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US v TJ McVeigh:

Request Former President George W Bush and/or Governor Gray Davis; and if necessary any other United States Government officials to confirm and/or edit for accuracy and/or outright deny the following statement:

In late 2001, Steve West, Former US Special Forces and then Secret Service Officer in the California Governors office of Governor Gray Davis confirmed to Lara Johnstone that Governor Gray Davis had confirmed that the previous statements of the California Governors Office confirming the execution of Timothy James McVeigh had been incorrect. Governor Gray Davis had been informed by President George Bush at their recent meeting in San Bernadino County; that in fact; Timothy McVeigh’s execution had been faked. Timothy McVeigh was not executed on 11 June 2001; his execution was faked. Mr. West then thanked Lara Johnstone for informing the Governor’s Davis office of this information for his verification.

If so confirmed:

To request (i) Dept of Justice: Attorney General Loretta Lynch, (ii) Assistant Attorney General for National Security: Lisa Monaco and (iii) former DoJ Prosecutor in the trial of Timothy McVeigh — Denver Oklahoma: Criminal Action No. 96-CR-68-M – Beth Wilkinson; what the Dept of Justice preferences are for legal proceedings if any; in terms of the legally verified information by President GW Bush; that McVeigh’s execution was faked.

If Dept of Justice Officials and/or McVeigh Trial Prosecutors; want a new Trial for McVeigh:

To request aforementioned Dept of Justice officials legal written guarantee of (a) agreement to bail for McVeigh pending resolution of such trial; and (b) ‘Justice Quartus de Wet & Jury Percy Yutar mercy’ guarantee offer; made to them on 06 November 2015 2:11 PM in correspondence to Timothy McVeigh and Lisa Monaco; copied to among others Beth Wilkinson; Subject: Timothy J McVeigh: Formal Apology: Re: Fraud of Radical Honesty Cult.

If Dept of Justice Officials and/or McVeigh Prosecutors; do not want a new Trial for McVeigh:

Their written permission for Timothy James McVeigh to travel to South Africa and to Russia. More specifically: (A) if the negotiations with Clive Johnstone and Russian Ambassador Mikhail Petrakov so permit: permission for Timothy McVeigh to travel to South Africa, meet Lara’s parents; resolve any unresolved issues between Timothy, Lara, Clive and Ann; so that Lara and Timothy can travel to Russia to physically spend two years together somewhere in a village in Siberia; before being allowed to die together by assisted suicide; and to be buried together in an unmarked grave somewhere near Lake Baikal, in the Siberian wilderness.

Civil Case 5048-16: LJ v CHJ: Notice of Current Status of Negotiations:  Search for Culturally Sensitive Assistance of Counsel for Respondent: Annexure E: Amended Notice of Motion: Re: Timothy McVeigh Faked Execution & Russia Assisted Suicide. [PDF]
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Formal Apology: Fraud of Radical Honesty Cult.

Ecology of Peace facts reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. To sustainably protect and conserve natural resources in accordance to local and national carrying capacity limits; and restrict national and international inter-cultural resource war conflict; humans must implement an Ecology of Peace international law social contract that restricts all the worlds citizens to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

I imagine individuals who are sincere about addressing the root causes of resource war conflict; may be quite capable of agreeing to Ecology of Peace facts reality; without having to go through any ‘radical honesty forgiveness’ process of venting their rage; or may have their own process of getting rid of their minds jail of beliefs. Quite simply some form of cultural military honour or scientific intellectual integrity; or religious old believers like conscience may be quite as capable of encouraging an individual to confront Ecology of Peace Facts reality; if not more so; than ‘radical honesty forgiveness’ procedures.
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