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MWeb Legal Correspondence: Correspondence to & from MWeb chronological: (i) From Lara to MWeb: 23 January 2016: Subject: EoP Decoding Int: MWeb Notice of SEACOM & WACS cables failures on 21 Jan 2016: 0400-0700 PM; (ii): From Lara to Clive & MWeb Legal: 04 Aug 2016 2:18 PM: Subject: C Johnstone, K Marshall; MWeb, Access, Crystalweb & ISPA: Re: (i) Mweb notice to Clive Johnstone, (ii) 21 Jan Seacom & Wacs Cable blackout; (iii) From MWeb to Clive Johnstone: Sent 05 August, 2016 9:59 AM: Subject: Notice of immediate termination of account. Transcript: EoP Applicants: MWeb [PDF]

05 August 2016: MWeb termination of services to Clive & Lara Johnstone

582: Dr. Horowitz Frequencies.

582: Colour:

528: 5:28 PM 9 Nov 1965: NYC Blackout Life Magazine cover  –Wikipedia

9 Nov – 911: 1923: Nazi Beer Hall Putsch – Timothy Truthseeker; 1938: Kristallnacht –Wikipedia; 1989: Fall of Berlin Wall – Wikipedia; 16-02-19_TJMcVeigh-FMC-LeaSankaraCIADoD [Info]

714: 11 June 2001: Timothy McVeigh Faked Execution, Terre Haute: 16-02-16_TimMcVeigh-Terrehaute-11June2001-0714 [Info]

Gods Must be Crazy: is a South African comedy set in Botswana: it is the story of Xi, a San Bushman of the Kalahari Desert whose tribe has no knowledge of the world beyond, Andrew Steyn (Marius Weyers), a biologist who analyzes manure samples for his PhD dissertation, and Kate Thompson (Sandra Prinsloo), a newly hired village school teacher. Xi travels through the desert where Cold War South Africans are fighting Communists; in his attempt to find the end of the world; to return the Coca Cola bottle given to him by the Gods – Wikipedia: Trailer

Gods Must Be Crazy: Marius – Andrew 472: Marius wrestling with Land Rover using number plate with 472 on to try and drag rock closer to place under Land Rover Wheel – Stock photoAlamy

Gods Must Be Crazy: Coke bottle bounce:

147: Forbes 147 Companies that own everything –Forbes; New Scientist; Occupy Corporatism; Four Companies that Control 147 Companies that Control Everything – Forbes

McChrystal Forbes: Flower Colour Emotions: Forbes: 4 Steps to Increasing your Emotional Agility; What Success Looks Like

KFir: IAI: Israel Air Industries: KFir Lion Cub Fighter Jet – WikipediaIsrael Weapons

KFir F21 1985 to 1988: IAI F-21 KFir aka KFir C.1: United States Navy, VF43: Israel Air Industries KFir Fighter Jets leased to the US Navy and Marine Corps between 1985 and 1988, were called KFir F-21 – Wikipedia, Joe BauerAir Force Technology

Habues Mentem: Right to Legal Sanity: 17 Nov 2014: Swansee Judges or Chips Conference – 16-07-12-HabeusMentem-17Nov2014-SwanseeFinal-JewsorJudges-Chips-Solution-Conference [Info]

8 August: 88

08 Aug 2016: Donald Trump allegedly calls for assassination of Hillary Clinton and US Supreme Court Judges; Quetta assassination of Head of Balochistan Bar Association; and hospital suicide bombing of over 90; including 62 lawyers; Delta Collapse: Blackout in Atlanta causes all Delta computers to malfunction; shutting down Delta flights worldwide for hours.

08 August 2016: Donald Trump: Hillary Judges Assassination: On 08 Aug 2016 Donald Trump allegedly called for assassination of Hillary Clinton and Supreme Court Judges – The Guardian, Webster Tarpley; EoP Int: Trump, Clinton, Sanders & Corbyn: ‘vote for me; and I’ll give you an Arbeid Macht Frei job’ –TrumpClintonSandersCorbyn-ArbeidMachtFrei  [Info]

08 Aug 2016: Quetta Assassination & Suicide bomb attack: On morning of 08 August the Head of Balochistan Bar Association: Advocate Bilal Anwar Kasi was assassinated on his way to court; and in the afternoon a suicide bomb occurred at the Government Hospital where lawyers, journalists and others congregated to pay respects to the body; killing over 90, including 62 lawyers — Wikipedia; Washington Post

08 Aug 2016: Atlanta Blackout causes Delta Collapse: Blackout in Atlanta causes all Delta computers to malfunction; shutting down Delta flights worldwide for hours. – Washington Post, Delta PR: Delta is Ready when You Are- Not – CBS Miami; Zero Hedge; Zero Hedge

08 August 88 HH: aka Heil Hitler numbers 88

H: Hillary: Hillary Clinton campaign for President Logo

Helipad: Symbol on Hospital showing Helicopter where to land

Helipad/Holypod: Matrix pod

Matrix Pod: MatrixTrailer; Agent Smith Speech

Holy City Popcorn: Benjamin Netanyahu Babysitter Election Ad Popcorn

Church of the Holy Birth Control: Condoms: Russian condoms, Little Willy Condoms, Crown Jewels Condosm, Cabbages and Condoms Rubber Triangle; Birds and Bees Resort, McDonalds Condoms, M&M condoms, Like a Rock condoms, Safe Sex Diamond Condoms, Elvis and Cow Condom statues, Captian Condom Bar, Israel Condoms, Camo Condoms, Condom Waiter: Sorry No Mints, Take a Condom instead, No-Pregnancy Guarantee – donjackdempseyputin [Info]

Pakistan Bar Council: Pakistan Bar Council

Supreme Court of Pakistan: Supreme Court of Pakistan

Patch Adams At Yr Cervix:Path Adams Trailer;  Patch Adams At Your Cervix;

Robin Williams Andrew Martin: as the robot Andrew Martin seeking status as a human in Positronic Man:Wikipedia; Bicentennial Man: Trailer

Andrea Alciato: Italian Jurist – Wikipedia; Emblemata: Augsburg 1531: Mentem Non Fornam Plus Pollere aka Intelligence Matters, not beauty: A fox, entering the store-room of a theatrical producer, found an actor’s mask, skilfully shaped, so finely fashioned that the spirit alone was missing, in all else it seemed alive. Taking it up, the fox addressed it – What a head is this, but it has no brain! – French Emblems; SA-Concourt-Corruption-Guinness-World-Record: French Emblems; Uni Mannheim;  White Refugees

Quetta: capital of Balochistan in Pakistan moon at night  – Wikipedia

Submarine Cable Networks: Winston Qiu: Submarine Networks

Que: Fawlty Towers: Basil and Monkey Manuel Spanish misunderstanding about butter, donkeys and one, two, three; Basil gives Manuel English lesson; Colonizing Consequences of Cheap Labour addiction: Cracker Lebensraum Colonization Dots: Multinational’s cultural Imperialist Importation of Migrant-Refugee cheap labour – IGN: Putin: EU [Islam Lebensraum Hijrah] Refugee Crisis Absolutely Expected

Brando’s Butter: Last Tango in Paris: Brando’s Butter Lubricant: Stick your finger up my ass. Until you have faced death in the face you know nothing – 15-10-19-Bibi-BrandoButter-TangoParis-PtImpact-Rock-HurtLocker-Shooter [Info]

Butter: Shea Butter Recipes: Hair Conditioner: Shea Butter Hair Conditioner Recipes: 16-07-27_Guccifer20 [Info]

Butter: Chaos Theory Butterfuly Effect: 16-02-16_CarlSagan-RichardDawkins-Stroke [Info]

Butter: Guns & Butter John Judge Re: JFK Assassination: “.. and then I realized they want us to see; they want us to know; they want us to get the message and and it was just as blatant a message as November 22, 1963. I believe that 63’s message is ‘Yeah we shot the son of a bitch, and what are you gonna do about it? We can kill the president and we sure as hell can kill you; so sit down, shut up and get out of the way.” TT: John Judge, Special Projects Assistant to Rep. Cynthia McKinney; 23/04: Guns and Butter: We Remember Michael Ruppert & John Judge — Aex ELF Potato Island Love Story: New EoP-Gotit Rules or No-Los-Pepes Rules?

Penny Sparrow: Monkeys overbreeding and polluting Durban beaches on Christmas and New Year – News 24, IOL, News 24

Banana Moon Monkey: Birstall, UK: 27 Dark Lane: Banana Moon: Personalized Hoodies & clothing around the corner from 86 Lowood Lane: home of Thomas Mair, who assassinated Jo Cox outside the Birstall Library on Market Street, on 16 June 2016 – Wikipedia

Shamil Basayev: Battle between descendants of Monkeys and descendants of Adam; at least 6 hoax media reports alleged he had died; prior to his alleged death; mastermind behind 23-26 Oct Nord Ost theater hostage siege; claimed responsibility for May 2005 Moscow blackout  – Wikipedia

Thabo Mbeki: Penny Sparrow Kaffir; Endgame End Apartheid Negotiations: Hoax Death

Thabo Mbeki:Penny Sparrow, Kaffir: 16 March: Patriotic Warriors; TMALI

Thabo MbekiEndgame End of Apartheid Negotiations: Endgame: Trailer; 16-06-02_BattleBelgiumPeeConeCrazy-TrumpKKKarpathos-ZGSilvermine-Tokai-ElephantsEye-Endgame [Info]; 16-05-22-CrimeaWayHome-GIJaneDrZhivago-EarthDay-DinnerAndre-CrashCourse-Endgame [Info]; Derrick Jensen Endgame: 16-07-05_Dallas-MicahXJohnson [Info]

Thabo Mbeki: Media Death Reports: 14 Aug 2015 Inaccurate ‘Mbeki is dead’ media reports – Thabo Mbeki; Citizen

Movsar Barayev: leader of 23-26 Oct Nord Ost Moscow theater hostage siege – Wikipedia; Terror in Moscow

23 Oct 1983: Beirut Marine Corps Barracks Bombings:  23 Oct 1983 Beirut Bombings: The Beirut Barracks Bombings occurred during the Lebanese Civil War when two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States and French military forces—members of the Multinational Force (MNF) in Lebanon—killing 299 American and French servicemen. An obscure group calling itself ‘Islamic Jihad’ claimed responsibility for the bombings. – Wikipedia, Soldier Porn; 16-08-15_GeorgeBush-CraigFuller-DrugWarWeedingGenepool [Info]

Lothar Rendulic: 23 Oct 1887 – 17 Jan 1971; whose Nuremberg Trials case resulted in the Military Necessity Stare Decisis ruling known as the Rendulic Rule – Wikipedia

Lothar Rendulic: Military Necessity Rendulic Rule: Military Necessity in Nuremberg Case Law: Rendulic Rule: High Command Trial of Wilhelm von Leeb and Thirteen Others –Military Necessity Doctrine

Hannah Arendt: NY Observer Jewish reporter at the Nuremberg Trials: Johanna Hannah Arendt – Wikipedia: Trailer; Final Speech

Hanna Lake Quetta: Island in Hanna Lake, Quetta, Balochistan – Wikipedia

Assassinated Dagestan Judges: Magomed Magodemov & Ubaidula Magomedov: Ubaidula Magomedov Judge of Shamil District Court, assassinated in the yard outside his house in Shamilsky district on 10 August 2016- RFERL; Magomed Magodemov: Magomed Gadjievich Dagestan Supreme Court judge from Kubachi, assassinated on 15 January 2013 at about 21:00 hrs in Makhachkala – Wikipedia, Moscow Times; Ubaidula Magomedov

Shamil Basayev: Mountain Men and their Holy Wars: Shamil Basayev – Wikipedia