icarusoroborus black hole – HSBC:Japan hole in one golf culture

Putin Feeding Calf in forest – Golf Cramp Moos Moos ParkSiberian Parking accident – Impudent FellowLiterally Clean Shaven InsolentGorky Park SF44 Art

Roger Kebble Suicide.


* Israel’s Generals: Arik Ariel Sharon: Orange Grove Visits Infographics. Excerpt: EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 21 Nov 2015: Revisionists & Revisionist History: Anti-Occult-Christian Revisionist Michael Hoffman and Unashamedly Ethical.