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Adm Titley: … Well Guess What: The Ocean Gets a Vote

“We don’t talk about climate change,” Capt. Dean VanderLey told visiting journalists in a tour of the base before the election. “We talk about sea-level rise. You can measure it.” … VanderLey would like to replace more of the piers. But the elephant in the room amid all the planning is cost and funding. Billions are required, and that kind of funding is hard to come by even when members of Congress are not arguing about whether climate change exists. “That’s the hard issue,” says retired Rear Admiral David Titley, who now heads the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at the University of Pennsylvania. “How are we going to pay and which areas are we not going to protect? No politician wants to raise his or her hand and say, ‘you guys are out of the fence line.’ We saw this in New York with Mayor Bloomberg. ‘We don’t retreat.’ Well, guess what. The ocean gets a vote.” Retired Rear Admiral Jonathan White and former chairman of the Navy’s Task Force Climate Change says there’s no time to spare for convincing budget writers to act. By the time the seas have risen, the ice will have melted and there will be no turning back. “Timing is critical,” he says. “Just like timing for sorties out of Norfolk in advance of a hurricane is critical—if you wait too late, you can’t get the ships out because the seas are too high. The same kind of thing is going on with sea-level rise. You can’t wait for a certain yes, it’s going to be here or not. You’ve got to make decisions in advance, based on the uncertainty that you have.”
– National Geographic: Who’s Still Fighting Climate Change? The U.S. Military.
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Alien on Pale Blue Dot v Reporters Committee for Freedom of Press: WiP Scarcity Combatants should be placed on Petraeus CIA/Seal Team 6 Assassination Kill Lists!

In a Post Peak NNR/Oil World, where nature’s resources have been plundered by corporations, it is time to restore balance to ask: Does a river have a right to flow? Does a species have a right to survival? Does a mountain have a right not to be guillotined? Can an oil well demand her precious black gold not be used to produce shitty products, or only be used by carpools or individuals who live below their regions carrying capacity? Can nature demand that any world leader calling for ‘economic growth’ or ‘population growth’ is the equivalent of appointing consumption and breeding war combatants to declare war on nature’s depleted finite resources? Can CEO’s who commit financial and corporate ecological terrorism of nature’s resources, be put on kill lists and assassinated by General Petraeus’ new drones[1] or Seal Team Six? Can Nature have Anton Piller court orders and Mareva injunctions served upon Monsanto and all corporations employing individuals who stole her ideas, laws and claimed them as their own patents, trademarks and copyrights?

It is in the sustainable security interest of countries and their citizens that  drunk sailor politicians, bankers and CEO’S in Bangkok, who abuse natures finite resources, for short term political status or profits, are sobered up with freezing – Seal Team Six or Petraeus Drones – doses of resource scarcity consequences reality!

[..]  4g. A Post Peak NNR/Oil, Laws of Nature Sustainable Security World requires the limitation of rights, to ‘Breeding/Consumption War Combatants’ and/or those who refuse to practice Scientific Journalism:

[..]  Put simply: In a Post Peak NNR/Oil World it is imperative to publicly recognize that any citizen who supports the Inalienable Right to Breed, Consume and/or Vote; and/or whose procreation and/or consumption lifestyle is above the nation’s carrying capacity are contributing towards resource scarcity, and are consequently PRO-WAR (class/race civil war, and/or national resource war) irrespective of their verbal diarrhoea ‘anti-war’ or ‘civil rights’ rhetoric.
US v B Chelsea Manning: SCOTUS: US Supreme Court: Alien on Pale Blue Dot v Reporters Comm Freedom of Press: 01 Nov 2012: Motion for Leave to Proceed In Forma Pauperis; Petition for Writ of Certiorari; Proof of Service [PDF].


New York Magazine: Doomed Earth Catalogue: The Uninhabitable Earth.

The Uninhabitable Earth: Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think. By David Wallace-Wells.

Over the past few decades, the term“Anthropocene” has climbed out of academic discourse and into the popular imagination — a name given to the geologic era we live in now, and a way to signal that it is a new era, defined on the wall chart of deep history by human intervention. One problem with the term is that it implies a conquest of nature (and even echoes the biblical “dominion”). And however sanguine you might be about the proposition that we have already ravaged the natural world, which we surely have, it is another thing entirely to consider the possibility that we have only provoked it, engineering first in ignorance and then in denial a climate system that will now go to war with us for many centuries, perhaps until it destroys us. That is what Wallace Smith Broecker, the avuncular oceanographer who coined the term “global warming,” means when he calls the planet an “angry beast.” You could also go with “war machine.” Each day we arm it more.
– New York Magazine: Doomed Earth Catalogue: The Uninhabitable Earth.