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Chuck Palahniuk Fight Club Snowflake:

Independent: Chuck Palahniuk takes credit for ‘snowflake’ term, thinks the Left needs to get its sh*t together. Evening Standard: Londoner’s Diary: Fight Club’s Chuck Palahniuk: “I coined ‘snowflake’ and I stand by it”. Infowars: Fight Club Author Rips Snowflakes.


Chuck Palahniuk Werner Erhard Est:

Believer: Est, Werner Erhard, and the Corporatization of Self-Help: In 1989, a man named Chuck Palahniuk enrolled in a Landmark Forum workshop. He was twenty-six years old and, like many of his co-participants, struggling with his life and what to do with it. Despite his lack of vocational direction, Palahniuk had no problem navigating his way to the closest exit after the first forty-five minutes of the workshop, repelled by the program’s cultiness and rigidity. Later that day, however, he returned to complete the training, and that night began writing what would eventually become his best-selling book, Fight Club—a sequence of events which suggests the Landmark Forum was more successful in helping Palahniuk redirect his life than a barrage of inconclusive personality tests, forlorn meetings with career counselors, or years of expensive psychoanalysis.


EoP MILED Clerk: B Obama, GW Bush, V Putin EoP Sincere or WiP Only?:

19 Jan 2017: 20:11 hrs: Barack Obama GW Bush The Bush Center If EoP sincere: Do not attend Real Donald Trump WiP Only Inauguration. CC: Kremlin Russia, Timothy McVeigh
20 Jan 2017: 11:57 hrs: Barack Obama, The Bush Center, Real Donald Trump, Inauguration 2017 EoP Sincere Putin – Moscow Times. CC: Kremlin Russia, Timothy McVeigh.


EoP MILED Clerk: Rex Tillerson EoP and WiP or WiP only: EoP Radical Honoursty Facts?

Mr. Rex Tillerson: Re: “As I indicated I feel it is important in advising the President if confirmed that I deal with facts.” What is your legal definition for the term ‘important’ and ‘facts’? Could you provide President Putin, President Elect Trump, US and Russian Attorney and Prosecutor Generals, Marco Rubio and the EoP MILED Clerk, with a buck stops here public written statement response, publicly posted to Donald Trump Transition Team website — greatagain.gov — with your written confirmation of the accuracy of, or clarification of any errors of fact or logic; of the following Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality principles; by 11:00 hrs on 20 January 2017.
— EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 19 Jan: M Rubio, R Tillerson: EoP RH Factual Reality and War Criminal Questions.


Masare Emoto: Hidden Intention Messages in Water:

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masare Emoto – Amazon, Ray Doktor.


Kremlin.ru: Snowflake Avalanche Condolences to Italy PM:

Kremlin: President of the Russian Federation: Condolences to Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni on the deaths caused by an avalanche in AbruzzoMeeting with Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller. Gazprom Merry Christmas Snowflake.


Racism WS: Snowflake Avalanche Racism:

Racism WS: Snowflake avalanche racism comment.


EoP MILED Clerk: EoP Elimination from Planetary Genepool Rules for all, including right wing white males.

EoP Rules: As I informed Ms. Brockovich; EoP Acting Clerk has no problem with assassinating one, ten, ten thousand or ten million, or even six billion individuals; if sufficient justification exists for their assassination and elimination from the planetary genepool; but before they are sentenced for assassination they must first be convicted. Before they are convicted; they must first be notified in black and white; for their personal ‘in your face’ attention and response; of the information and evidence; that allegedly justifies their removal from the planetary genepool; for their response. Only if they have personally been informed of the charges and evidence against them; and refuse to honourably respond to such charges; and sincerely negotiate in good faith towards resolving the issues in dispute against them; to cooperate to address the root causes of the issue in dispute; shall any violent actions be condoned against them.
» EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 16 Jan: Erin Brockovich .. Rick Snyder; 25 Jan: Angry White Dude .. John Prados.


EoP New Rules Culture Conversation or Masonic War is Peace Only Question for Werner Erhard:

Werner Erhard: Re: Culture Change to EoP Honour Ecofootprint Shrinking Lifeboat Ethics?
» EoP NWO SCO: 25 Jan: US Army Command Ft Bragg NC: Leaders Shrinking Lifeboat Course Activity creates biases awareness.