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EoP Observations Objective & Subjective Reality Caveat:
EoP Observations of infographic coincidence pattern events – possibly psychotronically manipulated  [Serpico Math] by military officials motivated by EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War [eop-trc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] negotiations to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law – are subject to EoP objective – EoP Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za] – and subjective – EoP Radical Honoursty Information Quality Operations [eop-rh-iqo.tygae.org.za] – reality caveats.


Wuhan Huanan Haixian Pifa Shichang: Wuhan Seafood Market

It was no secret to anyone in Wuhan that Huanan Seafood Market sold a lot more than its name suggested. While one side of the low-slung warren of stalls did primarily stock fish and shellfish, the other offered a cornucopia of spices, sundries and, if you knew where to look, beavers, porcupines and snakes. “It was well-known for selling lots of weird, live animals,” says James, an English teacher who for five years lived a few hundred feet from the market, and who asks TIME to only use one name due to the sensitivity of the situation. “So nobody was surprised at all when it emerged that the virus might have come from an unusual animal.” Scientists have confirmed that the pneumonia-like disease, like around 70% of new human pathogens, was zoonotic or transmitted from an animal. But they are still investigating exactly what creature might be the source of the “novel coronavirus”—dubbed 2019-nCoV and belonging to the same family as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). It’s certainly true that many Chinese are obsessive about freshness. Even small supermarkets commonly have fish tanks where shoppers can purchase live seafood. (This reporter was once served slices of sashimi still attached to the carcass of a gasping fish.) Eating wild animals is also considered a luxury because of their rarity and cost, much like game is in the West. Some practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine also believe that eating exotic creatures can cure certain ailments and boost “male potency.” “This is just part of Chinese culture,” says Yanzhong Huang, a public heath expert at the Council for Foreign Relations. “They love to eat anything alive.” – Time: The West Blames the Wuhan Coronavirus on China’s Love of Eating Wild Animals. The Truth Is More Complex.

Several European countries have announced their first coronavirus cases, all apparently linked to the growing outbreak in Italy. Austria, Croatia, Greece and Switzerland said the cases involved people who had been to Italy, as did Algeria in Africa. The first positive virus test has been recorded in Latin America – a Brazilian resident just returned from Italy. Italy has in recent days become Europe’s worst-affected country. Authorities have confirmed more than 300 cases and 12 deaths there, the most recent a 70-year-old resident of Lombardy who died after being taken to intensive care in Parma. The country has also seen four children infected. – BBC: Coronavirus: Outbreak spreads in Europe from Italy.

This is the village of San Fiorano in northern Italy’s Lombardy region, one of the areas worst affected by coronavirus. Italy has 400 cases of coronavirus and 12 people have died there since the outbreak began. Eleven towns and villages in Lombardy, the region around Milan, and Veneto, which includes Venice, are in a quarantined red zone, home to a total of 55,000 people. …….. “People are getting a little crazy,” said 49-year-old Guiseppe Malusardi as he rode his bicycle past a police checkpoint in the village of Casalpusterlengo. “Everything’s closed.” Still, some Italians are making the best of the situation. “It’s fantastic,” said 54-yeawr-old Ambrogio Pezzi as he walked along with his golden retriever – adding that he’s enjoyed the two-week break from his dentistry work and more time with his family. “We are like hamsters in a wheel, running around and around and not realizing we are always running in the same spot. Maybe this is a lesson to slow down and enjoy things.” – – BBC: Coronavirus: Quarantined inside Italy’s red zone;  Zero Hedge: We’re All Going to Get IT: Life in Italy’s Coronavirus Red Zone Getting A Little Crazy.

The South African government will launch an unprecedented and major military-style operation to safely evacuate at least 151 South Africans who have been stranded in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the epicentre of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), which may become a global pandemic. The number of those seeking evacuation is rising rapidly. – Daily Maverick: Unprecedented military evacuation of 151 South Africans from Wuhan to take place within days.

Francis Boyle: Coronavirus Biowarfare Smoking Gun:
Francis Boyle: And the smoking gun here is on page 11, near the bottom, the last full paragraph from the bottom where it says, “may provide a gain of function to coronavirus for efficient spreading in the human population— … gain of function technology is DNA genetic engineering of a dangerous biological warfare substances to begin with. .. It’s a turbo charging and gain of function work can only be done safely in a BSL-4 or a BSL-3 facility. So, I think clearly, this is the smoking gun that the Wuhan coronavirus came out of that BSL-4 facility. ….  This is clearly a weaponized biological warfare agent and there is no legitimate scientific or medical use for gain of function technology, DNA technology on biowarfare–  . All right, well, now let me get to the second study, which is another smoking gun and a bombshell, Alex; there’s no other word for it. You remember in our previous interview, you asked me if this had come out of the BSL-4 facility in Winnipeg, Canada – was stolen out of there. I said that that could have happened. Winnipeg is our equivalent of Fort Detrick. They do every type of hideous, offensive Nazi-type biological warfare work up there you can possibly imagine. But again, on the basis of materials, scientific materials, I had a chance to read over the weekend. I have changed my opinion on that. I think I have the definitive evidence where this came from and it came from the BSL-3 biowarfare lab at the University of North Carolina. Now I have condemned them before because they have done gain of function work, DNA genetic engineering on every hideous biological warfare agent you can imagine including MERS at that time, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome agent, which again, is a biowarfared coronavirus …… the Wuhan scientists took the North Carolina SARS with gain of function, which is already a biological warfare weapon, and they took the technology here behind this well-developed SARS HIV weapon and they all brought it back to the Wuhan a BSL-4 and tried to DNA genetically engineer it into a chimera, into a biological warfare weapon involving the coronavirus, the HIV virus and gain of function. – Infowars: Prof Francis Boyle exposes the bioweapons origins of the Covid-19 Coronavirus; Truthseeker: US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized!; Spiro Skouras: US Biowarfare Act Author: Francis Boyle: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized!

Michael Ruppert: DNA Sequencing & Biowarfare:
Michael Rupert: As FTW has begun to investigate serious discussions by legitimate scientists and academics on the possible necessity of reducing the world’s population by more than four billion people, no stranger set of circumstances since Sept. 11 adds credibility to this possibility than the suspicious deaths of what may be as many as 14 world-class microbiologists.  ……. A PATTERN?  The DNA sequencing work by several of the microbiologists discussed earlier is aimed at developing drugs that will fight pathogens based on the pathogen’s genetic profile. The work is also aimed at eventually developing drugs that will work in cooperation with a person’s genetic makeup. Theoretically, a drug could be developed for one specific person. That being the case, it’s obvious that one could go down the ladder, and a drug could be developed to effectively treat a much broader class of people sharing a genetic marker. The entire process can also be turned around to develop a pathogen that will affect a broad class of people sharing a genetic marker. A broad class of people sharing a genetic marker could be a group such as a race, or people with brown eyes. – Cop v CIA: A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health: Death Toll Mounting as Connections to Dyncorp, Hadron, Promis Software and Disease Research Emerge.


Coronavirus as Final Tipping Point for Economic Collapse:

MSCI World Stocks collapsed from a record high into ‘correction’ in just five days. The plunge in global equities has wiped out more than $5 trillion in value, or equivalent to nearly Japan’s annual GDP. On Thursday afternoon, Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd said, “this is possibly the worst thing I have seen in my career… it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which you can contain the virus threat,” adding that “Europe and China are probably already in recession and US GDP will take a 1.5-2.0% hit.” The Dow Jones just saw its fastest collapse from an all-time peak since 1928, just ahead of The Great Depression. And the S&P 500 suffered its fastest peak-to-correction plunge ever… As for the Federal Reserve’s ‘Not QE’ last-ditch effort to prop the stock market up last fall, all equity gains have been erased. Global investors aren’t waiting for economic data to hit to see how bad things have gotten since the virus has sent China into economic paralysis. They are selling first and asking questions later. – Zero Hedge: $5 Trillion Wiped out from World Stocks Amid Fastest Collapse in History.

Given the exquisite precariousness of the global financial system and economy, hopes for a brief and mild downturn are wildly unrealistic. If we asked a panel of epidemiologists to imagine a virus optimized for rapid spread globally and high lethality, they’d likely include these characteristics: 1. Highly contagious, with an R0 of 3 or higher. 2. A novel virus, so there’s no immunity via previous exposure. 3. Those carrying the pathogen can infect others while asymptomatic, i.e. having no symptoms, for a prolonged period of time, i.e. 14 to 24 days. 4. Some carriers never become ill and so they have no idea they are infecting others. 5. The virus is extremely lethal to vulnerable subpopulations but not so lethal to the entire populace that it kills its hosts before they can transmit the virus to others. 6. The virus can be spread by multiple pathways, including aerosols (droplets from sneezing/coughing), brief contact (with hotel desk clerks, taxi drivers, etc.) and contact with surfaces (credit cards, faucets, door handles, etc.). Ideally, the virus remains active on surfaces for prolonged periods, i.e. 7+ days. 7. Those infected who recover may catch the virus again, as acquired immunity is not 100%. 8. As a result of this and other features, it’s difficult to manufacture a vaccine that will reliably protect against infection. 9. The tests designed to detect the virus are inherently limited, as the virus may be present in tissue that isn’t being swabbed.
10. The symptoms of the illness are essentially identical with less contagious and lethal flu types, so people who catch the virus may not know they have the novel pathogen. As you probably know by now, these are all characteristics of Covid-19, and this is why it is unstoppable.  If we asked a panel of business executives to imagine a global system optimized for vulnerability to external shocks, they’d likely include these characteristics: 1. Long global suppy chains, four, five and six layers deep, so those in the top layers have no idea where parts and components actually come from. 2. Just-in-time deliveries and limited inventories dependent on complex logistics, so any shock quickly disrupts the entire network as key nodes fail. 3. A global supply chain dependent on hundreds of financially marginal factories and suppliers who do not have the means to pay employees for weeks or months while the factory is idle. 4. A global supply chain dependent on hundreds of financially marginal factories with high debts and expenses that will close down and never re-open. 5. A global consumer economy dependent on the permanent expansion of debt. 6. A global financial system with extremely limited capacity to absorb defaults as suppliers and zombie corporations (i.e. companies dependent on ever-greater borrowing to survive) fail. 7. A global economy burdened with overcapacity. 8. A global economy dependent on “the wealth effect” of rising stock and housing markets to fuel spending, so when these bubbles burst spending evaporates. These are precisely the characteristics of our precarious global economy, dependent on rising debt, vast speculative bubbles, vulnerable supply chains and marginal consumers and producers. As noted here before, it doesn’t take much to break a system dependent on ever-rising debt and speculation. This chart illustrates the dynamic: when debt loads, speculative bets and expenses are all at nosebleed levels, the slightest decline triggers collapse. Put another way: the global system has been stripped of redundancy and buffers. A little push is all that’s needed to send it over the edge. Given the exquisite precariousness of the global financial system and economy, hopes for a brief and mild downturn are wildly unrealistic. The global economy is falling off a cliff, and calling it a “recession” while debt and speculative excesses collapse is a form of denial. When debt and speculative excesses collapse, it’s a depression, not a recession. If we can’t call things by their real name then we guarantee a wider, deeper cataclysm. – Of Two Minds: When Will We Admit Covid-19 Is Unstoppable and Global Depression Is Inevitable?.

Guy McPherson: Coronavirus & Climate Change:
Guy McPherson: Uninsurable and unhedgeable: Central Banks warn of financial crisis from climate change ………People have asked me to comment on the new coronavirus coming out of China and its impacts on the aerosol masking effect [global dimming]; so I will address those two topics. First there was a model conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University back in October of last year 2019, and that research concluded that upto 65 million people would die as a result of a new coronavirus. I think that is entirely plausible given the interconnectecd nature of global air travel and the global capitalist economy and so on… ………I have seen a couple of figures. The highest figure I have seen for reduced industrial activity in China as the proportion of global industrial activity is forty percent.  That seems a little high, but lets assume the precautionary principle and go with Chinese industrial activity is forty percent of the global total. I have also seen numbers as high as a sixty percent decline in Chinese industrial activity. If you multiply that forty percent by that sixty percent, then we get a twenty-four percent decline of industrial activity. If indeed China comprises a forty percent of industrial activity and also that there has been a sixty percent decline of global industrial activity, that takes us to a twenty-four percent decline of global industrial activity emissions and aerosols [Zero Hedge: “There’s No Pollution” – NASA Satellite Images Expose China’s “Production Has Resumed” False Narrative]. So if there has been that decline then we are looking at a twenty-four percent decline in industrial activity in aerosols; so we should see in a matter of days or a few weeks an abrupt global temperature rise [Rosenfeld: Global Dimming; McPherson Paradox]. So if indeed we are headed for a twenty-four percent decline in industrial activity, then that tells me we will experience a global temperature rise of one degree celsius in a matter of a couple of weeks. So if those numbers are accurate, this leads to a global temperature rise of one degree celsius; where we are currently about one and three-quarters degree celsius above the 1750 baseline, so an additional one degree celsius would be absolutely catastrophic. It is difficult for me to imagine very many species surviving that abrupt rise in temperature for very long and most notably homosapiens: our own species and our ability to survive that temperature rise. If those numbers are correct, then I would say by about November first, plus or minus,  a few months, we will be out of habitat for our species, for homo-sapiens. – Nature Bats Last: Bank for International Settlements Warns of Financial Crisis from Climate Change; Coronavirus and Beyond; Coronavirus Update; The McPherson Paradox – Very Briefly; And Then What?.
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Dec: EoP A to McPherson – GHardin Climate Emergency – Paradox Question.


WTC – US – Taliban: EoP or WiP Peace Talks:

The president of the Kabul government, Ashraf Ghani, announced that he would not accept an exchange of prisoners that was to have served as a “confidence-building” measure. The exchange was to be carried out on March 10, the date set for the beginning of “intra-Afghan negotiations” involving the Taliban, the Ghani regime and potentially other Afghan political actors. The agreement states that these talks are to produce a “permanent and comprehensive ceasefire,” along with a “future political roadmap of Afghanistan.” While the deal proposed the release of 5,000 Taliban Prisoners—roughly half of the number held by the US and its puppet regime—along with 1,000 prisoners held by the Taliban, Ghani told reporters on Sunday, “The government of Afghanistan has made no commitment to free 5,000 Taliban prisoners,” adding, “It is not in the authority of the United States to decide; they are only a facilitator.” Also continuing to drive the Afghan conflict are the conflicting interests of the region’s two nuclear-armed powers—India, which has backed the Kabul government, and Pakistan, whose military Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) provided sanctuary to the Taliban leadership. Saturday saw India’s foreign minister attend the ceremony in Kabul, while his Pakistani counterpart was at the signing in Doha. Far from inaugurating peace, any retreat from the US debacle in Afghanistan would help pave the way for a far more dangerous eruption of US militarism, as Washington shifts its global strategy from the “war on terror” to preparations for war against its “great power” rivals, in the first instance, nuclear-armed China and Russia. – WSWS: Afghanistan peace deal begins to unravel as Kabul rejects prisoner swap.

The Sea Inside:

The Sea Inside (Spanish: Mar adentro) is a 2004 Spanish drama film written, produced, directed, and scored by Alejandro Amenábar, which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It is based on the real-life story of Ramón Sampedro (played by Javier Bardem), who was left quadriplegic after a diving accident, and his 28-year campaign in support of euthanasia and the right to end his life. The Sea Inside (Mar Ardento): Trailer.


Cop 26 in Partnership with Italy

For the first time, the UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow on 9 – 20 November 2020. – UK Cop26


WTC Attacks: Masonic Symbolism

Fritz Springmeier recent presentation to the PDX 9/11 Truth Group. He outlines some research on The Illuminati Masons and Satanist symbols hidden in plain sight. He has written extensively on the subject. Jordan Maxwell is one of the original researchers on the Illuminati along with Anthony J Hilder and Myron Fagan. – Videos from the Underground: The Role of the Illuminati’s Occult Philosophy in 9/11 – Fritz Springmeier – PDX 9/11 Truth.


Guo Li Zhuang Menu

IG: 16-05-01_jlbobbit-18junewedding-peniscaferecipe14-11-21_donjackdempseyputin.


Active Listening Hardon Fucking

If, however by ‘fuck’ you mean actively listen [Edwin Rutsch: Empathy aka Active Listening Circle: 9 min] and sincerely resolve any objective and/or subjective issue in dispute; then I am open to fucking. So, do you want to – listen and sincerely resolve any objective and/or subjective issue in dispute – fuck? Are any of your ego-penussy’s capable of active listening hardons?
» EoP Leg Sub: 23 Jan: LJ Upd: EoP Req for – BB-Affid Status; RH Circle Fuckery Complaint – Info; 25 Feb: McVeigh2020 Re: Bernie Sanders: VT Freeman 1972 Essay on Man and Woman Rape.


George Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones may be the most enigmatic monument in the US: huge slabs of granite, inscribed with directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. Only one man knows who created them—and he’s not talking.Photo: Dan Winters The strangest monument in America looms over a barren knoll in northeastern Georgia. Five massive slabs of polished granite rise out of the earth in a star pattern. The rocks are each 16 feet tall, with four of them weighing more than 20 tons apiece. Together they support a 25,000-pound capstone. Approaching the edifice, it’s hard not to think immediately of England’s Stonehenge or possibly theominous monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Built in 1980, these pale gray rocks are quietly awaiting the end of the world as we know it.

Called the Georgia Guidestones, the monument is a mystery—nobody knows exactly who commissioned it or why. The only clues to its origin are on a nearby plaque on the ground—which gives the dimensions and explains a series of intricate notches and holes that correspond to the movements of the sun and stars—and the “guides” themselves, directives carved into the rocks. These instructions appear in eight languages ranging from English to Swahili and reflect a peculiar New Age ideology. Some are vaguely eugenic (guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity); others prescribe standard-issue hippie mysticism (prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite).

What’s most widely agreed upon—based on the evidence available—is that the Guidestones are meant to instruct the dazed survivors of some impending apocalypse as they attempt to reconstitute civilization.
– Wired: American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse.


EROI: Energy Return on Investment: Tally Sheep Labour.

Energy Return on Energy Invested: A talk given by professor Charlie Hall in Princeton, last year. More than one hour of presentation to show how rich and interesting is the field of biophysical economics. These two images – Energy Return on Energy Invested; Societies Hierarchy of Energetic Needs – show that we need to make exceptional efforts to afford even basic “luxuries” with the exclusive use of renewables. The last image – Or We Could Tally the Sheep Like This – hints to what’s probably the main ingredient to the “problem” solution.
» IG: 20-02-28_wuhancorona-gaguidestoneswtc.


Analyze This: Falling Man

Analyze This is a 1999 American gangster comedy film directed by Harold Ramis, who co-wrote the screenplay with playwright Kenneth Lonergan and Peter Tolan. The film stars Robert De Niro as a mafioso and Billy Crystal as his psychiatrist. – Analyse This: Trailer: Falling Man.


WTC Falling Man:

Falling ManThe Falling Man.
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Peak Resources Falling Man

In 20 seconds I fell 90 stories & nothing bad has happened yet … In 200 years I have used up over half of earths resources, and nothing bad has happened yet..

In the absence of the worlds political, economic and corporate leaders confronting and acknowledging the difference between sustainable peaceful consumption and procreation and unsustainable scarcity-conflict aggravating consumption and procreation; and implementing legislation and Jurisprudence in accordance thereto; Dr. Alpert provides proof how the global AnthroCorpocentric Jurisprudence Suicide Freight Train has as much chance of muddling through the coming ‘Falling Man Syndrome’ Crisis of Conflict, as an individual sitting in an unbelted car crash. (Non-Linearity and Social ConflictRapid Population Decline or Bust)

Alpert compares humanity’s belief that “in 200 years, our Right to Breed and consume has resulted in the exponential consumption of over half of the Earth’s resources, and nothing bad has happened yet”; to a man who has fallen out of a 150 story building, passing the window of the 60th story, calling out to a friend “‘I’ve fallen 90 stories in the past 5 seconds and nothing bad has happened yet”.
— SS DEFCON: SQSwans: Jack Alpert.

Jack Alpert Skil: Resources Collision Falling Man:
Rapid Population Decline or Bust: 01020304050607080910Human Predicament: Better Common Sense Required Series:Overpopulation Means MurderToo Many People; Non-linearity of Overpopulation: 01.02 [SQCopy]; How Much Degrowth is Enough?.  Losing Our Energy Slaves.
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Tim Garrett: Only Collapse of Industrial Civilization Dieoff will Prevent Climate Catastrophe

Tim Garrett is a physics professor and climate change researcher, at the Atmospheric Sciences, University of Utah. He is also Co-Founder and President, Particle Flux Analytics, Fallgatter Technologies.

Dr. Garrett is the author of the study that concludes that only civilization collapse can stop climate catastrophe: Are there basic physical constraints on future anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide? Climatic Change, 2011, News Articles; No way out? The double-bind in seeking global prosperity alongside mitigated climate change, Earth System Dynamics, 2012.

Dr. Tim Garrett says civilization must collapse to avert devastating climate change – Radio EcoShock: The Big Picture: Like it or Not [SQ Copy].

In a provocative new study, a University of Utah scientist argues that rising carbon dioxide emissions – the major cause of global warming – cannot be stabilized unless the world’s economy collapses or society builds the equivalent of one new nuclear power plant each day. – Utah University News Center: Is Global Warming Unstoppable? [SQ Copy].

We are trapped between mindless consumerism and the thoughtless destruction of the environment. Tim Garrett calls our dilemma a double bind. The only thing that will save us from a deadly warming of the planet is the very thing that will destroy most of us if it happens —the complete crash of the global economy and its CO2 emitting process of “building wealth.” Homo economicus is too busy converting his rich environment into monetary tokens to think about the consequences of what he is doing or perceive the impending crash of the earth’s biosphere that will take care of the human overshoot problem and all the transient material wealth that has been covetously accumulated and guarded. Rising oceans, floods, fire, drought, and various superstorms from a damaged biosphere will take it all back and destroy it. For a species that has created a throw-away society, such an end is fitting. With every loss we inflict upon biodiversity, extinction creeps ever closer toward us. The consequences of ignoring the hard laws of physics, chemistry, and biology will be dire. – Collapse of Industrial Civilization: Say Goodbye to the Holocene Epoch.
» SS DEFCON: SQSwans: Timothy Garrett.
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Paul Murtaugh: Every Child Increases Parents Carbon Footprint by a Factor of 20

Paul Murtaugh is an Emeritus Professor in the Statistics Departement at the University of Oregon.

In “Reproduction and the Carbon Legacies of Individuals,” [PDF] statistician Paul Murtaugh and others from Oregon State University argued that a person’s reproductive choices must be considered together with his or her everyday activities to work out that person’s impact on the global environment.

In their 2009 paper, Murtaugh et al proposed a mechanism to quantify the consequences of the childbearing decisions of an individual.

Their premise is that a person is responsible for the carbon emissions of his or her descendants — each parent is responsible for half of the emissions of their children and a quarter of the emissions of their grandchildren, and so on.

Under this scheme, the consequences of reproduction have a huge impact on an individual’s long-term carbon legacy. The potential savings from reduced reproduction are dramatic compared to that achievable by lifestyle changes.

The authors found, for example, that a woman living in the United States who implemented certain lifestyle changes over the course of her life — including increasing car fuel economy, reducing driving distances, replacing old windows, light bulbs and refrigerators with energy-efficient models, and recycling — would save approximately 486 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

By having two children however, that same woman would contribute almost 40 times more carbon dioxide to the air.

Put another way: [w]hen we set the size of our families, we are, each in our own small way, determining how the world of the future will look. And we’re doing this not just for ourselves and our own children; we’re doing it for everyone else’s children, too.
– Family Planning: A Major Environmental Emphasis [SQ Copy].
» SS DEFCON: SQSwans: Paul Murtaugh.
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China’s One Child Policy

Deng Xiaoping introduced China’s one child policy in 1978-79, to halt – an average of 6 children per family – population growth. On 25 Sep 1980 an official public letter called on all citizens to adhere to the one child policy. The One Child policy was enacted and managed by the National Population and Family Planning Commission, through incentives, persuasion and coercion. Unofficial figures claim approximately 300-400 million births were prevented between 1978-2015. A 2008 survey reported that 76% of the Chinese public support the law. Less than 10% of Chinese families have taken advantage of the Chinese governments relaxation of the law to a two child policy; citing environmental and economic reasons for their adherence to the one child policy rule.
– Mojo: 10 China’s One-Child Policy Facts; Suzanne Transki: One Child Policy Documentary; ASPO: Al Bartlett on China’s One Child Population Policy.

Al Bartlett: China’s One Child Policy: China has reduced its population by preventing an estimated 300 million births, which is a far greater contribution to climate change reductions; than any other country. – ASPO: Al Bartlett on China’s One Child Population Policy.

The one-child policy, a part of the family planning policy, was a population planning policy of China. It was introduced in 1979 and began to be formally phased out in 2015. The policy allowed exceptions for many groups, including ethnic minorities. In 2007, 36% of China’s population was subject to a strict one-child restriction, with an additional 53% being allowed to have a second child if the first child was a girl. Provincial governments imposed fines for violations, and the local and national governments created commissions to raise awareness and carry out registration and inspection work.
According to the Chinese government, 400 million births were prevented. This claim has been called “false” by scholars, because “three-quarters of the decline in fertility since 1970 occurred before the launching of the one-child policy; and most of the further decline in fertility since 1980 can be attributed to economic development.” Thailand and Iran, along with the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, have had similar declines of fertility without a one-child policy. Although 76% of Chinese people supported the policy in a 2008 survey, it was controversial outside of China.
On October 29, 2015, it was reported that the existing law would be changed to a two-child policy, citing a statement from the Communist Party of China. The new law became effective on January 1, 2016, following its passage in the standing committee of the National People’s Congress on December 27, 2015.
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Chinese Abolish Illiteracy Education Posters: Practice Birth Control/Implement Family Planning for the Revolution

Implement [EoP – breed & consume below ecological carrying capacity
limits – Intnl Law] Family Planning for [orderly & humane de-population
& de-industrialization race, religious & cultural planetary] Revolution!

Practice Birth control/Implement Family Planning for the Revolution, 1974

Designer: Xiang Yang (向阳)
1974, March
Carry out birth planning for the revolution
Wei geming shixing jihua shengyu (为革命实行计划生育)
Publisher: Shanghai renmin chubanshe (上海人民出版社)
Size: 53×76.5 cm.
Call number: BG E12/608 (IISH collection)
An intensive campaign for birth control is started in the 1970s. Contraceptives, such as the pill, are free.

Contraceptives became widely available only in 1962, coinciding with the reaffirmation of the need for birth planning work. It was seen as key component of the exonomic recovery strategy following the grain and food crisis of the failed Great Leap. Even during the Cultural Revolution, and in particular after 1969, steady progress was made with setting up an administrative framework for planning policies. Yet, family planning remained voluntary until 1970. In that year, and again with Mao’s explicit blessing, a beginning was made with a sustained attempt to implement family planning as part of a policy to reduce the birth rate to 2%. – Chinese Posters:Population Policy: Birth Control for the Revolution.
» IG: 17-08-29_eopaxis-famplanningrevcomm17-08-30_garrettmurtaugh-cnfamplanning.


WiP Environmentalists: Coronavirus is a Welcome global depopulation & deindustrialization climate solution development:

If goverments and citizens don’t want to cooperate to implement EoP – Climate and Ecological Emergency – UN Resolution orderly and humane
deindustrialization global one child law and shut down of the Babylon WiP Swamp Economy; the second most humane and orderly – deindustrialization and depopulation – option is a global reasonably humane death epidemic.

If the AIDS [coronavirus] epidemic didn’t exist, [WiP] radical environmentalists would have to invent it. The AIDS [Coronavirus] epidemic, rather than being a scourge, is a welcome development in the inevitable reduction of human population.– [EoP Amended] Misanthropic; 22 Dec 1987; Earth First!

Biological Warfare as Environmental Depopulation Agent

‘If the AIDS epidemic didn’t exist, radical environmentalists would have to invent it. The AIDS epidemic, rather than being a scourge, is a welcome development in the inevitable reduction of human population.” – Misanthropic; 22 Dec 1987; Earth First!

“If radical environmentalists were to invent a disease to bring human population back to ecological sanity, it would probably be something like Aids. .. I take it as axiomatic that the only real hope for the continuation of diverse ecosystems on this planet is an enormous decline in population …. As radical environmentalists, we can see AIDS not as a problem, but a necessary solution (one you probably don’t want to try for yourself!). To paraphrase Voltaire: if the AIDS epidemic didn’t exist, radical enviromentalists would have to invent one.” – Miss Ann Thropy; Earth First May 1, 1987 [PDF]
» IG: 17-04-09_eoppowsub-earthfirst-biochemwarfare.

If radical environmentalists were to invent a disease to bring human population back to ecological sanity, it would probably be something like AIDS. So as hysteria sweeps over the governments of the world, let me offer an ecological perspective on the disease. I take it as axiomatic that the only real hope for the continuation of diverse ecosystems on this planet is an enormous decline in human population. Conservation, social justice, appropriate technology, etc., are great to discuss and even laudable, but they simply don’t address the problem. Furthermore, the whole economy of industrial affluence (and poverty) must give way to a hunter-gatherer way of life, which is the only economy compatible with a healthy land. Of course, such a decline is inevitable. Through nuclear war or mass starvation due to desertification or some other environmental cataclysm, human overpopulation will succumb to ecological limits. But in such cases, we would inherit a barren, ravaged world, devoid of otters and redwoods, Blue Whales and butterflies, tigers and orchids. Barring a cure, the possible benefits of this (AIDS) to the environment are staggering. If, like the Black Death in Europe, AIDS affected one-third of the world’s population, it would cause an immediate respite for endangered wildlife on every continent. More significantly, just as the Plague contributed to the demise of feudalism, AIDS has the potential to end industrialism, which is the main force behind the environmental crisis. None of this is intended to disregard or discount the suffering of AIDS victims. But one way or another there will be victims of overpopulation – through war, famine, humiliating poverty. As radical environmentalists, we can see AIDS not as a problem, but a necessary solution (one you probably don’t want to try for yourself). To paraphrase Voltaire: if the AIDS epidemic didn’t exist, radical environmentalists would have to invent one. – Miss Ann Thropy; Earth First May 1, 1987. – Off Road: Population and AIDS Miss Ann Thropy – Earth First! (1987); Google Books: John Horton: The Political Theory of John Gray.
» IG: 17-04-09_eoppowsub-earthfirst-biochemwarfare.

Manes suggested that these characteristics of the AIDS virus could have phenomenal success in preserving the environment. If, like the Black Death in Europe, AIDS could eliminate one-third of the human population, it would benefit endangered wildlife on every continent. More importantly, just as the Black Death contributed to the end of feudalism, AIDS had the potential to hasten the end of industrialism. If enough human beings died – Manes estimated that the population of the United States, for example, would have to decline to fifty million – then industrialism would cease to function: “Capital dries up, governments lose authority, power fragments and devolves into local communities which can’t affect natural cycles on a large scale.” Manes recognized that long before this happened, governments would likely implement ‘draconian’ measures to prevent the spread of the disease. However, he suggested that these measures, in and of themselves, would probably cause a breakdown in the development and export of technology, an event that could also cause a decrease in the human population. Manes did not strictly speaking, advocate the spread of AIDS, and he closed the article stating that it was not his intention to discount the suffering of AIDS victims. He explained that there would inevitably be victims of overpopulation, either through war, famine, and/or poverty. In this respect, AIDS could therefore be seen as a solution: “To paraphrase Voltaire: ‘if the AIDS epidemic didn’t exist; radical environmentalists would have to invent it.” – Earth First; Environmental Apocalypse by Martha Frances Lee. Also referenced in: Advocacy After Bhopal: Environmentalism, Disaster, New Global Orders by Kim Fortuin; Defending the Earth: A Dialogue between Murray Bookchin and Dave Foreman by Murray Bookchin; Too Many People?: Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis, by Ian Angus, Simon Butler.
» IG: 17-04-09_eoppowsub-earthfirst-biochemwarfare.


EoP UN Resolution

The EoP UN Resolution [PDF] and Amendment to Crime of Aggression Definition of Rome Statute of Intnl Criminal Court [PDF] are being submitted to EoP Axis [eop-axis] Nations Presidents via their South African Ambassadors, for their consent, editing and/or objections, to authorize EoP UN Resolution [eop-un-res] to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw] as international law; in EoP TRC legal negotiations filed in George High Court: Case 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu [lj-v-ls] on 16 May 2019 [16 May: Court Filings with George High Court Registrar & SA Sheriff].

The EoP – Bo Gritz v Donald Trump – submission to President Trump recommends the global implementation of Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law: 24 Feb: Bo Gritz: EoP Secretary of Defence Draft Offer to President Trump: DRAFT: Request Consent / Edits / Objections: UN Security Council & General Assembly Binding Resolution to Implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law as international law [PDF]; Suggested Amended Definition of Rome Statute of Intnl Criminal Court Definition of Crime of Aggression [PDF].
» EoP NWO SCO: EoP UN Resolution.


Summary: EoP v WiP Law Response to Coronavirus Economic Collapse:

WiP Law: Only Problem Worth Solving: MEHPA Solution:

With global markets in freefall, the S&P opening 3% lower and cementing its worst week since the global financial crisis; the Dow (or is thar Down Joanes) plunging more than 4,000 points this week, traders (especially levered ones) are left with just one option to stave off a career (and personal fortune)-ending margin call: praying, though not to god but rather to the Fed. In other words, if or rather when the corona pandemic gets even worse after central banks have launched its bazooka, it will be orders of magnitude worse as central banks will have staked their credibility on being able to offset the economic consequences of the pandemic (they can’t, unless they can print viral antibodies), while investors will now be looking into the abyss without any hedges left. – Zero Hedge: The Only Question That Matters: Will The Fed Launch A Coordinated Central Bank Bailout On Sunday Night?.

MEHPA Solution:

After working only 18 days, on Nov. 23 CLPH released a 40-page document called the Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA). This was a “model” law that HHS is suggesting be enacted by the 50 states to handle future public health emergencies such as bioterrorism. A revised version was released on Dec. 21 containing more specific definitions of “public health emergency” as it pertains to bioterrorism and biologic agents, and includes language for those states that want to use the act for chemical, nuclear or natural disasters. According to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), after declaring a “public health emergency”, and without consulting with public health authorities, law enforcement, the legislature or courts, a state governor using MEHPA, or anyone he/she decides to empower, can among many things:
– Require any individual to be vaccinated. Refusal constitutes a crime and will result in quarantine.
– Require any individual to undergo specific medical treatment. Refusal constitutes a crime and will result in quarantine.
– Seize any property, including real estate, food, medicine, fuel or clothing, an official thinks necessary to handle the emergency.
– Seize and destroy any property alleged to be hazardous. There will be no compensation or recourse.
– Draft you or your business into state service.
– Impose rationing, price controls, quotas and transportation controls.
– Suspend any state law, regulation or rule that is thought to interfere with handling the declared emergency.
– Cop v CIA: A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health: Death Toll Mounting as Connections to Dyncorp, Hadron, Promis Software and Disease Research Emerge.


EoP Law: Only Problem Left Worth Solving: EoP UN Resolution Solution:

Stage 1: Financial collapse. Faith in “business as usual” is lost. The future is no longer assumed resemble the past in any way that allows risk to be assessed and financial assets to be guaranteed. Financial institutions become insolvent; savings are wiped out, and access to capital is lost.

Stage 2: Commercial collapse. Faith that “the market shall provide” is lost. Money is devalued and/or becomes scarce, commodities are hoarded, import and retail chains break down, and widespread shortages of survival necessities become the norm.

Stage 3: Political collapse. Faith that “the government will take care of you” is lost. As official attempts to mitigate widespread loss of access to commercial sources of survival necessities fail to make a difference, the political establishment loses legitimacy and relevance.

Stage 4: Social collapse. Faith that “your people will take care of you” is lost, as local social institutions, be they charities or other groups that rush in to fill the power vacuum run out of resources or fail through internal conflict.

Stage 5: Cultural collapse. Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost. People lose their capacity for “kindness, generosity, consideration, affection, honesty, hospitality, compassion, charity”. Families disband and compete as individuals for scarce resources. The new motto becomes “May you die today so that I die tomorrow” (Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago). There may even be some cannibalism.

Stage 6: Environmental collapse: At this stage we are left without a home, having rendered Earth (our home planet) uninhabitable. This tragic outcome may not be unavoidable. And if it is not unavoidable, then that’s about the only problem left that’s worth solving. The solution can be almost arbitrarily expensive in both life and treasure. I would humbly suggest that it’s worth all the money in the world, plus a few billion lives, because if a solution isn’t found, then that treasure and those lives are forfeit anyway.
– Club Orlov: The Five/Six Stages of Collapse: 01:02:03 [SQ Copy]; Cop v CIA: Post Soviet Lessons for Post-American Century: 01.02.03 [SQ Copy].

EoP UN Resolution Solution:

A McVeigh [mcveigh2020] administration will authorize EoP UN Resolution [lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70] to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law, as international law. If passed at the UN General Assembly: EoP Scientific and Cultural law will become international law.

All the citizens of the world – kings, queens, princes, oligarchs, oil and gas executives, presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, emperors, politicians, journalists, etc – of all races, religions, classes and genders will be required to sign their responsible freedom [PDF: responsible-freedom] oath, confirming their willingness to cooperate to reduce their procreation and consumption footprint down to ecological carrying capacity limit level. In exchange EoP orderly and humane shut down of WiP ponzi swamp economy [PDF: eop-sdwipecon] land reform [PDF: eop-landreform] will provides those who do not own property, with a property ration [PDF: property-ration], which can be situated in a – racial, religious, ideological or gender – cultural law self rule [PDF: cult-law-self-rule] homeland.

Those who refuse to sign their responsible freedom oaths; will be convicted of intentional crimes of aggression; the penalty for which is death.
» EoP Leg Sub: 27 Feb: McVeigh2020 A’s to Ed Snowden & Danny Sjursen NSA Surveillance; Smedley Butler Qs.

[1]  EoP Scientific Law:
[1.1] Scientific Law refers to Procreation and Consumption below carrying capacity limits. EoP Footprint [PDF: eop-footprint] defines how procreation and consumption carrying capacity limit is measured.

[2]  EoP Cultural Law:
[2.1] Cultural law refers to any racial, religious, gender cultural value agreed upon, and codified in a written agreement between two or more individuals, which does not violate any EoP scientific laws; enabling a greater degree of cooperation and mutual assistance support between such individuals. Ego literacy [PDF: ego-eco-literacy] clarifies how to engage in and/or measure a fully informed consenting agreement.

[3]  Individuals Rights and Duties under EoP Scientific & Cultural Law:
[3.1] Property Ration [PDF: property-ration] – guaranteed for life – for all individuals who have signed and abide by their responsible freedom [PDF: responsible-freedom] oaths.

[4]  Crimes of Aggression Violations of Scientific & Cultural Law:
[4.1] Violations of (a) Scientific Law are Procreation or Consumption Crimes of Aggression [PDF: crimes-of-aggression]; (b) Cultural Law are Deception Crimes of Aggression [PDF: crimes-of-aggression].

Intentional Crimes of Aggression Death Sentence:
Everyone convicted of an intentional – procreation, consumption or deception – crime of aggression [PDF: crimes-of-aggression] and sentenced to death shall be provided the opportunity to (a) choose their preferred method of state assisted suicide by a date as stipulated by the sentencing judge; (b) if the individual had not honourably removed themselves from the planetary genepool by their preferred method of state assisted suicide; by the required date, they would be humanely assassinated.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Feb: Notice to IA Sec of State: Re: RU Consent to EoP UN Res Denuke Definition Offer: Iowa Secretary of State: Pro Se Filing Notice: McVeigh 2020: EoP / OKC TRC Return to Steppe Aryan Eden Negotiations: Write In Candidate [PDF.pp.24]: Annexure:  A2a: LJ v LS [PDF: pp.70]: EoP UN Resolution [PDF: pp.25-67/70].

SA Concourt: Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo on EoP Law:

[14.1] The Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation (“EoP TRC”) to End Abel and Kane Cold War Pro Se Amicus submitted – with consent from SA Concourt Justices [PDF] – to the South African Constitutional Court in CCT 23-10: The Citizen v Robert McBride [tc-v-rm] argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was negligent and/or a fraud, denying both sides – Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid – an honest enquiry into the root — clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits — causes of all planetary racial, religious and class resource conflict.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Feb: Notice to IA Sec of State: Re: RU Consent to EoP UN Res Denuke Definition Offer: Iowa Secretary of State: Pro Se Filing Notice: McVeigh 2020: EoP / OKC TRC Return to Steppe Aryan Eden Negotiations: Write In Candidate [PDF.pp.24]: Annexure: A2a: LJ v LS: EoP UN Resolution [PDF: pp.70]: EoP TRC Affidavit.