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Intelligence Patterns:

You have made a desert and call it peace …… One sign of intelligence is the ability to recognize patterns: let’s lay out a pattern and see if we can recognize it in less than 10,000 years. When you think of Iraq, do you think of cedar forests so thick that sunlight never touches the ground? That’s how it was prior to the beginnings of this culture. The Near East was a forest. North Africa was a forest. Greece was a forest. All pulled down to support this [Babylon War is Peace] culture. – [EoP Amended] ] Path to War; Derrick Jensen: Open Letter to Reclaim Environmentalism.
» IG: 17-04-03_vagabondtapes-pentagonpathtowar.

Angleton: The more valuable the real information, the bigger the potential deception. Philby: True genius as Churchill taught us resides in the capacity to evaluate conflicting information. You Jimbo have true genius. You have that unique skill to find patterns in what seems like conflicting trivia useless pieces of information. Patterns as every spy worth his salt grasps are the shells of conspiracy. Deceptions within deceptions. Mirrors behind mirrors. Well don’t get lost in the wilderness of mirrors, Mother. So are you a Stalinist or a Marxist. Yevgeny: I am neither, I am Tolstoyist. Tolstoy spent most of his life searching for a unifying theory, a single key that would unlock every door; a universal explanation for our poverty, our politics, our passions, economics. Philby: Use caution when shaking those corridors of power Jimbo. Yevgeny: Americans are trapped in a system that brings out the worst in them. …. Colby: What if its a series of coincidences? Sorcerer: In our line of work coincidences don’t exist. Angleton: There are two, five, seven different ways to interpret any given set of facts. … Kruschev: These three English spies, is it a loss? Starrik: I have another mole in the CIA. Another? Code named SASHA. With James Angleton crippling the CIA with his newfound paranoia and SASHA sending us information nothing will spoil our KHOLSTOMER. When will KHOLSTOMER be ready? You and I will no longer be on this earth when this plan flowers. This is a project of epic design. But this blueprint will allow our children to live as one people in a world without division. One unified society. We will win this war without ever firing a shot, Comrade Khruschev. – 010203.



04 Jun: Buffalo Police Clash with George Floyd Protestor

In Buffalo, a 75-year-old man with a cane was left bleeding from the head after approaching police officers and being shoved to the ground by the police. A video of the encounter shows an officer leaning down to examine him, but another officer then pulls the first officer away. Several other officers are seen walking by the man, motionless on the ground, without checking on him. Initially, a police press statement claimed that the man “tripped and fell” which led to further criticism. As of Thursday, the victim, identified as Martin Gugino, is in a serious condition. Two of the officers were suspended, as they yelled “move!” and “push him back!” against the victim, before they hit him. On June 5, 57 officers of the Buffalo Police Department resigned from the department’s Emergency Response Team, either in solidarity with the two officers who were suspended for this event, or because the union was no longer willing to provide legal support for the officers. The two officers involved were charged with second-degree assault. – Wikipedia: George Floyd Protests.


06 Jun: WHO New Facemask Guidelines

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday announced changes to its guidelines on who should wear a mask during the Covid-19 pandemic and where they should wear it. The new guidance recommends that the general public wear cloth masks made from at least three layers of fabric “on public transport, in shops, or in other confined or crowded environments.” It also says people over 60 or with preexisting conditions should wear medical masks in areas where there’s community transmission of the coronavirus and physical distancing is impossible, and that all workers in clinical settings should wear medical masks in areas with widespread transmission. It’s a major update to the agency’s April 6 recommendations, which said members of the general public “only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with Covid-19” or “if you are coughing or sneezing.” And it’s important advice for countries around the world battling the virus, especially those in South America, the Middle East, and Africa, where the rate of Covid-19 transmission appears to be accelerating. At a WHO press conference on June 3, Michael Ryan, an infectious disease epidemiologist and the executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, said WHO still believes that masks should primarily be used “for purposes of source control — in other words, for people who may be infectious, reducing the chances that they will infect someone else.” – Vox: The WHO has new guidelines on face masks to fight Covid-19. The general public should wear cloth masks in public spaces where physical distancing is impossible, the agency says.

Russell Blaylock: Wearing Facemask Breath Your Own Shit:
Russell Blaylock: Wearing a face mask causes one to re-breath the carbon dioxide (CO2), that the lungs are attempting to expel. This in turn reduces the immune response, negatively affects epithelial cell function (cells in the lungs and blood vessels) and lowers the amount of oxygen exchange across the alveolar membranes. ……. Breathing in your own respiratory waste may not be that healthy. Who knew? – Childrens Health Defense: The Risks vs Benefits of Face Masks – Is there an Agenda?; Straight Line Logic: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy.
» EoP Leg Sub: 28 May: EoP Law Re: Trump supports statement wearing masks endorses slavery / Whats behind SA Covid-19 Committee squabbles; 03 Jun: EoP Law Q for DA-JS & HBR-BM: Re: Judge Davis lockdown ruling.


Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs is a starring Clarice Starling, a young FBI trainee, who seeks the advice of the imprisoned Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer to apprehend another serial killer, known only as “Buffalo Bill”, who skins his fat female victims’ corpses. – Wikipedia: Silence of the Lambs; Silence of Lambs: Trailer.

Totalitarian Cereal-Serial Agriculture & War:
The Hurt Locker is a 2008 American action war thriller drama film starring Jeremy Renner. The film follows an Iraq War Explosive Ordnance Disposal team who are targeted by insurgents, and shows their psychological reactions to the stress of combat, which is intolerable to some and addictive to others. After Bravo Company’s rotation ends, James returns to his ex-wife Connie and their infant son, who still lives with him in his house. However, he is bored by routine shopping for cereal civilian life. James confesses to his son there is only one thing he knows he loves. He starts another tour of duty, serving with Delta Company, a U.S. Army EOD unit on its 365-day rotation. – Wikipedia: The Hurt Locker; The Hurt Locker: Trailer: Family Man Suicide Bomber: Cereal Aisle.


The Totalitarian Agriculture Cereal-Serial Mass Murder Fuck It Point:

The Fuck It Point: When Philosophy Dies: Action Begins: Always keep in mind the survival rule of three. You can live for three minutes without air; three days without water; three weeks without food. When you have had enough. When you take matters into your own hands and don’t care whats going to happen to you. When you know that from now on you will resist with whatever tactic you think is most effective. A film about the totalitarian agriculture dark side of civilization, why we should bring it down and why most civilized people don’t. – The Fuck It Point; TSW: Totalitarian Agriculture.

Jacob David George: The Agricultural Machinery Farmer Terrorist in the Mirror: Once I started to draw a critical analysis on my actions and participation in war. When I looked in the mirror, I started to see a terrorist, because the things that I participated in over there surely brought the [totalitarian agriculture] farmers terror when we landed in their fields, crushing thier crops. I remember running off a helicopter and looking into a man’s eyes and terror is what was looking back at me. It was as if a devil had just stumbled into his life. I grew up as a [totalitarian agriculture ] farmer and if I had seen a helicopter land on my dad’s chicken house and people run off with guns, I probably would have picked up a gun and fought back. Judging my actions and accepting that is really one of the things that liberated my soul. Being able to look in the mirror and say ‘Yes, there is no difference between me and the terrorists that we are fighting. Actually most of us are poor farmers killing poor farmers, while people in our nations starve.’ So I think it is really important for us to look at what terror really is: the instance or cause of intense fear or anxiety. Our actions are surely an example of terrorism to people outside of our borders, when it comes to violence. On September 11th, I think we, in this nation, had the opportunity to change the world, instead of reacting, if we had paused, and asked why and extended our arms instead of pointing our fingers, we could have changed how this world works. But we reacted in a very adolescent way, and we caused more terror and unfortunately now, many more have suffered from the terror that we now caused. And it almost seems as if terror perpetuates terror, and at some point we need to mature, as a nation and stop this cycle. – Jacob David George, reflecting on the war in Afghanistan as he prepares to return his medals to NATO leaders at the Chicago Summit. – 20 May 2012. – Global Story: Jacob David George – Chicago NATO Summit; Flux Rostrum: Veteran Brothers Ride till the End of Wars, Afghanistan Special Ops Report; TSWabbit: Daniel Quinn on Totalitarian Agriculture [Excerpt: What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire].

Case Against Totalitarian Agriculture Civilization:
Corn: Cereal grains and taxes, population and farmers crisis terrorism: Taxes [NYMag: The Case Against Civilization: SQ Copy]; Population [TSW: Quinn: Totalitarian Agriculture; Paul Chefurka: The Oil-Fired, Grain-Fed Global Food Crisis: SQ Copy; Harpers: The Oil We Eat: Following the Food Chain back to Iraq: SQ Copy; Cop v CIA: Dale Allen Pfeiffer: Eating Fossil Fuels: SQ Copy] Farmers Crisis Terrorism [Civil Eats: Want to Understand Trump’s Rise? Head to the Farm. For many angry rural voters, Donald Trump is fueling a fire that started with the farm crisis of the 1980s; Hardin & Peters: We Have Met the Enemy; It is Us: Food Aid to Enable Our own Colonisation by Immigration]
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Jan: EoP Re CG-PK: Re Notice to EoP App / EoP NTE GMA Cabinet: Re: D2WPsych v DJT.

Climate change will become a defence and security issue for four major reasons: there will be water wars, there will be oil wars, there will be massive migration on a scale that the world has never seen and there will be massive food insecurity. Migration issues are going to become much much more extreme. Similar with food security. If UK food from South America and Africa starts to fail; and if that failure occurs with oil shortages causing transportation to suffer, it means food prices will go up a great deal, it means there could be rioting. There is an expression called nine meals from anarchy; which literally means three days, if you are out of food within three days you would be stealing food from your neighbour and the situation would be out of control. – Global Obs: Climate Change is urgent global secrity threat; NATO: Climate Change.
» EoP Leg Sub: 29 Nov: EoP Re: AJ: Will NATO’s concept be revised?; 24 Dec: LJ v SGMC Notice to AU Climate Action Firefighters / Australia Climate Council / Darebin Mayor and Cllrs; 15 Jan: McV20: EoP UN Resolution Conservative A to JK Murdoch GOP Climate Change Q.


Maria Bochkareva & Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Maria Bochkareva and Lyudmila Pavlichenko are Russian Red Army soldier and sniper, accused of being too fat to serve.

Maria Leontievna Bochkareva (1889–1920) (Russian: Мари́я Лео́нтьевна Бочкарёва, romanized: Maria Leontievna Bochkareva, born Frolkova (Фролко́ва), nicknamed Yashka) was a Russian soldier who fought in World War I and formed the Women’s Battalion of Death. She was the first Russian woman to command a military unit. – Wikipedia: Maria Bochkareva; RR15: Battalion.

Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko, (Russian: Людми́ла Миха́йловна Павличе́нко, Ukrainian: Людмила Михайлівна Павличенко, romanized: Lyudmyla Mykhailivna Pavlychenko, (née Belova; 12 July [O.S. 30 May] 1916 – 10 October 1974) was a Soviet sniper in the Red Army during World War II, credited with 309 confirmed kills, making her the most successful female sniper in recorded history. Lyudmila was nicknamed “Lady Death” due to her incredible ability with a sniper rifle. She served in the Red Army during the Siege of Odessa and the Siege of Sevastopol, during the early stages of the Eastern Front in WWII. After she was injured in battle by a mortar shell, she was evacuated to Moscow. After Pavlichenko recovered from her injuries she trained other Red Army snipers, and was a public spokesperson for the Red Army. In 1942, she toured the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. After the war ended in 1945, she was reassigned as a Senior Researcher for the Soviet Navy. Lyudmilla Pavichenko died due to a stroke on 10 October 1974, at the age of 58.  During the publicity tour, Pavlichenko was not taken seriously by the press and was referred to as the “Girl Sniper”. When meeting with reporters in Washington, D.C., she was dumbfounded by the kind of questions put to her. “One reporter even criticized the length of the skirt of my uniform, saying that in America women wear shorter skirts and besides my uniform made me look fat.” They also asked if she used makeup on the front line. She was described by the reporters as very blunt and unemotional in her responses. – Wikipedia: Lyudmila Pavlichenko; MoI&B: Battle for Sevastapol; English Subtitles: Battle for Sevastapol.


Buffalo Bill and Charles Henry Rich & Dead Mans Hand Aces and Eights

Dead Mans Hand:
The makeup of poker’s dead man’s hand has varied through the years. Currently, it is described as a two-pair poker hand consisting of the black aces and black eights. The pair of aces and eights, along with an unknown hole card, were reportedly held by Old West folk hero, lawman, and gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok when he was murdered while playing a game. No contemporaneous source, however, records the exact cards he held when killed. Author Frank Wilstach’s 1926 book, Wild Bill Hickok: The Prince of Pistoleers, led to the popular modern held conception of the poker hand’s contents. – Wikipedia: Dead Mans Hand.

Ace of Spades PsyOp Death Card:
We don’t know where the idea of an ace of spades representing death first originated. We do know that during the reign of “Murder Incorporated” in the 1930s, at least two gangsters were assassinated and left with aces in their hands. One of the unidentified criminals with an ace of spades is depicted on the cover of the Burton B. Turkus book Murder Inc.: the Story of the Syndicate. Turkus also mentions Salvatore Marinzano, an early Cosa Nostra crime boss who was assassinated by a younger faction led by Lucky Luciano. When Marazano was killed, he had an Ace of Diamonds in his hand. In World War I the British 12th Division used the Ace of Spades as a symbol on their tanks. During World War II the German Jagdgeschwader 53, a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of Messerschmitts 109, operated in Western Europe and in the Mediterranean, and were better known as “Pik As” (Ace of Spades). The ace of spades, the so-called “death card” is featured in many movies about the Vietnam War. The symbol is also depicted on various unit crests, special operations privately-made patches, collar insignia, and on flags and painted vignettes on military aircraft and gun trucks. – PsyWarrior: The Death Card.


Ace of Spades: Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom

In August 2017, veteran Loren Schofield, wrote to say that he had designed a death card to be used by the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF). The front shows a skull over the British Fairbairn- Sykes Commando knife and the crossed arrows of Special Forces. The back of the card depicts an Iraqi eagle and sword over a parachute indicating Airborne. Schofield sells the cards online and says that he send cards and a portion of the proceeds to the Iraqi Special Forces. When Diplomacy Fails. This card depicts the symbol of the 101st Airborne Division, the figure of Death holding a scythe marked “C,” and the words “WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS.” The back is all text, some highlighted by red, “Compliments of HARDCORE CHARLIE, 3rd BN 502 INFANTRY, When you care enough to send the very best! AIR ASSAULT.” Even as the military hierarchy condemns the concept of the death cards, units and individuals still use them or items closely related to them. During an April 2005 hearing in the case of 2LT Ilario Pentano of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines, accused of shooting two unarmed Iraqis, a fellow officer testified that Pentano had placed a sign on the bodies reading, “No better friend, no worse enemy.” This was the motto of Major General James Mattis, Commander of the 1st Marine Division. The witness identified the sign as “like a death card,” and stated that under the conditions he felt that it was inappropriate.  On that note I end this portion of the article with the most notorious ace of spades of all, the famous Saddam Hussein card. – PsyWarrior: The Death Card.

Cultural Smart Card for Iraq
We have mentioned Death Cards and Calling Cards and before we end this article we should mention the latest military use of cards, the “Themes and messages Cards” and the “Smart Card.” We have seen them used in both Iraq and Afghanistan and they are usually very professional, full-color coated cards that can be carried by the soldier and give him information, on religion, culture, customs and other important subjects. The Commander’s Handbook for Strategic Communication and Communication Strategy, Version 3.0, US Joint Forces Command Joint Warfighting Center, 24 June 2010 says: As an augmentation to training, cards can be a useful way to provide each soldier and United States Government member a handy reference to study and use as needed. Two very successful examples, used by the US Southern Command and the US Central Command are “Themes and Messages Cards,” and “Cultural Smart Cards.” Units issue each soldier a card with key themes and messages to carry with them at all times. This approach is designed to synchronize words and activities all the way down to the individual level. This card helps soldiers and participants consistently communicate the desired message and guides their actions during unanticipated circumstances. Another tool that facilitates understanding and interaction is the Cultural Smart Card, issued to each soldier in Iraq. These cards serve as a quick-guide to cultural understanding. They contain key religious facts (five pillars of Islam, key dates, and associated behaviors), customary dress (male and female) and gestures, major ethnic and cultural groups, cultural customs, and history. – PsyWarrior: The Death Card.

Japanese Ace of Hearts Leaflet:
Your comrades have been killed in as great a number as the cattle butchered at the Chicago stockyard. The number of maimed and disabled men, or of those driven insane, exceeds by far the total capacity of all hospitals in the U.S., and yet this stupendous sacrifice of men and material has not put an end to this war. – PsyWarrior: The Death Card.


Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull (1831? – December 15, 1890) (Lakota: Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake in Standard Lakota orthography, also nicknamed Húŋkešni or “Slow”) was a Hunkpapa Lakota leader who led his people during years of resistance to United States government policies. He was killed by Indian agency police on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation during an attempt to arrest him, at a time when authorities feared that he would join the Ghost Dance movement. – Wikipedia: Sitting Bull.

The Unlikely Alliance between Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull:
As Buffalo Bill Cody debarked at New York harbor on November 24, 1890, he received a telegram from General Nelson A. Miles, commander of the U.S. Army troops in South Dakota. Miles asked Cody to proceed immediately to Standing Rock, a reservation in Dakota Territory, where a tense situation was unfolding. Miles further authorized Cody “to secure the person of Sitting Bull, and deliver him to the nearest Commanding Officer of US Troops.” It was the general’s hope that Cody could convince the Lakota leader to surrender—for the last time. Buffalo Bill, who rode for the Pony Express, fought in the American Civil War, and served as a scout for the Army, also created a Wild West show that toured the United States and Europe. Lakota Sioux chief Sitting Bull was part of the cast for four months in 1885, and since then, they had created a strange friendship. They say that timing is everything, and in this case, one of history’s biggest near-misses involves the moment in which Buffalo Bill almost got to Sitting Bull’s cabin shortly before his old friend was killed by tribal police. Would Cody have been able to head off this disaster? Would he have gotten into a fight? Or would he have been killed himself? Of course, we cannot answer these questions, but here’s some of what we do know. – History: The Unlikely Alliance between Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull.


Anders Breivik and Sitting Bull

In his hour-long opening speech, Breivik compared his actions to the World War II commanders’ bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to save millions of lives and Sitting Bull’s fight for Native Americans. “Were they [Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse] terrorists for fighting for their indigenous culture … or were they heroes?” he said. “My acts are based on goodness, not evil,” he added. “If anyone is vicious it is the Socialists.”
Anders Breivik Says He Killed to Protect Indigenous Norwegians. – Questia: Anders Breivik says he killed to protect Indigenous Norwegians like Sitting Bull.

Am I a Sitting Bull or a Hitler of our time? As you already know, Sitting Bull was a celebrated hero, a Native American Chief who fought on behalf of his people against General Armstrong Custer and the US force. Ask yourself, who is the Hitler of the two? Sitting Bull or General Custer? Was Sitting Bull a terrorist because he fought for the indigenous rights of his people or was he a hero? That is the question that you will decide during this trial. We, the armed European Resistance Movements, are in fact fighting for our indigenous rights (compared to the Islamic terrorists who are fighting for world domination – a global Caliphate based on Sharia law). An individual fighting for his indigenous rights is NOT a terrorist as history clearly proves. We are no more terrorists than the indigenous Brits who fought against the imperialistic Roman invaders, or the Americans who fought against English rule. We are no more terrorists than Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse or Chief Gall who fought for their people against the imperialist General Armstrong Custer. WE are the Sitting Bulls, Crazy Horses and Chief Galls of our time and the imperialistic Custer’s of our time are called Barroso, Blair, Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy. – Norway v Breivik Uncensored: Anders Breivik: Knights Templar: Defence: Not Guilty; Political Necessity: I am Sitting Bull of Nat. Euro Indigenous Rights Movement.


Letter from Lt Gen Michael Flynn: I am not Done

I am not done. – Sara Carter: Letter From Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, ‘I Am Not Done’. via Public Intelligence Blog.


The Judge: Henry: We are Not Done

The Judge is a 2014 American legal drama film, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall. Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.) is a ruthless successful attorney in Chicago. During a case argument, he receives news that his mother has died and gets an adjournment. Hank comes home, packs his bag amidst shoutout from his adulterous wife, whom Palmer is suing for divorce. He flies, and returns to his hometown, a small town in Indiana, named Carlinville for his mother’s funeral. In Carlinville, Hank reunites with his older brother Glen (Vincent D’Onofrio), owner of a tire shop, and his younger brother Dale (Jeremy Strong), who has autism. Hank’s father, Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall) is the judge of the criminal court in town. He is losing his faculties which is demonstrated by the fact that he doesn’t remember his own bailiff’s name. Hank sees his father, Judge Palmer for the first time in many years, presiding in court, from the court gallery, the day before the funeral. The morning after the funeral, Hank finds damage on his father’s Cadillac, with the right front headlight and fender ruined. Joseph remembers no accident. Hank speculates his father was drinking and driving, and accuses him. Joseph reacts defensively and Hank leaves, promising never to return. Before the airliner can lift off, Hank learns that Joseph is a suspect regarding a fatal hit and run accident. The victim is Mark Blackwell (Mark Kiely), an ex-convict who had served a twenty year sentence for murder and was sentenced by Joseph himself. – Wikipedia: The Judge.

The secrets of our past become the trials of our lives ……. We need to establish a firm defence. Are you asking if you can represent me. There’s no ‘we’ here. I wish I liked you more. Sometimes you have to forgive in order to be forgiven. ….. So tell me what happened. This was an accident and any decent lawyer could argue this case easily and by decent I mean honest. My father is alot of unpleasant things, but murderer is not one of them ……. I wanted someone to help him, like someone would help my boy if he lost his way. I wanted to be that someone. It was my chance to be that someone. Is that so bad? I looked at you and saw him. …. I’ll paint your father as a holier than though prick to see what he determined to see what he considers justice served. My father is a holier than thou prick to see what he determined to see what he considers justice served., so its going to be a light day. …. What do you want to hear? You can’t get spinach out of a turnip. I can’t afford to pay child support. Is that your new truck outside the court. Give those keys to his ex-wife, you are going to sign your vehicle over to her. And you mam are going to go down to Devany motors ask for Mike Devany. The father, not the nitwit son and sell your new truck back to him for whatever the turnip there put down on it. .Do you want me to tell you what causes that – pregnant belly – mam? . …. Am I speaking Korean. Stop the damn car. …. Only the guilty refuse to testify.
The Judge: TrailerDecent I mean HonestTrailer 2Witness StandHoloceneKarlas Father: Krystal Ball verbal vomit:
Selecting a JuryCant Afford to Pay Child SupportShe spit on the window: Stop the damn car.

If the ultimate Magistrate / Judge is an ‘Only the guilty refuse to testify’ arbitrator, then the Judge will take Isobels decision and/or your advice towards Isobel making such decision into consideration in making her/his ruling and related attorneys legal services costs orders, etc.
» EoP Leg Sub: 13 May: LJ#2 Re MLA-FM: Estate Late: Gill Elliott.


Is the Coronavirus Scare a PsyOp

As a result, governments are now false fronts for corporations and the decisions they make, for example to lockdown citizens and remake their economies, are driven by profit-based strategies indifferent to public interests. In summary, the features and outcomes of the coronavirus scare reflect those of previous psychological operations including the war on terrorism and its predecessor, the war on communism. The people and agencies driving the coronavirus scare have a history of unethical behaviors, including hyping
pandemics to push vaccines, and appear to seek long-term profits through implementation of a highly controlled society. Therefore,  the response to COVID-19, if not the virus itself, can be seen as a psychological operation used to drive those outcomes. – Off Guardian: Is the Coronavirus Scare a Psychological Operation?.

Former Former MI6 Boss Author if Iraqs Saddams WMD Report; Says Covid-19 Manmade, Escaped from Chinese Lab.
The former head of Britain’s MI6 spy agency believes COVID-19 is a manmade virus that accidentally escaped from a Chinese laboratory, based on forthcoming research, according to The Telegraph. Perhaps most notable is that the former MI6 boss in question is Sir Richard Dearlove – who helped Obamagate operative Stefan Halper set up a smear campaign against Michael Flynn, and who made a name for himself nearly two decades ago peddling a bogus report that Saddam Hussein had WMDs – which Tony Blair used to justify the UK’s involvement the Iraq war. – Zero Hedge: Former MI6 Boss Says Covid-19 Manmade, Escaped from Chinese Lab.

The first prolonged closure of “nonessential businesses” along with ordering people to “stay home” began on March 19, 2020, with the executive orders issued by the governors of California, New York, and Pennsylvania, which were followed by similar orders from other governors. – Darwinian Conservatism: The Herd Immunity Strategy is Better – for Life and Liberty – than Trumps Lockdown.
» EoP Leg Sub: 08 Jun: EoP – End Babylon Law Ecocide – UN Res Info; EoP Obs: Lambda Iraq War; 11 Apr: EoP Re: Saddam Chirac support for Josep Trudeau EU Covid-19 battle; 29 Apr: EoP Law Re: Hannity v NYT, AP CNN et al v J Assange & R Stone / EoP Law Q: Post Covid Lockdown Courts: EoP or WiP Law?

President Bush declaration of war against Iraq occurred on 19 March 2003 [AP Archive: Today in History: 19 March 2003: Pres Bush Announces Start of Iraq War]. As documented in Emerging Viruses [Leonard Horowitz in Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare]: The Denver International Airport’s New World Airport Commission – which hosts Leo Tanguma’s apocalyptic biological and chemical warfare global depopulation murals Children of the World Dream of Peace, and In Peace and Harmony with Nature [Out There: What’s Up with the Creepy Apocalyptic Paintings in Denver International Airport?] – Masonic capstone [Vice: We Analysed Evidence That the Denver Airport Is the Illuminati Headquarters] is dated 19 March 1994. » EoP Leg Sub: 08 Jun: EoP – End Babylon Law Ecocide – UN Res Info; EoP Obs: Lambda Iraq War; 11 Apr: EoP Re: Saddam Chirac support for Josep Trudeau EU Covid-19 battle; 29 Apr: EoP Law Re: Hannity v NYT, AP CNN et al v J Assange & R Stone / EoP Law Q: Post Covid Lockdown Courts: EoP or WiP Law?


Enraged Italians Abandon Masks, Denounce Pandemic as Scam

Hundreds of Italian demonstrators gathered in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo on Tuesday, ditching their masks in a protest against the Italian government’s lockdown restrictions aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19. The group, which calls themselves the ‘Orange Vests,’ is led by retired Carabinieri general Antonio Pappalardo, who doesn’t believe children should be made to wear masks, according to TIME. Refusing to wear a mask himself, Pappalardo said “These lungs mine. I will take care of my lungs. Breathing is sacred.” Elsewhere in Rome, opposition leaders, including League Party chief Matteo Salvini, marched on Tuesday to demand that the government resign. – Zero Hedge: Enraged Italians Abandon Masks, Denounce Pandemic As Scam; via Truthseeker.


Grapes of Wrath: Just Trying to Get By without Shoving Someone: Brother Who Do We Shoot?

The Grapes of Wrath is an American realist novel written by John Steinbeck and published in 1939. Set during the Great Depression, the novel focuses on the Joads, a poor family of tenant farmers driven from their Oklahoma home by drought, economic hardship, agricultural industry changes, and bank foreclosures forcing tenant farmers out of work. Due to their nearly hopeless situation, and in part because they are trapped in the Dust Bowl, the Joads set out for California along with thousands of other “Okies” seeking jobs, land, dignity, and a future. – Wikipedia: Grapes of Wrath.

NYT: Grapes of Wrath: Brother who do we Shoot; I’m just trying to get along without shoving someone.

If General Mattis letter was a ‘Brothers John Roberts, Abdulqawi Yusuf; who can we legally shoot?’ [NYT: Grapes of Wrath: Who Can We Shoot; IG: 16-08-15] written bullet response to EoP MILED Clerk response ‘How many Chauvins signing up to put bullets in federal reserve looters brains’? to James Kunstler.
» EoP Leg Sub: 04 Jun: EoP Law Re: Gen Mattis: Floyd Protestors need to unite around a common purpose.


Sum of All Fears: Back Down

The Sum of All Fears is a 2002 American spy thriller film, based on Tom Clancy’s 1991 novel of the same name. The film, which is set in the Jack Ryan film series, is a reboot taking place in 2002. Jack Ryan is portrayed as a younger character by Ben Affleck, in comparison with The Hunt for Red October starring Alec Baldwin, along with the film’s subsequent sequels, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, both of which starred Harrison Ford. The film is about a plot by an Austrian Neo-Nazi to trigger a nuclear war between the United States and Russia, so that he can establish a fascist superstate in Europe. After the Neo-Nazi’s scientists build a secret nuclear weapon that destroys Baltimore and a rogue Russian officer paid off by the Neo-Nazi attacks a U.S. aircraft carrier, the world’s superpowers are pushed close to the brink of all-out war. CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Affleck) is the only person who realizes that the Baltimore bomb was a black market weapon, not a Russian one. With the clock ticking, Ryan has to find a way to stop the impending nuclear war. – Wikipedia: The Sum of All Fears; Sum of All Fears: TrailerBack DownEveryone has opinions: .

Everyone has opinions Mr Cavet. I respect that. This morning my wife woke up and said that I was old, bald and ugly. Is that a question Mr. Chairman? I told her appearances aren’t everything. Do you agree Mr Cavet? I certainly do sir. ……… What are you asking of me? Back Down. What guarantee do I have that President Fowler will follow suit? – Sum of All Fears: Trailer: Everyone has opinions; I Like Him: I Don’t Think He Did It: The Virus is Airborne: Aircraft Carrier Attack: Baltimore: Terrorist Attack: Back Down: Payback: Keep the Back Channels Open.
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We never know when the slightest passages of life, seemingly insignificant incidents, will later connect to important pieces of history. About 15 years ago, Buffalo News reporter Lou Michel was buying a house for his family near Wilson. He was about to close the deal when the real estate agent casually asked “Oh, by the way, did I mention there’s a man who lives in the garage?” The man was a homeless and stuttering old farmer named Ben who had nowhere to go. Michel, a religious, charitable man, decided to let him stay. In return, Ben taught Michel everything he knew about gardening, which was a bunch. – Niagara Falls: Mountain Views: A Couple of Real Newsmen on Duty [ELS Copy]
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Putin Signs Russia’s Nuclear Deterrent Policy

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday endorsed Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy which allows him to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike targeting the nation’s critical government and military infrastructure.
By including a non-nuclear attack as a possible trigger for Russian nuclear retaliation, the document appears to send a warning signal to the U.S. The new expanded wording reflects Russian concerns about the development of prospective weapons that could give Washington the capability to knock out key military assets and government facilities without resorting to atomic weapons. In line with Russian military doctrine, the new document reaffirms that the country could use nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear attack or an aggression involving conventional weapons that “threatens the very existence of the state.” In a call with members of his Security Council over the weekend, Putin warned that the New START treaty is bound to expire, but “the negotiations on that crucial issue, important not just for us but for the entire world, have failed to start.” – NYT: Putin Signs Russia’s Nuclear Deterrent Policy. [archive.is/94nYN].

Re: TASS: 02 Jun 2020: Putin sets MilNec conditions for Russias nuclear weapons use.
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The Butterfly Effect

This effect grants the power to cause a hurricane in China to a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico. It may take a very long time, but the connection is real. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right point in space/time, the hurricane would not have happened. A more rigorous way to express this is that small changes in the initial conditions lead to drastic changes in the results. Our lives are an ongoing demonstration of this principle. – PsySocial: The Butterfly Effect.